My wife and I joined a couple for a night of drinking and cards

My wife and I joined a couple for a night of drinking and cards

My wife and I joined a couple for a night of drinking and cards. My
wife is in her late 20’s, about 5’3″ and 125 pounds of exquisite
flesh. She has large tits with nipples that can stick out about a
quarter inch. We went to visit Carl and Kathy, who are very close.
Kathy is only 23 and is short and slight. She has a blond pixie
haircut and her small titties compliment her 100 pound frame.

We sat down to play a game of spades with Kathy being my partner. The
rule was, whoever lost a hand, that team had to do a shot of Tequila.
It didn’t take long before everyone was feeling good and a bit warm.
The girls started to object the continuation of shots, so we suggested
that a piece of clothing could be discarded as substitute. Everyone
agreed and I have to admit, I didn’t mind losing that often because as
I did…so did Kathy.

The first moment of truth came to my wife (Sandy). Everyone was down
to two articles and Carl took off his shirt. Sandy had to take off her
bra. She hemmed and hawed and finally released her fantastic globes.
Carl couldn’t close his mouth, he kept staring. Things progressed and
finally Kathy exposed her cute titties. A perfect mouth full. She
also had a perfectly trimmed blond bush.

Finally everyone sat naked and we discussed what to do next. I
enjoyed sitting at the table because my hard-on would have been
impossible to hide otherwise. Carl suggested that the winning couple
of each hand would get to kiss long and lingering. Me and Kathy won
and she came over and sat on my lap. With my throbbing prick in the
way it was quite a challenge. She looked down and smiled. I couldn’t
penetrate her like that, but it felt good for her to sit there with
her weight pressing my hard-on against my belly. We French kissed for
a little bit and I noticed Sandy and Carl giggling on the other side
of the table.

A few hands later, Sandy proposed that winners could go into the next
room to give even better kisses. We all agreed, and sure enough, Sandy
and Carl won. They left the kitchen and went into the living room.
While they were gone I walked over to Kathy and tilted her head up
and kissed her deeply. She started to tickle my balls while my tongue
explored her mouth. I thought I was going to burst right there and
broke away. We decided to see why Sandy and Carl were so quiet.

When we walked into the living room I thought I was going to shit.
Sandy was kneeling in front of Carl, giving some ferocious head. She
saw us, shrugged, and continued her slurping and pumping. Carl just
said “Go for it,” and Kathy did. We fell to the floor and rubbed our
bodies. Kathy was so light I could hold her in any position with
ease. She worked her way down my body and started to lick my shaft.
When she engulfed my entire prick, I pulled her over and got into a
fast and heavy 69 position. I never tasted anything so clean and
fresh. Not like Sandy’s. Sandy’s cunt doesn’t smell bad. It just
never smelled like Kathy’s.

While I was licking away, I heard Sandy groaning by the sofa. She was
straddling Carl and bucking up and down like a horny bitch who hadn’t
had any in years. There was my wife, getting the shit fucked out of
her by my best friend. Why didn’t I mind? Because this cute little
nymphet was straddling me and took me into the hilt inside of her.

Kathy let loose a great “Arrggghh… Now… harder… ugh… ugh…
come on, fuck me… hard… fuck me harder… ugh!” GOD! I was
going nuts. I was watching Sandy bouncing up and down on Carl’s prick.
Her huge tits were almost slapping her face. She was yelling and
bucking and Carl just had his eyes closed and kept saying “Yesssss.”
Kathy was sliding back and forth on my dick faster and faster,
grinding her clitoris into my pubic hair. She started yelling “now…
hard… fuck me… hard… ugh… ugh… harder… oh God… oh
God… fuck… ughhhh… arrgggh,” and we both came in heaves. Just
as I pulled out of Kathy, Sandy leapt off of Carl and started giving
him head again. This time putting his cock between her melons. She
kept pumping while licking the head of his cock with her tongue. Her
lips would wrap around the head and moisture from her saliva
lubricated the entire shaft. He was pumping like crazy when he let out
a long groan and cream splashed all over Sandy’s tits. She continued
to suck while she massaged the cum over her nipples. Carl was just
lying there with a smile on his face.

It was getting to be about 4 A.M. when we were through with all of the
fucking and sucking. Carl suggested we all sleep in their waterbed
since it was so large and we were so exhausted. We all climbed in
naked and laid next to our spouses.

