My Wife Surrender To My Boss

My Wife Surrender To My Boss

Madhu and I met and married in college, finishing together to begin our careers, she is a teacher, me as an accountant. Our sex life was normal, normal and dull. It was just straight sex, missionary style. I tried to talk to her about expanding her horizons and tried to get her to do other things, or, maybe even tell me her fantasies, but, she seemed sexless most of the time.

Then, after we had been married about three years, we found out I was sterile and that is the reason we could not have a baby. Madhu was devastated. She so wanted baby. I felt horrible because I wanted them, too, but, more than that, because I had let her down. It was about then I started having fantasies of her having sex with another man, a man who would impregnate her, a man to give her what I could not, a baby.

I never had the courage to share my fantasies with her, although they became stronger and stronger. Every time we would see a couple with a small baby, I would see the pain in her face, see her wanting. Over time, I could see something else. I could see her disgust with me for being sterile, for being unable to give her that.

She would fight her feelings. I could see her pendulum swing from being over solicitous with me to revulsion at not being able to give her a baby. It was so hard on both of us.

One night, after we both had too much to drink, I told her my fantasy. I told her I dreamed of her being impregnated by another man, of bearing a happy healthy baby, of me watching them having sex or her telling me all about it. This was so much a part of the fantasy. I must know everything, as if I were impregnating her through him.

She slapped me hard, and then she slapped me again. “How dare you think me a slut!” she screamed, pounding on my chest with her fists. “I’m your wife, you sterile wimp!” She began to weep buckets, collapsing against me as she sobbed. Immediately, she begged my forgiveness at calling me a wimp, saying she knew it was not my fault, that I wanted a baby as much as she did.

I threw myself in my work. Our relationship declined even faster, to the point she would lie there limply when we had sex. I got to the point I would rather not bother her. Yet, even though she was listless in our bed, I felt a tension building in her.

Then, the firm had a cocktail party for an executive who was being transferred to another office. Three other men had been fired. Those changes opened up some job opportunities which had not yet been filled. Mr. Malik, the top man in the company, was going to be at the party to meet all of us. I’m sure part of the reason he was there was to evaluate some of us who might be up for a promotion.

Madhu claimed to be too tired to go, but I insisted. This was too important for her to miss. Our company liked to hire married people and wives were an important part of our culture. At the party, Madhu relaxed and began enjoying herself as she normally did. She was really a very pleasant person normally, before the baby crisis anyway.

We had been there about two hours when I realized Madhu was not by my side. I saw her talking to Mr. Malik in the corner. They seemed intent. I turned to talk to someone else. When I looked for her again, she was gone. So was Mr. Malik.

Immediately, I began to wonder. What was happening? Had they left together? Then, my immediate supervisor grabbed me to meet the new recruit. I was stranded, trying to make polite conversation while my brain whirled. I felt a hand on my arm. It was Madhu.

“Honey, let’s go home,” she said. Her eyes were wild, more alive then I could remember seeing them in years. She was very excited as she dug her nails into my arm. I said my farewells and followed her toward the door. Mr. Malik was watching us as we left. In the car, I tried to make conversation but she said she did not want to talk right now. She leaned back as if asleep but her foot was moving rhythmically with her shoe dangling off her toes. She bounced into the house.

“Did you have a nice talk with Mr. Malik?” I asked as we undressed in our bedroom after the party. The tension was thick. Madhu was moving sensually, her hips rotating more than normal, her back arched. I was hard just thinking about her.

“Yes. Why didn’t you tell me you were up for a promotion?”

“I didn’t know I was. The rumor mill had my name in the pot but I have not been officially informed.”

“Well, you certainly are being considered,” Madhu said.

I was sitting on the bed in my jockeys. Madhu was now naked except for her panties. I knew she wanted sex because she let me see her bare breasts. She had a funny smile as she sat next to me on the bed, a funny, wild smile.

“Tell me you favorite sexual fantasy again,” she said.

I quivered. She had never asked this question before, never.

“Which one?” I asked, although I knew exactly which one she meant.

She dragged her nails over my bare leg. “You know which one.”

“I want you to have sex with another man. I want him to impregnate you. I want to watch or I want you to come home and tell me about it.” I gasped it out, my voice squeaky. Sweat started to flow from me.

“Tell me yours now,” I asked. Madhu would never discuss her fantasies. I knew tonight was going to be different. She was dying to tell me. She gave me a coquettish gaze, looking up from under her lashes.

