My wife and i were seduced by a stranger – Becoming a Cuckold

My wife and i were seduced by a stranger – Becoming a Cuckold

I watched my wife in the throes of passion with another man as I stood naked beside the hotel bed, flogging my hard cock.

We weren’t swingers. We had never even discussed it, outside of the occasional joke about me wanting to see her with another woman. Even that was always met with a disapproving look and the words, “Not gonna happen.”

At 42, Carrie was still beautiful. She had a pretty, round face with soft brown eyes and a gorgeous, warm smile. She wore her light brown hair shoulder-length with blonde highlights, making her look much younger than her actual age. Her weight had fluctuated over the years and she was heavier than she would have liked, but I adored her extra curves. She was a thick 5’3″ tall with wide hips, a nicely tapered waist with just a small belly and full, 36C breasts.

Carrie lay on her back as her new friend hovered above her and pistoned his hard cock into her like a jack hammer. Daniel was a good looking 25 year old with short, dark brown hair and a strong, athletic build. His cock was slightly longer than my 6″ dick, but it was thinner than mine and he was uncut.

We had met Daniel at the hotel bar of the Hilton in downtown Chicago. Carrie and I were in town for the week on business. We had arrived on Saturday to take advantage of a rare weekend night away from our teenage sons.

Daniel had sat down beside my sexy wife about 20 minutes after we arrived. He was friendly at first but brazenly flirtatious thereafter. He bought both Carrie and me drinks and after the third round, my pretty wife stopped ignoring his advances and started openly flirting back.

I felt like a third wheel and was both enraged and intrigued when I saw his hand come to rest on my wife’s bare knee. I wanted to say something but was unable to speak. The voyeur inside me was enjoying watching my wife’s seduction at the hand of our new friend. Plus, I had the odd desire to see how far my wife would let things go.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. As they sat beside me at the bar, Daniel’s hand slid up Carrie’s thigh and her legs parted slightly to grant him access to the treasure between them. A devilish smile spread across Carrie’s pretty face as Daniel traced small circles on her inner thigh. Her breathing grew heavier and her face was flushed with excitement. His fingers grazed across her cloth-covered labia and she shuddered slightly.

“Let’s take this party upstairs to your room,” Daniel said confidently. His tone was strong yet soothing, and my wife nodded quickly.

“Yes,” Carrie said softly, almost submissively. Her voice was low and thick with lust. I had never seen this side of my wife and it excited me on a level I never knew I had. We had been married for 17 years, together for almost 25 and to the best of my knowledge, Carrie had never been with another man.

We walked briskly to the elevator. Our casual conversation masked the intense eroticism of the situation, but it helped fuel the fires of my desire. This entire encounter was way out of character for both my wife and me. We were usually conservative, reserved people, both in and out of the bedroom… aside from some role playing and a few other occasional odd kinks.

Daniel pulled Carrie to him as the elevator door shut behind us. Their lips met and my wife ground her body against his as they kissed deeply. “Fuck, I’m hot,” she moaned loudly as she wantonly attacked Daniel’s mouth with hers.

My cock had been in a semi-erect state since I first saw Daniel touch my wife’s leg. Now, it grew painfully stiff inside my shorts as I watched them kiss on the way to our sixth floor room.

The elevator ride was short and the walk to our room was made quickly, in a lust-fueled daze. Carrie tore at Daniel’s clothes before I even shut the door to our room, exposing his toned, athletic body. He was strong and muscular but with a runner’s build, rather than that of a weight lifter.

I stood dumbfounded as my wife of 17 years dropped to her knees and pulled Daniel’s pants and underwear to the floor. She grabbed his dick with both hands and licked it slowly as her eyes looked up at his face with raw lust. She was still fully clothed when she wrapped her lips around his foreskin and stroked his shaft with both hands. She attacked his cock with an enthusiasm I had never seen, and the room filled with the noisy slurps and loud hums of a tremendous, wet blow job.

“Fuck me!” Carrie moaned loudly, releasing Daniel’s hard cock from her gaping mouth. “I need you inside me.” She tore her clothes off and cast them aside in a flurry. She then pulled him to the bed as I watched. They kissed deeply and their hands roamed over exposed, naked flesh with a frenzied passion.

