NAZRIYA (as medical studant) – Sex Stories

NAZRIYA (as medical studant) – Sex Stories

Nazriya is daughter of a famous business man. She was a student in one of the finest medical college in the country. Her house is filled with servants and she was treated like a sweet little princess.

At college she has a good reputation among teachers and students. She was like the queen of the college. Most of the boys have lust for her. Even some male teachers were flattered by her beauty.

She was in her final year of her college, and they arranged a 07 day camp to a village for her project. Nazriya was very excited about this. Since Nazriya’s father Owens a travels agency also she took the responsibility of arranging a bus to the trip.

A luxury coach bus was arranged by Nazriya’s father for journey to the spot. Well-furnished push back seats, all the window glasses were supported with curtains and above all it was a video coach. And it has a driver and two cleaners.

The day arrived and everyone packed their stuffs and took of in the bus. All the participants were enjoying/shouting/chatting in the bus. Some were singing in loud voice. It took almost 3 hours to reach their destination. When they reached the place they were separated into five groups each containing 5 members. And each group is send to five different villages. Nazriya’s group consists of two girls and three boys, she was happy that she was with her friend Bindhu (Bindhu Madhavi). And each group will be accompanied by a professor.

Nazriya’s group is the last to reach the village and the bus was parked there. Since it was a village they were arranged a hut to stay, separate for men and women. They freshened up and got a good night sleep.

Next morning they were ready and got to work. The professor sends Bindhu and the three guys to each house to make awareness about certain diseases. He and Nazriya went to the hospital in the village.

They reached the hospital and they both chatted for a while. While they were chatting an old man in his early 70’s entered the hospital. Seeing him the professor said to Nazriya
“here comes your first patient, good luck Nazriya”.

“Thanks sir”

Nazriya asked the old man to sit on the chair and asked about his problem.

“Batie my dick is paining while i am urinating and my balls are heavy”

Hearing the Nazriya felt shy and looked at her professor. Professor smiled and said “you got a good first case and if you treat him well you could get highest points in this field trip”

Nazriya always wanted to be the top in everything and so she said him that she would do it.

Saying that Nazriya asked the old man to stand up and come into the next room to examine him. She asked her professor to stay there until she examined him,

“No Nazriya I can’t send you alone, since you have not completed your course I have to supervise you”

“yes sir”

All three of them entered the next room and the professor closed the door.
Then Nazriya asked the old man to remove his lungie and he immediately ripped it off from his body. Nazriya was seeing a live cock for the first time and she felt very uncomfortable.

“common Mis.Nazriya examine his dick and evaluate his problem”

Nazriya searched for the hand glove in the room but she did not find it anywhere.

“Sir there is no glove in this hospital”

“It’s ok just do it with your hands. On emergency situation you should make certain decisions”

“but sir”

“no but missy, just do it”

While they were talking the old man started shouting in pain

“Common somebody help me or just kill me. I can’t take this anymore”

Nazriya felt sorry for the old man and she bend forward and looked at the old man’s dick. It was like a hanging wet sock, but it was almost 6 or 7 inch long. Then she looked at his ball, it was like a water filled balloon. She felt that the old man has not let his sperm for a long time.

“ai gramps when is the last time you masturbate” Nazriya asked the old man.

“bati, I couldn’t understand what you are saying”

Nazriya turned to her professor and said “sir could you explain it to him sir”

“No Nazriya, it’s your job to explain the patient about his doubts. I can’t help you with these simple things”

Nazriya hesitated for a while and said “gramps when is the last time you ejected your sperm”

The old man stood silently blinking. Nazriya understood that he didn’t understand anything. Then Nazriya thought for a while and put her hand near her pussey and moved her hand to and fro like masturbating. Watching this the old man understood it.


“bati, it has been almost 5 to 6 months”

“then that is the reason for your pain in your penis. Now go to the restroom and reliece your sperm out then your pain would run away”

” but bati, I am in my 70’s now, I could barely pick my food and eat. With this condition it’s impossible give pleasure to myself”

Nazriya understand his point and looked at her professor for help.

“I would like to help you but a male jerking a male it’s useless. It won’t even get him hard, it would be even better if a female did it”

Nazriya thought that she has no other choice and went close to him and sat on her knees. Then she raised her hand and brought it near his cock and immediately withdrew it and looked at her professor uncomfortably.

” common Nazriya just do it”

Nazriya again raised her hand and stopped near his cock, but this time the professor rushed towards her and holds her hand and placed it over the old man’s dick and moved it to and fro over his dick. After a minute or two he took his hand from Nazriya and she started to get the rhythm and jerked him herself.

She jerked him for almost 5 minutes and after that she didn’t get the grip clearly. So the professor asked her to spit on her hand and make it moist and continue the handjob. But Nazriya felt more disgusting and paused for a while.

Once again he took her hand and opens her palm and spit on it and placed it on the old man’s dick and asked her to continue the hand job. Nazriya once again continued to jerk him.

It was almost 15 minutes since she started jerking him and the old man has not even got semi hard. Then she stopped stroking him and turned to the professor and said

” sir I dont thing this is having any effect on him, there is no point in continuing”

” I also got the same feeling, there is no point in giving this old guy a handjob. It’s time to take it to the next level”

“what do you mean next level sir”

“I thing no one could withstand if your rose bud lips are around his cock”


“now just use your mouth to make his pole strong”

“no sir I can’t and I won’t”

“ok then you may go”

“thank you sir”

“But I will just fail you in this field trip”

“but sir”

“you may be the topper in theoretical papers, if you fail in a field trip there is no chance you can complete your degree”


“you may continue or you are free to leave”

Nazriya thought for a while and again sat in front of the old man’s dick.

“first bring your tongue out and lick the tip of his cock head”

Nazriya sat there without making any move, the professor waited for a while and went near her and took her hand and placed it on the old man’s dick and inserted his finger into Nazriya’s mouth and opened her mouth wide and inserted the old man’s dick into her mouth. Then he placed his hand in the back of her head and pushed it back and front. In this time the old man’s dick started to grow inside the mouth of Nazriya. The seven inch dick turned into a 11 inch dick in no time.

Then the professor took of his hand from the back of Nazriya’s head and the old man took that place and mouth fucked her furiously. Nazriya started to let sound like “auuu…auuuu…auuu” while the enormous dick hit the back of her head. Saliva started covering the dick and it even flow out through each side of her mouth.

After about 20 minutes of furious mouth fucking the old man let out a loud “ahhhhhhhhaaaaa” and unloaded his sack into the mouth of Nazriya. Nazriya started choking and spit it all on the floor, some even drift over her white over coat. It took few minute for both of them to get to their sense.

“bati, now I feel refreshing, thanks for treating me”

“sir treatment is not over yet, you have to come tomorrow for the check-up” professor said.

“yes sir, again thanks”

Then the old man left the hospital. Professor went near Nazriya and said “this is what I was talking about, did you see the happiness in that old mans face”

Nazriya was so choked she couldn’t talk. Then the professors gave her a hand and send her into the bathroom to clean her up. Then that day she got to treat some minor disease patients and in the evening both left together to their respective places…


When the professor and Nazriya reached the cottage they found the other students back after counselling the village people.

“how did your day went Nazriya” Bindhu asked eagerly.

Nazriya stood silently without saying anything. Her mind was filled with the size of the old man’s cock and she could still feel the taste of his salty semen. She felt gross.

“Hallow Nazriya” Bindhu shouted

Nazriya came back to her sense “what” she asked…

“This is the third time I am asking you this question. How was your first day at the real hospital”

“oh it went well”

“we heard that there is a big festival tonight in this village, me and the boys have planned to go there and it is a 07 day festival. Are you comming with us.”

“sure, why not it must be fun” Nazriya said.

Suddenly the professor shouted “you are not going any were Nazriya, your performance today in the hospital was below average. If you have to do well you have to prepare well and the festival is for 07 days, may be you can go the next day”.

Nazriya stood disappoint and shakes her head.

It was 9’o clock at night, Bindhu and the other boys left to the festival leaving Nazriya and their professor alone at the cottage.

Half an hour after they left Professor called Nazriya and made her sit beside him.

“Nazriya I saw you were too nerves in the hospital”

“sorry sir, I have never seen a male organ sir, it may be the reason”.

“You may have to see more of these in your career; you have to shake this feeling away”

“but sir”

“I can help you with that”

Saying that he went into next room. After 5 minutes he came out and called Nazriya. When she turned to see him she was shocked to see her professor completely naked standing in front of her. She immediately closed her face with her hands. Immediately she felt two hands removing her hands from her face, she knew who it was.

“sir what are you doing, why are you naked”

“As a professor it’s my duty to make my student a perfect one. Now common open your eyes”

Nazriya slowly opened and saw her professor’s naked body.

