My Wife’s Filthy Humiliation – I

My Wife’s Filthy Humiliation – I

It was one of the rainy days in Mumbai when Richa had to travel in a public transport bus during the rush hours. She had put up a yellow colour transparent saree with a black blouse inside offcourse a sleeveless one with deep cuts on either of the sides. There were no heavy rains but it was drizzling all the while making the traffic a bit slow and the rush to increase. Richa managed to get into the bus and reached over to ladies seat which were all occupied. As always there were men standing around those seats to have glimpses and Richa was already inviting a lot of attention due to her dressing. She looked around and found one person standing there, elegantly dressed and looking descent. She moved into his direction and stood beside him. The man, although looked descent, did not loose the opportunity to check Richa once which she did not mind a lot.

As the bus was moving towards the destination, more and more people started getting into and rush was only increasing. The conductor was literally forcing people to move to the front and there was some pushing where Richa was standing. She had moved very close to the man now who was about an inch taller than Richa. He was holding the handle at the top and standing there tightly while Richa was pushed under his arm. She tried moving her face to indicate her discomfort and suggesting the man to move his arm but the fellow absolutely didn’t react. He was probably enjoying Richa’s discomfort. Richa tried to look around to see if she can adjust somewhere else but looking at the horny men standing behind she remained stuck to her place.

The bus was not an AC bus and since it was raining all the while, the windows were shut leading to lot of suffocation, people were sweating a lot too. Richa had to hold the rod very tightly in order to avoid falling into him and that fellow noticed it perfectly. He made his first move when he rolled his half sleeve shirt further up leaving Richa’s face terribly close to his armpits. Richa could not help but notice his hairy amrpit and the odour it was throwing. She had no option but to keep her eyes closed. But then the crowd increased even more in the subsequent bus stops and during the pushing the man rolled his shirt further up and rubbed his armpit on Richa’s face. Richa jereked immediately and violently but he calmly continued with his one arm and holding the crowd with the other. There was so much rush that Richa could hardly do anything than bear his rubbing on her face. After rubbing her face, he glanced towards her to secretly check her reaction. To his pleasant surprise, Richa quickly pushed her tongue out and licked her lips as if licking the sweat from his armpit. “Don’t tell me you did not like this”, the man quickly whispered into Richa’s ear. She was flabbergasted literally and decided to confront him. But before she could do anything, he brought his armpit back into action.

The pushing was simply unbearable and Richa’s bums were also being pressed secretly by the men standing behind. She could not even turn around and expose her breasts for mauling so she just decided to stay calm. This pleased the fellow who kept rubbing his armpit gladly on Richa’s face.At one point, his sweat drop actually fell on Richa’s face. When he realized that, he actually looked at Richa who was now really nervous and anxious. She was not sure how to react and just kept delaying her reaction. Meanwhile, the man, quickly realizing her condition, wiped some more sweat drops from his forehead and sprinkled them on her face. Without realizing, Richa again licked the lips indicating that she was liking the taste. That was probably too much for him as he was definitely getting rock hard. “Let us get down at this next stop, I will help you get wherever you want to go”, he whispered in Richa’s ear. As the bus was approaching the stop, he signaled Richa to move with him. She was totally confused and caught off the guard. The man very boldly put his hand around her waist and asked her to follow him. The passengers around thought they were together and tried to make space for Richa to follow him. She had just two options – to confront him and make a scene or to follow him out of the bus and then take a call.

Richa chose the second option and got down with him. “I have a huge fetish to feed my sweat to someone”, the man declared right away as he waved for an auto rikshaw. “What do you want? Let me just go to office”, Richa managed to murmur. “Oh comon! You don’t meet people with such likes so often. Let’s enjoy for some time.” he responded. When the auto stopped in front of them, they were not decided so he asked Richa, “want to go to hotel?”. Richa quickly declined so he allowed the auto to leave. “You can choose the place where you feel safe”, the man asked Richa. She was just numb and could not react so quickly; she was completed possessed by the run of incidents. “Will there be someone at your home?” he asked her and she quickly replied, “No”. “Great! then lets get to your home so you feel safe” he spoke as he waved another auto. Once they got in, Richa told the address.