I was a fly on the wall, forgotten and discarded like an unwanted inconvenience…and it excited me greatly. I pulled my clothes off and wrapped a fist around my throbbing tool as I silently watched my wife and another man in bed.

Daniel lay beside my bride and kissed her deeply as his fingers slithered across the slick, wet folds of her excited cunt.

“Yes,” she hissed as he dipped two fingers inside her liquid core. Her hips bucked to meet the thrusts of his digits and her body shook as a small tremor washed over her.

She mashed her mouth hard against his and moaned into it. “Fuck, make me cum!” she shouted. She wasn’t usually vocal in bed but she had cast her inhibitions aside.

Daniel had been the aggressor at first. He had seduced my wife in the bar while I sat helpless. He had led her up to our hotel room and lay beside her with his fingers inside her, teasing her needy pussy with a sensuous touch.

Carrie’s demeanor abruptly changed. She was clearly not content to be a passive lover. She grabbed Daniel and rolled him on top of her quivering body.

“I need you inside me,” Carrie demanded as she guided his hard, uncut cock into her dripping pussy.

“Oh god, just like that!” she cried out. She had never been loud in bed before, but her new friend had pushed all the right buttons and he had her panting, moaning and yelling more than I had ever seen during all our years as husband and wife.

He smiled and pressed his lips to hers in a deep, passionate kiss as his hands caressed her quivering body. Despite my excitement, I felt a pang of jealousy as I watched them. Our sex life had become stale in the last few years, and her enthusiasm when we made love paled in comparison to the excitement she was exhibiting with Daniel.

“Oh god, oh fuck,” Carrie moaned loudly, “I’m gonna cum.” Her body started to shake, her breathing was erratic and labored. Her fingers dug into his back and she drew him deep as she came hard on his thrusting cock.

He continued to fuck her as she rode the waves of her climax. Her body writhed and she thrust her hips in time with her new lover’s cock. “Yes,” she grunted as her eyes rolled back in her head and her back arched high off the bed.

Carrie’s body went limp and she looked at me for the first time in hours. A smile crossed her face as she pushed her new lover off her sweat-soaked body. “Doggy style,” she panted softly. Her chest heaved as she fought to catch her breath.

Daniel moved behind her big round ass and he eased his bare, uncut dick into my wife’s cunt. He sank it balls deep and grabbed Carrie’s hips for support, then thrust into her hard and fast. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room, and the smell of sex hung heavy in the air.

Carrie motioned me over and wrapped her lips around my cock. She sucked me as Daniel fucked her roughly from behind. After a little while, though, her breathing became labored again and she stopped sucking my dick as she came again on his talented cock.

“I’m close,” Daniel warned as he passed the point of no return.

“Cum inside me,” my wife moaned with wanton disregard for the consequences.

“Oh god,” he cried out as he unloaded his seed into my wife’s womb. He continued to pump his cock into her cunt, pushing his cum deep inside her until it went slack.

Drained for the moment, he pulled his dripping dick from Carrie’s gaping cunt and climbed off the bed.

Carrie rolled onto her back on the bed, her legs splayed wide, exposing her well-fucked pussy to my hungry eyes. Sweat covered her beautiful, curvaceous body and drops of thick, white cum were splattered in her matted pubic hair. Her chest and cheeks were flushed red and her chest heaved as she recovered from a powerful climax. A tremendous smile of satisfaction was plastered across her pretty face as she extended a finger toward me in a come-hither motion.

My eyes traveled over her body and drank in her beauty. I crawled onto the bed between my pretty wife’s thick, muscular thighs and looked down at her swollen labia. A large dollop of cum oozed from her pussy and slowly slid down toward her tight, puckered ass. I knew what she wanted and I lowered myself to the bed and touched my tongue to her soiled cunt. She smelled randy and my mouth watered in anticipation.

I had cleaned my cum from her pussy before and I loved the dirtiness of it. It was one of the truly kinky things we did. The taboo decadence of licking her soiled cunt was a turn on, but this was different. This was another man’s juices oozing from her well-fucked hole. That made it dirtier and even more taboo.

