My Wife is Blacked on the Beach

My Wife is Blacked on the Beach

We are Linda and Eric and have been married 4 years. Linda is 24 and I am 31. Linda has lived in SW Kentucky all her life, until now. Unlike Linda, I have traveled quite a bit, and was a self employed computer program designer until recently. Gratefully, NASA hired me and moved us to the Space Coast where we’ve been for about two months, and found we love Florida.
Linda, is from the same small town she was born and grew up in. She worked in her families small restaurant and life simply did not provide her with much travel or cultural diversity. She speaks rather country, and is a country girl. Straw colored hair that drains half way down her back, pretty face with the brightest eyes, breast that were designed by the Greek Gods and an ass that you cannot turn your gaze from. She is a corn fed country girl with a European sports car body. I feel I married up, I could do not better, where Linda, she could have any man.

We have been traveling around the Space Coast, seeing lots of new things and getting acclimated to both the nice weather and area. On a recent outing, we discovered a National Seashore, part of the Merritt Island Nature Preserve and it’s beach known as Playalinda.

We took the road in and loved the canal along both sides of the park road, where we saw several alligators and many birds. We could see the NASA assembly building to our right and the launch pads.

This looked like a great area and we passed a lot of beach side parking lots. The park closed at 8pm, and it was already 6pm, most the lots were about empty. The road ended into what we now know, is the renowned Lot 13. Half of the small parking strip was empty so we parked, grabbed our chairs and towels and walked up the wooden ramp to see the beautiful Atlantic ocean, and naked people.

We had stumbled onto a nude beach. We debated it a minute but ultimately decided no one knows us here, and they are naked, so let’s give it a shot. We went north on the beach for a couple of blocks distance and found a mostly secluded spot to put our chairs and umbrella up. Linda is shy, she kept looking around like a shoplifter to see if she was being watched. I told her she had the best body on that beach, and if someone does stare, it’s because she is fucking awesome.

Linda hooked her thumbs into her bikini and peeled it off her tight little butt, followed by her breast, proudly revealed as her top was tossed onto our towels. We sat down and watched a sparse amount of naked people, slowly walking by. We saw every shape and size human in all their natural glory parade by us as they began to leave for the day and the beach became mostly empty, but we were loving the beach and the water and would stay until we had to leave.

We could see a few scattered people south of us but to the north is appeared empty and reminded me of what it probably looked like thousands of years ago, untouched by man and natural. I reached over and took a handful of Linda’s firm breast into my hand. Her head zipped right and left to see if anyone could see. I told her to relax, no one could see, and no doubt it goes on here all day long. She chilled and leaned back some, her nipples hardened and perky. I ran my hand over her smooth shaved mound and she didn’t move. I think she’d finally gotten used to newness of nakedness. She adapts quickly.

A few minutes later, I looked back to the north and see a black man approaching, carrying a bottle of water and a towel. This guy was buff. I’d say 6’2”, abs showing, legs thick, and frog shaped, you know, thick muscles on the thigh and caffs, and upper torso was chiseled. He had long muscular arms and a cock that hung down long, thick and swayed to and fro like a dead python pendulum.

I nudged Linda and nodded to my left. She leaned out to see past me and I heard, “Oh, my, gaaaawd”. Now, Linda, has seen a few black people, but in SW Kentucky small town USA, she’d never really been exposed to black people, there just are none who live in her little hometown. Certainly she’d never seen a naked black man, strolling the beach with a horse cock swinging in the breeze without a care. “Oh my god, is that his dick” Linda ask. “I’ve never seen anything like that”.

His path took him perhaps eight feet from our setup. As he got next to us and looked over and smiled to us, I nodded, then had a thought, so I motioned for him to approach us. “What are you doing” Linda gasped under her breath and gripped my forearm hard digging her nails into my flesh. She says I was born without that cut off gene that keeps you from saying inappropriate things. She’s right.

“Sup guys, great day, yes” he says. His voice was deep, confident and soothing as he stepped up to our chairs. His massive cock hanging low, thick and black as tar. It looked like a radiator hose off a Buick or something. To say impressive would be understating it, but there it was, dangling in our faces, a fuck weapon.