That was the first time, they looked at each other properly. He was a descent looking man with a french beard, strong commanding eyes and muscular body. Richa looked very timid in front of him and had totally surrendered by then. Imran( the man) already had his hand inside Richa’s pallu and saree and squeezed her breasts. Richa was scared by this bold move and tried to part his hand away which irritated him somewhat. “Look, I am not just upto sex. I have bedded even more beautiful women than you. I want you to cooperate with those filthy things that you showed interest in the bus. Do you get this?” he asked with such a command that Richa could only nod in affirmation. With that he went close to her and kissed her on lips and pressed her breasts nicely at the same time. The openness of auto was making Richa comfortable but she was in no position to protest. He kissed her for a while before pulling his tongue out. “Have you licked the sweat of a man’s body?” he asked her suddenly. “No” Richa managed to reply this time. “I bet you liked it though. You will be a nice filthy slut I bet”, he declared.

As the auto kept moving back to our home, Imran asked Richa to lick his armpits again. “Can we wait till we get home? He(auto driver) can see through the mirror.” Richa spoke. “Does he know you?”, Imran blasted. “No, but…” Richa tried to answer but found her face buried under his arm. She did not try to look out or in the mirror but pushed her tongue out and started roaming it through his armpit hairs. He kept pressing her face under his arm before pulling her away after a couple of minutes. Her face was loosing her makeup quite fast and Richa dared not to open her mouth or eyes before she was pushed back into the licking job. She did quite well in terms of licking the armpits as well as tickling it using her tongue. He seemed pleased after pushing her about 4-5 times into his underarms. “Did you not enjoy?” he asked Richa with a strong slap across her face when she tried to move away from him. She struggled and quickly nodded in affirmation while looking at him momentarily and then lowering her eyes. He grabbed her hairs and made her look at him and then slowly started kissing her again. It was quite a passionate kissing this time with Imran’s tongue probing Richa’s mouth deep. He was holding her face quite firmly and was going deeper and deeper with lot of sound exhibiting his lust. The auto driver knew by then what was going on but continued driving, although little slow. Imran was least bothered though and was all over Richa’s face giving her wet licking and small bites on her ear lobes. He had even pushed her saree pallu besides and was freeely mauling her breasts. Richa kept her eyes closed for most of the time out of embarrassment but that devil wanted her to witness it with her open the eyes as he continued his nasty lovemaking.

His lust towards Richa’s beautiful body seemed insatiable but then he stopped as suddenly as it all started. However, that was not the end of it by any means. He asked Richa to open her eyes and keep looking at him as he planted last few kisses on her cleavage before suddenly spitting big right on her face. She was least prepared and instantly tried to wipe his saliva off her face. But the slap she received made her realize who was in the command. She kept her hands off her face while he repeated his act and kept spitting on her face until he thought there was enough. The thick sticky saliva started flowing down Richa’s face into her eyes and dripping of her body but she was not allowed to wipe it at all. One can bet it was not the best feeling by any means; however she continued looking towards him somehow. But he was just not done; this time he spitted on his palm and asked Richa to lick it. My poor wife, without any delay bent forward and started licking the liquid off his palms approving his superiority. He smiled and started stuffing his fingers in her mouth to open her wider. This was probably Richa’s fastest seduction as she was behaving as his puppet well inside 30 minutes of the start. Imran had realized that but he was just not after her beauty; he was a cruel guy surely. To add fun, he spitted saliva on his own toes and fingers and asked Richa to bend down and continue licking. It needed no pushing either as Richa quickly obliged and started licking his toes in a running auto rikshaw that was wide open. He ensured Richa kept licking his saliva while he pinched her nipples and breasts hard to keep her on toes. As they were approaching our house, he asked auto to stop by a general store and bought some stuff including tapes, ropes, stationary clips, wooden ruler etc.