I scooped up his cum and drew it to my mouth. The flavor was familiar yet different from my own and I liked it. I swallowed as my wife smiled at me and ran her fingers through my hair.

“Oh god, Baby,” Carrie cooed as I lapped another man’s cum from the depths of her well-fucked pussy. “Right there, Baby, faster… yes, suck it clean.” My wife’s body shook. Her legs quivered. Her hands held my face tight against her musky cunt as she came hard.

I looked up at her and smiled. She looked radiant and beautiful in her just-fucked, disheveled state.

“Come up here and kiss me, Baby,” Carrie sighed. “Share some of that with me.” She pulled me up and pressed her lips to mine. Our mouths opened and our tongues entwined in a deep, passionate kiss.

Carrie then pushed me onto my back and straddled my face with her still-oozing cunt. She lowered her dripping hole to my hungry mouth and I plunged my tongue inside her, tasting her and Daniel’s combined juices. Her hips ground slowly against my face, coating it with delicious cream as my tongue sought out stray drops of cum from her womb.

I moaned into Carrie’s cunt as a warm, wet mouth engulfed my hard, throbbing cock.

“Oh my god, that is so fucking Hot!” My wife exclaimed as she continued to ride my face.

I realized that the hot, wet mouth on my cock was not Carrie’s, and there was only one other person in the room. I struggled briefly to free myself from beneath my wife, but it felt so good, I soon surrendered to my primal urges.

My tongue flicked across my wife’s clit as Daniel noisily slurped on my cock. His mouth was incredible and he was giving me the best blow job of my life. I groaned as he took my entire shaft down his throat and held it there as his fingers played with my balls and asshole. The sensation was incredible and I discovered I didn’t care that it was a man giving me such incredible head.

Carrie came hard on my face and rolled off me. She lay beside me and kissed my cum-glazed face as Daniel continued to suck my dick. “It’s hot, isn’t it, Baby?” she cooed as she watched Daniel’s head bob on my dick.

“Yes,” I groaned, “he’s good.” I could feel my climax building and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I exploded from his very talented mouth.

“Make him cum, Daniel,” Carrie moaned. Her fingers were buried in her pussy, her eyes fixated on the union of my cock and Daniel’s mouth.

Daniel eased a finger into my ass and started to rub my prostate as he expertly continued sucking my cock.

My climax hit me like a freight train and I groaned loudly as I erupted in his hot mouth. My cock pumped ribbons of hot cream down his gullet and he swallowed it all before sliding up next to Carole and kissing her deeply.

They shared the flavor of my cum as they kissed and I recovered from the ferocity of my climax. Carrie reached down and squealed when she discovered that Daniel’s young cock was already recovered from his recent orgasm.

“Turn around, Baby,” Carrie directed. She positioned me on my back with my head at the foot of the bed and then crawled on top of me in the 69 position. Daniel knelt behind my wife’s round, sexy ass and rubbed his uncut cock across her red, swollen labia as she moaned wantonly.

I watched as his uncut cock slowly split my wife’s pussy and pushed deep inside her as she moaned softly. The sight was mesmerizing. I had never seen another man’s dick up close and it looked oddly appealing. The ridges and veins bulged and pulsed as he thrust it steadily into Carrie’s needy cunt. I lifted my head and flicked my tongue across my wife’s hard clit, making her groan loudly.

“Yes,” Carrie hissed, “do that again. Oh god, yes!”

I licked her clit and sucked it into my mouth as Daniel’s hard, pussy-glazed cock touched my lips. It was sensuous and erotic and I liked it. I licked his shaft and her lips, savoring the flavor of her pussy on my lips and his dick.

Daniel buried his cock balls deep inside my wife. His big soft balls hung enticingly over my mouth and I hesitantly took one between my lips and sucked softly, making him moan with pleasure. He then pulled back and fucked Carrie with short, quick jabs as I once more licked her wet cunt fast and furious.

“Don’t stop!” Carrie cried out as her body shook uncontrollably. Hot, thick cream coated Daniel’s long cock and I lapped it up like a kitten drinking milk.

