My wife fulfills my fantasy of seeing her with a bbc – My wife secretly wanted it too

My wife fulfills my fantasy of seeing her with a bbc – My wife secretly wanted it too

My wife laid naked on the bed. She looked tense and nervous. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement and her small nipples were taut and eager, betraying the depths of her ravenous desire.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this,” she giggled nervously as she shook her head. Her pretty, golden brown eyes darted towards the bathroom door and she swallowed hard as it opened.

He was big, muscular and as black as night. His shiny mahogany flesh glistened and his enormous cock hung like an elephant’s trunk between his powerful legs.

Her eyes widened and she gasped. She looked terrified and I thought for a moment that she might get up and run from the room.

I’d confessed the night before, during foreplay, that I often fantasized about watching her with another man. I’d been drunk at the time and it had just slipped out but it had been obvious that I’d piqued her interest and the sex that followed had been amazing.

“Oh my god,” she laughed. Her eyes were riveted to his cock and her mouth was agape. Her chest flushed and a foreboding pit formed in my stomach. I’d never seen her so excited.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said in a thick African accent. He had calm eyes and a deep soothing voice and my wife smiled seductively.

She had met him at a bar on Bourbon Street. We were on vacation in New Orleans and we’d been drinking since noon. I’d left her beside the dance floor while I went to the bar to buy us a few drinks and when I returned she was on the floor dancing with a group of strangers. She wasn’t much of a dancer when sober but after a couple of drinks she loved to shake her ass.

My wife was a short, chunky woman with big breasts, wide hips and a thick midsection. She’d been a petite 115 lbs on our wedding day but two children and 25 years at an office job had packed on more than fifty pounds onto her short 5’3″ frame. As a result she had a terrible body image but to most everyone else she was a beautiful and sexy woman.

“I’m not sure it’ll fit,” she giggled. Her wide, unblinking eyes moved from his huge cock to his boyish face and then back to his dick. Her face was filled with an intriguing mix of lust and trepidation and I began to wonder what I’d done. We’d been married for more than twenty years and I’d been the only man she’d ever had sex with.

We’d talked about my confession while laying in bed after a marathon of sex. I could tell she was nervous but intrigued and her voice had cracked each time she asked me another question.

“So would you want to actually do that?” She’d asked softly. Her voice was shaking with tremolo and her eyes had darted nervously from side to side.

“If you wanted to, yeah,” I’d answered quietly. My heart was racing and I had a lump in my throat. I felt my dick begin to stir anew and my mind was reeling. I’d fantasized about watching her with another man for years but I’d never had the courage to say anything. She’d always been pretty vanilla sexually and whenever I’d joked about a threesome she’d insisted that group sex was not something that interested her.

“Would you want to try it here?” She’d asked. We were in New Orleans for a week to celebrate our anniversary and we’d spent every night drinking in bars, listening to music, eating great food and talking to strangers.

“Would you?” I countered, my voice straining with a mix of fear and excitement. The conversation felt surreal and I expected to awaken at any moment to a very different reality.

“I would,” my conservative wife had replied with a sexy and mischievous smile. She went on to explain her recent change of heart. She’d gone on her annual girls trip six months earlier and while away she’d been approached by a good looking man. She assured me that nothing had happened between them but she had been very tempted.

“But I’d have to choose the man.”


“And you may not like who I choose.” She then explained that the man she met in Mexico was a very dark skinned Jamaican. He’d been very different than anyone she’d ever dated or even been attracted to and she hadn’t been able to get him out of her head since her trip. Consequently she was only interested in doing something if she met a good looking black man, but we were in New Orleans and there were plenty of men that fit the bill.

Mike grabbed his big horse cock and started to stroke it, making it grow firm with a few fast pumps. He looked into my wife’s pretty eyes and climbed onto the bed. She returned his smile and spread her thick meaty thighs. Her left hand moved slowly down her doughy midsection. The sparkle of her wedding ring drew my eyes and a shiver ran down my spine. I couldn’t believe it was happening.