“Can I wipe my face?” Richa asked Imran as they were approaching the house. “It has dried up now”, Imran said with a wry smile. “And no! no need to put up a foundation” he added. Richa knew argument was one sided and kept mum. She was little concerned now coming back to home with an unknown person as such. She hardly knew anything about him although he looked descent and she knew he would not spend a very long time as he received multiple calls from his workplace and kept telling them that he would reach by noon. “Please do not act suspicious until we get inside house”, she pleaded him as they reached our apartment. He slapped her bum gently with a cunning smile but agreed. While Richa was paying to the rikshaw driver (yes, she paid for the instruments also), Nagarkar uncle was passing by. She was scared to death when she saw him through the corner of eye and was hoping he doesn’t find her. But to her bad fate, that wasn’t going to be the case as he stopped by and looked little surprized to see her with another man. Thankfully, he didn’t react or speak but just smiled and passed by. Imran assumed that he was just a neighbour and didn’t react but Richa knew the consequences. She was definitely tensed but didn’t react to couple of slaps she received on her bums.

As soon as they stepped inside house, Richa was showered with slaps and had his fingers stuffed in her mouth. He pushed her against the door and kept blasting her with one hand while tearing her mouth by almost pushing his whole fist inside. Richa’s eyes literally popped out as he kept pushing his hand inside and pinched her tongue. When he removed his hand, he started spreading saliva on his fingers all over her face and spitted some more in her open mouth. Richa was just coping to his aggression, when he roughly dragged her to the sofa and pushed himself onto it. Richa threw her shoes near the door and went down on her knees in front of him. “Remove my shoes”, Imran commanded. And she was hard slapped as soon as she touched the laces of his shoes. “Even my hands reach my shoes; my mouth doesn’t” commented Imran. Richa looked at him little clueless. “Use your mouth, not hands! Do you understand bitch?” he shouted on her and this time Richa needed no further explanation. She bent down and struggled to untie his laces by holding them between her lips and teeth. But inspite of the struggle for couple of minutes, she wasn’t successful. He probably was running short of time so he allowed her to use hands and pinched her nipples hard while she was doing it.

As she pulled out her socks, he placed them on the floor and asked her to rub her nose to smell it deeper. Richa didn’t react although she usually hates that pungent odour. She was trying to look at what he was doing while rubbing her face. She saw Imran standing up and undressing which was surprising to her. All the men she had been with had undressed her before dropping their own clothes. But there she was, completely dressed and rubbing her face on the wet socks while her man was getting naked. This was definitely different than the usual, she had long realized as she continued rubbing. “Where is the toilet?” his stern voice interrupted. She merely looked up and gestured him towards the common toilet. As Imran walked towards the toilet he commanded her to follow. When he saw Richa walking behind him, he picked up the ropes they had just purchased. “I thought you would know that you have to crawl, anyways, now you will do it the hardway”, he calmly declared. Richa didn’t realize her mistake but still apologized quickly. He tied her hands on her back not very tightly but good enough for her to be not able to release them herself. Richa really wanted to ask what was on his mind as he had still not bothered to undress her and he didn’t look like asking her either. “I want you to place your face on the toilet rim when I pee standing here” he finally declared. “And should you try to move, there will be severe punishment for this. Is that clear to you?” he continued. “I haven’t done that before” Richa was quick to comment but she was unheard. “There is always a first time. Beside I am not even peeing directly in your mouth” he answered bluntly. When he saw Richa not placing her head willingly, he stepped out and went to the carry bag they had shopped. Richa was curious but remained inside trying to take a look.

Imran walked back with two stationary clips in his hands and started putting them on Richa’s breasts. “If you don’t agree now, there will be two more on your naked nipples”, he warned my wife as he placed the two clips on the lower side of her breasts over the blouse. Richa whined as the clip started fixing up but was able to remain calm as the blouse and bra were somewhat protecting her tits. Nevertheless, she knew she couldn’t take one directly on her nipples. She crawled towards the pot and placed her face on the rim of the commode. He smiled and pushed the cover on her face with one feet of his and started peeing suddenly through it. Richa was totally helpless, her face was sandwitched between the commode and seat and although she was not directly receiving his fluid, she had more than enough droplets falling down her face and on her hairs. And as if that was not enough, Imran actually rubbed her face all over the rim and cover making sure she ended up licking his urine excretion. A part of her was disgusted but she maintained her composure somehow.

