next chapter in my mini series. Things take a path not thought about by pappa smurf

next chapter in my mini series. Things take a path not thought about
by pappa smurf

I didn’t see Rachel for a few days, and then on the Wednesday I was walking around the course with the club secretary, he had been told about a few things that needed looking at, and I heard ‘peep, peep’, when Rachel came beside us she asked if I was coming to her party, I asked her to wait until I had finished with my boss, he asked who she was, “One of the girls from the neighbourhood, she’s over here most days riding her bike” he told me we could finish the inspection later as she was obviously excited and wanted to talk with me.

When he had gone I told Rachel she should have waited until I was free, “Sorry, have I got you in trouble”? “No Dan has children so he knows what your like” “So are you coming to my party on Friday”, I thought I would tease her so I said I wasn’t shore I was free, at first she looked like she was believing me then she smiled, and gave me a punch, “Your teasing me, aren’t you”? I told her I was and asked what time she wanted me there, “Half five” “OK then, half five it is” she went off and left me to finish my day’s work.

Friday came and I finished early so I could wash and get changed, I had Rachel’s new bike with me as I set off for her house, I meet a few of her friends heading that way and we walked together, Rachel was over the moon with her new bike and wanted to try it straight away, but she had to wait until after the party. We had a good time, I enjoyed it as much as the kids and it was good to see Margaret relaxed for once, a few other parents had come to help so she didn’t have to do all the work, this would be reciprocated later.

During the next 3 years Sue gave birth to our two daughters, Emily and Wendy. Rachel was still coming over and after Sue had gone to work we would get my girls washed and off to bed, before we went to bed for a few hours. When she went off to university our relationship finished.

I still had the neighbour hood kids coming round for me to fix their bikes, I had a few fresh pussies, but nothing serious became of any of them. Then in no time at all Emily was 16, she was a bright girl and achieved top marks in all her exam’s, she had for many years wanted to be a nurse, with her results she would have no trouble getting on a nursing course, the trouble being the local hospital didn’t have any vacancies on this years course, she contacted all teaching hospitals and the only one that could take her was in Cornwall, she arranged to go down, but didn’t want to go on her own and asked me if I would driver her down.

Emily’s interview was at 10 am on the Thursday, this meant we had to travel down Wednesday and spend the night down there, Susan said she would book the hotel as she had more time than I had. Five days later on the Wednesday we set off, we had a relaxing steady drive down, arriving at the hotel after 7pm, I went to book us in while Emily went to the toilet, when she came up to the front desk she was greeted with me trying to explain that Emily was my daughter and not my wife as they had thought, the receptionist was apologetic but told me the person that took the booking had assumed as we had the same surname we were husband and wife and had booked us into a room with a double bed, I asked if they could change this to a room with two single beds at least, unfortunately there were none available, I was starting to ask if they knew of a hotel near that would have a room with two beds when Emily took my arm “It’s ok daddy, don’t make any more fuss, it’s only for one night we can share” I asked if she was shore about this, “Yes, I need to shower and relax after the long drive and can’t do with tramping around looking for another hotel” with loads of more apologies the receptionist, called the bell boy to show us to our room.

Dropping our bags Emily said she was having a shower, I told her I was going down to the bar so she could have some privacy and I needed to wind down myself, it was about an hour later I went back to the room, I knocked on the door calling out to see if Emily was dressed, I didn’t have a reply so I went in, Emily was stretched out on the bed wrapped in a towel fast asleep, I had a quick wash and changed my clothes, being too early to turn in I went back down to the bar, it was about an hour and half later when I returned to the room, Emily was still spark out, I thought she wouldn’t be too pleased me seeing her naked so I pulled the sheet over her as she was, I then changed into my sleeping attire and got in bed next to her, it wasn’t long before I was asleep, I don’t know when it was Emily woke up but in the morning I woke to find her cuddled up to me, minus the towel, this I realised as I came round and fully awake, Feeling her tits pressing against my arm I tried pushing her away but she clung tight to me, trying again she threw her hand across my chest and a leg came over mine, she defiantly didn’t want me to move her away, I then felt the heat from her sex on my leg, gave her another push and she started to wake up.

