Nana is seduced and dommed by daughter and grandson Part 1

Nana is seduced and dommed by daughter and grandson Part 1

The remaining days before our trip to Vegas for the wedding were the best rerun of all time as I lived my own sexual Groundhog Day over and over. I was awakened daily by Mom with her superb cock sucking lips. This was followed by a lengthy fuck session, where I blasted my first load of the day into Mom…usually into her eager mouth; I then went to college and tried to learn things, which was difficult with my mind preoccupied with my wild sex life…except in philosophy class where Professor Williams seemed like another MILF I might one day pillage. I came home for supper, which usually included if Dad was home, a quick discrete poke, a quick clandestine suck or occasionally a stealthy unloading inside my Mom; or if Dad wasn’t home there’d be time for another lengthy full out sex session with all the bells, whistles and shout choruses. In the evening I would meet Miranda at the television station where I would always fill her mouth with my good luck seed before the newscast and later usually fuck her in a marathon post-broadcast sex session. For Miranda I varied where my final load of the day went, either her equally tantalizing mouth or pussy. When we weren’t fucking we talked about our plans for our Vegas trip, which was going to include my joining the mile-high club…with my Mother.

The night before the trip I had already unloaded a load down Miranda’s sweet mouth when she asked, following her final weather presentation for several days, “Why haven’t you gone for my other hole yet?”

I was surprised by the question, but responded, “It isn’t because I haven’t thought about it.”

“Well good,” Miranda smiled her seductive smile, allowing her dress to fall to the floor, “because tonight I want to get a little dirty.”

I replied with a joke. “Are we not always a little dirty?”

“Enough with the semantics,” she countered, sauntering over to me like a predator hungry for fresh meat, discarding clothing as she went. “Tonight you’re going to fuck my ass and I’m not taking no for an answer,” she added, reaching me wearing only tan thigh high stockings and a seductive look that made me almost cream my jeans right then and there.

I stammered, still unable to believe my good fortune. I was fucking Miranda Collington…the Miranda Collington…my dream girl through so many of my teenage stroke fantasies and half the reason for my obsessive stocking fetish (my hot Mother being the other half), “N-n-no is not in my vocabulary.” (At this moment suave is what I was not.)

“That’s because you sir, are a male slut,” she accused playfully as she squeezed my cock through my jeans. I was about to try for a witty comeback when my mouth was obstructed by Miranda’s luscious lips and busy tongue. Miranda was an enigma. She was beautiful, powerful and confident, yet not a stuck-up bitch like all the high school and college girls who were similarly pretty. She loved to be fucked hard and used… even dominated… like a slut, but she was also the sweetest woman I knew. She was usually submissive when we were alone but not always, yet only someone who’d encountered her in a bedroom setting would have a clue about her sub side as her public persona oozed a confidence and charm that was super sexy but with no outward sign of the enthusiastic slut lurking within. She called me her boyfriend but allowed me to fuck my mother and was even assisting me with the seduction of a friend of hers and Mom’s…Ellie Weatherton. She was perfection in mind, body and spirit, and she was mine. Not all mine, but primarily mine, which was plenty good enough for me, since she liked to share.

Breaking the kiss, she went to my ear and nibbled, her hot breath sending pulsing sensations directly to my hard cock. She whispered in a sultry voice, “So when are you going to fuck my ass, stud?”

I moaned at her nastiness and her hot breath. Taking charge like she loved me to do, I put my hands on her shoulders and guided her to her stocking-clad knees. I replied, “Right after you get me nice and ready.”

She looked up, her eyes sparking, her smile divinely dazzling, but said nothing as she unbuckled my pants and pulled them down. Pulling my cock out of my underwear, never breaking eye contact, she grabbed my fully stiff eight-inch member. “I think just the idea of pounding the literal shit out of me has your missile ready to launch.”

I ignored the nasty pun as her hand on my cock and her nasty mouth indeed had me ready and willing and I was thankful I’d already shot two loads today (one in Mom this morning and another in Miranda a couple of hours ago just before her newscast). Trying again for suave when I was completely overwhelmed by this perfect woman, I said, “Less talk, more action, my pet.”

