Nicki Minaj sex stories part 2.

Nicki Minaj sex stories part 2.

Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry clap after Nicki finishes singing/rapping her song she and Niall had written “You are really quite good aren’t ya’” said Liam, “Bloody marvellous” says Zayn, “And you wrote that Nic?” Asks Harry, “Yeah, me and Niall did it together, you guys like it?” “Fuck yeah!” Shouts Niall, Nicki giggles and Zayn remembers why he fell in love with her 3 years back. They had just started college and Nicki and Zayn had a relationship that lasted 9 months, Zayn got over her and Nicki got over him but whenever she giggles it always reminds him. The 5 have been friends since halfway through their first year at college, Nicki and Harry were already friends before college but they found Zayn, Niall and Liam along the way.

Onika, or Nicki as she likes to be called had come to London at the age of 16 from Trinidad and the rest had been living in England their whole lives. Harry had come out to Nicki in year 12 and told the rest once they had been friends for over a year. They all supported him whatever sexuality he was. Each of them were single and they liked being single but it sometimes was hard to be single. “Let’s all just go back to our dorms now its getting late and we have got classes tomorrow” Liam said “Alrighhhhht, gosh Li, why so fucking responsible?” Nicki says and they all erupt in fits of laughter because, quite frankly, Liam was very responsible and it was good but sometimes bad. “Night guys” Nicki says as she hugs them all, “Night Nic” they yell as they go their separate ways to their dorms.

Nicki, Liam, Niall and Zayn go straight off to sleep but Harry lays there thinking. He wants a boyfriend, he needs a boyfriend, he hasn’t had a proper boyfriend ever, all he wanted was a secure relationship with a guy he trusted and loved, “there was that one guy Louis Tomlinson” He thinks. He really liked him, they had talked once in the line of the Starbucks at the campus, he was charming and not to mention gorgeous, he sees him around the college and once he caught him look at him while Harry was staring at him. “He’s friends with Khloe and Perrie, maybe if I got Nicki and the guys to talk to them they could maybe join thier group and me and Louis might actually have a chance” he thinks to himself, he drifts off to sleep thinking of Louis, he makes a mental note, try and be friends with Khloe and Perrie, then he was asleep.

After a long day they all met in the usual place Nicki’s dorm and Harry told them that he actually really loved Louis and he told them his plan. “We knew you had a crush on him but you love him now do ya?” Said Zayn with a questioning tone. “We locked eyes and I fell in love right there” said Harry, “well, I guess it’s worth a shot, I mean we could add Khloe and Perrie and Louis to our group and get you lot on a date then bam! You are with the man of your dreams!” Nicki said. “Yeah don’t see why not, me and Niall and Nicki and go talk to them tomorrow at lunch while you two stay at our table” Zayn says pointing at Liam and Harry, “okay sounds like a plan, I’m really nervous though, what if he’s not gay, what if he is but he doesn’t like me, what if he -” Niall and Nicki cut Harry off, “You, don’t, know, till, you, try!” They say in unison. They all giggle for a bit because this always happens with Nicki and Niall. “Okay then, we’ll talk and organise the plan at first break and then you three will go in for the kill at lunch” says Harry. “Okay, see you lot later we all have homework to get done so fuck off hahahahaha, see ya!” Nicki says, “Byeeeee” they all say, and off to thier dorms they went.

The next morning, Zayn, Niall and Nicki had study period, they met at the library and worked out their plan to get Harry and Louis together. “Okay so as we discussed, we need to get to be friends with Louis’ group” Nicki said, “We will all talk as a group of six and then we will try find out if he’s gay or not, which I think he is because I just, have a feeling he is, and then yeah we just see if they wana hang out after school we could leave the campus and go out in town” Niall says sounding excited. “Yes! And then we can get Khloe and Perrie in on the act and get them together! Zayn exclaimed. “Oh my fucking god I cannot wait, we should do it at first break and lunch because I am really eager to start!” Nicki said

The librarian made a hush sound and then they were back to studying, but then started laughing and got kicked out. “Let’s just go back to my dorm, what have you guys got in 2nd period, I can’t be fucked we should just bunk 2nd period” Nicki says in a tired voice, “I’ve only got boring old maths” Zayn says, “And me and you have English Nic” Niall says. “Lets just not go eh?” Zayn asks, they all agree so of they went and hid out in Nicki’s dorm for the hour. Nicki’s dorm wasn’t an ordinary one, it had its own bathroom and kitchen and it was like a mini apartment, and she didn’t share with anyone else.
They talk about things and write songs and organise some more, the hour went by so quickly and then before they knew it they had to sneak back to the cafeteria. They were quite opposite friends, Liam was very responsible, very well behaved in class and at school, Niall was a jokester and even though he wasn’t the youngest in the group, they all still looked out for him and he was the baby of the group, Nicki was a very fashionable person, she loved experimenting with her hair but usually used wigs, she had a job at a local department store and whenever she had earned enough, she would buy a new wig, they were really quite good and Zayn always mistook them for her real hair, she always wore good makeup and loved fashion and nails and hair.

