My Wife Ann is Taken by a Dominant 18 Year Old Male

My Wife Ann is Taken by a Dominant 18 Year Old Male

My 51 year old wife is taken and dominated by a young 18 year old stud.

My wife Ann had just turned fifty-one, and we recently celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. We are your typical middle class family with kids off to college, and dreams of retirement someday. Over the last few years I had become fascinated with the idea of sharing Ann with another man. I went to great lengths to talk her into it, and after several years of trying she finally relented to the idea of offering herself to another man after an innocent incident in the park one afternoon.

It was a warm sunny day, and my wife Ann and I had the day off to ourselves. We decided to spend it at the park where we love to roam the secluded wooded trails. We had walked a good half of a mile down one of many trails available, and decided to take a break. There was no one in range of us, and I felt my cock expand inside my shorts. I was extremely horny, and I walked over toward Ann, and began to kiss her gently on the neck.

My hands roamed about her lovely body, and I began to lower down her shorts over top of her panties. We were both extremely aroused now, and that is when I suddenly noticed off in the trees a young hiker. He had his cock out of his pants, and was gently stroking on it as he stared directly at Ann’s gorgeous ass. I felt a rush of adrenalin like none ever before, and I whispered into Ann’s ear that we were being watched.

I began to kiss Ann with more passion now, and I worked her panties down over the cheeks of her beautiful curved ass. I watched the young hiker now stroke feverishly on his cock, and minutes later it exploded all over the wooded forest ground. He then disappeared quietly into the woods leaving Ann and I extremely aroused. That afternoon and night we made love twice like never before. We hadn’t had that kind of passion in years, and it was then that Ann felt the urge to do something that I had thought I would never see her do in my lifetime. She was ready to take that next step, and she agreed to the idea of being shared. We had been each other’s only sole partners in life, and we now were going to cross that special bond of marriage.

I could hardly contain myself, and I began my online search for that perfect man for her. I didn’t just want anyone, but I wanted a guy who could bring out the woman in her several times over. I wanted him to be a total stranger, a younger man who was well-endowed, and had experiences with other couples in the past. I spent the better part of the next few months searching just for that person. I really wasn’t sure what I had been looking for, and there were quite a few interesting men out there to say the least.

As time went on I had become increasingly frustrated with my search, and after two months I still hadn’t found that perfect guy for her. I got to admit I was ready to throw in the towel, and just move on when I had come across a new online personal. This was one was a bit different from others I had seen. He claimed to be a young bull who was looking for an older women to fuck. I thought I had knew everything about wife sharing, but I knew very little about male domination and cuckolding.

I decided to contact him anyway, and I quickly found myself gravitating towards the idea of my wife being dominated by a young bull. He told me his name was Adam, and that he was a good looking twenty five year old who was well-hung. He bragged how he had a nine inch cock, and that he would turn my wife into his own personal slut. He mentioned that he had been with other couples in the past, but that my wife Ann and I would be the oldest couple he had ever been with.

In a way I think he liked the idea of dominating a woman of Ann’s age, while forcing me to watch him use her for his own gratifying pleasures. He was right to the point, and gave me very little to work off. I felt an enormous amount of arousal just chatting with him, and after a few days I finally gave into my inner desires. This was all so new to me, and I decided to contact him one last time. I never once mentioned any of this to Ann.

He was very much open to the thought of taking Ann in front of me, but only under several strict settings. He gave me four things he wanted from me. One was I couldn’t have sex with my wife for more than a month before meeting up with him. The second one was that she had to be dressed in one of my long dress shirts with nothing on underneath it when they met. The third thing was that I couldn’t be involved in any way without his approval, and the last thing was that she was his for as long as he wanted her for that night.

These were some serious demands, but none of them were deal breakers. He also mentioned that my wife would never be the same woman once he was done fucking her. He wanted to know if I could handle it, and mentioned how the last husband couldn’t. These were his conditions with no exceptions, and I now had to make a decision on the spot whether to move forward with him or not.

It was hard to describe what I had felt at that exact moment. I felt a wave of adrenalin come over me like none ever before, and I now had to make the biggest decision of my life. I also felt tinges of jealousy, and I gave it some serious thought before replying back. I told him I was all in, and I would go along with his conditions with no restrictions. That night I hardly slept. I couldn’t get the thought out of mind of him taking my beautiful wife, and using her right in front of me. I knew it was a huge risk, but I felt like it was going to be well worth it in the end.

