Nerd gets final revenge on the hot bitch CEO that fired him.

Nerd gets final revenge on the hot bitch CEO that fired him.


Brandon was fired from his job due to the failure of a mind control drug that had major side effects. Humiliated, he moved back home, where he perfected the drug and planned to use it to get revenge on the CEO bitch who fired him. But unsure of the side effects, he decided to first test it on his bitch sister, who became his personal fuck toy.


Brandon punishes his sister for her disobedience and, wanting to test if the drug has the same effects on each person, decides to add a second slut to his collection in his sister’s best friend Becky. Besides testing the effects of the drug, he also decides to sodomize not one, but both submissive cheerleaders.


Brandon ponders creating a new formula that isn’t permanent to get his Mom, whom he respects too much to use the drug on. After some more ass fucking of his sister, he decides to test the drug on a neighbour MILF and mother of an ex-bully.


Brandon helps a friend get his own personal fuck toy before walking in to find his mother bound and being used by the ex-bully’s Mom. After saving his mom and punishing the bitch, he and his mother end up having wild sex… until his sister walks in and joins the action for a sweet family threesome.


Brandon experiments with modifications on the drug. The drug is then used on his aunt at the request of his mother. By the end of the day the bitchy aunt is a submissive to all three members of the family.

Thanks to: Sophia, Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing.

A reminder of how the drug itself works when sprayed at a person:

Changes the moral fibre of a person…in reality, it shifts the decision making of the individual to the low standards they have while drunk…but with even more psychological manipulation:

-the person can’t lie (like in that Jim Carrey movie ‘Liar Liar’)

-the person’s body feels the need to obey even though their conscious mind argues against such obedience

-the person’s sexual libido increases substantially

-the individual feels constricted by the clothes they are wearing and wants to be naked

-Brandon also played with the formula to create what he believed would be potentially permanent impacts on the person infected (the original drug only lasted an hour). This was the one thing he was still very unsure of: it could last a few hours, days, weeks or maybe forever.

And now, the conclusion to Brandon’s revenge plot, which has taken a few twists and turns along the journey to ultimate revenge.

Revenge of the Nerd: Total Control

Brandon had gone quite astray from his real target for the mind control drug… although fucking his sister, her best friend, his MILF neighbour, his mom and his aunt had been a lot of fun… it was now time to finish his revenge scheme.

The morning before the day of the final revenge plot, he walked out to see Mom reading the paper with her feet up on two human stools: her sister, his aunt, and their neighbour.

No doubt Mom was enjoying the fringe benefits of the drug.

As was Brandon.

Horny, he walked to the two human sluts on their knees as Mom greeted, “How’s my big man this morning?”

Brandon assumed she was talking about his dick and said, “Choosing which slut gets my load.”

Mrs. Leveen, in whom he had instilled some pretty strong cum craving addictions, instantly begged, “Please, fuck me.”

“You obviously have not fed her, her morning pussy snack,” Brandon said, as he got out of his pyjamas to reveal he was going commando.

“Not yet,” Mom responded, “they say patience is a virtue.”

“Not one of mine,” he said, as he moved behind Mrs. Leveen, dropped to his knees and slid his cock into her asshole.

“Yessssss,” the well trained submissive slut moaned, her body conditioned to only feel pleasure from getting ass fucked… even though her asshole should be on fire after such a sudden, unlubricated violation.

“You like it in the ass, don’t you?” Mom purred, “just like that faggot son of yours.”

Mrs. Leveen hated that she did love it in the ass and hated even more that her son had been turned into a cock hungry faggot, but she was being obedient to protect her husband, who so far had been spared the life altering mind drug.

“Not as tight as she used to be,” Brandon pointed out.

“She got triple teamed by black college boys yesterday,” Mom revealed.

“That, I would like to see,” Brandon said, the visual sounding hot and humiliating.

“I have it on video,” Mom revealed. “It’s even blu ray quality.”

“Nice,” Brandon agreed, thinking he needed to videotape tomorrow’s revenge plot as well for posterity’s sake.

“Yeah, the triple facial was really hot,” Mom added.

After a couple of minutes of pounding Mrs. Leveen, Lisa whined, desperate to get cock as well, “What about me?”

“You really want your asshole pounded too?” Brandon asked.