“good girl, tonight I am going to take all the shyness out of you and make you a complete professional”

Nazriya sat silently. Then her professor took a CD from his bag and put it in the DVD player and came back and sat near Nazriya on the couch. Nazriya didn’t turn to his side and kept her eyes on the TV. He then took the remote and played the disk.

When it started two men were taking to each other and after few minutes a girl came in bikini and sat between them and they started chatting again. While they were talking the man sitting to her right took his right hand and places it over the girl’s right breast and started cupping it.

When Nazriya saw it she understood what kind of movie it is. She rose from the couch and was about to leave. But the professor grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the couch.

“listen Nazriya I am doing my best to help you get off your shyness and it won’t be successful if you don’t cooperate”.

“now sit back and enjoy the show”

Then she sat back in her seat and the professor resumed the video. At that time both the guys in the video placed their hand in the girls breast and cupped it over her cloath and she started letting out some mild moans.

After almost 5 minutes of cupping one guy untied the lase of her bra and removed it. Now she was only in her panties in-between those guys.

When Nazriya saw this scene she felt more uncomfortable and her she felt more nervous and her body started to sweat like a pig.

Then the guys in the video made the girl sit on her knees and they opened their zippers and took out their cocks out. Their cock were almost 7 inch long, the girl then took on cock in her mouth and other in her hand and did a hand job and blowjob simultaneously. This time the guys started to let out some moan.

When this scene was going on the professor turn and looked at Nazriya, she was watching it without even blinking her eyes and breathing heavily which made her boobs move up and down. Adding to this her fore head had some drops of sweat which were shining due to the reflection from the screen and few were flowing through the side of her head down her cheeks


This made the action going on in the Tele vision nothing. He felt more Horney that his cock was stretched to its full length. He slowly moved even closer to her and grabbed her hand and placed it on his dick, which was about to burst.

“Now it’s time to practice what you had learned so for”

Nazriya was so hot that she didn’t say anything and she kept her palm around his dick and wrapped it with her finger and moved the outer skin of the dick up and down.

After few strokes the professor placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed it close to his dick. Meanwhile in the porn movie the guys undressed the girl and started fucking her mouth and pussey. And the girls was moaning and shouting like she was stabbed by a knife.

The moaning sound of the girl in the movie made Nazriya crazier and she moved her hands over the dick even faster and had a tight grip on his penis. After few minutes the professor with a loud “aahhhaaaa” sound sprayed his load all over the face of Nazriya and his dick started to shrink in the hand of Nazriya”

“good job Nazriya you have done a great job. In few days of practice you would kick of all your shyness”

“thanks sir”

Saying that she stood up from the couch.

“where are you going”

“to wash all your stuffs from my face sir”

“the class is not finished yet, your true test still waits”


“now you must make my dick hard and make me cum again, since I was already hard the first time you were easily able to empty my sack.

Now show your skill with this limp cock”

He immediately spread his leg and pulls Nazriya close to him and made her sit in between his legs, with his dick straight in front of her face.

When say Nazriya at that angle he could not believe it, it felt like one of those dreams. When he was in her class teaching he would always see her and once the period was over he would rush into the bathroom and masturbate thinking about her. This is the case for the entire male teacher attending her class.

Now back to reality, Nazriya was sitting in front of his dick and was looking at the limp dick which she was about to give life.

“stop staring and continue” he shouted.

Nazriya immediately took the dick and inserted into her mouth and started to move her head to and fro. Seeing this he pulled his dick out of her mouth and asked her to stop. Nazriya didn’t understand why he made her to stop and looked at his face.

“you are doing it all wrong”

“but sir this is what you asked me to do to the old man”

“yes, but that is only for beginners. Now follow my instruction and do what I say”

“yes sir”

“first hold my dick with your hand and then use your tongue and lick the tip of my dick head and then move your mouth towards my ball and suck it gently and again use your tongue and lick my entire dick”

“yes sir”

“now continue”

Then Nazriya came back to her position and with her left hand hold his dick and using her soft pink tongue licked the tip of his cock. When her tongue touched his shaft he closed his eyes and dropped back on the couch and enjoyed it.

After sucking his cock head for few minutes she felt that his dick was starting in between her hand. Then she moved her mouth towards his balls and sucked it gently. There was some hair on the ball that made her choke a little.

Nazriya after sucking his ball moved to the next task and almost covered the whole dick with her saliva. While she was sucking and licking the cock she was using her thumb to rub the tip of his dick which made him more excited. When she was done doing this his dick was almost hard.

Then he instructed her to take his cock in and suck it. As instructed Nazriya took his dick in her mouth and started to move her head back and front slowly, while she was sucking his dick he asked her to use her hand and massage his balls. Nazriya did as she was told.

After almost 07 minutes of soft blowjob, the professor’s mood touched his peak. He immediately placed his hand on the back of Nazriyas head and stood up with his dick in her mouth and started to move his hips back and front vigorously like a sex hungry maniac. He pumped her hard that saliva started splashing out of her mouth over his dick and even over his stomach. Nazriya tried to get out of this but his hold over her head was to strong.

He continued to mouth fuck her for another 20 minutes and shouted

“oh ya…oh ya… I am gona cum… aahhhaaaahhh…”

And unloaded a huge amount of his hot cum into her mouth. He held her head tight until he was completely empty and freed his grip. Immediately after he freed her Nazriya started to choke and spit all the sperm in her mouth. She recovered from it after few minutes only.

“why did you do that for”

“sorry Nazriya I got too excited, anyway look you have successfully completed your class today”

“what do you mean today”

“ya, this is only day one of your class. I would make you perfect dJulor in this field trip. I promise”

“now go to the bathroom and clean yourself and go to bed. We are having a big day ahead”

Nazriya went into the bathroom and cleaned her face and when she came back the professor is fully dressed and was watching cricket match in the TV. After one hour others also returned and they all went to bed in their respective places.

Next morning after Bindhu and the guys left, Nazriya and the professor got ready to go to the hospital. Nazriya was wearing a chuddar and the white over coat. When they were about to leave the professor asked her to change her chuddar and were a sari. He said that she would look brilliant in a sari and the white over coat. So she went back into the house and changed into a sari and came back. The professor saw her in sari for the first time and he got an instant hard on.

“you look really brilliant in this dress”

“thank you sir”

“common lets go, its already late”

They reached the hospital in the next 07 minute. They entered the hospital and made preparation for the day. While Nazriya was bending down and doing her work the professor saw her navel, since it is a power cut day the fan in the hospital did not work and her navel had some sweat drops that are shining in the light.

Seeing this the professor got a instant hard on and he want to masturbate immediately. Suddenly a new plan got into his mind.

“Nazriya do you remember the entire lesson I thought you last night”

“yes sir”

“come into the consulting room we shall review the lesson”

Saying that he entered the next room and Nazriya followed him into the room. The room consists of a table covered with a big sheet and three chairs. The professor pulled a chair and sat on it spreding his legs.

“common Nazriya kneel in front of me and remove my pants zippers with your mouth first”

Nazriya as instructed moved her face towards his zippers and tried to open it with her mouth. While she was trying her face rubbed his cock over his pants frequently, which made his cock even harder. After some hard work Nazriya opened his zippers and took out his cock and started sucking it.

First she gave him few strokes and sucked his balls at the same time. Then she moved her tongue to the head of his cock and circled it with the tip of her tongue. After some licking of his dick she took the entire dick into her mouth and moved her head to and fro, while sucking his dick she used her hands to massage his balls. And while she was sucking his dick he could see Nazriya’s cleavage with some sweat drops. The sweat drops move towards her cleavage cracks while she was moving her head. The sensation was too high that the professor could not hold back. He holds her head tightly and splashed his cum deep into her throat. As usual Nazrya choked and spit the cum on the floor

Then she went into the bathroom and freshened herself. While she was in the bathroom the old man came into the consulting room.

“how is your health sir” professor asked him.

“its better than before, but I am not entirely fine sir”

“its fine, before we leave your village, we will make you good as new”

“thank you dJulor”

While they were chatting Nazriya came into the room from the bathroom.

“Nazriya, your favourite patient is her, come and do your job”

Nazriya came close to him and took his hand and checked his pulse. Then she placed the two ends of the stethoscope in her ears and checked his heartbeat. When she was about to remove it from her ears the professor stopped her.

“Nazriya stop, now check the vibrating pulse in his dick using your stethoscope”

Nazriya took the old man’s dick out of his lungie and placed the stethoscope in his dick and examined it.