She meowed playfully at me before taking my cock in her mouth. Miranda was the most amazing cock sucker I’d ever experienced and she had a variety of styles, but two were her go-tos. The first I’d received earlier today, which I call the ‘Fire in the Hole’, in which she hungrily devours my cock and bobs up and down relentlessly, eagerly swallowing all of my cock until as soon as possible she makes me coat her throat with cum. The second I have named the ‘Slow Burn’ because she doesn’t so much suck my cock as make love to it. She brings me to a plateau and won’t allow my blood to boil enough to shoot my load, but she controls me with such infinite precision that I linger in a state of pleasurable suspension forever. It is the most intense tease in the world. She swirls around the cockhead, she sucks my balls, she deep throats me briefly, and she licks my cock like an ice cream cone. But it’s not a static plateau, an ongoing sameness, for she also mixes speeds to keep me unbalanced in an everchanging, perpetual sexual limbo. She loves it when I assert myself and throw her around and skull fuck her and call her dirty names and lots of etceteras, but whenever she decides to assert herself she has all the power and we both know it.

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This time I received the Slow Burn. She started by swirling her tongue around my cockhead and then clamping her mouth tight around my mushroom top and slowly pulling her head back. Each time a clear ‘plop’ sound echoed as her lips briefly backed off of my cock. This was new and brought intense pleasure to me…adding to the lengthy tease.

I moaned, “Holy shit Miranda, that feels amazing.”

Stroking my cock with her left hand, she teased, “Wait until this big snake of yours is buried in my ass.”

“I can’t waiiiiit,” I moaned as she switched gears, deep throated my cock and furiously bobbed back and forth for thirty seconds or so.

After the quick build up, she took my cock back out of her mouth and continued the filthy talk, talking in third person. “Did you ever stroke yourself all those years thinking of pounding Miranda Collington’s ass? Making her your personal ass-slut? Burying your love stick between her perfect seat cushions?”

“Fuck yes,” I groaned, completely at the mercy of this sex goddess.

Downshifting again, she slid her tongue down the side of my cock slowly, like a snake slithering its way toward its next meal. Reaching my balls, she took each one in her mouth and pleasured them individually…all part of the Slow Burn. Her hands caressed my ass as she moved her tongue back up my eager member and returned to teasing my mushroom top.

After a couple more minutes of teasing, I was revved up and raring to go. I picked her up and carried her to the couch, gently tossed her onto it and buried myself between her legs, licking her sweet pussy.

She giggled with a moan, “Oh you bad boy, eat my cunt!”

Like her, I could tease too. I avoided her overly sensitive clit, which usually triggered quicker orgasms, and slowly licked her damp pussy lips.

“Stop teasing me, baby,” she moaned, “the sooner I come, the sooner you get my ass.”

I gave one flick of her clit before backing completely away and she jolted with pleasure before letting out a frustrated scream. I looked up and countermanded, “You don’t think you’ll get to come before I get your ass, do you?”

Her face gave a startled look, but she answered like the submissive she was deep down, her pouty lips weakening me, “Only if my baby lets me. Can I come, baby?” When we were playing that game she was submissive but never intimidated, and she knew how to subvert my arrogant intentions whenever she wished.

“Oh, that darn pout of yours,” I sighed, dramatizing the weight of the world on my shoulders, “I can never say no to you.” I returned to her pussy and shifted from teasing to focused pleasing. See what I mean? I was her Master, but not that kind of Master.

“That’s it baby, lick my cunt,” Miranda moaned.

I slid two fingers in her sopping wet cunt and began pumping them in and out as I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth.

“Oh god, yes, baby, don’t stop, sugar, yes, fuck, yeeeeeees,” Miranda screamed, wrapping her stocking-clad legs around me to pull me deeper into her as her orgasm hit.

Her juices gushed out of her like Niagara Falls, foam, mist and all, and I eagerly caught every drop of her perfection. She was still in orgasm mode when I slid up and kissed her so she could taste herself as I slipped my raging hard-on inside her cunt, which was still twitching.

She moaned into my mouth as I penetrated her and fucked her hard while she continued to orgasm.

Breaking the kiss she moaned, “You fucker, I wasn’t even, I wasn’t even, I wasn’t…”

She was so distracted by the pleasure I was giving her she couldn’t think straight. I smiled and said with a sideways smirk, “I know, baby.”

“Just f-f-fuck me, you bastard!” she demanded.

I obliged, pounding her pussy hard, her perfect tits making waves, each forward thrust and her face making the sexiest expressions of pleasure. A few minutes later, her red cheeks and increasing moans telegraphing a second orgasm was on the rise, I pulled out.

She opened her eyes and pleaded, “Put it back in baby, I’m so close.”

“Bend over the couch, Miranda,” I ordered, holding my cock like a rapier.

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“So you’re going to leave me on the brink like that?” she complained, although her smile told me she was ready for whatever I had in mind.

“You can come after I do,” I said selfishly.

