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My wife and watchmen – Sex Stories

My wife and watchmen – Sex Stories

We got married when Richa was 24. At age of 31, she was complete women with a well fucked chut. We tried all possible poses and added spice to our sex life by making love in new and strange places. I also got a vibrating dildo from Germany which I used to put into her chut. It excited me to see that lund shaped dildo fuck my wife’s wet pussy. I used to tell her to imagine that as another man is fucking her. And then as a punishment of fucking another man, I used to spank her boobs and butts with a strong cane till they turned red. Richa was truly submissive to me and enjoyed my every perverted act. Most of the times I used to tie her hands above her head and then insert dildo in her pussy and spank her entire nude body with cane, rulers, belts or even chappals.
When we stayed in Pune last year for company work, we had a house with a garden. Our gardener was also our chowkidar (watchman) during daytime. Actually since the area was a high class locality, there were dangers of robbery and looting. So we had kept 2 watchman, one for day and other for night. The gardener was also acting as third watchman during some part of daytime. He was young 30 years old Bihari guy called Shukla. The other two were little aged of around 40-45 also from Bihar. One was Tiwari and other was Yadav. All the three used to stay in a servant’s room built behind our buglow. The other two were little passive but I noticed that Shukla used to stare at my wife and I often noticed a bulge in his trousers whenever he came near Richa. I planned to expose my wife Richa to our young watchman, Shukla.

I instructed Shukla that we will be sleeping outside on the terrace and he should come upstairs and check everything whilst we are sleeping. He agreed. That night when I heard him coming, I slowly lifted the sari to reveal her naked smooth legs. Poor Shukla could not believe his eyes and stared at them as if he wanted to eat them up. Next night after making love, I told Richa not to put on her blouse as it was very hot. Later that night, just before Shukla came I removed the cover sheet to reveal Richa’s smooth shoulders and her cleavage. She has big tits. This time I could see that poor Shukla’s lund was really hard and he was starting to rub it. He carried a torch and for a few moments he focused it on Richa’s tits. For next few nights, the tempo was building up. Shukla was getting bolder and staying there longer staring and enjoying the naked beauty of my sleeping wife.

Next night I brought out my dildo to give Richa her weekly double fuck (first dildo then me). As I started, I teased her. “Wouldn’t it be better if you had a real lund instead of this plastic one”. Richa said, “where are you going to get it at this time of night?”. “Why not try our young watchman Shukla?” I replied. I thought Richa may get angry but she laughed, “You know I saw him pissing in the garden and that fellow has nearly 8 inch long lund. Do Bihari men have such big dicks?”. Richa actually knew that I had been showing her naked body to Shukla. She was clearly getting excited with this idea. She said, ‘Let Shukla come tonight and I will show him”. When Shukla came, she was lying stark naked under her bed sheet with one leg dangling out. As he came near, Richa took a turn and displayed her nice smooth gand (ass). She lay there all stark naked. Shukla could not believe his luck. His own mem sahib, was lying there with no clothes. With trembling hands he switched his torch and straight focused it between Richa’s legs. No doubt he was admiring his memsahib’s legs and gand. Richa was going to tease him further. This time she took another turn and displayed her front. Slowly she let her one leg slide down the side of the bed. Her erotic well shaped chut could be seen clearly. At this stage, Shukla’s young lund must be throbbing like mad. Shukla took his lund out and started to rub it. Richa suddenly murmured, “Shukla pani lao (bring water)”. Shukla ran to fetch water. When he came Richa had wrapped the sheet around and lazily got up to drink water and stared at Shukla’s bulge. He asked, “Memsahib sabh dheek hai? (Is everything alright madam?)”. She said that her feet are hurting and ordered Shukla to press them. Shukla without hesitation sat on his haunches and started to press her legs knowing that his memsahib was all naked under the sheet. With one hand he was rubbing his lund and with the other he was pressing her legs. Richa had already noticed that he had a big erection then”. Richa stretched her feet and touched his lund. Shukla got a shock. Richa turned around and grabbed Shukla’s erect
lund between her hands. “yeh kya kar rahey ho”. He muttered trembling, “mem sahib bas kuch nahi bus sorry mem sahib- galti ho gayee”. Richa smiled, “O, Shukla tera lund bahut bara hai”. He replied, “Ji memsahib”. She commanded, “zara age (come forward)”. He obeyed, “Ji memsahib”. She ordered, “isko dhere is undur dalo (put it in slowly)”. He accepted, “Ji mem sahib”. All the time I pretended to be asleep. As Shukla’s 8 inch Bihari lund entered into Richa’s chut she let out a small shriek full of pleasure. I was looking at this man’s lund slowly disappearing into my wife’s chut. In- out-in -out. Richa was wriggling in pleasure. She sighed, “zara aur zor se kar Shukla”. And Shukla started to thrust like a steam engine. “memsahib ke mummay chuso (suck memsahib’s tits)” Richa ordered. “Ji mem-sahib” and our faithful servant did exactly as he was ordered to do. Shukla fucked Richa hard for more than 15 minutes almost 5-6 minutes more than me. And he did cummed inside Richa even without asking. The moment he was done with her pussy, he got her up and started kissing Richa’s lip. I was little stunned with his boldness but decided to let him continue. He made love to Richa like she was a prostitute. He kissed every inch of her body, sucked her boobs hard, made her give him a deep blowjob and was ready to enter Richa’s ass. Richa looked at me but I signaled her to continue. Now Richa completely submitted herself to her new man. He kept fucking her while I was sleeping beside. The next day I got up early in the morning only to find both of them on the floor. Both were nude and Richa was sleeping in his tight hug. I didn’t disturb them and went to bedroom silently.