“sir pulse rate is little slow in his penis sir”

“as I thought, since he has not ejected his load for months they are still inside him and haunting him. Now it’s your job to save him. You must make him eject a maximum amount of sperm out of his body”

“sure sir”

“don’t worry, just follow my guidance without questioning and I will be always there for you”


“now remove your over coat and put it on the table over there”

“why sir”

“Since you’re going to sit on your knees I don’t want your white dress to get dirty”

“ok sir”

Nazriya removed her over coat and placed it on the table. Without the over coat Nazriya looked amazing in her transparent sari, throw which her navel and her blouse are clearly visible. The professor wanted to run towards her and grab those meat buns and chew it. But he controlled his emotions and wants to move one step at a time.

Nazriya after putting her coat on the table moved straight to the old man and sat on her knees and took his dick out and gave him few strokes and then used her tongue. After licking it for a while she inserted it into her mouth and started blowing it.

It was almost 15 minutes and dick was still limp. She then looked at her professor like asking him for help. The professor asked her to stop it.

“you are doing it all wrong, there is no passion in your work. Now follow my instruction”

The professor made her take the old man’s cock back into her mouth and suck it. While she was sucking the dick he went behind her and removed the pallu of her sari. Nazriya was shocked and pulled her mouth from the cock and took her pallu and covered her blouse.

“sir what do you think you are doing”

“just helping you to improve on your passion, if you are uncomfortable with this then you may go to counsel the villagers and Bindhu can take this dJulor post of yours”

Nazriya thought for a minute…

“no sir, I can do it. Please don’t switch my position”

“then don’t question my training, just do what I say. If I hear any nonsense from you, you won’t get a second chance”

“yes sir”

“now get back in your knees and take his cock in your mouth”

Nazriya immediately took the cock back into her mouth and started sucking it. The professor once again sat beside her and removed her pallu, this time Nazriya didn’t object him and continued sucking his cock. Then he brought his arms from behind and


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placed his palm on each of her boobs over her blouse and pressed with his fingers like pressing a horn. Nazriya didn’t mind it and continued sucking


“Nazriya do you feel any shock waves flowing through your body”

She just shakes her head to say yes..

“send those waves through your mouth to his dick, that would do the trick”

He started cupping her boobs with more pressure and the action made her sweat like hell and her blouse was soaking wet due to the sweat and her bra layer is visible through it.

Meanwhile the old man’s dick started to grow harder and harder in her mouth. The professor stopped cupping and said

“Nazriya take the cock out of your mouth and place it between your breast and give his dick the soft feel of your breast”

Nazriya without saying anything took his saliva covered semi hard dick and placed it between her blouse covered breasts and grabbed it with her two melon like boobs and started moving her boobs up and down his shaft and gave him the best tit fuck.

“ah…ah…ah..” the old man shouted in pleasure.

The professor was still behind her back and was sucking the sweat of her back and neck.

“Nazriya dear your sweat tastes good”

After ten minutes of titjob, the professor asked her to stop and brought his hands to her blouse and started unhooking it. Nazriya wanted to stop him but she doesn’t want to make him mad again. So she didn’t so any response to this. In few seconds he removed both her bra and blouse and put it near the over coat on the table. Then he placed his hands on her naked boobs and cupped and enjoyed it for a while. While he was playing with her tits the old man inserted his dick back into her mouth and received a blowjob.

“now show what you can do with these pair of meats” professor said.

Nazriya took the lubricated dick and placed it between her tits and started moving it. Her saliva and sweat mixed in the process and gave a smooth ride. After another 07 minutes the old man’s body shake and he unloaded a huge amount of cum straight on her neck and it flowed back over her boobs.

Then Nazriya went back into the bathroom and took a bath and came back wearing her dress. The old man thanked both and left saying “see you guys tomorrow”.

In evening 4.30 Nazriya and the professor went back to their place and the professor sketched a new plan for the night…

In 15 minutes Nazriya and the professor reached the cottage and they freshened up and changed their dress.
Around 5’o clock Bindhu and the other guys reached the place.

“welcome back guys how did the day went” professor asked them

“as usual more illiterate people same speech”

“well I am having a new project for you, I think you are going to like it”

“what sir” one of the student asked eagerly.

“you four are going to the next town to attend a medical meeting for two days”

When they heard town they were all excited and jumped in joy.

“what about Nazriya sir” Bindhu asked.

“we have signed a contract of taking care of this village hospital for a weak. So we can’t leave with you”

“ok sir, when are we leaving”

“in another half-an-hour”


“the arrangements are already made, our bus would take you to the town and leave you guys their and would pick you two days later. And here is a letter for the conference”

Then he gave them the letter and in few minutes they packed their stuffs and left. The professor’s plan has worked perfectly and he and Nazriya would be alone for the next two days.

That night around 7:30 he started his game. He became completely naked and called Nazriya to the couch (she was wearing a t-shirt and track pant) and played a erotic masturbation movie of a girl and they both watched it.

The girl in the movie was completely naked on bed and was cupping her boobs with one hand and fingering her pussey with the other, letting out loud moans.

Nazriya stated to feel strange due to the loud moan and she felt wet between her legs. Then she turned her head and watched her professor. He didn’t take his eye of the TV and then she brought her view to his penis. She was surprised when she saw it. It was very hard and standing erect without even touching it. The professor noticed her staring at his penis.

“hai Nazriya come and sit on my lap, I want to teach you a new technique today”.

Then Nazriya stood up and sat on his lap. He placed his left hand on her left boobs and right hand on her pussey over her dress and massaged them at the same time. This made Nazriya out of control and she started to moan louder the surpassed the TV volume.

While Nazriya was in the world of excitement, the professor suddenly stopped fondling her and pushed her off his lap on to the floor.

“why did you do that for”

“its time you learn to make a man’s cock hard without even touching it”


“have you ever masturbated before”

“no sir”

“ok, its time you learn to satisfy yourself and make a men’s cock crazy”

He asked her to remove her t-shirt and she did it. Then he asked her to take her pants and get naked. She thought for a while and then removed her pants and stood completely nude in front of him.

“now sit on the floor and use your hands and massage your tits”

Nazriya took her hands and placed it on her boobs and started pressing it. While she was pressing her boobs he asked her to pinch her nipples and she did it as well. She continued it for another few minutes.

“now use one of your hand and rub your pussey and after making it wet insert your finger into your pussey and move it in and out”

Nazriya did as he said without questioning as if she was in a spell. Few seconds after she put her finger into her pussey she started to moan louder and the sound kept on rising with her pace. The professor could not take this any longer he immediately rushed towards her and inserted his dick inside her mouth and started mouth fucking her.

He also started moaning while pumping her mouth. The whole room was filled with…
“oh….oh…ohhhh..ahhhaaa..yessss” and “ummm…umm..”

After a hard fuck of her mouth for 15 minutes he came inside her mouth and it over flowed to her boobs and on to the floor and in few seconds later Nazriya reached her first orgasm. And both collapsed on the floor and slept all night naked on the floor that was covered by their juice and sweat.

Next day in the morning Nazriya wake up with a strange sensation. When she opened her eyes she found her professor licking her pussey. She wanted to stop him but the feeling of his tongue over her pussey was too good, that she started to let out some small moans. When the professor heard the moan

“oh you are awake, I was just !!!!..”

“sir please stop talking and continue the lesson”

“oh the lesson, yes ok ok”

Nazriya raised her pussey up to his mouth and he placed his tongue back on her pussey and started sucking it. While he was licking Nazriya shakes her hips and let out some sweat moans.

After sucking the surface of the pussey he inserted his tongue into her vagina and started to tongue fuck her.

Nazriya shouted “ah ah ah…yes… sir.. it feels good”

While they were enjoying the heaven in that small cottage, suddenly they heard the door opening. Both stopped and turned their head towards the door. It was the old man.

“having fun without me” the old man asked

“what are you doing here”

“I went to the hospital it was closed, so I thought of paying you guys a visit to see weather everything is fine”

“its ok you can have the treatment her today. First lock the door and remove your dress and sit near her mouth”

The old man locked the door and got naked in a flash and went to her face and inserted his dick inside her mouth and started to move his dick in and out of her mouth very fast and Nazriya was enjoying her two mouths being used and let out loud moans.

After some minutes Nazriya reached her first orgasm and splashed her juice over her professor’s face. And the old man came into her mouth and he fell down exhausted.

“what have you done Nazriya, you have made me nasty with your juice”

“sorry sir I couldn’t control it”

“now clean all these stuffs from my face”

Nazriya stood up to get some water

“where are you going”

“to bring some water to clean you sir”

“we don’t need any water to clean this, just use your spongy tongue and dry it clean of my face”

Nazriya walked straight to him and opened her mouth and took her tongue out and started to lick her juice of his cheeks.

