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Hi, my name is Deva. I am from Vizag. I am 23 years old, good looking with an average body. I have a tool of 6 inches and 2 inches thick which can satisfy any woman. I read a lot of stories so I decided to post my own real experience.

This is a real story which happened 2 years back when I visited Hyderabad. The heroine of this story is Neelima, 36 years old whose figure is 36DD-34-38. Any man or boy would die to have her in the bed. The main part of her body is her ass which swings in a rhythm when she walks.

Without wasting any time, let’s jump into the story. So, that time my holidays were going on and I visited my friend’s place. He was staying in Hyderabad for a few days. On a perfect Sunday, I visited a function which was arranged by my friend’s relative.

My friend was busy with the works which was assigned to him by his relatives. I was feeling bored and was checking out the ladies. After some time, I saw a woman who is in her mid 30’s from behind. What an ass she had! I thought to myself.

After 30 minutes of checking her out, I found her alone sitting at a corner. I wanted to make a conversation with her. But I was afraid of something going wrong. So I took a step back. After some time, I told my friend it was already 11 pm and so I need to leave. I went to his flat.

I thought of walking because his flat was just 30 minutes of walking distance. After some time of walking, I was going through a road which had no one in there. I realized that I had lost the way and was going on the wrong route. So I was waiting for someone to come and give me a lift.

After 10 minutes, a car was coming through. I was about to raise my hand to ask for the lift. But the car just stopped beside me before that. I found the same lady and she was in the car alone.

Neelima Aunty

She: Hi.
Me: Hi, I need a lift to Gachibowli. Can you please help?
She: Sure, get in.

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I got in the car. After some time, she started the conversation by asking my name. I told her my name. I asked her name and she said her name was Neelima. I said ok and started to talk, telling her where I was coming from and how I lost the way to my friend’s flat.

But I didn’t mention about the function. I was checking out her clearly visible waist. She noticed that but didn’t say anything and kept driving. So I gathered some courage and decided to make a move and try my luck. I complimented her saying how beautiful she was and how gorgeous.

How lucky her husband was to have such a beautiful wife. She got angry after hearing this and asked me not to talk about her husband. I realized she was drunk. Then I asked about why she got angry. She said sorry and she told about the fights and divorce in her marriage. And how miserable her husband was.

I started to console her and cracked some jokes. That conversation went until she was calm and looked interested in me. At that moment, I intentionally placed my hand on her thigh. She looked at me but said nothing. Maybe it was because she was drunk.

I was having erection inside my pants. She noticed that too and smiled. I thought it was now or never. So I moved further and she suddenly asked, “Are you a virgin?” I was slightly shocked and said yes in a low voice. She said she never got love from her husband in the past 5 years.

She boldly asked if I could help her. I asked innocently, “How?” (But I was thanking God for this opportunity). She then asked openly that she wanted to have a person who would make love to her. I said ok for that. After that, she pulled the car to the side of the road.

There were many trees on both sides of the roads giving us enough cover. It was dark outside. Neelima aunty then looked in my eyes. And the next moment, her lips landed on mine. Our lips were moving in sync and we were kissing each other passionately. It went for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, I kept my hand on Neelima aunty’s boobs and pressed them. She let out a light moan, “Hmmm.” I started to remove her pallu and squeezed her boobs over the blouse. Now she placed her hand on my dick over my pants and was rubbing it. I slowly removed her blouse and saw her boobs in the bra.

Aunty’s boobs were struggling to come out. Neelima aunty then removed my shirt and started to kiss my chest while I pressed soft her melons. After about 10 minutes of squeezing, she wanted to feel my dick in her mouth. So she removed my pants and boxers. I was naked in front of her and my dick was saluting her.

She was amazed to see my dick and said it was average size but bigger than her husband’s. The horny Indian aunty started stroking it slowly and I was like, landed in heaven. I started to undress her completely to see her beautiful pussy. So in no time, we both were naked.

She then took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a pro. I was on cloud 9 and was moaning like, “Hmm, suck it, ahh.” Then I was about to cum. I held her mouth tightly and deepthroated her. Finally, I shot a huge load of cum in the sex-starved aunty’s mouth.

She was gasping for air but was happy for what I did. Then she said she wants to get her pussy licked. I told her to get into the backseat. We both got into the car’s backseat. I started rubbing aunty’s pussy with my fingers and then kissed her pussy lips. She was already wet down there.

I began licking Neelima aunty’s pussy and she was shivering with pleasure. Slowly, I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and she moaned. I started to fuck her with three fingers and she was shouting, “Don’t stop, you fucker. Don’t stop, continue fucking me like that, deep inside.”

Within 20 minutes, she orgasmed in a heavy amount and I gulped it without wasting a single drop. Neelima aunty was feeling so happy and satisfied that she wanted my cock in her pussy. So I placed my dick at her pussy and was rubbing it there. She started to scold me and shouted at me to put the cock in her pussy.

I teased her for a few more minutes. The horny aunty was getting more frustrated. But all of a sudden, I pushed my cock into her pussy with a huge force. It went inside her pussy halfway. Aunty shouted like anything. I started fucking her slowly and then increased my pace after a couple of minutes.

I was fucking her at full speed and she kept shouting initially. Then she started to enjoy it. “Fuck me deep, harder. Make me your bitch,” she shouted in pleasure. I then changed the position to cowgirl and aunty was jumping with my dick in her pussy.

This continued for 20 minutes and she had her second orgasm. But I wasn’t tired yet. I kept on fucking her and after some time, I told her I wanted to fuck her in her big ass. She said, “No, please. Even my husband hasn’t fucked in my ass.”

But I said, “Please, you will like it. Trust me. I will be gentle.” She said ok. I removed my dick from pussy. My cock was wet with her warm juices. Then I started entering aunty’s asshole in the doggy style. Neelima was shouting and screaming at first. When my cock was halfway inside her big ass, I stopped.

Then I started making small strokes for some time. Then, I suddenly entered her ass completely and she screamed again in pain. I stopped for 2 minutes and squeezed her boobs and kissed her neck. Then I started to ram her ass hard. Within 10 minutes, I was about to cum. I asked her where to cum.

She said she wants to have my cum in her mouth. So she started to suck my dick. In 5 minutes, I shot a huge load of cum in her mouth and she drank all of it. We both laid on the backseat of the car like that, hugging each other. I kept my dick in her pussy.

She was so happy for the fucking and said it was the best sex of her life. We continued our sex relationship for one month until I left for Vizag. Now she is not in contact with me.

So guys, reply to me if you liked the story. Based on the replies, I will post my next experiences. My email id is [email protected] Any unsatisfied ladies or girls can contact me.

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