“Go slow,” she sighed. Her fingers spread her puffy, pink labia and he rolled an extra large magnum condom onto his super sized dick.

My wife nodded and he brushed the tip against her frothy hole.

“Tease,” she giggled playfully as she gazed up at him with an intense hunger in her eyes.

He nodded and pushed his fat cock into her tight, married cunt. Her eyes rolled back and she inhaled sharply.

“Oh fuck that’s big,” my wife groaned.

He fed his big black dick into her and a pained expression spread across her pretty face.

“Are you okay?” I asked and she nodded almost dismissively as if she wanted to forget I was there.

“Yes,” she shuddered. Her legs wrapped around his hips and she crossed her ankles behind his taut, brown ass holding him deep.

“Oh man,” she groaned in apparent agony. “I need a minute to get used to this. I’ve never had anything close to this big.”

I groaned softly as her words rattled around in my head. I had an above average dick but it wasn’t even close to his size and I felt like I’d been punched in the gut.

He paused for several seconds and then backed out until just the tip was inside her. He then slowly eased the length of his prodigious manhood back inside her tight, married pussy. Her face contorted and her eyes closed.

“Does it hurt?” I asked and she nodded. She looked up at him and grinned.

“But it’s worth it,” my wife said as she ran her hands over the broad expanse of his sculpted chest. His body looked like it was carved out of granite.

He began to thrust his big dick into her with long, languid strokes and she continued to wince each time he pushed it deep. Her glassy eyes gazed up at him and her cheeks flushed crimson. Her teeth clenched and she grunted with each thrust.

“God you’re gorgeous,” my wife sighed wistfully.

“So are you.” He bent down and kissed my wife. Her arms wrapped around his torso and her mouth opened wide. They kissed deep and wet and he started to move his hips faster. She had started kissing him on the dance floor inside the bar less than an hour after they met and it had escalated from there. At one point I’d watched as my wife reached into his pants and grabbed his dick while his tongue was in her warm mouth. It had been one of the most amazing moments of my life and it had only just begun.

He pulled his cock all the way out and then thrust deep. My wife grunted and I heard the sound of latex snapping. My heart stopped and my eyes widened.

He continued to thrust hard and fast and my wife’s pained expression morphed into one of pure ecstasy.

“The condom broke,” he warned.

“I know. Don’t stop,” she hissed. Her hips bucked up to meet his and her eyes fluttered. Her French manicured nails dug into his chocolate brown flesh and she cried out as she came.

We’d been married for twenty three years and I’d never made her climax without clitoral stimulation but he’d done it in less than fifteen minutes. It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life and yet my dick throbbed incessantly in my pants.

He pulled his big black cock from my wife’s frothy wet hole and she pulled him down on top of her. Their mouths met and their tongues entwined in a searing hot kiss.

My wife kissed him hard and deep. She rolled him onto his back and laid on top of him. Her hands caressed his smooth brown flesh and she purred softly. Her lips pulled away from his and she grinned playfully. She trailed butterfly kisses along the nape of his neck and then down his chest as she wiggled between his thick, powerful legs. She kissed, nibbled and sucked on his nipples for several minutes and his cock nestled between her big natural breasts. Then she continued her journey down his taut, muscular body.

He smiled and she grabbed hold of his rigid shaft with both hands. A bright, beaming smile danced on her lips and she moved lower as she rolled the broken condom off his big black dick.

She moaned softly and pressed her lips against his hard shaft. Her eyes closed for a moment and she breathed deep, drawing his scent into her lungs.

“God you smell and taste amazing,” she sighed as she rubbed her face against his cock and balls, smearing his scent onto her flesh.

For the next ten minutes I watched my wife give a man she’d just met the most erotic and enthusiastic blow job of her life. She slurped noisily on his massive dick. She forced it into her throat and stretched her lips tight around his meaty shaft. She choked and gagged, and when she finished she straddled his waist and impaled herself on his big black cock.