While she was cleaning his face, he put his hand around her hips and pulled her even closer to him and inserted his middle finger into her pussey and started to drill her pussey and Nazriya loved it very much.

While she moved her tongue towards his mouth to clean it, he grabbed it with is mouth and started sucking it. He sucked it like a lollypop and increased his pace in each seconds in sucking her mouth and fingering her pussey. Meanwhile the old man came to his conscious and moved slowly towards them and knelled behind Nazriya and placed his hands on her ass and spread her ass crack and started licking her ass hole. In next few minutes she reached her second orgasm with a loud moan and collapsed and fell over the chest of her professor.

He then carried her and layed her on the bed and both the professor and the old man dressed and left the house to buy some food. The professor asked the old man to stay in the house for the night, since the other students will come back only the next day.

In another half an hour the professor and the old man returned back after having some food. When they opened the door Nazriya wake up from her slumber, she was so exhausted that she was unable to move and not even open her eyes. They both entered the house and then locked the door and placed the food they bought for Nazriya and went to the bed room to check whether she was awake.

When they entered the bedroom they saw Nazriya still on the bed naked with her eyes closed.

“the bitch is still sleeping” the old man said

When Nazriya heard this she was shocked and confused. She wanted to get off the bed and slap the old pervert, but she stayed on the bed to hear the whole conversation.

“since this was the first time something had entered her pussey she must be exhausted”

“thanks for giving me the chance to enjoy this beautiful bitch”

“I didn’t do it for you; I always wanted to taste that slutty body of her”

“by the way the medicine that you gave me to keep my dick limp was great, without that it may not have gone this far”

“yes, that is a special medicine that would not make your dick hard for nearly 20 to 30 minutes after it was taken”

“yes, it was great, not even those rose lips of her was unable to make my dick hard after I take the medicine. And the bitch thought that my dick was a dead one”

They started laughing.

“how come this bitch didn’t suspect your activities”

“she is such a bookworm and would do anything for her studies. I used that to my advantage”

When she heard this she get of the bed and slapped her professor on his cheeks. Both were shocked.

“how dare you use me as your sex toy. I was too stupid that I didn’t figure this out in the first place. Wait until I say everything to the cops and put you both behind the bars” Nazriya said with tears flowing from her eyes.

The old man was terrified, but the professor was laughing.

“if you go to the cops we are not the one who is going to be in trouble, it would be you and your father”

“what do you mean you pervert”

“just come with me”

Nazriya was totally confused and took the bed sheet and covered her body and followed them into the hall where the TV is. When they reached the hall the professor switched on the TV and inserted a disk into the drive and played it. When it started to play Nazriya’s eye balls pumped out and her face was sweating.

It was the video of her doing a blowjob to the old man.

“listen here sweetheart I have recorded all your sessions with us”

“so what, this is a perfect evidence for your activities”

“you don’t get it, look closely at the video, does it look like we are forcing you to do those stuffs. It looks like you were enjoying it”

Nazriya stood silently.

“if you wish to go to the cops you can go, it will be your words against ours. Above all think what would happen if you know about it, you know he is a heart patient. I don’t thing his heart could take a shock like that”

Nazriya knew he has all the aces and sat down on the floor and started crying. The professor went close to her and put his hand on her shoulder and patted her and said

“none of those would happen if you cooperate with me and do what I say”

Nazriya sat silently and cried, she knew that everything has gone out of her hands and agreed to his demands.

“you are always a bright student and once again you have proved that I was right”

“enough of this talking, this tear face is making my dick go crazy. Give me a good blowjob bitch”

Saying that he walked straight towards Nazriya, removing his cloths and throwing them away. He stood in front of her and put his hands on her head and forced his hard dick into her mouth and gave her a cruel mouth fuck.

“oh..yaaaa.. this is amazing… she is a perfect whore…ohhhhh” the old man shouted.

He took one hand from her head and placed it on her boobs and pressed it while mouth fucking her. He didn’t give her any space to breath and her face started to turn red.

In another 07 minutes the old man made a loud moan and unloaded into her mouth. Then he took his dick out and closed her mouth with his hand.

“not this time bitch, since you have not yet had your breakfast you can drink all my cum instead of spiting them on the floor”

With him covering her mouth and the entrance of her nose it was hard for her to breath and so she slowly drank all the cum in her mouth. Then the old man took his hand from her mouth and put back his cloths.

“Nazriya make sure you get used to this” professor said.

Then they made her eat the food they brought and the whole day Nazriya was not allowed to wear her cloths. The old man would often be near her and do some nasty things.

The whole day went like this and at around 7:30 pm the professor and the old man took Nazriya into the bed and made her lay between them and they both used their hands to feel the tender beauty of the young student.

Then they took one boobs for each and started sucking them for a while. The old man after sucking her breast for a while moved between her legs and licked her inner thighs and the professor moved to her mouth and took her lips between his mouth and sucked and extracted the juice from it and drank her saliva. While he was sucking her lips the old man advanced to her pussey and sucked it.

Tears were flowing on both her eyes down her cheeks. The professor noticed it and stopped sucking her lips and started to lick and drink the tears from her eyes.

“Nazriya darling your tears are as tasty as your saliva, I think you want to taste it as well”

Saying that he sucked all her tears on her cheeks and mixed it with his own saliva and opened her mouth and spil it into her mouth and made her swallow it.

“how does your tear tastes bitch”

Nazriya started to cry out loud, and he once again started to suck her lips and this time he cupped her boobs with his hands while sucking.

The old man now stopped sucking her pussy and inserted his middle finger into her pussey and moved it slowly in and out. Nazriya’s body started to shake while he was finger fucking her.

The professor then stopped sucking her lips and stood up on the bed and gave his dick few strokes and he sat on Nazriya’s boobs and inserted his dick into her mouth and started moving his hips back and front, and simultaneously rubbing her boobs with his butts. And his dick started to grow in her mouth with each thrust.

While he was mouth fucking her, the old man inserted two more fingers into her pussey and also increased his pace too. In few minutes Nazriya’s pussey started to soak wet and her pussey juice started to flow through the old man’s fingers. He then took the fingers out of her pussey and licked her juice from his fingers.

“hai dJulor, I think your student is ready for you”

Hearing the old man’s statement, the professor took his dick out of her mouth and stood of her boobs. He went towards the other end of the bed and sat on his knees between her legs. By this time his dick was rock hard, he took his cock in his hand and moved close to her dripping pussey.

“no sir don’t do this please” Nazriya pleaded.

“don’t over react sweaty, we both know you want this as much as I want”

“that’s not true”

“then prove it”


“me and the old man would grope, fondle and molish you for next 2 hour and you must not get turned on”


“ya, if you succeed, I would give back all the CD disks of you back to you and won’t come in your way”

Nazriya thought if she didn’t agree they would anyway force her, at least by agreeing she may have a chance. And she agreed to his game.

Soon after Nazriya agreed to their deal, the professor looked at the time, it was 7:57pm.

“so the time is now 7:57, we shall begin the contest of your will power starting from 8’o clock till 07’o clock. If you even submit to us one minute before 07 then you are going to be my fuck toy for the rest of your life”

Saying that he set the alarm to 07’o clock. In few seconds after that the clock strikes 8 and the old man jumped on to the bed and started fondling her boobs with both hands.

“stop it” the professor yelled at the old man.

“why, the time has started”

“be patient my friend we are having 2 long hours, lets climb one step at a time and follow my instructions and don’t rush into it”

Nazriya was still naked lying on the bed and listening to their conversation. After they were done speaking the professor took his mobile and moved towards Nazriya.

“now my dear slut spread your legs and show me your love hole”

Nazriya turned her face and didn’t make a move

“if you don’t co-operated the deal is off and we would do the thinks our way”

Hearing this statement Nazriya was terrified and immediately spread her legs and showed him her pussey.

“good girl”

Saying that he moved close towards her and bent between her legs and started licking her inner thighs close to her sweet pussey.
Then he moved towards her pussey and smelled her pussey.

“Nazriya baby your pussey smells wonderful”

“don’t talk like this”

“common bitch you are lying naked in front of two guys and talking like a good girl” said the old man

“don’t scare her. Now take that oil from the table”

The old man took the oil and gave it to the professor. He opened it and poured some oil in his hand and moved between Nazriya’s legs and rubbed it over her pussey. When his hand touched her pussey Nazriya felt some shock flowing through her body and started biting her lower lips.

After covering the surface of her pussey with the oil, the professor inserted the oil finger into her pussey and applied oil in the inner wall of her pussey. When he inserted his finger into her pussey Nazriya started to let out some silent moans.


“getting excited already” professor asked her and moved his finger further in.