Sandy and Kathy lay next to each other in the middle of the bed. As I
was just about to doze, Sandy put her arm around me and kissed me
deeply. We heard Carl and Kathy snoring, so we talked quietly of the
nights events. Sandy was saying how exciting it was to actually have
sex with someone else and asked if I enjoyed Kathy. As we continued
to whisper, Sandy reached over and started to fondle my cock. I didn’t
think it was possible, but the old trooper started to get hard again.

She kept working me up with a faster and faster hand job and I
returned the favor by inserting my whole hand up her cunt. She was
starting to groan and buck a little when all of a sudden we heard
Kathy say “I don’t believe you guys.” She told us to continue, so we
slid off the sheets so she could watch. Sandy slid down and took my
now hard rod into her mouth. Kathy started to caress her own pussy as
she sighed and stared. Poor Carl just snored as Sandy started to pump
my throbbing member. Kathy started to groan and pump her fingers in
and out of her pussy faster and faster. Finally, Kathy said “Enough
of this shit, do you mind?” and got up to straddle my face. I said “No
problem,” and buried my tongue into that delicious snatch. We were
still pretty quiet, but I couldn’t believe Carl was still sleeping
through all the rocking taking place in this bed. Kathy was
whispering “That’s it… lick me there… unhhhh… that’s right
honey… mmmmm… keep going,” and Sandy just kept pumping on my cock.

I was about to cum so I told Sandy to mount and ride like the devil.
With Kathy on my face and Sandy on my prick, this boy entered heaven
on Earth. Now Sandy was moaning and sliding back and forth on my cock.

Then Sandy did something that amazingly shocked me even further for
the night, she started to kiss Kathy and fondle her tits. I was in
turmoil trying to eat pussy and watch these two kiss and touch each
other. I wound up getting so excited I let out a loud moan and came in
gushes inside of Sandy. She continued to fuck my failing member since
she was totally into Kathy. I finally broke loose and found Carl
awake and just staring dumbfounded. I said “I don’t believe these two.
They are fucking crazy.” And as if we weren’t there the two girls
rolled over on top of one another and continued to kiss while grinding
their bodies together. Carl and I watched as they moved and pushed.
Their hands were all over each other. Kathy was busy licking and
sucking Sandy’s huge nipples saying “Ohhhh… these are wonderful…
do you like this? tell me you like it.” Sandy moaned dreamily and said
“Suck my nipples… mmmm… Ohh my titties feel so good,” and started
to finger Kathy. The two then got into a 69, and Carl was busy
jerking himself and watching. All the girls could do was groan and
mumble. Kathy was on top and bucking like a horny bronco. She lifted
her face out of Sandy’s pussy and started to moan “Ohh god Sandy…
that’s it baby… faster… ummm… please eat my pussy… ahhhhh…
lick.. ahh… ohh… ummm… faster… unhhh… oh my God… inhhh…
Oh my… eat… unnh… I’m… I’m going to cum… argghh… oh

Kathy came in heaves and Carl came up to replace Kathy’s tongue in
Sandy’s pussy with his throbbing hard on. He slid in with ease and now
it was Sandy’s turn. I stepped over to the end of the bed and inserted
my again rising cock into her mouth. Kathy started to lick and kiss
the rest of Sandy’s body. Now Sandy was bucking. Thrusting her cunt to
meet Carl’s pounding thrusts and at the same time working her head
back and forth over my cock. “Unnnnhhh… please… ummmm… mmmm…
ohnnnn… unhhh…” She was in total abandonment. She was jerking me
so fast that I immediately came all over her face. Kathy was right
there licking and trying to take it in while kissing Sandy. Both were
treating my dick like it was a last meal. Carl continued to pound away
at Sandy who was now reaching her peak. Carl was again simply hissing
“Yessss… Yessss…” over and over while Sandy started to almost cry
saying “Ohh… so good… unhh… unnh please… fuck me… fuck my
cunt… harder… unhh… unhh… unhh… harder… please… ohhh…
harder… arggghhh… fuck me… FUCK MEEEEEE… Arggghhhh…
AAArgggghhhh… GODDDD… OOOHHHHHH…” With that they both collapsed
into a sweaty pile of glistening flesh.

We talked about our experience and decided that what just happened was
a forming of a long, wonderful, and erotic relationship. God I love

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My wife and I joined a couple for a night of drinking and cards