My wife is a public prey

My wife is a public prey

The story is challenging enough, that is, how the whole thing developed. Having not had meaningful sexual intercourse with my wife for some years now, well, I began thinking about HER needs. Perhaps toys and a variety of penises were the answer, however I further thought perhaps something deeper was involved here. What my wife REALLY needed was a man who would fuck her long and deeply…(forget the toys). And this wouldn’t be easy, as she was never with anyone other than myself since she was sixteen years of age.

The Plan:
To keep this story of moderate length and straight, I began then to seriously consider my options…that is…for available men I mean. Eventually the list shortened to my good friend Al, who handled our automotive maintenance regularly, and whom I knew Susan (my darling wife) was…well…much attracted to. His dark brownish hair, handsome face and muscular body…well…most women would respond somewhat with lust. Yet there was something more to her gazing at him whenever my wife and I were near him. And so I decided to call Al and have a serious conversation regarding Susan’s needs as a woman and wife.

Al of course asked me what in the hell was I suggesting? So I answered plainly: “…look friend…my wife and I both have known you for years…and I’m not entirely unaware of how you two are together alone…when I’m at work, and she’s here with you and the car. She’s constantly telling me of her admiration for you, and now I really do need your help…understand?”

“What do you want of me” asked Al. “I want you to be with my wife one night this week…ALL NIGHT!…filling her completely with your sperm…nothing held in reserve Al. And if you impregnate her…fine…we’ll take care of your…and my wife’s… baby…period! I really need you to stuff her tummy long and deep with your dick Al, I mean throughout the night, so that in the morning, and the rest of the week for that matter, she knows how wonderful it really is to have another man’s large, firm cock in her belly, routinely ejaculating cum and sperm into her pussy throughout the night.”

“…and that’s it?…just one night’s all your asking?”. “Yes Al…one night. I don’t want her falling too much more in love with you, and this is going to be nearly impossible if she’s carrying your baby in a few days time…however she need’s a large male dick in her belly….and your the only man I know that I can personally and trust…and you will fuck Susan completely… and not hurt her in any way.

The Event Proceeds:
Wednesday afternoon was tense, at least with me. Susan knew of course that Al was coming over for an early dinner and leisure evening. She came downstairs apparently dressed beautifully and quite ready for her Al, as I was telling her all day how much Al really adored her blond hair, nice tits and shapely ass. And that he confided this things to me when we were both ‘beering’ up on weekends…so-to-speak. I also told my wife Susan that, when he was really boozed up, Al told me he really would just love to fuck her. That Al and I just smiled…over the truth of course. Anyway, the door bell rung and handsome Al was finally here, my wife greeting him at the door in here nice white blouse and blue, thin skirt.

After dinner I made sure that Susan sat next to Al, when I turned on some music and only one light for the living room (as it was now getting dark outside). “Susan…dance some slow music with Al…go ahead Honey…he won’t bite you…you know…and he’s so smooth at dancing…go ahead Love”…and so I encouraged my wife…plan being started in earnest.

After thirty minutes of intimate dancing, and my being in the kitchen (my wife assumed), and both Al and Susan with a several drinks in them by now…well…events then really began to move. As they sat back down on the sofa, my wife instinctively snuggled against Al…her hidden love for him…aided by booze…now beginning to surface.

Having put some porno-type DVDs together for the planned evening.. the mood was certainly set for what followed quickly. Al placed his tongue into my wife’s self-opening mouth…rolling it gently and firmly around over her teeth and tongue…and Susan responding in heavy breathing…her chest and well-developed breasts rising up and down… in rapid movement. As this was happening, Al’s right hand began unbuttoning Susan’s blouse, one button at a time, he then slipped the palm of his left hand over her bra-covered right breast. My wife responded with a large moan…and very loud breathing. (I pretended to be glued to the hot porno video, where a girl was sucking on a man’s pre-cumming cock). All moved along perfectly.

As he removed my wife’s bra from both breasts..Al covered both tits and nipples…switching gracefully between the delights… with his slurping tongue. To overcome the obvious sexual noise in the living room and my cover of porno video watching routine…I began to drink more of the Black Label Southern Comfort. Each time Susan looked at me as she loudly moaned and groaned, she looked up to see me drinking and watching the porno goodies, thus providing her with safe reason let Al to continue to have his way with her…and Al of course did just that.