Over the next thirty days my wife and I had no sexual contact at all. It was extremely hard not to touch her, as Ann is still a very attractive looking woman for fifty-one. She didn’t look anywhere near her actual age, and her 5’5 and 145 pound body still had men wanting her. Her tits were big and real, while her ass was beautifully curved. She still had powerful orgasms, and I can’t tell you how excited I was at that point. Meeting Adam couldn’t come soon enough.

The thirty day period finally had come to an end, and I finally opened up to Ann all about Adam. Ann was a bit nervous, and this would be the first time in her life that she had been with another man other than myself. In a way it would be a new adventure for her, and deep down I think she was somewhat intrigued by the idea. After twenty five years of being together, and being with just one partner in life can leave it a bit boring in the bedroom. This could end up being the thing that propels us for years to come.

We met up with Adam one night at a quiet motel off the beaten path. I gave him the room number in advance, and told him to meet us there at seven. We got there a bit earlier so Ann could get ready before Adam arrived. She had spent the better part of twenty minutes getting ready before she made her way out of the bathroom wearing one of my long white dress shirts. She had nothing on underneath it, and it barely hung down enough to cover the cheeks of her gorgeous ass. She left the top few buttons undone, and her beautiful tits were partly exposed. She looked extremely hot, and my cock now throbbed hard inside my pants just looking at her.

Ann sat quietly on the bed, and waited for Adam to arrive. It felt like hours as I paced back n forth in the small motel room. I kept glancing at my watch, and I couldn’t believe what we were about to do. I knew there was no turning back now.

Then at the strike of seven we heard a knock at the door. My heart began to race, and I felt a huge adrenalin rush as I opened up the door. There stood a young man who didn’t look a day over eighteen. He barely stood 5’10 and around 160 pounds or so. He certainly didn’t look anything like I had imagined. I thought of a rough and tumble type of guy, but Adam was none of that.

Adam quickly made his way into our room, and began to take charge. My wife Ann couldn’t believe how young he had looked, and she immediately said to him, “How old are you? There is no way you are twenty five!”

Adam then stunned the two of us when he confessed, “I am only eighteen, but when I am done fucking you it will feel like I am twenty five!”

Ann and I stood there shocked by Adam’s admission. We had a son older than him, and my wife shook her head with uncertainty. Ann certainly wasn’t about to let some punk eighteen year old just fuck her for the fun of it. I stood quietly off to the side and let Ann handle it. Ann can be stubborn and sassy at times, and I had no doubt this young man had met his match with her.

“You look so fucking hot baby! I bet you are going to love my big fucking cock!” Adam said to her.

Adam had the three major components going for him. He was cocky, conceded, and extremely confident in his overall abilities to take Ann in front of me. He dropped his pants in front of Ann, and now showed off his huge nine inch cock to her. Ann stood there somewhat surprised, and young Adam quickly walked over towards her. He pinned her up against the wall, and told her how he was going to turn her into his own personal slut. Ann immediately began to resist, and tried to shove the young man away from her, but he was clearly too much for her. It only took a minute or so and young Adam had my wife Ann firmly under his control. It was now the battle of two strong willed individuals trying to take-over one another.

Adam quickly reached up with his free hand and undid the buttons on my wife’s shirt while he held her arms high over top of her head. He quickly pulled her shirt wide open exposing her lovely tits. A few seconds later Ann felt Adam’s hands gravitate towards each of them, and he gave each of them a firm touch. I watched innocently from the corner of the room, almost in a daze not knowing what to do.

A few minutes had passed, and Adam slowly slid his hand down Ann’s lovely body until he had reached her aroused pussy. He forced his finger deep inside her, and Ann began to squirm and whine out. She tried one last time to free herself from the young man’s grasp, but it was no use.

“Fuck you!” Ann told him.

Adam loved Ann’s sassy attitude towards him, and he continued to ram his finger deep inside her for the next few minutes. Ann slowly began to succumb to the young man’s desires. She began to quietly moan out with pleasure, and her eyes began to close periodically. She now felt his finger glide in and out of her hot pussy with basically no resistance, while he suck on each of her hard nipples.