“Oh, mine is almost the same as yours. In mine, a strong man takes me in a situation where I have little choice about it. You watch sometimes. Sometimes, I tell you about it. He fucks me. His dick is big and long and thick and so very hard. He fucks me all he wants to. He fucks me and makes me pregnant.”

She was wild, digging her fingernails into my thigh. She leaned over conspiratorially.

“More than that, he makes me his slut. Me, Ajay, me. Little, sweet, shy Madhu. I become his slut, relishing in his control of me, loving every minute of the sex, doing whatever he wants anytime he wants.”

“Why did you never tell me that?”

She ignored my question, standing and walking away. She spun to face me again, hands on hips, pelvis thrust forward.

“I know what it will take to get you the promotion,” she said.


“Mr. Malik wants me. He wants to fuck me.”

I started to quiver. I could tell Madhu was very sexually excited, more excited than I had ever seen her, even on the honeymoon. Her nipples were hard and I could see the dark stain of honey dew on her panties. Her eyes glittered as she sat by me again. Her hand slid up my leg to feel the erection in my shorts.

“I want to fuck him. I want him to take me. I want him to make me his slut. You would like that, Ajay, wouldn’t you? You would like your sweet wife to fuck your boss and for you to get the promotion. Think of it, Ajay. Think of Mr. Malik, your boss, between my legs, fucking me, fucking me so hard. Think of his hot cum flooding my ravaged pussy. Think of his virile sperm seizing my eggs, making me pregnant. You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

Her hand was rubbing my cock hard now. I could not hold back.

“Oh, Ajay, you are excited. You came in your shorts. I want you to get hard again and cum in me, Ajay. I want you to cum in me as I tell you my fantasy.”

I was hard in an instant. Madhu stripped off her panties and shoved them in my face, giving me a deep smell of her delicious odors. She lay on her back and pulled me between her legs as our eyes locked together. I was moving slowly in and out.

“Mr. Malik is my fantasy, Ajay. He tells me I will do as he says. If I do, you get a big raise. If I don’t, you get fired. I have no choice. But, if I had a choice, it would be him. I want him to father my baby. I want my belly fat with his baby. So, I let him have me. And, oh, Ajay, he really has me! His cock is big, very big, and very hard. He fucks my pussy so good, so good.”

By now, Madhu was sweating profusely, her speech slurred, her nails deep in my back, her legs tight around me. Our breathing was ragged. I fought to hold back from cumming again.
“Then, he rolls me over and fucks my ass. He is not gentle. He just rams that big prick in me. I scream from the pain but it starts to feel good, as good as getting my pussy fucked. Then, I had an orgasm from his big cock in my ass. I can feel you, Ajay. I can tell you are ready to shoot. Cum, Ajay! Cum in me! Cum in me thinking of your sweet little wife getting royally fucked by your boss, of his seed growing in me.”

She screamed and started bucking. I could not hold back any longer. My cock had never been that hard that long. I exploded in her. As we lay cooling together, Madhu said softly, “I intend to live my fantasy, Ajay. I am going to fuck your boss. I am going to bear his baby and, if he will have me, I am going to be his slut.”

She slipped out of bed. I heard her make a phone call from the living room. When she returned, I asked what she did.

“I called Mr. Malik. He will explain it to you in the morning. Now, go to sleep.”

She curled up against me. I could not sleep. I had never been so aroused, so hard, so wild, as I thought about my Madhu carrying a baby. During the night, as her bottom was curled against me, I slipped my cock in her. She moaned and pushed back. “That is it, Ajay. Fuck me while I dream of carrying Mr. Malik’ baby.”

Mr. Malik called me into his office early the next day.

“I understand you and your wife had a nice conversation after the party last night, Ajay,” he said.

“Yes, sir.”

His eyes were cool, neutral as he watched me. I was surprised as how calm I felt.

“And, what is your understanding, Ajay?”

“My wife is going to have an affair with you.”

“Is that all?”

“No, sir. You will make her pregnant.”

A small smile twitched the corner of his lip for an instant. His eyes softened some.

“You have no problem with that?”

“No, sir. I have no problem.”

“It will be more than that, Ajay. Let me explain the ground rules. First, you will get the promotion and a nice raise.
“Thank you, Mr. Malik,” I replied. He nodded.

“I will expect your wife to do as I say when I say, which includes dress and decorum. I will have her when I wish, where I wish. In addition, I expect her to perform for my friends when I tell her to. So, it will not be just me fucking her, Ajay. Do you understand that?”

“Mr. Malik, may I sit down?”