A low, guttural moan rose from her chest as her frothy cunt swallowed him whole. Her hips undulated and she ground her pussy against his pelvis. She looked at him with a lust filled gaze and began to ride him at a slow trot. Her pace quickened and she started to climax with his manhood deep inside of her fertile womb.

She came several times while riding his dick and then slid down between his legs to lick and suck him. She slurped her juices from his chocolate brown flesh and then he guided my wife onto her hands and knees.

Mike knelt behind my wife’s fat juicy ass and plunged his cock into her. He paused balls deep and then thrust fast and hard, making her scream in ecstasy. Her body rocked fore and aft meeting his thrusts and his breathing started to labor.

“I’m gonna nut,” he grunted and my wife looked back over her shoulder at him.

“Don’t stop,” she hissed as she clenched her wet cunt onto his shaft, milking the cum from his balls.

He grunted low, like an angry growl, as he erupted into her fertile womb. He continued to thrust hard and fast, and his seed seeped from my wife’s soiled pussy. He stayed hard, something I’d done once before and he pushed her down flat on her belly with his big dick still inside her gaping hole.

The bed rocked and the headboard slapped against the wall. My wife panted and moaned as he fucked her relentlessly for ten minutes in that position. Sweat covered his body and dripped from his brow. My wife cried out each time she came and she whimpered when he pulled his massive cock from her still needy depths.

He plunged his thick fingers into her messy hole and then smeared their combined juices onto her tight puckered asshole. He repeated the process several times and then began to finger my wife’s was while she panted like a bitch in heat. She and I had tried a few times, unsuccessfully, to have anal. Each time she tensed and stopped me because of the pain.

Mike pushed three fingers into her asshole while he spit onto his cum soaked dick. He rubbed the smooth tip against her sphincter and told her to relax. He leaned forward and his dick popped inside her.

She yelped and squealed and he pushed deeper. His balls pressed against her pussy and he began to thrust.

“That’s a good girl,” he praised as he fucked her slowly. He drooled more spit onto her asshole and his pace quickened.

She grunted and moaned and his body slapped against hers. He breathed deep and steady and his hips thrust hard and fast.

“I love your ass,” he groaned. He slapped her cheek and then fucked her at a dizzying pace. His massive cock slammed into her bowels like a jackhammer and she moaned weakly as she came.

He buried his prick deep and unleashed a torrent of cum into her gaping asshole, emptying his balls while I sat beside the bed with a lump in my pants and a pit in my belly.

He left soon after his second orgasm but not before they exchanged numbers and promised to get together again.

I crawled naked into bed with my exhausted and beautiful wife. My dick was rock hard and it slipped effortlessly into her cum filled sex. Our lips met and our tongues danced together in the warm enclave of our joined mouths. Her lips tasted like salt and sweat and I could smell him on her flesh. My mind was spinning and I slammed my meager dick into her like a man possessed. I felt a strange and powerful connection and I did my best to reclaim my beautiful wife before I added my seed to her well fucked pussy.Carole couldn’t believe her good fortune. She’d listened intently as her drunk husband confessed that his biggest fantasy was to watch her have sex with another man. She’d never imagined he’d want to see that but she wasn’t about to let the opportunity slip through her fingertips.

They had been married for 24 years and she’d been faithful for the first 23. She had only had one indiscretion but it had awakened something inside her and ever since she’d had an insatiable hunger for new cock.

She straddled her husband’s waist and gyrated her hips as she gazed down into his pretty blue eyes. Her husband was a good looking man with a nice body and a sexy smile. He had a decent cock and she’d been very happy with it until her affair but the other man she’d slept with had been much bigger and she’d liked that a lot more. She’d never thought much about the size of a man’s dick before her affair but she’d only had sex with two men in her life. One was her husband and the other was Trevor, whom she’d met at an all inclusive resort in Cancun.

She leaned forward and started to bounce. Her big natural breasts flailed wildly and she breathed deep and heavy. She could feel his dick hitting the right spot and her breathing quickened but so did his and before she could climax her husband erupted inside of her ending that part of the fun.