I had never expected Ann to give in so easy, and minute or so later Adam moved his body firmly up against hers. He began to fuck her right there against the wall as gave her several hard thrust with his cock. I was in total shock, and Ann began to moan and whimper out in pleasure.

“Omg! Omg!” Ann desperately cried out.

She was loving his cock, and a few minutes later he pulled his cock from her pussy. He spun Ann around, and had her place each of her hands firmly up against the wall. He moved in behind her beautiful ass, and began to fuck her even harder from behind. Ann cried loudly out, and Adam now began to take control of her. He fucked her for several minutes up against the wall before he told her, “I want you to lay on the bed and spread your legs wide for me!”

Ann slowly made her way over to the bed. She climbed up on top of the bed and laid there with her legs closed. Adam then slid on top of her, and pinned each of her arms down onto the bed, and forced open Ann’s legs. Ann felt totally helpless, and she began to struggle one last time underneath the young man’s body, but it was to no use. Adam’s cock now pressed firmly against the lips of my wife’s swollen pussy again, and Ann began to plead with him one last time not to fuck her.

“Oh god no! Please!” Ann cried out.

“You know you want it baby! Your fucking pussy is so wet, and I am going to fuck you so hard with my big cock!” Adam said to her.

A few seconds later Adam pushed the head of his cock in between the swollen lips of my wife’s pussy. I heard Ann let out a loud cry, and she felt the head of Adam’s young big cock stretch the lips of her swollen pussy wide apart. Ann’s head spun like a top, and her eyes began to shut. She felt enormous amount of arousal come over her, and eighteen year old Adam began to fuck her hard on the bed right in front of me. She had never experienced anything quite like this ever before, and Adam gave it to her good and hard for the next several minutes as Ann cried out, “Oh god! Oh god!”

It had been several minutes later, and Ann now moaned out with more intensity. She was on the verge of a powerful orgasm, and Adam continued to pound her good and hard with his young big cock. Then all of a sudden Ann let out a hallowing cry. Her body began to tremble hard, and she gasped for a long breath. Her fingernails dug deep into Adam’s small tight ass, and she began to cum hard all over his eighteen year old cock right before my own eyes. I can’t tell you how excited I was at that exact moment, and my cock throbbed extremely hard inside my pants.

“Did you like that baby?” Adam said to her a few seconds later.

He then turned towards me and said, “You like watching your wife cum all over my big cock?”

I told him I did, and I now felt what it was like to be a cuckold to an eighteen year old. A few minutes later he rolled off the top of Ann. He now wanted Ann to ride on top of his big cock. Ann slid on top of his cock, and slowly maneuvered herself down onto the shaft of it. She did her best to take on as much of his cock as she could, and minutes later she began to ram herself hard down onto the shaft of it.

She moaned out loudly, and several minutes later Adam pulled her body down against his chest. He reached back, and placed each of his hands tightly onto her beautiful ass, and began to ram his cock hard up into her. This sent Ann into a tizzy, and just a short time later she cried out into another powerful orgasm in front of me. I now sat there with a huge hard on, and I did everything in my power not to jerk myself off.

Adam might had been only eighteen, but he was way beyond his years. He fucked Ann like a slut, and I was shocked by how much he actually knew. He then forced Ann to get up on all fours on the center of the bed.

“Oh god baby! I love your nice round ass! I am going to fuck that fifty-one year old pussy so hard from behind!” he said to her.

Ann had her gorgeous ass positioned high into the air, and she felt young Adam mount himself back behind it. She rested down on each of her forearms, and stared down at the sheets in anticipation of his big cock. He gave each of her cheeks a firm hard smack, and then held tightly onto each of her hips. He then rammed his big beautiful nine inch cock deep into Ann’s pussy from behind. He teased her with his cock a number of times as he would pull from her aroused pussy only to slam back into her just seconds later. This had Ann begging for more, and she turned back towards him and said, “Give it to me you bastard!”

Adam now reached up, and grabbed a hold of Ann’s hair. He pulled her head up off the bed, and began to fuck her extremely hard with his big cock. The sound of pounding flesh and Ann screaming out now filled the small motel room. A few minutes later Ann screamed out, “Oh god! I am cumming!”