“Yes, dammit,” the frustrated aunt admitted, still furious at the reality she had been turned into a bimbo ass slut by her sister. Yet, every time she saw a cock, she craved it… even her nephew’s.

“I’ll be back,” Brandon said, as he pulled out of slut one and slammed his cock into slut two… whose ass was substantially tighter than slut one.

“Yes!” Lisa screamed, as her asshole was filled by her nephew’s big dick.

“No coming,” Elizabeth announced, “not until after your Master dumps a load in one of you.”

Brandon still couldn’t believe how much his mother had changed since her discovery of the drug.

It was one more clear example of the threat of the drug.

In the wrong hands this drug could literally fuck up the entire world.

Which is why he had burnt his notes and other than three cure vials (well, somewhat of a cure), and six more doses for some rainy days, Brandon had erased any evidence of this successful experiment.

He would miss turning any bitch he wanted into his submissive three-hole cum slut, but the risks outweighed the gains.

Of course, that would be after tomorrow and the complete humiliation of Sarah, the CEO who had fired and humiliated him.

He kept slamming into his aunt, who was moaning wildly, clearly enjoying the hard ass fucking, as programmed.

“What about me?” Mrs. Leveen whined, wanting that dick back in her asshole… mortified that she craved a dick up her ass, especially that of a nerd like him.

“Like son, like mother,” Brandon joked, having turned her son, his former bully, into a complete faggot.

She resented him even more at the reminder… having seen her strong son come home coated in cum. Yet, even with all that resentment, she still wanted that big cock in her ass, which frustrated her even more. So she lied, “He deserved it.”

“As did you,” Brandon said. “You never stopped him and then treated me like nothing.”

That was true… but she grew up in a family where the good looking and rich ran society and thus she saw her son’s bullying as just a survival of the fittest type of thing. A keeping of the social hierarchy.

Mrs. Leveen agreed, “And I will pay for it for the rest of my life.”

“That you will,” Brandon laughed, as he pulled out of his aunt and moved back into the MILF next door… she had become even more submissive and slutty since his mother added more conditions to her brain manipulation.

After a couple more minutes of hard ass pounding, Brandon was close and his Mom said, “Shoot your load on the floor and let the cum sluts fight over it.”

“I love your wicked mind,” Brandon smiled, loving the nasty idea.

“Like son, like mother,” Elizabeth laughed, as she finally moved her feet off the two slut stools.

Brandon pulled out at the very last second, turned away from both sluts and shot his load all over the linoleum. He watched amused as both sluts scurried to retrieve the cum on the floor like pigs at a trough.

Elizabeth laughed, “I think they’re hungry.”

Lisa, used to getting what she wanted, wrestled the other bitch out of the way and retrieved the majority of the cum. She knew if she didn’t she would be craving cum at work and not be able to make it to lunch without seeking out Joe, her go to cock to suck, since she was given this sick and twisted addiction.

Both the master and the mistress watched with amusement as Brandon put his cock away.

Elizabeth, who preferred her daughter’s tongue to either of these two, called out, “Carrie, come and get breakfast.”

A minute later, Carrie was between her mom’s legs, while the two slaves were in a 69, helping each other with their quest for the cum they were programmed to crave.

That night, Brandon was let in by the janitorial staff, who hated Sarah as much as he did.

Brandon spent a few hours manipulating the air duct system so that now he controlled it completely. The plan was simple: send the drug into the 18th floor, which was Sarah’s much too big office, let it do its magic and then… revenge.

Once done, Brandon went home and got a good night’s sleep… tomorrow he would get revenge… he was so excited he didn’t even fuck any of the sluts that were available for him.

The next morning, he got up later than usual, everyone was already gone, and once ready, headed to the office.

When Brandon got there, he was let in the back way from a janitor as security wouldn’t have let him in.

Once inside, he pressed the button that would release the drug into the entire 18th floor after he got confirmation that she was in her office and the only other person on the floor was her equally bitchy secretary.

Brandon then waited impatiently for the ten minutes necessary for the drug to have completely dissipated from the floor.

Giddy with excitement, Brandon then made his way up the elevator and up to the bitch’s exclusive floor… he had a date with revenge.

He walked to the secretary, Karen, who asked, clearly annoyed he was in front of her, “What are you doing here?”

“Getting revenge,” Brandon answered, before adding, “get on all fours.”