Carole let her husband’s spent dick slide from her still needy hole and she moved up his body leaving a trail of cum, like a snail track, up his chest. She knelt astride his handsome face and lowered her soiled pussy onto his willing mouth. It wasn’t the first time he’d licked her pussy after sex. He was good about making her cum but he’d never lasted long enough to finish her off while fucking. He usually licked her first but he didn’t seem to mind swallowing his own mess and if she was honest she kind of liked how dirty it was when he did so.

Her body started to shake and she moaned loudly. The idea of him watching her with another man was spinning in her head and that image intensified her climax. She writhed and groaned loudly. Her legs trembled as intense waves of pleasure washed over her and her juices and his drained from her insatiable cunt.

She collapsed beside him and kissed his sloppy wet lips, tasting their combined juices.

“Thank you Baby,” she purred contently. They continued to kiss for several minutes before she rolled onto her back and sighed.

“So would you want to actually do that in real life?” Carole asked softly. Her voice was shaking with tremolo and her eyes darted nervously from side to side. She wasn’t sure how to broach the subject and she was worried how he’d react.

“If you wanted to, yeah,” he answered quietly. She could hear his heart thumping and his chest heaved as he breathed deep and steady. Their sex life had always been mostly vanilla sexually and whenever Jeremy had joked about a threesome she’d insisted that group sex wasn’t her thing so she wasn’t sure how to explain her change of heart.

“Would you want to try it here?” Carole asked with a playful smile. They were in New Orleans for a week to celebrate their anniversary and they’d spent every night drinking in bars, listening to music, eating great food and talking to strangers.

“Would you?” Jeremy countered. His voice straining with a mix of fear and excitement and he shifted uneasily in the bed. His wide eyes stared unblinkingly at her as we waited for her response.

“I would,” Carole replied with a sexy and mischievous smile. Her hand moved to his still slick, wet dick and she giggled as it started to grow anew. She took a long, slow breath and began to explain her recent change of heart. She’d gone on her annual girls trip six months earlier and she told Jeremy that while she was away she’d been approached by a good looking man. She lied and assured her husband that nothing had happened between her and the other man but she said that she had been very tempted. That had been true the first day but she had given into temptation on day two and repeatedly over the six day trip. Her friends had seen her leave with Trevor but they had their own secrets and they were all bound by girl code and mutually assured destruction.

“But I’d have to choose the man.” Carole insisted with a steady nod of her head. Her heart was racing and she stroked her husband’s rock hard cock slowly, keeping him in a state of euphoria.

“Obviously,” Jeremy panted as her hand moved up and down his slippery shaft. His eyes fluttered and his heart thumped.

“And you may not like who I choose.” Carole said firmly. She then explained that the man she met in Mexico was a very dark skinned Jamaican. He’d been much different than anyone she’d ever dated or even been attracted to and she hadn’t been able to get him out of her head since her trip. Consequently she was only interested in doing something if she met a good looking black man. But they were in New Orleans and there were plenty of men that fit that bill.

The next night Carole and Jeremy found themselves in a bar on Bourbon Street. They’d both been drinking all day and she felt particularly randy as her eyes scanned the crowded room. Loud dance music pounded from the speakers and throngs of people, covering all shapes, colors and sizes moved to the rhythm of the beat.

He was a towering figure with the broad shoulders of a football player. He had big, powerful arms and a thick muscular neck. His skin was as black as coal and the contrast between it and his bright eyes and white teeth was striking. He had a handsome, boyish face, a smooth shaved head and her heart skipped a beat. He was exactly what she was looking for and she playfully bit her bottom lip as their eyes met.

He looked at Carole and smiled. Her pulse quickened and her juices started to flow. Her affair in Mexico had been brief but intense. She and Trevor had met on the first day she was there and they’d had incredible sex seven times in the five days that followed. She’d never cum so often or so hard in her life and she’d been almost obsessed with black men since that clandestine meeting. Everywhere she had gone since her eyes had been drawn to all shades of chocolate flesh but she liked dark chocolate most.

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My wife fulfills my fantasy of seeing her with a bbc – My wife secretly wanted it too