Carrie collapsed beside me in a sweaty, exhausted mess as Daniel’s cock sprung free of her wet pussy and stood glistening above me. I wanted it. I had never dreamed I would ever suck a man’s penis but I had licked him while he fucked my wife and he had sucked me to a fantastic climax, so I had to try.

I rolled onto my knees and wrapped my hand around his slippery shaft as my mouth approached his uncut dick. My tongue flicked out and slithered around his foreskin, tasting my wife’s pussy on his hot flesh. I opened my mouth wide and marveled at how soft and smooth the skin on his cock was. It was unlike anything I had ever felt and the soft skin juxtaposed with the granite core was incredibly erotic.

“Do it, Baby,” Carrie moaned softly as my head bobbed over his throbbing shaft.

I sucked and stroked his cock until his breathing became labored and his body trembled. My free hand caressed his body and balls as I furiously worked his shaft.

“I’m cumming,” Daniel groaned as his cock started to spit in my mouth. I swallowed quickly but he came too fast. Cum spilled from the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin.

I continued sucking Daniel’s dick as it went slack in my mouth. It tasted delicious and I knew I’d do it again.

We fell asleep together in bed. Carrie was sandwiched between Daniel and me, and I am sure she loved having two strong men in bed with her.

I woke hard. It was still dark outside and my hand slid across my wife’s sexy body, to find that Daniel’s dick was rigid like mine. He moaned softly and reached for my cock. We leaned close and kissed Carrie as we stroked each other in the dark hotel room.

Daniel climbed out of bed and walked slowly around it. I watched his silhouette as he climbed on top of me in the 69 position and fed me his hard cock. His mouth engulfed me and we sucked each other as my wife watched.

Carrie turned the TV on for light, then eased her fingers into her pussy.

“This is so hot,” she sighed, “but I need cock, too.” She giggled and pulled us apart.

I mounted Carrie missionary style as Daniel knelt beside us at the head of the bed. He pointed his cock at my mouth and I hungrily gobbled it up. I could taste the remnants of dried pussy combined with sweat and it was intense.

Daniel fucked my mouth as I thrust my cock into my wife hard and fast. I pistoned my dick into Carrie’s hot core with reckless abandon as tears streamed down my face from Daniel’s cock pounding the back of my throat.

Sweat covered my body. My lower back and jaw both ached. The slick warmth of Carrie’s pussy felt wonderful and her reaction to my cock was equal to her response to Daniel’s the night before. She was loud and vocal. Her body quivered and quaked as she came hard on my thrusting cock.

Daniel pulled his dripping hard-on from my mouth and moved behind me. I felt a cool slippery liquid pour down my ass crack and I knew instantly what he wanted. I was scared. I had never had more than a single finger back there and I knew my virgin ass wasn’t ready for his big cock. He sensed my apprehension and slid two fingers inside me as I continued to fuck my wife. After a minute or so, he added a third finger and it felt surprisingly good.

“Are you ready?” he asked as he rubbed the lubricated head of his dick across my gaping asshole.

“Yes,” I hissed. I wanted him inside me. I had never dreamed of being fucked but his fingers had felt so good, I wanted more. “Fuck me, Daniel,” I groaned.

“Baby, that is the hottest thing I have ever heard in my life,” Carrie moaned as Daniel penetrated me. He thrust into my ass and by extension into my wife. Daniel set the pace. He fucked me hard and I felt my climax building far quicker than I imagined possible.

My climax shook my body furiously and cum spewed from my cock so hard, it felt as though the head came off with it. Carrie came with me and we collapsed in a heap on the bed.

Daniel continued to pound my ass hard until his dick swelled and pumped hot cum into my bowels. I could feel him explode inside me and I felt wicked and randy. He pulled his dripping cock from my well-fucked asshole and walked toward the bathroom.

“I need a shower,” he said as he opened the door. “Carrie, why don’t you join me?”

My wife left me laying in bed with cum dripping from my asshole. She joined her new lover in the shower and I could hear her respond to his talents, but I was far too spent to move.

Carrie kissed Daniel at the door after they exchanged numbers. They both said they would talk soon and I knew that even if they didn’t, Daniel had changed both our lives forever.

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My wife and i were seduced by a stranger – Becoming a Cuckold