And it seemed only the beginning as he walked out of the bathroom calmly and asked Richa to follow him. She wasn’t allowed to wash or wipe her face even since he first spitted on her face in the rikshaw. But this time, Richa remained on her fours and crawled behind him. He relaxed on sofa once again and stretched his legs out on the center table in front. “You will start from licking my feet and move upto my inner thighs” Imran commanded her for the next task. Richa had barely denied anything as she quickly engaged into licking Imran’s hairy legs. “And remember every centimeter should be wet with your saliva”, he commanded further as Richa began exploring his toes. She had been treated badly in the past but this guy was purely making her a filthy cunt. As Richa started licking his legs one by one, he kept playing with her ass and breasts alternately. Finally when she reached closer to his inner thighs, he asked her to stop. He then arranged her neck by the edge of sofa and sat on her face with his ass cheeks directly resting on her face. He slowly started smothering her face with his bum cheeks making her absolutely uncomfortable. When he stopped momentarily he commanded her again, “Now, you will lick it. I must feel your tongue doing the job. Do you understand?” saying this he parted his bums and placed his ass hole and creek right on Richa’s delicate lips. Richa knew clearly that the punishment would not be very comforting and stretched her tongue out to start licking the brown ass hole, the first time in her life probably.

The guy was purely a pervert and was trying to fulfill his dirty desires and kinks on my poor wife who happened to find it bearable (if not enjoying). Richa buried her face deep inside Imran’s ass creeks and kept licking him through the stray hairs for well over 2-3 minutes. He was clearly smothering her face and enjoying the supremacy he was offered by her. When he pulled her face out, he was totally turned on. He kept slapping her face alternatively while spitting on her and jerking and pulling her hairs violently. It was by no means caring and Richa struggled hard to bear his aggression, she was a clear mess but it seemed she wanted more. “Do you feel like opposing? You fucking bitch!!!” Imran shouted out loud and Richa was almost instantaneous to nod negatively. He smiled wickedly. “I knew that bitch! I am sure you would have opened your mouth for all men in the bus, won’t you?” he tried embarrassing her more. Richa didn’t answer her but kept her gaze down to his feet when he suddenly pulled her up and made her face him and look at his eyes. She did only for a split second before lowering her eyes while he kept slapping her to his heart’s content. It seemed as if there was just no stopping him when his phone rang one more time. He threw Richa on the floor, placed his feet on her and stuffed the fingers of other feet into his mouth while answering the call. Richa was nothing more than a doormat to him!

“How do we take this forward?” his question suddenly alerted Richa who couldn’t answer or even look up to him as his feet was crushing her face. She tried to cough to grab his attention and he did pull out his fingers from her mouth to let her speak. But she was too startled to answer that question. He probably sensed that and continued, “Look, I would want to take you to my place or to a hotel but if that’s not convenient, I won’t mind coming down to your place.” So he didn’t provide her an option of saying no, he was only asking about the place where they could continue doing these things. Richa didn’t dare to speak so he continued, “I am going to fucking love peeing or shitting in your mouth, cunt. No two thoughts, you’re the best, ready and willing for use and abuse.” Richa remained mum which kind of irritated him. He pulled her into his lap and slapped again. “Are you not going to acknowledge, bitch?” he shouted. “Yes” was the only thing Richa managed to speak. “Yes to what?” was his quick question! “I will need time to think about it”, Richa managed to answer him. Wow, so she was going to think about it! But his reaction was even more embarrassing to her. He smiled loudly and slapped her again, “Cool, I will come to pee on your thinking brain”

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My Wife’s Filthy Humiliation – I