I looked directly at her face with great intensity, and watched her every facial expression as she came hard all over Adam’s young cock. Adam then let go of her hair as Ann’s face and chest dropped down onto the bed. She had her arms extended outward, and she held tightly onto the sheets with both hands as Adam continued to ram all nine inches of his cock deep into her from behind.

A short time later Adam began to moan out, “Oh fuck baby! I am going to cum all over you!”

I stood to the side of the bed, and I watched as young Adam yanked his throbbing cock from Ann’s swollen pussy. His cock instantly began to erupt, and I watched as his cum shot high into the air all over Ann’s back and ass.

Adam then moved off the bed and said to me, “Clean your wife off any way you like!”

I knew what he had meant, and I walked slowly over towards her. Her body still quivered, and cum covered most of her back and ass. I grabbed a towel, and I began to wipe away the remnants of his cum from my wife’s lovely body.

A short time later Adam wanted Ann to suck on his cock. He stood up on the center of the bed, and Ann knelt down before him. She reached out and held the shaft of his cock, while she ran her tongue gently down the sides of it. Ann is great at sucking cock, and Adam loved every second of it. She teased his cock for several minutes as she ran her tongue over each of his huge clean shaven balls. She sucked each of them thoroughly, and then worked her way back up the shaft of his cock. She then slid his cock into her warm mouth. She gave him quite the blow job as she took several inches of his cock down her throat.

He moaned out, “Oh god baby! Suck that big cock! Suck it!”

It had been a short time later, and young Adam now wanted to fuck Ann once again. He now had Ann lay flat on the bed, and he knelt down in between each of her legs. He pulled them wide apart and rammed his huge cock back into Ann’s swollen pussy. Ann instantly cried out in pleasure, and she began to taunt the young man to fuck her.

“Yes! Yes!” Ann cried out.

“You like it baby?” Adam asked.

“Oh god yes! Harder! Harder!” Ann cried out.

This only increase Adam’s adrenalin, and he began to fuck Ann even harder on the bed. I watched on as Ann’s big tits bounced in unison with every thrust of the young man’s cock. My cock was throbbing even harder now, and a few minutes later Ann screamed out, “Oh god I am cumming!”

Ann’s body shook like never before, and her orgasm left her drain and worn. Adam wanted to take her from behind once again. He grabbed two pillows, and stuck them underneath Ann’s hips. Her ass now sat up for him, and he mounted himself back behind it. He once again began to fuck Ann hard from behind, and her cries once again filled the small motel room. Ann loves being fucked doggie style, and she cried out a number of times, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

It had been several minutes later, and Ann was once again on the verge of another powerful orgasm. It was at that moment that young Adam pulled his cock from Ann’s pussy. It left Ann disappointed, and she cried out for him to put his cock back in her. Adam though had a different idea in mind. He told Ann, “I am going to fuck you in the ass!”

I thought immediately that Ann would object to that notion, but she surprised me once again and offered her lovely ass to him. She said to him, “Oh god yes! Put it in my ass!”

Ann hadn’t never shared that secret desire with me ever before, and seconds later she screamed out loudly as Adam slid a few inches of his big cock deep into her lovely ass. He fucked Ann’s ass slowly at first, but after just a few minutes he began to ram several inches of his cock deep into it. Ann loved every second of it, and she screamed out minutes later into an extremely intense orgasm. I had never seen her experience such a moment as I did that very second, and I quickly began to see Ann in a different light.

Adam was extremely excited now, and he now wanted to fuck Ann’s big tits. Ann held tightly onto each of her beautiful tits, while Adam pushed his big cock in between each of them. He fucked her tits hard for the next several minutes. Ann had never had her tits fucked like this ever before, and several minutes later his cock began to erupt all over her neck and face. I could no longer take it, and I began to cum hard all over myself just seconds later.

I once again was ordered to clean my wife off with a towel. She laid there worn out and exhausted, and young Adam now contemplated taking her one more time. Ann tried to reason with him that she couldn’t do it again, but Adam wasn’t buying any of it. He told Ann what a milf she was, and that he was going to take her once again whether she like it or not. Ann was helpless now, and Adam now slid her worn out body over to the edge of the bed.