To my surprise she just rolled onto her back and as she stretched said “Morning dad”, her tits were now free, I wasn’t surprised they held their shape and didn’t sag down like her mothers, she was at a guess about a 34c, “What are you doing while I’m in the interview”? “I don’t know, maybe just go for a walk” then without any hesitation or worry, Emily pushed the sheet back and got out of bed and went to the bathroom, seeing the sway of her hips as she walked across the room I was hypnotised, minutes later I was still in shock when she came back into the room, she was still naked I had already seen her tits and my eyes quickly moved down her smooth flat stomach to her clean shaved pussy, as she walked towards me I had a clear view of her pussy and I felt my cock tent in my pyjama trousers, Emily smiled and told me to hurry up as she was hungry and wanted breakfast, as I sat up my cock shot out the vent in my pyjamas, Emily’s eye were wide and her mouth dropped open, seeing as the damage had already been done I just went to the bathroom, returning to the main room a few minutes later, Emily was still naked and combing her hair, she had long hair and I knew she spent some time grooming it, with her being so calm I removed my pyjamas and dressed, she slipped her tracksuit trousers and T shirt on, then we went for breakfast.

Returning to our room Emily said she was taking a shower before her interview, as she headed to the bath room I said I would be going and I would see her back here after her interview, “No need to go on my account, hang about and walk me to the hospital” I had picked up a news paper and sat reading this as she took her shower, she came out a few minutes later wrapped in a towel and drying her hair, she walked to me and asked me to brush her hair as it was knotted, she sat on my lap, I felt my cock swelling and hoped Emily didn’t, but she did, she turned her head and looked at me and I saw a little smile, when I had finished she stood up and turned to face me, she looked right at my crutch, “Thanks dad, can I help you with any thing”? “No, I’m fine” I had a second shock, she moved back to me and put her hand on the bulge in my trousers, “What about this, you can’t walk around town with a hard on” “No I’ll be OK” “Don’t be silly daddy” without another word she knelt and opened my zipper, freeing my cock she pumped her hand up and down it’s length, she seemed more experienced than she should have, but I didn’t ask if she had done this before, parents don’t always need to know what their kids get up to.

“I’m close to coming” I told her, she pulled the towel from around her and held it near my cock and when I started squirting she caught my spunk in the towel, wiping me clean she dressed acting like nothing had happened, I walked with her to the hospital and she kissed me before going in, being the days before mobile phones I said I would meet her back at the hotel around lunch time, she was waiting for me and looked so excited, she ran into my arm’s “Oh daddy, they have offered me a place and there’s a flat I can have, in the nursing flats, I’ve got the key so I can start moving things in, Oh by the way the course starts next week”, we had lunch then I booked out of the hotel.

We went round to the flat, it was basic with a communal kitchen for the six flats on that floor, she looked around and was saying she needed this and that to make it homely, then she put on her puppy dog eye’s, “Can we get some thing now please dad, we can then bring my thing down next week” we went out and got what she wanted, then set to cleaning the place, it had been empty for six months so was a little dusty and the windows needed a good clean, before we knew it was nearing 9pm and we had the drive back home. I mentioned this and Emily said we had been invited to eat with the other nurses on the floor and we couldn’t really refuse. It was good meeting the others so I had a good idea Emily would be fine here, after we had ate I looked at my watch, half ten, Emily said we couldn’t drive home now, I said “I wonder if the hotel has let the room yet” “Don’t be daft dad, we can stay here tonight and make an early start in the morning” I don’t think the hospital would take that too kindly, its nurses only, “Well we just wont tell them and we can make an early start in the morning” I looked around and said “There only one single bed” “That’s all we need”.