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I looked at him and said, you may find this odd, but my wife Linda here, is from a small town in Kentucky, and honestly, has never seen a naked black man,, and I don’t want to be rude or seem disrespectful, but I just wanted her to see that big cock up close. “Oh a southern girl, and a beautiful one at that may I say” he complimented. Linda was so embarrassed she could of died, after she killed me of course. But I got no shame, and just wing life as I go through it. He reached out to shake her hand saying “I’m Kenda, nice to meet you”. She reached out and shook his hand saying “Linda”, then he shook my hand and I introduced my self, Sean.

Kenda put his left hand on his waist and took his fat cock in is right hand and lifted it up, pointing it right towards Linda and gave it a small bob up and down, “So, what do you think, Linda” he asked. I thought it was funny, but Linda seemed fixated, eyes locked on that black beast with mouth gaped open.

“Oh my, it’s,,,,, so large” she stared at it. Now Linda’s sexual experience has been limited to loosing her virginity to a high school idiot, that more or less shoved his small pecker in her, took a few strokes and pulled back out to blow his teenage wad on her stomach. She didn’t care to repeat the experience, until I’d came along. We met and when we began to have sex, she loved it. At times I think she was born to be a slut, because Linda can fuck. We have no issues in being very experimental in our sex and she is normally the one to get things rolling.

Kenda supported his cock in his open hand and said “You can touch it, go ahead it won’t bite”. Linda looked at it, then looked at me, grinning like she’d just been offered to hold the anaconda at a petting zoo. “Go ahead” I encouraged her. Linda reached out and her fingers almost made contact then she backed off an inch or so, then braved up and reached forward again, lightly touching his cock with two fingers about the center of his fat dick.

“Nooo, Linda, touch it, wrap your hand around it. You want to feel a black mans cock, here it is, give a once over” Kenda said jokingly. Linda looks at me, the back to Kenda’s ebony cock. She lowers her elbow and wraps her hand around his thick cock. Her finger tips just barely touched as she lightly held his dick. “Oh, oh my, it’s heavy” she looked surprised a dick could have weight to it.

I said, I bet you get a lot of pussy, Kenda. “I can get a white woman everyday of the week if I wanted. Mostly white guys want to see their woman with a black guy, a BBC. But, I rarely do that, I prefer the woman who has never had a black cock before. That’s special man”. Really, I say. Kenda replies “ Yea, all in fun you know, I don’t take it personal, hell I had to have my first white woman once”.

I noticed Linda seemed to try to look at Kenda and me, and not his cock, which she had begun to stroke back and forth a little, perhaps muscle memory, or unaware of what she was doing, or she wanted to stroke his cock, but she hadn’t released his thick cock since he invited her to have better touch of it.

“Umm um, look at that, Linda, you done got that big black cock about hard now”. Linda seemed like it was all totally unintentional. “Oh, I’m, sorry” Linda gasped embarrassed. “Shit no, stroke that Mandingo meat a little, get a good feel, heck, you are just curious, check it out good” he laughed. Linda reached out and grasped his cock again, this time she instantly began stroking it, fisting his hard cock in slow long strokes. My wife awakened his thick cock into a full hardon.

“See there, white men like watching their wife’s with black cock” Kenda said with a laugh. Linda looks at me and glances down to see my cock was as hard as stone. Sure it’s a fine cock at 6.5” hard, but it was not Kenda’s python.

“Oh my god, your hard” Linda says. “Hey, sorry but you look so hot with that big dark cock in your hand. That is art work, I need a picture of this. “You have beautiful hands Linda, and he’s right, that combination of your small white hand on that big black cock, does look most artistic” Kinda said with a good chuckle.

I get my cell phone and snap a pic of her hand on his cock. Then another. Linda is stroking his dicks full length now and seems to be concentrating her focus totally on his cock. I asked how long he was while taking another pic, all the while my cock is getting harder if that was even possible.