He stood off to the side of the bed and grabbed onto each of her legs. He hoisted them high over top of his shoulders as Ann lay there still trying to regain her composure. Seconds later Ann felt Adam’s cock penetrated deeply into her worn out pussy. She immediately began to cry out, and I watched on as Ann’s body tremble hard with every thrust of his big cock. He showed why he was a young bull, and he dominated Ann right in front of me once again with his large cock.

A short time later Ann screamed out again into another earth shattering orgasm. I had never seen her cum so hard, or this many times ever before in just one night. Adam then flipped her over onto her stomach. Her ass now hung over the side of the bed, and he quickly positioned himself back behind it. He rammed his big cock back into her, and grabbed onto the back of her hair. He pulled her head up off the bed, and I now watched her every facial expression. He fucked her hard for the next few minutes forcing Ann to scream out into another powerful orgasm. He made her cum so hard that Ann practically passed out from the experience.

“You like my eighteen year old cock? Tell me?” Adam said to her.

“Yes! Yes!” Ann cried out.

“Come on baby! I want you to cum again for me!” Adam said to her.

“I already did several times!”

“You can do it one more time!” Adam demanded.

Adam now began to fuck Ann even harder. Her cries began to increase, and she began to shout out, “Omg! Omg! I can’t take it!”

Ann had lost all control, and she cried out loudly with every thrust of his cock. A few minutes later she screamed out once again into another earth shattering orgasm in front of me. Adam then followed that up by announcing he was going to cum. He moaned out, “Oh fuck baby! I am going to cum inside you!”

I watched on intently as young Adam gave Ann several hard thrust with his cock from behind. He moaned out seconds later, and held his cock deep inside Ann. Seconds later his cock began to erupt deep inside Ann’s worn out pussy. He filled her pussy with his cum, and I felt a powerful wave of energy come over me like never before. I began to cum once again all over myself as Ann laid there on the bed exhausted and trembling. I thought I could handle what had just happened, but after watching him cum inside my wife I felt mix emotions. He pulled his cock out of her a few seconds later. His cum now began to ooze from her just fucked pussy down her legs. I couldn’t believe how well he had fucked her, and there were no words to described what I had just witnessed.

Adam then got dressed, and told me what a slut Ann was. He said it was one of the best fucks of his young life, and he wanted to fuck Ann once again. He said he loved to tie her up next time, and fuck her senseless while making me his cuckold. He now had me in the palm of his hand, and he left a short time later with an even bigger ego then when he first arrived.

He was right about Ann being a different person. She had more confidence and swagger in the bedroom, and when we made love I saw a huge difference in her. She wanted it harder and deeper, and her orgasms were even stronger than she had experienced before. When I ask her afterwards if she really like Adam’s big cock she tried to downplay it. She acted like it was no big deal, but I knew better. I mentioned his name a few times while making love. Ann practically acted like a slut in the bedroom, and she now could no longer control her inner feelings for his big cock.

We had a deal that I wouldn’t bring the subject of sharing her ever again. Now a few months later I can’t get that night out of my head. I heard from Adam a number of times since wanting to fuck Ann again. He told me he had something specially planned for the both of us, and he wanted together as soon as possible.

I really do want to see Ann with him again, and I am now starting to know what it is like to be a true cuckold. The feeling is so intense that I wonder if it will ever subside. Every time I see her now I can’t get the thought of Adam fucking her with his big hard cock in front of me. I get a huge adrenalin rush like never before, and it consumes my mind all day long.

Lately I brought up Adam up more and more in the bedroom. Ann tried her best to ignore it, but after time she finally admitted one night while engaging in intense sex that she loved Adam’s young big cock. She had come clean with me, and told me that she had masturbated a few times thinking about his cock. She had never done that before, and said she had never felt anything this powerful ever before. It had pushed her libido right off the charts.

I now began to discuss the idea with her of meeting Adam once again. The thought of him tying her up, and using her in a dominant way had my cock throbbing. I now had to convince Ann to see him again. It is only a matter of time before she relents, and allows him fuck her again. We will see what happens.

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My Wife Ann is Taken by a Dominant 18 Year Old Male