“noooo you pervert, I won’t give up that easily”

“let’s see about that”

He covered Nazriya’s entire pussey with oil and gave the oil back to the old man. He then asked the old man to switch of the fan, since he wants her to sweat more.

Then he took his mobile and spread Nazriya’s pussey and pushed it into her pussey.

“ahhhaaaa… what are you doing” Nazriya screamed in pain and pushed him.

“you dirty slut, how dare you push me”

He then asked the old man to bring a rope and tie her hands behind. The old man then went behind her and hold her legs and spread it for the professor.

He then inserted his mobile into her pussey with a single push and Nazriya screamed “aahhhhhaaaaa…” in high pitch.

“ok bitch, here is your first test. You must keep my mobile inside your vagina for the next 07 minutes. If you fail then the time will extend from 07 to 07:30”

Nazriya felt the pain but she felt comfortable once it was inside and thought that it was too easy and said ok to him.

Then the professor took another mobile and pressed some numbers on the key pad and in few seconds the mobile inside Nazriya’s pussey started to vibrated and her body become uncomfortable.

Now she knew what he has done, he kept his mobile in vibrating mode and has inserted inside her pussey and he was dialling the mobile number in the other mobile.

The vibration was too high that it started to move out of her pussey and the oil is playing its part. Nazriya immediately crossed her legs and held it inside her.

“how does it feel inside now dear. You look uncomfortable”

Nazriya didn’t respond, she just closed her eyes and bit her lips. And suddenly the vibration stopped as the call ended. The professor again redialled and the mobile started to vibrated again inside her.

After making about 07 calls he looked at Nazriya she was still closing her eyes and concentrating on her legs. Professor disconnected the call and said

“so you got used to this vibration I think. So let’s see how you handle with little distraction”

Nazriya was confused. He asked the old man who was sitting behind her to cup her boobs. Immediately the old man took the oil and poured it in his palms and started massaging her boobs from behind.


The oil in his hands mixed with the sweat in her boobs and made them super smooth and his hands ran all over her boobs. While the old man was enjoying his breast feast, the professor resumed vibrating his mobile inside Nazriya’s vagina. With the old man continuously fondling her boobs Nazriya felt hard to concentrate on the vibration in her pussey. But this time she let some moans mixed with heavy breathing.

Six minutes passed and Nazriya thought of holding for a while. But the old man made his next move by bringing one hand from her boobs and place it on her navel. He started to rub the white navel of Nazriya very passionately. The vibration inside her body and the rubbing and fondling gave her a strange sensation and she closed her eyes and enjoyed it with small moans.

While she was enjoying it quietly, the old man who was rubbing her navel suddenly inserted his finger into her belly button and drilled it roughly. This made Nazriya uncomfortable and her whole body started to shake. Nazriya withstand for another two minutes and when she thought she could not take it any long, the vibration her pussey stopped suddenly.

“oh shit shit shit, dump mobile” the professor shouted.

The mobile in his hand had turned off due to low battery. He looked at the time and there was and there was two minutes left. He then asked the old man to stop and said that this round is over.

Nazriya thanked god for saving her, if it continued for another second she would have given up. Then the professor spread her legs and put two fingers into her pussey and pulled out his cell phone. When it came out it was shining with the fluid of Nazriya’s pussey.

“you have won the first round with some luck. Now let’s start the second one”

Nazriya thought that she hardly surveyed the first ten minutes and what is going to be next.

“next one is an important round and it is very simple, we are going to use your whole body for next 30 minutes”

When he said 30 minutes Nazriya thought that she was doomed.

The old man went behind her and untied her hand. Then he took his hard cock and gave her a few slaps on her face and then he inserted his dick inside her mouth and started mouth fucking her. The professor laid between her legs and licked her pussey. In few seconds her pussey started to drip wet and he licked it all. After a while the professor inserted two fingers into her cunt and started finger fucking her. This was too much for her and she reached her fist orgasm of the night and covered the professor’s hand with her love juice. When she reached her orgasm the old man also unloaded his seeds into her mouth and he fell on the bed.

“Nazriya dear I have never seen a orgasm like this and look what you have done to my hand”

Saying that he licked his hands.

“hmm very tasty.”

Nazriya could not talk. She laid on the bed with the old man’s cum flowing from the side of her mouth.

Then he pulled her up by her hair and made her sit on her knees and put his dick into her mouth and received a blowjob. While the blowjob was going on the old man gained his energy back and crawled behind her and put his hand below her butt and rubbed her butts crack. He was doing it very passionately and Nazriya started enjoying it and she without her knowledge closed her eyes and pressed her boobs with both her hands while sucking the professor’s cock.

Both the professor and the old man noticed it and smiled. While Nazriya was enjoying the passion suddenly the old man stopped caressing her butt crack and Nazriya came back to her sense. But her face showed some disappointment.

Then the old man asked Nazriya to stand on fours as in doggy possession and she did it with the dick inside her mouth and still blowing, she didn’t try to take the dick out of her mouth and continuously sucked him. The old man went to her butt and gave it some pet slaps and hold the two buns in each hands and massaged it for a while and then he brought his face between her ass crack and rubbed his face between them. Then he took his tongue out and started licking her ass hole.

Nazriya felt more embarrassed but she liked the feel of his tongue in her ass hole and continued the sucking.

“this bitch’s ass hole taste fibulas with her sweat, do you want to taste it dJulor”

“not now, I am reaching my climax… aahhaahh”

He send a huge load into Nazriya’s throat and immediately took his dick out and closed her mouth with his hands and asked her to swallow it completely. She swallowed the entire load and when took his hand of her mouth she started coughing.

The professor looked at the time and there was only 5 minutes left in this round and he asked the old man to stop licking her ass hole.

He then asked Nazriya to stand on the bed and made her facing him and her butt facing the old man. Then the professor pulled her close to him and used his right hand and rubbed her pussey and old man was caressing her ass crack.

While Nazriya was enjoying the smooth caressing of her front and back private organs, the professor without any warning inserted his middle finger deep into her pussey and the old man inside her ass hole.

“ahhhhaaaa” Nazriya screamed loudly and hugged the professor tightly with her breast pressing against his hairy chest.

They started slowly by moving their fingers in and out of her pussey and ass hole. In next few seconds they increased their pace and they both can feel Nazriya’s body shivering with each thrust. They continued to finger fuck her for another few minutes and she reached her third and fourth orgasm of the day during the process.

When the clock reached 8:50 they withdrew their hand from her pussey and left her alone on the bed. Nazriya was too exhausted from her orgasm that she could not stand. She slowly fell back on the bed and catches her breath.

“bravo, four orgasm in the span of 50 minutes. It’s a good record. Now for the next round, its going to be a breezy round or we can say freeze round”

Nazriya was confused and didn’t understand what he said. Then he asked the old man to take a box from his bag and the old man immediately brought it to him. It was a box made of thermo Cole, when Nazriya saw it her mind started to wonder what is in the box.

“Nazriya dear this round is similar to the first one, you have to keep the substance inside the box into your love hole and make sure it doesn’t get out”

When she heard his statement, she thought that he has some kind of worm inside it and he is going to leave it inside her pussey. Nazriya was terrified and started to sweat more than before in fear.

After the speech, the professor final broke the suspense and opened the box and picked a ice cube from it. Then he asked the old man to tie her hands behind. After tying her hands he placed the ice cube inside her pussey and tied her legs together, so that the ice cube never falls out of her pussey.

Nazriya started to feel the chillness between few seconds. She moved like a worm on the bed and let some sounds. In few minutes the ice cube melted out of her pussey and her pussey was numb. The time was now 9 and they removed the ropes and freed her hands and legs. Nazrita’s pussey started to feel strange due to the ice and she desperately wanted something between her legs and she was eagerly waiting for them to make a move.

“you have successfully completed three rounds. Next one will be your final round”

When she heard final round she looked at the clock and was happy that they are going to some thing to her for the next one hour.

“for the next one hour we are going to watch movie”

Nazriya was confused. They went to the couch and made her sit between them and the professor switched on the TV and as usual a porn movie started and they watched it.

It was hotter and erotic movie they have ever watched. The sound effects in the movie would make any one crazy. Nazriya was prevented from touching her pussey for the entire hour. She was already too excited and the movie is adding oil to the flame.

15 minutes after the movie started the old man made his move. He started sucking and pinching her boobs for a while and moved his hands towards her pussey and rubbed it. Nazriya was eagerly waiting for him to insert his finger into her vagina, but he didn’t, he was continuously teasing her for another 20 minutes. Then they took her hand and placed it on each of their dick and asked her to jerk it. Nazriya did as they said and a feel of heat formed inside her palm and she badly wanted it between her legs.