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Harry was quite like Nicki in the way he loved fashion, he always had a great sense of style and he was a very tall guy, and Zayn was the mysterious one, he never gave away too much and he didn’t like to talk about his feelings and things like that so they never did with him. The three met up with Harry and Liam and told them they skipped 2nd period and the two thought they were mad! They sat at their usual table where no one else would dare sit or they would have Nicki to deal with, they spotted Harry’s crushes group and noticed there was a new girl in there group and they noticed Perrie now had deep blue hair. “Why does Perrie always dye her hair, has she never heard of a wig” Nicki muttered. “Right, Liam and Harry, you two wait here while me Nicki and Zayn go and mingle with the cool kids” Niall said in a sarcastic tone.

They walk over and Nicki puts on a sweet voice the boys call her ‘barbie’ voice, “May we sit with you guys?” Nicki asked adding a batt of her eyelashes, “Yeah sure, take a seat” Khloe says swallowing her bite of salad, “So we were wondering if you guys wanted to come out at about 5ish, we are going out since ya know, there’s a day off tomorrow and we were wondering if you guys wanted to hang out?” Nicki asks, “Oh yeah, why?” Louis asks, the first time he talks yet. “Well, we just thought we wanted to be friend with you guys, you seem like nice enough people we just wana hang out with you guys” Says Zayn. “Okay well where shall we meet you, you guys in?” Perrie says asking her other friends, “Oh yeah count us all in” Khloe says, “Meet at the Starbucks at 5 o’clock and once we are all there we will go out” says Nicki, ” Okay cool, see you guys at 5!” Khloe says with a smile, “Okay see you, we might see you guys at lunch aswell ok, bye” Niall says and they walk away.

“Wait” Louis yells out but not too loudly. “What?” Nicki asks politely, “Will your friend Harry be with you?” Louis asks sheepishly, Nicki and Niall look at each other with hopeful eyes, “Yeah he will be as well as Liam, why do you ask?” Says Nicki, “Oh I was just wondering that’s all” Louis says, “Oh ok see you guys at 5 then” says Nicki with a wave and they all wave back. When they get back to their table Harry is very eager to find out what they said, “What did Louis say, are we actually gona go out with them, did Louis say anything about me, oh my god I probably look so needy and clingy, oh my god what if he doesn’t like me, oh my god I’m just gona sit in my dorm and eat chocolate and cry cos he will never like me” “SHUT UP HARRY! ” Nicki yells so loud most of the cafeteria looks over and goes silent. “WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT, MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS” Nicki yells out to the people, they get back to what they were doing but most were talking about how much of a bitch Nicki is.

“He didn’t really say much he just asked why we wanted to hang out with them and then at the end when we were walking away, well that was the interesting part -” says Nicki but then gets interrupted by Niall, “He asked if you were going!” Said Niall enthusiastically. “I was just about to tell him that Niall” Nicki says, “I was just about to tell you that Niall” says Niall mocking her, Nicki just lightly pushes him because she can’t be bothered having another argument with Niall. “Oh my gosh” says Harry putting his hand over his mouth, oblivious to what had just happened with Niall and Nicki. “You might be in mate!” Says Liam slapping a hand on his back. “Holy shit, what will I wear how should I do my hair oh my god there too much to think about” says Harry flustered. “Don’t worry, as soon as classes are over, you all bring your outfits you will wear to my dorm and we will all get ready at mine, ok?” Nicki says, “Okay we’ll be there really quick” says Zayn just as the bell rings. “Okay see ya’s all at lunch, meet at the table” says Niall. “Okay see ya’s” says Nicki hugging each of the boys.

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She really loved those boys, they helped her through so much, she thought she could never repay them for what they have done for her.

In science, Nicki was left without a partner and so was Louis, it was a huge coincidence and Nicki thought it was fate bringing Haz and Louis closer. Louis walks over to Nicki’s table and they start the experiment. Nicki watched as Louis carefully poured the different chemicals in the different test tubes, she didn’t even know half of the things going on because right now she would rather be in a shoe shop but she knew it was a perfect chance to get talk to Louis about Harry. “So, how’s your love live going?” Nicki asks without thinking about how desperate that sounds, “Excuse me?” Louis asks, “Well I was just wondering if your in a relationship or not, ya know trying to get to know you better.” Louis pauses, he lifts his head and says “Well I’m single if that’s what you wanted to know” Nicki was expecting something different with the long pause and all,
“So what are you looking for in a girl, or a guy you never know?”
“Well, someone who is really really beautiful, with gorgeous green eyes, brown curls, tall and lanky, maybe even a bit clumsy” Louis answers
“Sounds like someone I know, in fact, an exact description of someone who I am very close with” Nicki says feeling annoyed that Louis didn’t say he or she.
“It does doesn’t it” Louis says intriguingly.
“So is it a guy? Or some random girl with green eyes and brown curls”
“Oh, it’s defiantly not the second option”
“So you are gay!” Nicki says without thinking
“Shhh, keep it quiet but since we are going to be friends you may as well know now”
“So that person you were describing, who might that be then?”
“You might find out tonight” says Louis with a wink as the teacher comes to inspect their work, or should I say Louis’ work.
“Great job, now write out a description of the outcomes in each test tube” Mrs Shackley says in a sour tone.
“Of course Mrs Shackley!” Nicki wait till she starts to walk off, “Bitch” Nicki mutters
Louis laughs and he knows they will get along.
“Why has she got to be so bitter?” Nicki asks Louis not really expecting an answer, she doesn’t eat one but instead a “So what’s Harry preference in a guy?”