“How dare you,” Karen, a beautiful redhead said, as she went to call security and yet instead felt herself drop to the floor and get on all fours. “What the fuck?” she questioned, confused, as she looked at the nerd.

“Nice ass,” Brandon replied. “I can’t wait to fuck it.”

“You’re disgusting,” the redhead said, still confused why she was obeying such a loser.

“You crave cock in your ass,” Brandon said, adding a condition to the pretentious bitch. Fuck, she was a secretary, as if she should be condescending to him.

“As if,” she said.

Brandon smiled. He loved the strong defiance that would soon fade into bimbo-hood. He ordered, “Stand up.”

She had been trying to stand up for the past forty-five seconds, so was thankful when this time her body allowed her to break through the invisible chains that seemed to be holding her down.

“Good, slut,” he smirked, before adding, “Now get undressed.”

“Fuck you,” she snapped.

“That is the long term plan,” he smiled, thinking he may take her home as a toy for the family to use. Mom would likely love such a pretty present.

Karen glared at him even as she felt herself unzipping her dress. ‘What the hell? Why am I obeying him?’ she thought to herself.

Brandon, seeing the confused look on the bimbo secretary’s face, explained, “I have infected you with a drug that makes you obey every order given.”

“That’s ridiculous,” she said, even as she pulled the dress over her head, suddenly standing in front of this letch in only her lace black bra and panties as well as her pantyhose.

“Agreed, but it’s the truth,” Brandon said, as he checked out the woman’s great body. “Take off your bra, let’s see those tits.”

“Please stop this,” Karen pleaded, suddenly understanding the harsh reality of her situation, as she unclasped her bra.

“Toss it to me.”

Karen obeyed, then covered up her breasts.

“Arms at your side,” he ordered, as he pulled his phone out.

“Please, no more,” she begged, as she obeyed, feeling completely mortified.

Brandon snapped a couple pictures, before he grabbed the scissors on her desk and ordered, “Cut the crotch of your pantyhose and then cut your panties so I can see that fuck box of yours.”

She grabbed the scissors as she glared, “You’re fucking disgusting.”

“You now only drink your coffee with a load of cum in it,” Brandon added, always enjoying thinking of new ways to humiliate.

She scoffed, as she moved the scissors to her crotch area, “Huh, I don’t drink coffee.”

He shook his head at how dumb she was. “Fine, you will take a facial every morning and rub it all over your face like face cream.”

“You can’t be serious?” she questioned, realizing she should have shut up.

“Every order I give you is permanent, so you should think before you speak,” Brandon said, trying to push her, “If a dumb slut like you can actually think first.”

She glared at him, her entire body shaking with anger as she cut the expensive hosiery and ripped a hole in it… but she didn’t speak.

“Now the panties,” he ordered again, enjoying watching the bitch obey him as a prelude to the main event.

She again obeyed without a word, catching on quickly that she was better off to keep her mouth shut.

Once they were cut, she obediently handed the panties to him.

He said, ‘If you behave, I’ll make sure the real bitch I’m here for eats that shaved cunt of yours.”

Karen was surprised by this. The bitch he was talking about was her boss… who she hated. A boss who had made Karen eat her out, and fuck big name clients (both male and female). She was compensated really well for a secretary, but the reality was she was a lot more than a secretary… and had been biding her time to climb up the political ladder at the company.

She said, with a smile even while in her current predicament, “You’ll let me be in control of the Evil Queen?”

“If you’re an obedient pet,” Brandon said, as he walked to her and moved his hand to her pussy.

Karen, used to being used for sex, allowed herself be fingered by the nerd… realizing if she played her cards right she may be able to manipulate this fucked up situation for her benefit. So she faked a moan instead.

Brandon was impressed at how quickly Karen understood her situation. He wanted to fuck her, but that would have to wait… he had to finish his revenge plan first.

“On all fours,” he ordered, as he pulled his finger out of her cunt and moved it to his lips.

Karen obeyed.

“Crawl to the door,” Brandon instructed.

She again obeyed.

Brandon took one last deep breath, the end was finally here. “Crawl inside,” he ordered, as he opened the door.

Karen obeyed, as Sarah looked up from her desk.

“What the fuck?” Sarah asked, as she saw her secretary crawl in almost naked. Sure, she had seen the slut naked before… in this office… but never like this. Usually it was when she was horny and needed an orgasm or when she really wanted to be wicked, like talking to a potential client while her bimbo full-service secretary was under her desk licking away. Fuck, she revelled in her power.