She stood up and walked to the other side of the couch and bent over as instructed, her body so perfect. I stared for a bit, lost in the trance of my obsession with her beauty. “Why don’t you take a picture, it lasts longer,” she teased, using the age-old line.

I called her bluff, walked over to my jeans and pulled out my phone. “I think I’ll do just that. Smile pretty!”

“You fucker,” she teased, but posed, her expression one of utter seduction.

I took a few quick snaps before she cut me off with, “Fuck! That’s enough photos! Come and get your prize, baby.”

I tossed my phone on the couch and went to stand behind her. Again I was mesmerized by her beauty and the crazy reality that Miranda Collington, local weather girl celebrity, was mine. I surprised her by lowering myself and spreading her ass cheeks. I had read somewhere that getting ass-licked drove women crazy and I was about to test that hypothesis. I extended my tongue, slightly nervously, unsure what I was doing or how it would taste, and I licked her puckered rosebud.

“Oh, you dirrrrrrrrrrrrty boy,” she playfully teased, “did you do that to your mother too?”

“No, baby, this is all for you,” I answered, licking tangy sweat from the crack of her ass.

“Fuck, I love what you do to my body, baby,” Miranda moaned.

I continued licking her rosebud, my saliva seeming to relax and loosen up Miranda’s back door. A couple minutes of concentrated ass licking and Miranda demanded, her tone far more aggressive than usual, “Fuck my ass now, Curtis!”

Realizing one should never say no to such a direct demand, I stood back up and positioned my cock at her anal entrance. Smiling, I decided to delay the inevitable a bit longer and made her beg. “Beg baby, beg me to fuck your ass.”

“You love treating me like a slut, don’t you?” Miranda teased, wiggling her ass.

“Well, you are my slut,” I countered.

“That I am,” the sexy MILF smiled with a seductive wink, before adding, “Now fuck your slut’s ass, baby.”

Who could resist such an offer? I thought to myself, as I rubbed my cockhead up and down between her ass cheeks.

“Damn it, just shove it in,” Miranda pleaded, “Stop fucking around teasing me!”

Finally unable to resist the temptation any longer, I leaned forward and my cock slowly disappeared between her snowy white cheeks. Mom’s ass was tight, but that was nothing to the overwhelming grip Miranda’s ass had on my cock as I slowly pushed deeper inside her rectum.

She whimpered in pain, not pleasure. “It’s been a long time since I had a big cock back there. I forgot about the initial burn.”

“I’ll go slow,” I replied compassionately.

“Kkkkk,” she again whimpered, no longer the foul-mouthed slut she’d been just seconds ago.

I continued going deeper at a snail’s pace, tentatively, as I could tell Miranda was uncomfortable and in pain. I offered when I was halfway in, “Midway point, but I can pull out, baby. We don’t have to do this.”

Speaking through clenched teeth she answered, “No, baby, just keep going slow. Anything your Mom can do, I can do too.”

I realized at this moment how much Miranda cared for me. She understood the importance of my relationship with my Mother and wasn’t going to stand in the way, yet she wanted me to choose her over my Mom, if not now, then eventually. I gently rubbed her backside, “Miranda, I don’t compare you two.”

“I know, baby,” she answered, “I just want to be a perfect girlfriend for you. I’ve done this before, it’s just been awhile.”

I added, “Well, you have the tightest hole I’ve ever experienced.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls you ass fuck,” Miranda quipped, her sense of humor not lost during her brief pain.

I continued the slow invasion as I confirmed, “Just you and Mom, sexy.”

“And Ellie soon,” she teased.

“That would be awesome,” I smiled, adding, “but you’ll always be my main girl.”

“Aaah,” she faked, “you know just the right words to saaaay!” Almost completely in, the discomfort came back. She apologized, “Sorry baby, the last one back there was Mark and his dick is the length of a baby carrot and the width of a straw.”

I laughed, which made my cock shift inside her and as she was whimpering I finished filling her. “It’s all inside you, baby.”

“Kkkkk,” she said, controlling her breathing. “Now just let me get used to your cock,”

“Sure thing, sexy,” I replied, always trying to reassure her with compliments, regardless of what we were doing.

I continued to gently caress her back, admiring every inch of her.

After a couple minutes of calm, Miranda was ready to move things further along. “Now fuck me, baby, but start slow.”

“Ok,” I nodded, not that she could see me, being bent over the couch as she was. I slowly pulled back out before moving back in.

As my strokes continued she seemed to be getting accustomed to me and her earlier whimpers were shifting to moans. A couple minutes of slow strokes and Miranda moaned, “Go faster now, baby.”