“Of course. Would you like a drink?”

“No, sir. It is just . . . ”

“I understand, Ajay, but, I want you to be aware of what is going to happen to her if I take her. No surprises.”

“Yes, sir.”

“The affair may last a weekend or a lifetime. I understand you two do not have sex very often?”

“Yes, sir. Maybe twice a month.” He laughed, not an evil laugh, but a laugh which said I was a fool for letting my wife service me so seldom.

“One of the real benefits to you, Ajay, will be lots of sex. She will have sex with you every night, either vaginally or orally. Anally is reserved for me.”

“Of course,” I said.

“Any night she does not satisfy you, you are to tell me the next morning so I can punish her. I will punish her for not keeping you very happy in bed or for any other reason I choose. In fact, she will be punished whenever I think she needs it, Ajay.”

The thought of my wife being punished by my boss made me hard as a rock. I wondered how he would do it.

“As for you, you are to continue to treat her as your wife, to love and care for her. She will need care, particularly when she is pregnant and during the delivery stage. And, I expect you to be a fine father for my baby, Ajay. I mean that sincerely.”


“Yes. Children. I expect her to have three to five, in total, at least two of which are mine. Do you understand this, Ajay? I will make sure she has several baby by me and at least one baby by someone other than me.”

“Yes, sir. I understand. We both do want baby.”

“Well, you will have plenty of them.” He came around from behind his desk, sitting in the chair next to mine.

“She told me your fantasy. I will let you watch sometimes but, most often, she will tell you about it. I am sure she will have some good stories. Any questions?”

“No, sir.”

“Good. I am picking your wife up at three today. She is spending the weekend with me.”

I did not know what to say to that. Finally, I said, “Well, have a nice weekend.”

He laughed. “I am sure I will, Ajay.”

At three that afternoon, my head was spinning, knowing at this moment my wife was getting in my boss’ car to fuck him for the weekend. I was so hard and my mind was so full of visions of Mr. Malik fucking my wife I could not think. That night at home I masturbated twice, thinking about Madhu with Mr. Malik. Saturday was a long day. Saturday night, I had just put a movie in the VCR when I heard the doorbell. It was a young woman. She had on too much makeup, extremely tight clothes with a bare midriff and a very short skirt. She had high heels and stringy blonde hair.

“Ajay Khanna?” she asked.

“Yes. Who are you?”

“I am Tanya. Mr. Malik sent me. I am your promotion bonus.”

Tanya was a real pro. She spent the night with me, taking her time to make the sex very enjoyable. I came four times before she left at dawn. But, she was not my wife. She was not Madhu.

Madhu got home about six Sunday night looking exhausted and well used. She gave me a big, long kiss at the door.

“Want to hear?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered, as my cock strained at my pants.

“I need a hot bath. Come on and I will tell you.” I followed her into the bathroom where she drew the bath water and undressed. As she turned around, I gasped. Her breasts were bruised, with blue splotches on them. I saw other bruises as my eyes ran down her body. Then, I had a bigger surprise.

“How do you like my shaved snatch?” Madhu asked. Her pussy was smooth and bald.

“What is that?”

“A ring through my clit hood. He had me pierced. Want to touch?” I touched the tiny steel ring. She shivered and gasped from sexual need.

“That sure pops my clit,” she moaned. Slowly, she lowered herself in the tub, moaning in enjoyment from the steaming water.

“How was Tanya?” she asked.

“He told you?”

“Yes. I think that was nice of him to do.”

“Tanya was fine. I got a wonderful blow job.” I said this intentionally because it was something Madhu never did. She laughed.

“I probably gave more blow jobs this weekend than Tanya did. Get me some aspirin and a soft drink, please, Ajay.” When I returned, she took the aspirin, and lay back.

“Ready to hear?” she asked.

My cock had been ready since she walked in the door.

“I would love to hear,” I said.

“He picked me up at three. We went directly to a store where he bought me some new clothes to wear, slutty clothes, Ajay, clothes that reveal me like you have never seen. I will model them for you later. I was wearing my new clothes when he took me to a nice restaurant. Then, we went dancing. It was about one when we got to his house. He took me to his bedroom. We hugged and kissed as we undressed each other. Then, he laid me back. His cock is huge, Ajay. I mean a monster. I was afraid I could not take it all. But, he was very gentle, letting me get use to his size. God, Ajay, I have never felt so full. It was heaven.”

She opened her eyes to look at me. I was rubbing my very hard cock through my pants. She smiled softly.

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My Wife Surrender To My Boss