My wife’s account of her affair with a black man

Carole looked down at him with lust glazed eyes and reached between her thick thighs. She grabbed hold of his big slippery cock and guided it to the mouth of her frothy wet cunt. She couldn’t believe what she was doing and her eyes closed as she lowered her wide hips, letting her drooling pussy swallow him whole. He’d already taken her from behind and it had felt amazing. Surprisingly when her husband fucked her doggy style it hurt but with Harold’s big cock it didn’t hurt at all.

She had never cheated on her husband Jeremy before though she’d certainly thought about it in the aftermath of his year long affair with a “slut” he met on line. A deep guttural moan rose from her chest and she shuddered wantonly as her hips undulated on top of his pelvis. His big dick, several inches longer than her husband’s, ground against her cervix and she started to pant and moan.

Carole had theretofore been a quiet lover but her lust and desire could no longer be contained. She pulled her feet underneath her heavy, curvaceous body and began to ride his big black dick at a slow trot and she felt a familiar knot in her belly and she moaned deep and low.

Her big d cup tits jiggled and heaved as she bounced faster and harder. The knot inside her grew tighter with each thrust and the squishy wet sounds and loud quiffs filled her head. The smell of sex hung in the air and she breathed deep drawing the intoxicating aroma into her lungs.

He thrust upward in perfect time with her movents. He was in tune with her body and each thrust of his cock pushed her closer to nirvana.

Carole had never dated or hooked up with a black man. She had long insisted to Jeremy that she wasn’t attracted to black men but that had been one of the many lies she’d told him. The other big lies were that size didn’t matter and his cock was perfect for her. The truth was that she had often fantasized about being with a well endowed man and she had never climaxed with her husband unless he went down on her.

Harold’s big cock pounded against her tender cervix and she winced in pleasure and pain. She had never liked pain but the combination of being stretched and stuffed was unbelievably good and she shuddered from another strong climax. She’d lost track of how many times she’d cum but it was more than eight. The first had been when he fingered her in the car outside of the bar where they had met up and she had sucked his dick on the ride to his condo.

Carole hadn’t given head in a car since before she was married. There were a lot of things she hadn’t done since then and she couldn’t wait to do them all with Harold.

She had met him months earlier at a party thrown by a mutual friend and the first time they met it was clear that they shared an intense mutual attraction. He was a big strong man with thick muscular arms and powerful thighs. He had a handsome round face with a wry sexy smile and pretty dark eyes. He was playful and funny and everything about him was the polar opposite of her husband who in recent years had become serious and often morose.

“God you’re like a machine,” she giggled as Harold scooped her up in his strong arms and rolled her onto her back. She spread her legs wide and the rich scent of her arousal wafted up and over her eager body. He slid effortlessly back into her creamy depths and she sighed sweetly. They had been fucking for over an hour and she was still soaking wet. He was intense yet tender and, unlike with Jeremy, there was no routine or pattern to his actions.

Her pretty face contorted when he touched bottom and her warm brown eyes rolled back in her head as an expression of pure bliss spread across her pretty face. She resched up with both hands and caressed his broad, sweat soaked chest. Everything about him turned her on. Even his slight gut and bald head were sexy and she was thrilled that their secret friendship had blossomed into a physical affair.

They had secretly exchanged numbers at the party where they’d met and their conversations had become more sexual with each passing day. Carole had, at first, tried to deny that she had real feelings for him or that what she was doing was anything like her husband’s affair. She hadn’t wanted to sink to his level but the more she got to know Harold the more she wanted him and eventually they agreed to meet up for a drink after work.

Harold worked for the federal government in a building close to her office. His day ended at 3pm, a full hour before her’s but she left early so they could meet at a local micro brew pub for a drink and some appetizers.

“Do you want me to cum?” He teased as he piledrove almost nine inches of hard black meat into her. The heft of his body and the force of his thrusting hips pushed her deep into the pillowtop mattress and she grabbed his firm ass cheeks as if they were a life raft and she was about to drown. Her big natural tits jiggled and her thick belly shook.

She had learned to hate her body over the years. She’d been a trim 110lbs on her wedding day but 2 children and twenty years with little hard exercise had taken a toll and she had weighed over 170lbs for the last seven plus years. Jeremy claimed to still like her body but their sex life had become almost nonexistent. Part of that was on her because she didn’t feel sexy but she could see the lack of interest in her husband’s face whenever she undressed in front of him. But Harold told her that she was beautiful and showed her how sexy he thought she was.