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After an hour or so Richa entered the room still all nude. She was little skeptical about my reaction but I behaved normally. She said,” Bharat, the night was thrilling. How would the day be?” I replied,” it would surely be more thrilling.” She asked me if I have any plans. But now I could not hold any longer and pulled her onto bed. As always I tied her hands above head and entered her pussy. I rammed her hole for 10 minutes and then discharged. After cozying up with each other’s body for another hour, we got up and get freshened. Richa again slept the whole afternoon as Shukla didn’t let her sleep for most of the night. In the evening both of us decided to go partying when my cell ranged. It was my boss and I was told that I will have to fly the next day to UK for a fortnight. We cancelled the eve plan and stayed home for packing.

But the amazing thing happened in the night. After an hour’s foreplay, I fucked Richa hard for 10-15 minutes. Suddenly I noticed that Shukla was standing by the door of our bedroom stroking himself. I decided to ignore and continued love making to Richa. She too was too engrossed in the act. After another 15-20 minutes, I secretly checked again and Shukla was still there. I was little disturbed as well as thrilled and stopped my action. By the time Richa too was satisfied and we kissed before breaking. The very next moment Shukla entered the bed room and spoke to me,” Sahib, now I shall continue the play. You can sleep as last night.” Richa was stunned on seeing him in the bedroom. In fact I too was shocked at his boldness but I was again thrilled by the idea. And let me confess, I really love to see Richa being banged mercilessly. I like the idea of males using her as a sex object. But she was further shocked when I said,” yes Shukla, you can continue the play. You can take her here or to any place you want to.” Richa looked at me but I consoled her,” Richa, be nice to him. He will protect and also satisfy you for next 15 days when I am not here.”

Before she could open her mouth, Shukla picked Richa in his arms and told me that he is taking her to his room. I decided to watch their today’s show and followed them with my handy cam. Shukla was kissing Richa on her lips and pinching her butts roughly. In a minute they reached his room from the back door. I too followed them. The room was not very clean and had no bed in it. The 3 men used to sleep on 3 gaddas lying on floor. Also it was hot their as there was only one fan in the room. Yadav was sleeping on right most one gadda and he seemed to be in deep sleep. Shukla threw Richa on the middle one. He hurriedly removed his shirt and jumped on her. I was standing at the window above Richa’s head and had a clear view from there without her attention. Shukla started kissing Richa so wildly like he has seen a female for the first time in years. He was really on and was licking, kissing her and was also biting, sucking and pinching her boobs. Richa was finding it difficult and tried to calm him by kissing his lips while holding his face in her hands. But he was too on and she very soon had to give up her efforts. He put Richa’s hand above her head to expose her beautiful boobs and armpits. Then he got on one side of her. He started feeling her upper body with his one hand and pinched her lips with the other. He was just trying to seduce her by pinching her lips, both boobs, nipples and naval. Then suddenly he attacked her and started kissing, licking, pinching and even biting her upper half. He didn’t even spare her nose or her armpits. Richa too was excited but she was still passive in the act, probably coping up with his aggression. I was managing cam in one hand and rubbing my dick with the other one.

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But soon the rustling of clothes / bed sheets had the undesired effect. As Yadav was awaken by it. He was stunned to see his mem-sahib lying naked at the mercy of his colleague. But he quickly understood the situation. He quickly grabbed lower half of Richa’s body and started his job. Now he seemed to be seriously touching a woman after long time and was equally aggressive. Richa was now receiving pinches and bites all over her body. Yadav was quickly onto her pussy and licked her juices. He was caressing her thighs like butter and was kissing her all over while Shukla continued sucking her boobs and lips. Richa was completely out of the world sanwitched between her two servants. After a few minutes, they switched their positions and Yadav now started kissing and sucking her bosom and Shukla was digging her pussy. Now Yadav was not very nicely kept person, he also used to smoke beedi and considering that he had just got from sleep, he must be smelling bad in his mouth. So Richa tried to make him linger on her boobs than directly kissing him. But to her bad fate, he reached her face soon and was licking their. Richa had to open her mouth and he smooched her hard for a few minutes. Their saliva must have mixed and Richa must have tested and smelled him. But Richa somehow cleared her first examination. I had by now cummed twice in my pant but wasn’t ready to move.