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“Nine inches” Kenda says, then “Nine and half with such a beautiful southern girl on it” Linda blushes. He says, “Let’s get you a good picture, a profile” then with no effort turns Linda’s beach chair to face me while she is still seated in it. He is standing behind her and unexpectedly, lays his monster cock across her right shoulder. His cock looked half the size of her neck and stuck out past her face. I snapped a pic. The camera framed her smiling face with this enormous cock laying on her and his black body made for a black back ground for her white skin.


Kenda said “hold it up, for the camera”. I watched Linda reach up with her right hand and grasp his cock, most of it still sticking out past her hand. She smiles and I snapped a pic. “Give him a good photo, stick you tongue out like you are licking it” Kenda suggest. “Yea baby, that would be hot” I say. Linda turns her head and extends her tongue, smiling, tongue almost touching his meat. I snapped a pic, good one. “Now that is art work” I say. I snapped another pic.

“He likes creating works of art, I respect that” Kenda says to Linda. She smiles and sticks her tongue out further, just barely touching his massive cock. “That’s it, stick that tongue out there, nice ” Kenda says. He then moves his hips so his cock is fully on her tongue and slides the hard shaft back, dragging it over the top her tongue. He paused as his cock’s thick helmet head crept onto her tongue. “Ah, now that’s a good photo, Sean.” Kenda says. He was right, I snapped a pic.

She opens her mouth and licks Kenda’s cock head. I take a pic.”You get that” he ask. I said hell ya I got that. Linda begins to lick his cock more and he turns slightly to his right pointing his cock directly at her face. I snapped a pic. I watch as her tongue runs around his cock’s head, licking the top and bottom, then extends it fully and pauses, leaving it underneath the head. “Nice” I say. “Give him something to work with girl” Kenda says in his low voice encouraging.

Linda opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth, stretching around the swollen head until she had all of the head in her mouth. “Ah, yea, that’s a damn good one, get that Sean” Kenda said while re positioning her hair behind her ear to show her pretty face. I snapped a pic. Her lily white skin contrasting his blackness looked like a painting hung on some artsy aristocrats wall.

Linda’s spit shined on his black cock, the wetness telling of how much she had in her mouth. “Oh, that’s how you do it, you look so pretty doing that” Kenda said. Linda opened wide and sucked about half of Kenda’s cock into her mouth and fisted the rest in smooth fist pumps. Fuck, she’s sucking his cock good I think, and snapped a couple more pics. I get out of my chair and get a close up of just her lips wrapped around his black shaft. “Goddamn, that is fucking art work work” I say.

“How about this” Kenda says and gets a handful of Linda’s breast. The difference between skin colors was great, his blackness against her milky white breast made for a great shot, I snapped two pics. Linda continued to suck his very impressive cock. Linda reached down and took my cock into her hand and squeezed it hard, it felt great. It was her first time touching two cocks at once.

“So you like taking photos” Kenda ask. I said it was the first time I took any photos of her in such a way, we’d never touched anyone else sexually, but I was loving these. “Just look at these” I say to Linda and she seemed reluctant to pull her lips off Kenda’s hard cock. She looks at my phone and flips through a few of the pics. “Wow, these are great”, Linda says. “Yea, I think I will be using these for some alone time” I laugh. “Me too” Linda remarks. Kenda leans in a bit and sees a couple of pics, “That’s hot, you create good images, impressive” he says.

Linda’s hand goes back on Kenda’s cock, slowly pumping it’s length again. So, I snapped another pic. “I think now that she’s gotten a closer look at a black man’s cock, she isn’t so afraid of it any more. I think she kinda likes it” I say. Linda smiled and her shyness showed. “I support the arts” Linda giggles. “How about a real good photo for you Sean”, Kenda asked. I say sure, sounds good. Linda smiled real big. He had Linda get up and he took her chair and sat down. His monster black dick sticking up like steel pole.”Come here Linda, let’s get him a good picture” Kenda says. Linda steps up and Kenda just lifts her up, all 100 pounds and sits her on his lap, his cock between her legs and sticking up between her butt cheeks reaching the small of her back.