By now, Al had slipped my wife’s thin blue panties from beneath her skirt…down her soft white legs…, finally setting them aside on the floor. He quickly move down from her tits to her tummy, where the skirt was rolled over her belly. Al sucked Susan’s sensitive belly button as he continued his move down toward her very liquid love pot…over her blond pussy hair…finally resting on her now super enlarged clitoris. And here on my wife’s cunt-clit…Al sucked and licked for the next 30 minutes. My goodness!…if the neighbors don’t hear her this… it will be a miracle! My wife must have had at least five orgasms, complete with yelling and groaning!…as Al continued his powerful mouth and fingers work on Susan’s clit… and surrounding cunt flesh. The aroma of her very aroused pussy juices, combined with the ever increasing moans, started me thinking a bit concerning the noise.

Pretending to be really drunk, I blurted out: “…hey Al…how about taking my wife upstairs to our bedroom…you know…like… just continue fucking her up there!…OK?…so I can watch my stuff down here..thanks Al…”. Susan looked at me, being nearly out of breath. “…damn Al!…my husband doesn’t seem to care one way or the other what we’re doing here!…let’s up to the bedroom!…oh my precious fuck baby…I desperately need you inside me right NOW!”. I really didn’t know where she picked up this ‘fuck baby” term…but I was drunk by now…and so I didn’t really care. Anyway…so up the stairs with my gorgeous…naked ass wife…with her Fuck Baby…my best pal Al.

And and of course up I go behind them… about10 minutes later…(sneaking of course)…and what do I see in our bedroom? Al’s handsome large and muscular hairy ass…high in the air!…pounding down with firmly planted thrusts…into my wife’s very liquid vagina…and her beautiful smooth ass and hairy cunt… thrusting nearly as high… into the air…each time…to meet Al’s downward plunge very deep into her belly. Although Susan’s groans and moans are now at least partially muffled by being upstairs…yet its still very evident that something very sexy is occurring in our beloved bedroom!

By now Al’s hairy ass and red-blue veined large dick…(and with Susan’s palms and fingers tugging on Al’s ass cheeks)…burrowing ever deeper into Susan’s gorgeous cunt hole…started Al to rapidly begin picking up the speed of his fuck-thrusts into my lovely wife. Then all hell broke loose in our bedroom!…as Al’s moan’s echoed like some sort of low frequency musical tuba….damn!…what noise!!.

“…uuhhh!….UUUHHH!!…I wanna fuck you Susie…FUCK YOU! and FUCK YOU!!….and…UUUH….UUHH-SHIIIIT!” and here Al exploded his sperm-filled cum into my wife’s sucking vagina…her cunt muscles drawing and sucking Al’s sperm into her expanding and contracting wet fuck hole…the cum and sperm flowing directly to her waiting womb…and ovulating eggs!…and all the time Susan yelling “…OH PLEEEASE!…FUUUCK MEEEEE!!…MY DEAR FUUUCK BAABYYY!!. And yet the thrusting continued…even after Al’s large hair balls were thoroughly drained by my wife’s pulling cunt muscles. Well…eventually…finally… both my darling wife and her new Fuck Baby Al…were completely exhausted and their sweat covered bodies fell asleep on each other for awhile.

Now somewhat safe to enter the bedroom…and moving closely to peer at Susan’s very aromatic cunt flesh…very fragrant with pussy juices and cum…I could see Al’s excess pure white sperm flowing out of my wife’s vagina…though of course this was really only a trace amount of what was INSIDE her cunt and…by now…her womb! If I hadn’t been so damned drunk while staring so very closely….I would have sprayed the two exhausted fuck-lovers with my own sperm..well..anyway…

…and reducing this whole adventure to just a few words…Al is now a FULL and VERY NECESSARY part our marriage. There is absolutely NO question that my darling wife Susan MUST have her Fuck Baby’s large and beautiful cock inside her…ALWAYS! And yes…my wife’s belly is very swollen … VERY KNOCKED UP….with her Fuck Baby’s BABY!

PS: “one night”?…no guys..I don’t think so…and keep in mind this story repeats…ALL the time.

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My wife is a public prey