Suddenly from nowhere Nazriya shouted

“I give up…I give up…”

“please insert something into my vagina I can’t take this teasing any longer.” she screamed.

“final she accepted her true self ” said the old man.

“would you be my slave for the rest of your life”

“yes…yes… now give something to my pussey please”

Seeing her pleading both professor and the old man laughed and took her back to the bedroom for the long night…

When they entered the bedroom the professor made Nazriya sit in the centre of the bed and stood in front of her and gave a smile to her. A few minutes passed by and he was still standing at the same place and staring at Nazriya, who sat on the bed uncomfortable with her itching pussey.

“sir, why are standing there, please come to the bed”

But he didn’t give any response to her. Then Nazriya turned towards the old man and called him. He too didn’t respond. Suddenly she heard her professor laughing loudly and looked at him.

“look how everything has changed, few moments ago you were acting like a perfect girl and now you are calling your own professor and an old man who you know for only two days to accompany you in bed”

Saying that he laughed even louder. Nazriya felt embarrassed, but it did not have any effect on her. She badly needs something to satisfy her dripping wet pussey.

Then the professor went near the table and opened the drawer and took a huge candle and asked her to drill her pussey with the candle. Nazriya sat there with hesitation.

“do it or go to the bathroom and clean yourself and go to sleep bitch”

“no sir I will do it”

Nazriya moved towards him and picked the candle from him and went back to the bed.

“now you suck the candle first and then spread your legs and insert it into your pussey and fuck it with the candle”

Nazriya nodded her head and brought the candle near her mouth and first licked it, after licking the sides of the candle she took it into her mouth and started moving to back and fro.

“now while sucking the candle place your other hand over your pussey and rub the surface of it”

Nazriya held the candle in her right hand and moved her right hand towards her pussey and started pressing and rubbing her soft pussey mount. The feeling was so intense that she closed her eyes and let some mild moans. The old man and the professor were watching the show and enjoying.

While Nazriya was performing the act the old man move towards the professor and said

“why don’t we light the candle dJulor, the melting wax falling on her body would give us a more erotic show”

“don’t talk like a stupid, I don’t want any scarps on her smooth body. Moreover I don’t like damaging my stuffs and stop thinking anything stupid and just enjoy the show of your life”

Meanwhile Nazriya got more involved in her action and started to moan louder while circling her pussey with her finger.


“now take the candle out of your mouth and put it into your pussey and fuck it” professor ordered her.

When she heard this she took the candle from her mouth and holds it with both her hands and brought it to the entrance of her pussey and slowly inserted it into her pussey. With her wet pussey and saliva covered in the candle, it smoothly entered her pussey and she started moving the candle to and fro into her pussey.

After few seconds she closed her eyes and increased the pace of the movement and let of loud moans.


The saliva over the candle mixed with her pussey juice and made a smooth ride for the candle into her pussey. Both the men in the room is watching every bit of the action. Almost half the candle penetrated into her pussey.

After watching for a while the professor move towards the bed and sat near Nazriya’s side. Then he placed his hand over the hand of Nazriya that is holding the candle and moved with the rhythm of her hands movement. When he touched her hand Nazriya opened her eyes and saw him.

“Lets do it together” he said and both continued.

They were moving the candle at same pace and the candle didn’t cross the half way mark. And Nazriya was enjoying and she was about to reach her orgasm. The professor noticed it and when she was about to cum he applied a huge pressure to the candle and pushed almost 3/4 of the candle into her pussey.

“aaahhhhhaaa…noooo” Nazriya shouted and she came immediately. The old man came close and saw her pussey. The candle was still inside her and was covered with her own juice and blood.

“so the bitch loses her virginity to a candle, never seen this before”

Nazriya fell unconscious on the bed and tears flow through the side of her closed eyes. The professor once again hold the candle in her pussey and started fucking her with the candle even harder and small moan sounds came from Nazriya’s mouth.

“mmmmmuuu…aaaahhhaaaa…ammm” Nazriya moaned.

After few minutes she reached her next orgasm. Her cum covered professors hand and then he pulled the candle out of her pussey and through it on the floor. After the second orgasm Nazriya came back to her sense and lay down on the bed with her eyes open.

“how does it feels to be a woman” professor asked

Nazriya sat silently crying on the bed.

“now its time you get the real thing”

“no sir please I am very tired I can’t do it any longer”

When she completed the statement, the professor gave a hard slap to her cheeks.

“I didn’t ask permission to you bitch. I am ordering you” he said in an angry tone.

Nazriya don’t want to get another one so she sat silently and rain of tears flow down her cheeks. Then the professor said the old man to make her ready for him and sat down on the table.

The old man then jumped on to the bed and sat beside the right side of Nazriya. Then he turned her head towards him and started to French kiss her. First he sucked her upper and lower lips for a while, then he started chewing her lips one by one. While kissing her he brought his right hand down to her pussey and inserted his finger into her pussey and circled it. This made Nazriya wet again.

After having fun with her lips for a while he moved to her boobs and tasted them one by one and if few minutes her whole boobs are covered by the old man’s saliva. Then he shifted his tongue towards her navel and played with her belly button. While he was playing with her belly he took his left hand to her face and placed his finger inside her mouth and made her suck it, while his right hand was still cupping her pussey.

All this activity of the old man brought Nazriya back to mood and her pussey was soaking wet again.

“hai dJulor, the bitch is ready for you now”

Saying that the old man removed both is hands from her upper and lower lips and sat aside. The professor came back to the bed from the table and went towards her pussey. He held both the legs of Nazriya and separated them and sat between them. Then he held his dick with his left hand and gave it few strokes and he moved little forward and touched the entrance of her pussey with his dick head. As his dick was touching her pussey he looked at Nazriya, she turned her head to the other side and started crying.

The professor then held his dick and rubbed her pussey with it for a while. This made Nazriya crazy, she was eagerly waiting for her professor’s thing to enter her love hole. But he kept on rubbing his dick over her pussey. A few more minutes passed like this.

“please don’t tease me, just put it inside me” Nazriya shouted from no were.

“oh, I am sorry. I thought you were tired and I don’t want to hurt you anymore”

Nazriya put her head down and said “please put it inside me and fuck me”

“where should I put my dick”

“into my….”

“into your what. Say it loud and clear”

“into my pussey… please I can’t take it any longer… please fuck me… pleaseeeee..”

When Nazriya completed the statement he pushed his dick into her pussey with a huge pressure and her inner walls of her pussey stretched and she shouted in pain.


Almost 3/4 of his cock was inside Nazriya’s pussey and he waited for Nazriya to relax and once she was normal again he moved his dick slowly in and out of her pussey.

Then he gradually increased the speed of his hips and fucked her harder.

“aauuu…auuu… oh yaaa… yessss…fuck me harderrrr.. yaaa…” Nazriyas shouted louder with his each strike and her moaning sound filled the entire house. He pounded her for another few minutes, when he was about to cum he took his dick out of her pussey and unloaded it all over her tittes, which was already covered with sweat and the old man’s saliva.

After unloading his sperm he put his dick into Nazriya’s mouth and asked her to clean his dick. Nazriya obeyed his order and took his dick into her mouth and cleaned it with her sweet saliva.

“now its your turn” professor said to the old man and pulled his dick out of her mouth and left the bed.

The old man with a wicked smile moved towards the bed. The last session with her professor made her more Horney and felt like she needed more cock inside her pussey. Seeing him come closer, Nazriya spread her legs and invited him. The old man sat beside her on the bed.

“we don’t want to rush bitch, look my dick is still limp. First use your slutty mouth and make it hard”

Nazriya wasted no time, she took the dick in her hand and gave it few strokes and put it in her mouth and started sucking it, she used her tongue in good effect.

“so the dJulor was right, you are a quick learner. In two days you have mastered the art of blowjob”

While he was appreciating her, Nazriya made the old man’s dick hard again.

“stop sucking bitch, its time your lower mouth get some taste of my dick”

He made her lie down on her back and made her spread her legs and he moved between her legs and penetrated his dick into her pussey. He then lay down over her body with his hairy chest in contact with her soft and smooth breast. He them moved his body up and down fucking her in missionary position. With her nipples rubbing his chest and her tight pussey holding his dick tight and the moaning sound from her sweat covered seductive face with sexy expressions, the old man was not able to hold it much long.

“oh..oh..yaaa I am gona cum” both shouted


He took his cock out of her cunt and moved towards her face. Nazriya and the old man reached their climax at the same time with a loud scream. And the old man covered her face with a huge load of cum. Then he collapsed over Nazriya and they both laid down on bed without any energy left, with only cum and sweat covering all over their body.

After almost one hour they felt some one waking them up. Nazriya slowly opened her eyes and saw her professor standing near.