I should have left but I sat on the bed and removed my sock’s and shoe’s, I then remembered my pyjamas were down in the car and started putting them back on, “What you doing dad” “I need to fetch my case” “Why”? “My pyjamas are in it” “Well so are mine”, “Well then, I should fetch it” “Why”? I should have insisted but I just sat back, “Come on dad, help me make the bed” with this done she started undressing, after what had happened that morning I just stripped off too, and didn’t bother about my erection, slipping into the bed beside me Emily cuddled up close and kissed my neck, “This is nice daddy, but I know what would be nicer” I had to ask, I know I shouldn’t have but the words came out my mouth on their own, “What would be nicer”? she dropped her hand onto my cock and said “This in my pussy” I naturally made all the right comments about her being my daughter and how wrong it would be and what would her mother say if she found out, I couldn’t believe it when she said “It’s ok Daddy, mom told me how you two meet through Kelly and all about playing mommies and daddies, and how you fuck some of the young girls who come for you to mend their bike.

Rolling on top of me she said, “So here you are daddy, a fresh virgin pussy for you to break in” all my worries flew out the window and I reached down to feel her pussy, she was soaking wet and in no need for foreplay, I moved her so my cock was pressing against her pussy, I lifted her head and looked into her eye’s with a questioning look” “Yes daddy, do it” I thrust my hips up and slipped into her willing pussy, ”Don’t worry about my hymen, I took care of that with a dildo” how I didn’t cream in her the second I entered her I’ll never know, of all the pussies I have had, even her mothers I never felt as at home as I did in my daughter pussy, I remained motionless, letting her get used to the feel of a real cock in her and for me to make the moment last as long as I could.

It must have been almost ten minutes when Emily said “It that all your going to do daddy” “Oh sorry I was just so” she pushed down with her hips and I took up a steady pace, thrusting into her, she rocked her hips in rhythm with me and after several orgasm’s her muscles gripped me so tight I had trouble moving inside her, this was my signal to cream in her, shot after shot splashed the inside’s of her womb, sending her into another orgasm. She dropped on my chest panting for air, after five minutes she lifted her head, “Mom said you were great in bed, but that was out of this world”. When she moved a little she realised I was still rock hard, “Seconds”? I nodded and rolled us over, lifting her legs I opened her pussy and this way I could penetrate her further, as I ploughed the furrow, she squealed and groaned, Taking her threw another two orgasms before I creamed in her again, we were both now panting for air and I dropped beside her, she curled up in my arms and we dropped off to sleep.

Waking the following morning Emily was already up and in the shower, I went and joined her, when we had washed we returned to the bed, “What now daddy”? I pushed her back and knelt between her legs and buried my face in her pussy, my experienced tongue danced in and out of her pussy and moving to her clit as I nibbled this she went into orbit, her body shook violently as her orgasm spread all over her body, I continued licking her clit threw her orgasm, as she was coming down, I moved up her body, taking my weight on my elbows and knees, I eased my steel-hard, cock between her pussy’s puffed lips and pushed myself into her waiting and willing body. I had her so wet it was like a hot knife slicing threw butter, “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” she screamed as I pounded my meat into her, my cock swelled inside her and she pushed down on me, and we came off together.

We washed and dressed then set off home, arriving late afternoon, Sue was home and asked how the trip had been, Emily told her about being accepted and the course starting next week, she then said about being given a flat and how we got a few things for it and having to give it a good clean, then having to stay there the night as it was too late to drive home. I saw a look pass between Sue and Emily and a little nod, it was then, get the note pad and making a list of all the things Emily needed. Over the week we took her things down and got the flat just how she wanted it, I took her down the day before the course started and stayed the night in bed with her.

A little over a week later I had a phone call from Emily, she told me one of the trainee nurses had seen me sneaking out of her room and had guessed I spent the night, Emily couldn’t deny it and asked her not to tell, Jody agreed but only if next time I visit I visit her room. With a giggle Emily said “You’ve still got it daddy, I just hope you can keep your end up”.

I planned to go and see Emily the following weekend.

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