Brandon then walked in.

“Hi, bitch,” Brandon smugly said, walking in behind his newest bimbo.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Sarah asked, looking up at just one of many men she had fired during her time here.

“Getting revenge,” Brandon replied bluntly, before adding, “Sarah take off your blouse and bra, let’s see those fake tits your CEO salary paid for.”

Sarah glared and threatened, even as her hands went to her blouse and she started undoing her buttons, “I’m going to have you arrested.”

Brandon shrugged, making sure to get all his subliminal messages correct to protect himself from any future threat, “You will never mention my name after I cum in your ass. You will also never tell anyone why you became the complete cum slut you are about to become.”

“Yeah, right,” Sarah scoffed while glaring at the little puke, as she looked down and realized she was unbuttoning her blouse. She tried to stop herself, but she couldn’t. “What the hell?”

“It works,” Brandon smirked.

“What works?’ she asked, even as she finished unbuttoning the blouse.

“You are as dumb as you look,” Brandon said, loving finally being able to say exactly what he thought of the bitch.

“You little prick,” Sarah snapped, as she took her blouse off. Then it hit her. The fucker had finally got the mind control drug to work.

“Actually, I’m quite well endowed,” Brandon corrected, as he ordered, “Karen, come and show your boss how big I am.”

Karen was curious and willing to do whatever it took to not have any more conditions put on her. So she crawled to him and fished out his cock.

Sarah unclasped her bra, frustrated and worried. She wondered how he had got the drug in her. How long did it last? Trying to be casual, hiding her anger and concern, she asked, “How did you make it work?”

“That doesn’t matter,” he said, as his cock was fished out… already hard.

Continuing to try and distract him, hoping the drug was short lived, she said, “Brandon, we can work something out here.”

“What did you have in mind?” Brandon asked, playing along.

“Anything,” Sarah said.

“So you’ll take my cock in your ass willingly, while you eat out Karen?” Brandon asked.

Sarah looked down and saw that the nerd had a damn big dick. She also watched as Karen took it in her mouth without being told.

“Is this what this is all about? You want to fuck me?” she asked, thinking maybe she could fuck her way out of this. She had fucked much smaller, much uglier men to get where she currently was. Men were easy to manipulate.

Karen was impressed by the nerd’s cock; conversely, Brandon was impressed with the secretary’s mouth.

Brandon answered, “It’s about teaching you a lesson.”

“How so?” she asked. “Because I fired you or because I rejected you?”

“Because you’re a complete bitch,” he answered. “Now take off your skirt.”

“How long does the drug work?” Sarah asked again, wanting to know how long she would be under this loser’s control.

“Forever,” Brandon answered, as she pulled her skirt down.

Much to his surprise, she was wearing thigh high stockings which made him happy. “You even dressed to be fucked.”

She ignored that comment as she focused on the horrifying one word answer. She asked, “What do you mean forever?”

“It’s a pretty simple word,” Brandon explained.

Sarah glared at him. She hated being treated like she was stupid.

“Until you die,” Brandon added, speaking in a slow mocking voice… speaking as if she was a little child.

“You can’t be serious?” she said, even during the trial of the drug it was supposed to only have limited time attached to it. They were already breaking the Geneva Code if it would have worked and been used against enemies of the state to extract vital information, but if it was permanent, that would be a disaster.

“I didn’t mean to make it that way,” Brandon shrugged, impressed by her body. “But I do see some fringe benefits to it.”

“This is very dangerous,” she stressed, not only for her, but the world if this drug got in the wrong hands.

“That is why I erased all my research and got rid of the rest of the drug. You are the last test case,” he said, which was true, other than those few vials he’d kept for future use.”You really perfected it to get revenge on me?” she asked.

“Yep,” he nodded, “and to prove I could do it.”

“Well,” she said. “I’m impressed.”

“And now you will be my three-hole fuck slut,” he said, before adding, “although I imagine that is how you got to this position.”

This pissed her off. Sure, she had fucked some significant men and a couple women to get here, but she was also a very intelligent woman who deserved to be where she was. “Says the unemployed nerd.”

He sighed, “Do you eat cunt?”

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Nerd gets final revenge on the hot bitch CEO that fired him.