“wake up you two, I have prepared some food for you guys”

“not now I am tired….” said the old man.

“common you guys please join me”

He continuously tried and they both got of the bed. Nazriya got up and moved towards the bathroom.

“where are you going bitch” the old man asked.

“just going to the bathroom to take a bath”

“why too soon, there is lot of time left in the night”


“yes bitch, we are not done with you yet. There are few things yet to be done today”


“come like this and join us for the dinner”

Nazriya felt like a low life and looked at her professor; he just gave her a smile. Nazriya knew that she is not going to get any help and she moved straight towards the table. It’s a round table and all sat their naked and started eating their food.

In few minutes they completed eating their food and Nazriya stood from the chair to wash her hands.

“where are you going”

“to wash my hands”

“ohhh, I can help you with that”

Saying that the old man pulled her hand and started licking the food in it and cleaned it quickly.

“ok, now it’s your turn to wash my hand”

He took his hand and placed in front of her face, Nazriya hold his hand and first licked his palm. When her tongue touched his palm a shock passed his body and his cock started to feel the effect. After cleaning his palm she took one finger after other and sucked it like sucking a cock.

While she was sucking the old man’s finger, she felt a hand on her naked breast. She immediately pulled her mouth from his finger and looked back. It was her professor; he gave her a smile and continued fondling her boobs with his unwashed hands. Then the old man inserted his finger into her mouth and continued cleaning it.

After his finger was clean he kneeled in front of Nazriya and split her legs and rubbed her pussey for few seconds. Then he inserted his middle finger into her pussey and finger fucked her.

“aaahhhhaa…mmm…uhhhoooo…” Nazriya moaned and started to feel the heat again.

Soon her pussey become wet, the old man took his finger out of her cunt and then brought his face towards her cunt and licked her wet pussey. Meanwhile the professor while fondling her soft buns licked and kissed her neck and ear lobes. This continued for a while.

Then they made her lie down on the table with her head hanging at on one end. The old man stood in front of her legs and separated her legs and inserted his cock into her pussey and started fucking her. The professor moved towards her head which was hanging on the other side of the table and inserted his dick inside her mouth and started to face fuck her very roughly that saliva started to pump out of her mouth. Her mouth was too full that she could not even let out a small sound.

After some hard fucking they were about to cum and they took their cock out and sprayed all their cum all over her navel, tits and face. Nazriya laid down in the table like a dirty bitch covered with loads of cum.

After few minutes the old man and professor regained their strength. But Nazriya was still lying on the table like a log and was murmuring

“it’s enough I can’t take it any mooore, pleaseee” in mild voice.

“hai dJulor, I am sick of releasing my load over the bitch’s body. I want to cum inside her, I don’t care if she get pregnant”

When Nazriya heard this her eye ball popped out.

“be patient my friend. You won’t have any problem if she gets pregnant but I do”

“but dJulor sir…”

“but I can help you with that”

Saying that he picked his bag and took something from it.

“look this is a birth control tablet, if anyone takes it they won’t get pregnant”

He then asked Nazriya to take the pill,

“please professor I can’t do this anymore, I am tired. plzzzz sir”

“look Nazriya the man standing there is really hungry for you. He would fuck you anyway, with or without your wish. When he does that he would surely release all his load inside you. And do you want to have the kid of that old man or are you willing to take this pill”

Nazriya laid silently.

“ok then let’s make a deal. If you take the pill it would be the last session tonight”

Nazriya thought for a while and agreed to his deal and took the pills. After the professor carried her in his shoulder and put her on the bed.

Then the professor and the old man joined her on the bed and wasted no time. The professor kissed her lips and sucked it while his hand was cupping her boobs. And the old man was licking and sucking her navel while his hand was playing with her cunt.

The old man who was playing with her pussey lowered her hand further and rubbed her ass hole with his finger. Nazriya felt slightly uncomfortable and did not mind it. After few minutes the old man slowly inserted his middle finger into her ass hole. When he pushed it deeper Nazriya’s body shivered and she screamed


Then the old man slowly started to fuck her ass hole with his finger and gradually increased the pace. Nazriya too moaned in response to his finger fucking while the professor was still fondling and sucking her boobs and face. The old man accelerated his pace.

“oooohhhhoo…yaaa” Nazriya shouted and reached her orgasm, by which she covered the old man’s hand with her love juice.

Then the professor made Nazriya to stand in doggie position. He moved in front of her face and rubbed his dick in her face and inserted it into her mouth and started face fucking her. The old man went behind her and spit some saliva on his hand and rubbed it over her pussey. Then he hold his dick on his hand and rubbed it over her pussey for few seconds and with a huge thrust pushed it into her vagina and started moving his hip to and fro with a rapid speed. They both moved in same rhythm and Nazriya started to enjoy it with some little moan.


After fucking her pussey for a while the old man took his dick out and again spit some of his saliva on his hand and this time he rubbed it over her ass hole. When he rubbed her ass hole Nazriya knew what he was about to do, she immediately pulled her mouth from professors dick.

“please don’t put it inside my butt…. please…” Nazriya pleaded to the old man.

When she completed the statement, she received a hard slap from the professor.

“bitch, how dare you take your mouth from my dick without my permission”

Saying that he holds her head tightly and put his cock back into her mouth and deep throated her and fucked her mouth even harder than before. He signalled the old man to continue what he was about to do.

Then the old man lowered his face towards her ass and licked her ass for a while. After tasting her ass hole he collected some saliva and spit it straight on her ass hole. He then placed his cock head over her ass hole and dipped it slowly and it slowly parted her ass hole and entered her ass. He then without any warning applied huge pressure to his dick and inserted his whole cock into her ass.

“aahhhhhhaaaa….” Nazriya shouted in pain.

The professor once again hold her head and put his dick into her mouth and fucked her. Meanwhile the old man kept his dick inside her ass for few minutes for her to relax. And once she was calm he slowly started moving his hips and gradually increased the pace. In few minutes they both started fucking her ass and mouth vigorously.

“ohhhh..ohhhh…I am gona cum…” both shouted and the old man released his load inside her ass and the professor filled her mouth. During this fucking Nazriya reached her orgasm twice.

Then they both changed position, the professor lied down on the bed and made Nazriya to sit down on his cock and the old man went to her side and put his dick into her mouth and received a blowjob. While giving the blowjob the professor asked her to move her hips up and down over his dick. And Nazriya did as she was asked to do.

In no time the old man’s dick was hard and ready for the next round. He took his dick out of her mouth and rushed behind her and pushed her and her lye down over the professor with her breast touching his chest. He immediately pushed his dick into her ass hole and straight away started fucking her hard.

Now two cocks were penetrating her holes and were drilling her pussey and ass at the same time. She was letting out loud moans. This continued for another few minutes.

Then all three of them with a loud moan reached their climax and collapsed on the bed. Both the dicks were still in her holes and cum was flowing out of her holes. It was mid night and they all were tired and fell asleep in the same position, with Nazriya having two cocks in her ass and pussey.


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It was 9’o clock in the morning and none of them seem to get off from the bed. Nazriya was sandwiched between both of them and were sleeping like they were dead. After another half an hour the old man woke up and saw Nazriya. Her face was too innocent and equally sexy, that he got a instant hard on. He moved close to her face and kissed her soft and smooth cheeks, then he took his tongue out and licked her cheeks in a passionate way. While licking her cheeks he could still taste the salty cum of last night’s action.

Then he slowly moved down towards her legs and spread them and started licking her pussey.

“mmmhhuuumm” Nazriya started moaning in her sleep. The professor wake up hearing the moaning sound.

“oh common man, give the bitch some slack. We are going to stay in your village for one week, so calm down”

“ok dJulor”

“now you get ready and leave the place, other students may arrive any time today”

“can I come to the hospital dJulor”

“No, we aren’t coming to the hospital today”

The old man showed a disappointing face.

“don’t worry my friend you can have her tomorrow”

“ok dJulor, let me take a bath and leave”

When he turned to go to the bathroom he saw Nazriya stretching her body and opened her eyes. He smiled at her and she just turned her head away.

“hai dJulor, why don’t we all go to the bathroom and take a bath together”

“noooo” Nazriya shouted.

“ok” professor said

“your friends may come any time now, there is now way we can get ready if we bath separately. Do you want your friends to know that you are a slut”

Nazriya sat still on the bed with tears filled in her eyes.

“now get of the bed and come to the bathroom with us”

Nazriya got of the bed and followed the professor into the bathroom.

“do you notice a thing Nazriya. You have not weard a single piece of dress for the last 30 to 36 hours”

Nazriya stood speechless. Then the old man holds her hand and pulled her close to him.