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“You sure?” I asked.

“Yes, baby, I want you to fuck my ass now,” she replied, her left hand going to her pussy.

“Ok, baby,” I agreed and started to pick up the pace, although still cautiously.

“That’s it,” Miranda moaned, “now more: fuck me like you fucked your Mom.”

“Your ass is so tight,” I grunted, feeling sexual euphoria like I’d never felt before.

“And your cock fits me so perfectly,” she moaned back, before switching to an eager growl, “Now fuck my ass, hard.”

“Ok,” I agreed, and began pumping in and out of her tight ass.

If I thought I’d seen an animated Miranda in the past but I clearly hadn’t seen anything! As her fingers continued to rub her clit she demanded, “Harder, fuck, pound my shithole, stud!” and “Drill my ass, baby, fucking use me as your personal fuck-slave!” Sweat began to pour down my body as I tried desperately to keep up with her demands and thrilled at terms like ‘fuck-slave’. Moments later she screamed loud enough for all those still in the studio to know exactly what we were doing when I slammed into her with all my might. “Oh fucking god, ravage my ass, baby, yessssssss!”

“Come for me, my slut!” I ordered, sensing she was desperately close to euphoria.

Her breathing erratic, she babbled, “You own me, baby. Make me your ass-slut! Use me as you please, baby! Tell me I’m your whore!”

“You’re so fucking hot, baby,” I replied.

“No, Master, I want to hear it. Tell me what I am!” she grunted, unable to cross the threshold to euphoria without the declaration.

“I own you, Miranda Collington,” I thundered, using her name. “I own that cock sucking mouth of yours, that sweet cunt of yours and this incredibly tight ass of yours. You are my personal fuck toy to use at my leisure, is that clear?”

“Oh God, yes, baby, I’m yours,” she declared, her orgasm on the brink of explosion.

“Then COME for me my sexy ass-slut, COME from having your ass fucked!” I ordered, getting turned on even more by the nasty talk.

“Oh yes, Master, yes, yes, hammer my ass, oh yes, harder, fuck, pound it, pound it, pounnnnnnnnnnd it!” she screamed as her second orgasm shook her very being!

I continued hard deep thrusts into her ass, which became even tighter with each tremble that quaked through her body as her orgasm flowed through her. My mind was stuck on the word ‘Master’ as my balls began to boil.

I kept pounding her ass, my body slamming into hers hard enough to hear the sweet smacks of two bodies colliding. Finally, knowing I was seconds away from shooting my load, I took control by pulling out and shoving my cock (that had been in her ass for over twenty minutes) into her mouth.Like the submissive slut she was, always willing to please, she bobbed her head back and forth on it while still rubbing her clit.

A naughty thought popping in my head, I waited till the very last second to pull out and spray cum all over my beautiful MILF girlfriend. I came buckets, hitting her chin, lips, nose, forehead and hair. Like the eager cum-slut she was, she opened her mouth wide, trying to catch my tasty seed.

I ordered, “No, my little cum-slut, I want to see your face dripping with your Master’s cum.”

“Yes, Master, whatever you wish,” she obediently replied, sitting on her knees, looking radiant and slutty at the same time.

“Sit still,” I ordered, as I reached over the couch and grabbed my phone. “Pose pretty for the camera.”

Her trust in me was stunning as she obeyed, smiling with a joy that no one could fake. I took picture after picture as she posed. She then surprised me again with her willingness to please: “Why don’t you switch to video, Master?”

I did and videotaped the girl who had long inspired years of my cum-stained underwear fantasies as she posed for the video and after a few seconds began cleaning her face with her fingers and sexily placing my sticky cum between her lips. “Hmmmmm, your cum tastes so delicious Master, especially after your cock was in my ass for so long.” She swirled her tongue around her finger, savoring my goo. Again speaking to me, “So Curtis, may I come again?”

“Yes you may, Miranda Collington,” I replied, using her name on camera.

Staring at the camera, she agreed, “Thank you, Master Curtis. I am Miranda Collington, and I would say it is definitely hot in here.” She frantically rubbed her hot box before looking away from the camera with a devious smile. She got up, grabbed an empty wine bottle from our drunken bender last night and returned to her submissive position on the floor. Placing the bottle standing up, she asked me, her sexy smile so deviously naughty that my cock began to stiffen again (truth be told it had never really shrunk) and asked me, “May I fuck myself with this bottle, Master Curtis?”

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Nana is seduced and dommed by daughter and grandson Part 1

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