‘Yes,” Carole cooed, “I don’t think my poor pussy can take much more. I’ve never had a dick this big and I haven’t been fucked for over an hour since I was in my twenties.”

“Okay,” he said with a devilish grin. He leaned down and kissed her hard. His long tongue entwined with hers and they kissed with the gusto of love struck teenagers as he thrust hard and deep.

Carole felt another orgasm building inside her and she closed her eyes, letting the warm euphoric waves wash over her. He muffled cries of pleasure poured from her quivering lips and her painted pink nails dug into his fleshy ass, holding him deep.

“I’m gonna cum,” he grunted. His big heavy balls tightened and his dick grew even bigger and harder as his cum surged through the long, pulsating shaft.

“Cum for me Baby,” Carole hissed. Her body trembled and goosebumps formed on her bare flesh. She felt his seed splash against her cervix and soaked her still fertile womb.

Harold grunted like a wild boar as he emptied his balls inside her. He continued to thrust for a full minute after his climax subsided, whipping their combined juices into a frothy lather before his spent dick wilted.

Carole wrapped her pale arms around his chocolate brown body and squeezed him tight. His flaccid cock, still as long as her husband’s was when fully erect, stayed inside her, plugging her hole and holding his seed in her womb. She tensed the muscles in her canal, squeezing his dick and milking the final drops of white cream from his body as she kissed him tenderly.

“I wish I could stay here forever,” she sighed wistfully. She ran her finger nails across his back and purred contently as she reveled in the warth and safety beneath his strong powerful body.


“How was your day,” I asked as my wife walked into the house. She was two hours later than she usually got home but that wasnt especially unusual given our erratic schedules and the crazy traffic in the greater metropolitan area.

“It was pretty good,” Carole replied with a very content look on her pretty face. She kissed me tenderly and then pulled back and smiled. “There was an Accident on 66 so I went to the gym. Traffic was much better afterwards so I may start going every day,” she lied convincingly.

Carole confessed about her affair several months later. She and Harold had fucked several times a week for over three months without protection but she never got pregnant. Surprisingly my sex life with her improved during her affair because she stopped hating her body and she wanted sex constantly.

Harold ended the affair because he wanted more. He wanted her to leave me and she told me that she had considered it but in the end she loved me and the life we had built together. He was unwilling to share her with me so he ended their relationship. She did tell me that if he had been content to keep having the affair she would have done so but she was not willing to leave.

Her confession excited me and I told her that even before her infidelity I had often fantasized about watching her with another man. Oddly I’d never really thought about BBC or race play before it happened and if you look at the history of my posts and stories you will likely be able to pinpoint when it occured.

After my confession we had a long talk and she agreed to tell me all the lurid details of her first time with Harold. She said her pussy was still sore and Harold’s cum continued to seep from her well fucked cunt when she was kissing me after she got home. She then giggled and confessed that on more than one occasion I had gone down on her when his cum was still inside of her.

She was terrified the first time and had tried to stop me by telling me that she didn’t “feel fresh” but I insisted. When I didn’t notice she never tried to stop me again and she got off knowing that I was licking cum from her pussy.

My wife told me that she felt no guilt or remorse over her infidelity. I had cheated on her and she had forgiven me but she hadn’t forgotten. She hadn’t sought revenge or retribution but when an opportunity presented itself to have an affair of her own she had taken it and she felt liberated in the aftermath of her first time with him.

I’m single now but I have no regrets. It was a wild ride while it lasted. Carole is single too, but no…you can’t have her number.Carole sat on the bench inside the department store changing room. Her short skirt was hiked to her waist and he panties laid on the floor as she teased her hard, swollen clit. She had sworn off skirts and dresses years earlier and had been wearing loose baggy clothes to hide her body in recent years but Harold liked it when she dressed sexy and as her confidence grew she began to acquiesce to his wishes.

Her pretty brown eyes gazed up at the dark skinned muscle bound man standing before her and she smiled as she grabbed hold of his impressive cock with her free hand. She had secretly fantasized almost exclusively about black men since she was in her teens and twenties but she had never been in an interracial coupling before meeting him.

God you are beautiful, she purred. Her tongue flicked from her lips like a snakes tongue and she dragged it up the underside of his beautiful dick tasting his salty essence. Her eyes closed and an expression of pure bliss washed across her face as she took her lovers cock into her eager mouth. He had thick powerful legs and big strong arms. He was a shade older than she was but he was still in good shape, albeit with a slight belly, and he was without question one of the sexiest men she’d ever been with.