“ready to take a bath you dirty bitch”

Saying that he took a mug full of water and poured it over her breast. Then he used his hands to clean her boobs, during the process he massaged her while pumpkins for a while and even pinched her nipples. The old man did that on purpose, he just wanted to make her Horney and insert his dick into her pussey.

The actions of the old geek started to have some impact on Nazriya. But she didn’t want to give them any slack and she controlled her emotion. The old man tried hard, but it didn’t have any effect on her. Then the professor came behind her and poured some water on her back and rubbed it with his hands and felt the smoothness of her skin. He slowly moved his hands towards her butt and cupped it with water. He then kneeled beside her and separated her butt crack and started licking her ass hole.

Meanwhile the old man also kneeled in front of her and was licking her pussey. In few minutes Nazriya couldn’t control herself and started moving her hips in rhythm with their tongue.

After sucking and licking her private parts for a while, both stood up on either side of Nazriya.

“now its your turn” said the professor.

Nazriya understood what he said and went on her knees and stood in between them. Then she held both their cocks in each hand and started stroking it. After stroking for few minutes she took the cock one by one simultaneously and sucked it. This continued for few minutes.

“I am gona cum” both shouted and held her head and inserted their dick at the same time into her mouth and loaded a huge amount of cum into her mouth. After unloading their stuffs they removed their out of her mouth a the cum flow out of her mouth and on to her boobs. Then all three cleaned themself and got out of the bathroom and dressed after several hours. Then the old man said goodbye and left the house.

Nazriya and professor stayed in the house. Then they had food and took some rest. In the afternoon around 2’o clock, Bindhu and the other guys came back from the trip. When they reached the house they all freshened and had some food and went to sleep, since they were tired from their trip.


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In the evening around 6:30 they all wake up and hade some tea together.

“how was your trip” Nazriya asked Bindhu.

“it was fun. How was your day in the hospital?”

“I was surrounded by sick people” saying that she looked at the professor and stared at him.

“are you free tonight or having any assignment tonight”

“why do you ask that”

“I heard that there is a special program in the temple tonight. I thought if you are free you could join us”

When Bindhu completed her statement, the professor said “yes she has no work tonight; she will come with you guys”.

Nazriya felt more than happy when she heard it. She thought that he would ravish her for all night since he has not fucked her today.

After finishing their tea all the students got ready and left the house and reached the temple at around 7:45. They roamed around the place for another half an hour.

“hai Naz, we are going into the temple there is a special pooja tonight. it will be till mid- night do you mind joining us”

Nazriya said no immediately. Since she was a Muslim she doesn’t want to go into the temple.

“then what will you do while we are gone. You can’t stay her and wait for us”

“I will sight see for a while and go back to our cabin”

“are you sure”

“don’t worry about me”

“ok then, we will be back as soon as the pooja is over”

Saying that Bindhu and the boys moved towards the temple. Nazriya knew that if she go back to the cabin the sex maniac (her professor) would fuck her soul out of her. So she thought of roaming around the temple and go home late after he was asleep.

Nazriya them went and stood near a bunch of kids who were playing there and watched them play. While she was enjoying the kids play, suddenly she felt a hand rubbing her butt over her saree. She immediately turned her head and was shocked. It was the old man.

“what are you doing, stop it someone may see”

The old man didn’t mind what she said and continued rubbing and pressing her butt.

“please don’t do this here”

“then where can I do it bitch”

Nazriya stood silently. Slowly he came even closer and moved his hands towards her Navel and rubbed and squeezed it.

“please stop, there are people around us”

“oh, then answer my question. Where can I do it”

“come to the hospital tomorrow”

“I can’t wait that long and I don’t mind what others think. I would just raise your saree up and would fuck you right her”

Nazriya was shocked when she heard it.

“of bitch if you are too shy to be in public then lets go to a lonely place”


He didn’t wait for Nazriya’s reply he just pulled her hand and started moving. Nazriya to didn’t resist him and went with him. He took her to the other side of the pond behind the temple. When they reached their Nazriya found two old men standing near the tree and she stopped following the old man and withdraws her hand from his hold.

“why did you stop bitch”

“there are two men standing there, let’s go somewhere else”

“oh those two, they are my friends. Actually they came here to meet them”

“what do you mean”

“they are my close friends, we always share everything”


“We even shared our wives”

“you pervert I am not going to agree to this”

“I am not asking your permission bitch. I am ordering you”

“I am not going to do this anyway”

The old man suddenly slapped her hard and Nazriya fell down on the ground.

“listen bitch I am going to say this only one time. I am not going to blackmail you to do anything. If you don’t obey me I would just kill you and bury you here”

Saying that he gave a huge kick to her gut and she started choking. He then pulled her hair and made her stand on her feet and asked her the follow him. Nazriya without saying a word followed him towards the other two men. When they went close towards them she saw their face. They were two old man with bolt head and dirty outfits. They were uglier than the old man and Nazriya felt disgusted.

“oh this is the bitch you were talking about” one man said.

“she is more beautiful than you said” the other man said.

Then the old man introduced the first man as John and the second as Amar. They took Nazriya to a ruined building which was near to the pond. It looked like a booth Bangla with some webbed furniture.


When they entered into the building John stopped Nazriya and removed the pallu of her saree and made her stand with her blouse showing the shape of her perfect boobs. He then hugged her with his chest pressing hard on her boobs over her blouse and licked and sucked her face and neck. Amar moved behind her and raised her petticoat and sucked her butt over her pantie and made it wet with his saliva. The old man took a stool and sat in a corner and took his dick in his hand and watched the show.

John after licking her for a while moved back from her boobs and unhooked her blouse and removed it and threw it near her saree. Now Nazriya’s boobs were covered only with her bra. John then removed the bra and threw it on the floor. He was mesmerised by the view of the perky breast of Nazriya.

“I have never seen a beautiful tits in my entire life” John said and he held the two flesh balls in each hand and buried his face between them and shacked his head and felt the smoothness of her boobs in his face. He then took his head out and started sucking her boobs simultaneously.

Meanwhile Amar removed Nazriya’s petticoat and panties and made her completely naked. He then parted her butt crack and sucked her ass hole and Nazriya’s body began to shiver when his tongue touched her ass.

After a while the old man got off from the stool and moved towards them.

At that time John has finished sucking her boobs and kneeled down and had the taste of her navel. He was using his tongue and drilling her belly button and Amar was still having the taste of her ass hole. Nazriya had no other choice but to enjoy the moment with those old goons. She closed her eyes and let out some moans, which added some spice to the situation.

The old man came close to Nazriya and held her head and turned it towards him and planted a kiss on her lips while fondling her boobs with one hand. Nazriya also responded by sucking back the old man’s lips.

The three old man enjoyed this for a while.

“guys that is enough, lets take it to the next level” the old man said.

When he said this John and Amar stood up and all three started removing their dress and become naked in a flash. Nazriya was shocked to see the dick of the other to old men, they were enormous in length and thickness.

“is this bitch a good sucker” John asked.

“you are about to find out” the old man replied.

Then John moved forward and placed his hand on Nazriya’s shoulder and made her sit on her knees. Then John stood in front of her and the other two on either side of her. Nazriya didn’t wait for them to say what to do. She immediately took John’s dick into her mouth and the other two dick in each hand and gave them a blowjob and hand job simultaneously.

“aaahhhhaaa… youuu are righttt she is aaa good suckerrr” John said.

After sucking John for few minutes she took his cock out and took Amar’s dick into her mouth and after a while she sucked the old man’s dick. She took turns and made all three men’s dick rock hard.

John made Nazriya lye down on the floor and spread her legs and started sucking her pussey. The old man went and sat on top of her belly and held her boobs with both hands and placed his dick between the boobs and started tit fucking her. Amer turned her head to his side and inserted his dick into her mouth and fucked her mouth.

John after making her pussey wet took his cock in his hand and penetrated it into her wet cunt and started fucking her pussey. After continuously fucking her for few minutes he made a loud moan and ejected all his load over her belly. Then Amar and the old man took turn and fucked her pussey. When they were done fucking her Nazriya ‘s body was completely covered with their jizz. After resting for a while they had two more session with her and almost took the life out of her. They continuously fucked her for almost 3 hours.

After the final session all stayed naked on the floor. Nazriya reached multiple orgasm during her session with the three perverts. After few minutes Nazriya slowly looked at her wrist watch, it was 11:15. She remembered that Bindhu and the guys would return home soon and if she was not there they would ask her too many questions. She stood up and saw all the guys sleeping and she took her cloths and went to the pond and cleaned all the cum from her body and whore her dress and rushed to the cabin and pretended to be sleeping. In another 15 minutes after she reached others came back and went to bed. Nazriya didn’t get a sleep thinking of how her life has changed in a span of four days.



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