“How’s that for a picture” he asked. I said it was awesome and snapped a pic, then a few more. His hands reached around and he took a butt cheek in each of his big hands. It was a great shot, his cock running the length of her butt checks poking up to her back, hands on her white butt cheeks. I clicked off several pics. “Damn that’s nice” I say and hold the camera to them so the both see pic, it looked professional and very artistic. “Wow, that’s my ass, and them hands, that’s such a nice picture” Linda says. “Black on white, always photogenic” Kenda says.

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I get on one knee, my dick hard as stone and begin to get another pic when I hear “hello”. I look up and an older couple walks past us not five feet away. Linda jumped a little, startled a bit as was I. We three tried to act like it nothing was up and I stood there with my erection poking out as the couple continued down the beach, no doubt discussing what they’d just seen. I look back and Linda is still in Kenda’s lap, but since she got startled she has scooted back a tad and his fuck rod lays level, not sticking up behind her butt. Back to being creative with my human models, So I snapped a pic.

“Push your butt back a little” I ask Linda, did not hesitate to inch back until Kenda’s fuck rod was pointing dead level and wedged in her between her ass cheeks. I know her pussy must be riding along his wide cock. “That’s it, now ease forward a little” I say. Linda settled down deeper in the seat and began to use only her hips to slide forward showing lots of his cock under her, then slide back again. I noticed a wet streak on the top of Kenda’s cock. Linda was so wet her pussy left a wet path on his cock. “Oh man, she left a wet streak on your cock” I say to Kenda. “All for the arts, right, Linda“ He says. “Yes, all for the art” Linda agrees and pumps her waist slowly back and forth again.

I held my phone up to them. Linda’s white ass with that black cock wet on top from her juice and his black hands on her pale butt looked great. “That’s real nice” Kenda says. Linda looks at it says she loves the wet streak photos.

I close the photo album and click the camera back on, then noticed Linda was still using his cock for a dark meat slip and slide, slowly going back and forth. My cock almost exploded. “Damn, I need some video of this. I get low and focused on her slow grind on top of his cock. No doubt she was on it, and I found it profanely sexually exciting for some reason. I’d never once thought about Linda touching another man, but as she sat on this black guys gargantuan cock, I was loving it.

I snapped two more pics of his cock peeking out from between her butt cheeks. “Get the front, Sean” Linda says. “Good idea” Kenda remarks. Linda leans back, and her beautiful breast take my attention away for a few seconds. I shake my head . “I know, man” Kenda says with smile. Linda’s tits are just, awesome. She leaned back I get the phone between them. Looking down through the viewing screen, I can see her pussy lips are spread out around his Mandingo meat and it’s soaked in her juices. A shiny wetness glistening in the low sunlight just on the top of his cock. The wetness she left behind on his meat really showed off. I snapped a pic, then another as she moved back across his cock.

“Fuck that’s so hot” I say. “Get some video,,, if you think it’s artistic ” Linda suggested. I flipped it to video mode macro and the lens focused on her spread pussy lips as she again slowly pumps her hips, dragging her slit up and down his cock. “Wow, looks likes you are fucking him” I say as I film close ups. Kenda looks down and says, “Damn, that’s a beautiful, Linda”. She smiles, and slides.

Linda takes notice of my throbbing hardon and says, “I think he likes being creative Kenda looks at my cock and says, “a natural born photographer”. “What do you say, let’s get him something special to work with, for his artistic endeavors, of course” he suggest. He lifts Linda again and positions her on his legs, knees resting on his muscular thighs with his cock poised at her wet pussy lips, aiming right at her tight entrance. Her thighs barely long enough to avoid penetration.

“How’s that look” he asked. I focus on Linda’s butt, legs spread a tad and that black cock standing up, touching her slit, looking into her pussy. “Fuck, that’s it, your right that is the holy grail, let me get a few shots, and I snapped a few pics. Linda ask to see the photo. I hold the camera up and show her the preview. “Yea, that’s very hot, you can see it’s just barley touching me, very nice”.

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My Wife is Blacked on the Beach

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