They had been engaged in a torid affair for just two weeks and she had already had more sex with him than she’d had with her husband had in the last 12 months. They had fucked in every conceivable position and anywhere possible: in his condo; at her house; in his car and hers; and even outdoors in a local park.

Harold placed his hands on both sides of Carole’s head and sighed softly. She had been relatively inexperienced sucking cock when the affair began but she was enthusiastic and a surprisingly fast learner. He eased her lips down his cock until it touched the back of her throat making her gag and he held it there until tears streamed down her rosy red cheeks.

He was a strong, naturally dominant man, like her husband, but unlike Jeremy his dominance and aggression transferred to the bedroom. She had felt instantly safe when he took charge and she loved how he showered her with compliments and doted on her every wanton desire.

Are you ready for some dark meat? He asked as he fisted his big black cock. He’d learned early on that one of her most powerful mental triggers had been to play up the race angle of their relationship.

She had been raised in a medium sized town in New England. It was a somewhat affluent area with minimal diversity despite its location relatively to the capital city. Her parents and grandparents were somewhat racist and as a result she’d never even considered dating a black boy in high school or college despite her intense attraction towards them.

Yes Baby, she hissed softly. She had heard people coming and leaving from the changing rooms around them and with no lock and a thin slotted panel door the risk of being caught was not insignificant.

Carole leaned back on the bench and spread her legs while Harold knelt between her splayed thighs. She had thick pale legs, full hips and big natural d cup breasts.

Her eyes rolled back and a low guttural moan escaped her pursed lips as he entered her. He had the biggest, thickest dick she’d ever seen or touched and she’d instantly become addicted to it. She was well aware that his cock was not indicative of all black men, but her boyfriend was packing a big beautiful cock and she loved it.

Quiet Baby Girl, he said pushing his thick finger into her open mouth to quiet her urgent mews.

She sucked eagerly on his digit tasting the faint flavor or her juices on his flesh. He had fingered her pussy while she drove them to the mall teasing her needy sex and worked her into a frothy lather. She’d had more sex than ever but she had developed a ravenous, insatiable hunger for more.

Carole had met him at his place and she’d wanted to fuck right away but he’d had other ideas. He’d fingered her while they drove and she’d almost crashed her car when she climaxed. Then they’d gone to lunch which was scary and exhilarating because they were not far from her home and the chance of being seen by someone she knew, while remote, was greater than zero.

Harold pulled his fingers from her mouth and picked up her soiled panties from the floor. He stuffed the fragrant silk thong into her mouth and then began thrusting his hips hard and fast. His body slapped against hers and she gritted her teeth to quiet her urgent pleas. Her painted pink nails raked down his broad muscular back and she pushed back to meet his big thrusting cock.

He was big enough that he could hit bottom inside of her in any position. It had hurt a little at first but she was always drenched when she was with him so it had never been unbearable and the more they fucked the more she knew that she needed a man with a big dick to be truly sexually satisfied.

Carole felt a powerful climax approaching like a freight train and she clutched at his strong body. Her body quivered and quaked and her pussy gripped his thrusting cock, milking it as intense waves of pleasure washed over her.

His breathing labored and she locked her legs behind his taut ass holding his deep. Her eyes closed and she stifled a shrill squeal as her juices soaked his pelvis and the bench below her fat ass. She loved to feel his cum splash deep inside her still fertile womb and she panted like a bitch in heat as he erupted inside her filling her still fertile womb.

Carole sighed and he resumed thrusting hard into her soiled cunt until he started to wilt. He pulled his spent cock from her pussy and she willingly lapped their combined juices from his softening dick. She had never willingly swallowed her husband’s cum, much less Jeremy’s cum mixed with her juices, but she had ingested more than a half dozen of Harold’s loads in just two weeks and he’d cum inside her pussy more than that in their short time together.

They slipped from the dressing room, narrowly missing the attendant, and they giggled on their way out of the store.

Later that evening Carole let Jeremy unknowingly lick Harold’s cum from her well fucked pussy. She had tried to stop him by claiming that she didn’t feel fresh but he was insistent and her reinvigorated sexual appetite had won out.

It was the first time her husband had gone down on her after she’d been with Harold and she’d been petrified that he would figure out that something was amiss. But Jeremy was oblivious to the mess between her legs aside from his comment about how wet she was and she routinely let him go down on her after that regardless of how many loads Harold had left inside of her.

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My wife’s account of her affair with a black man

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