Now the stage was set for the big action. After a few silent minutes, both Yadav and Shukla dropped their pants. They brought a small table in the middle of the room. Yadav kept Richa on the table which was only enough to support her back and head. Shukla got near her legs and opened them. He was certainly going to fuck her first. But Yadav too was not to be left behind. He came near her head and was going to make her blow him. Now Yadav’s dick was equally dirty, really dark and was having too many hairs around but it was also good in size. Richa got hold of both their dicks in her both hands. She made Shukla’s lund insert her pussy and took Yadav in her mouth. Now that was enough for Shukla and he started gaining the momentum. He started thrusting her in and out. Also Yadav started fucking Richa’s mouth. He put both her hands above her head. Now both of them had good access to her boobs. Both Shukla and Yadav took one of her boobs in their hands and started squeezing it like anything. Both were also thrusting hard in her pussy and mouth. Richa too was by now very excited. She wanted something to hold tightly to control her aggression. But Yadav didn’t let her bring her hands between them and her boobs. Richa now got hold of one of Yadav’s ass cheek and started rubbing it to control her excitement. but this in turn turned Yadav more on to fuck her mouth with greater speed. In 3-4 minutes all of them got into rhythm. Shukla and Yadav were matching their strokes in Richa’s pussy and mouth. Shukla was rubbing her one breast with one hand and with the other one he slowly started giving her few slaps on her butt cheek. Yadav immediately followed him and started giving slaps on her face. All of them were now reaching the climax and both Shukla and Yadav increased their speed as well as started hitting Richa hard. The ‘whack’, ‘whack’ sound of their hands hitting Richa’s flesh was adding to the sexuality of the room. Richa’s body was jerking with their every slap and that was only encouraging them to hit harder. Seeing my beautiful wife getting tormented by her two servants made me cum again. At last Shukla also cummed in huge into her pussy and stopped stroking. But Yadav was still on. Shukla now started hitting both Richa’s butt cheeks hard and finally Yadav too came into her mouth. He made Richa swallow most of it and sprayed remaining on her breasts. After few minutes of cozying with each other, Shukla sat on chair to relax.

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All of them were breathing heavily and Richa was almost speechless by the time. But Yadav does not seem to have got enough. He picked Richa and put her onto his mattress and again started kissing her. Richa looked tired and was neither resisting nor responding him. But he continued kissing her face, neck, shoulders, cleavage, and boobs. He then raised her arms and kissed her armpits and then started licking her back. Within a few moments he literally licked her entire body and it was visible through Richa’s glistening flesh because of Yadav’s saliva. Both Shukla and Richa were getting excited by his acts. To seduce her further, Yadave removed his shirt and made Richa feel his hairy chest. Within no time, they were ready for another round off course swapping their positions. This time Yadav entered Richa’s pussy and Shukla fucked her mouth. It didn’t last as the first one and only in 5-6 minutes Richa cumbathed again. Her body was almost shaking by now and I had already left counting my cumming. But Richa certainly needed a break and I was thinking to intervene to take Richa back. But Shukla himself said,” mem sahib, abhi aap jake rest lijiye. Ek raat ke liye itna kafi hai.” And then he added,” waise abhi ye mouka aab baar-baar milnewala hai na?” Richa gave him an affirmative smile and kissed both of them once and started to leave.

I too jumped from the window and left for the room. I pretended of being slept. Richa entered the room, took a wash and came to bed. She them kissed me on my head and slept. She was totally unaware that I had shot the drama in cam. When she got up late in the next morning, I had copied everything onto CD and was watching it in the bedroom. She didn’t notice that and kissed me on lips and said,” I love you darling.” But then when she got up from the bed, she noticed it and was shocked. But I confronted her by saying,” Richa, don’t worry. This is only going to be a gift for me from you to survive for next 15 days in London. She understood me and gave me one more kiss. This time she spoke,” darling, you are always my first love. But these guys are just amazing in love making.” I said,” I know Richa. Have a great time with them the next 15 days.” Both of us smiled.

The next 15 days were fucking marathon for Richa and the three guys. Tiwari had his equal share on her. In fact these guys started calling their neighboring friends to fuck Richa by collecting some money from them and even Richa was aware of it but did not resist them. In fact, she herself recorded those sessions of her fucking for me to view afterwards. She happily got banged by almost all the neighborhood watchmen and servants. Her every fuck was earning Rs 200 for Shukla and friends. Yes she was once banged by five guys at the same time for just Rs1000. These guys made their mem-sahib a true prostitute in just 15 days and that was visible on her face when she came to airport to receive me. She was looking only like a hard working prostitute. But she was happy about it. Fortunately or unfortunately, the business couldn’t grow further as I and Richa left to London for a year for my company work.


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My wife and watchmen – Sex Stories

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