When they arrive at their table Nicki tells them all about her and Louis’ conversation, “So your saying you found out he’s gay, he’s into me, and he wants to know what my preferences are in a guy!” “Yes! It’s so exciting right! I think he might make a move on you tonight so before we leave we will get you 100% ready for a kiss!” Says Nicki like she’s excited for Christmas. “But I – I -” Harry’s cut off by Liam saying “Just accept it! He likes you and you like him, you never know, tonight might be the start of the rest of your life so make the most of it!”
“Okay, I’ll try, I’m just so shocked ya know Li, I’m so shocked that he actually likes me!”
Nicki gives him a hug and then Niall joins in, they leave the cafeteria and go and sit in a circle on the field because it was quite warm outside for the start of November. “The bell is about to ring I can just feel it” Niall says, “Look Niall -” but Zayn is cut off by the bell, ” TOLD YOU, TOLD YOU, HAHAHAHAHAHA” Niall chants. “Oh god Niall” Liam says, “Ok after school is over, get your outfits ready and come over to mine, we got a party to get ready for!” Nicki says. “Ok bye! See you all soon” Liam says hugging them all. And they head back to class.

Nicki hears a knock on the door as she is just getting ready to get in the shower, she turns the shower off and goes to the door, it’s Niall who is always on time, “Go and sit down babe, I’m just getting in the shower, when the others come just let them in okay.” “K” Niall replies with his mouth full of Nicki’s left over pizza.
Nicki just laughs and grins like an idiot because she loves Niall and she can never stay mad at him.
When Nicki gets out of the shower she comes out still in her towel and notices Zayn had arrived, “Hey” Nicki says, it’s always been like this ever since Zayn and her broke up, they would talk but not too much, she probably still loved him, she just didn’t accept it yet. “Ok I’m just gona choose my stuff to wear and do my hair and make-up, when Li and Haz get here you guys can all just get dressed and do ya hair in the mirror of my bathroom, oh and when Haz gets here tell him to come to my bedroom, he’s so good at helping with my makeup and I need to talk to him so yeah, see ya’ll soon” “See ya” Niall says.

Liam arrives and not too long after Harry arrives too, “Nicki wants you to go see her, she’s in her room” Zayn says to Harry. “Ok ill just go there now”
“Hey Nic, omg, wow, you look, you look amazing!”
Harry was amazed at Nicki, she was wearing a gorgeous blue dress that was tight and had a cut out near her boobs and on the sides, she was wearing some sparkly Versace heels he had never seen before and she just recently got a new wig which looks really real, it was blonde with darker roots.
“Do I really look that good?”
“Yes! Even though I’m gay I think you look pretty good, your gona have a lot if guys after you tonight, Liam will have to be your body guard, well, do a turn!” Harry says
Nicki turns around and Harry is gob smacked.
“Wow! Your bum looks really good in this!” And they both laugh, “well once you’ve helped me with my makeup we’ll go show the others k”
“Ok what should I do?”
“Do my eyeliner please, you are really good at it”
While they do her makeup they talk more about tonight and Louis. “So what are you gona do tonight, ya know with the whole Louis thing”Nicki asked
“I think I’ll just wait for the right moment and if I sense that he wants to go in for a kiss, ill go in and hopefully it will be perfect!” Harry replies.

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They talk some more and then Harry goes out and says “May I have all your attention here!” Harry announces “Here comes our beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL friend, miss Nicki Minaj!!” Nicki walks out and does a turns and asks them what they think, “I think, wow!” Liam says, “Yeah, you look gorgeous Nic!” Niall says, Zayn is just speechless, he knows he’s still in love with her, he knows it now, he has never really stopped, “Wow Nic, you look so beautiful, he goes to hug her, she hugs him back and it lasts for a long 45 seconds. “C’mon now, rap it up, we got a bar to get to!” Niall says. “Hang on I still gotta get changed, ill be 10 mins max ok!” Harry says running off, Nicki runs after him to tell him to wear this really good men’s fragrance and then goes back to the lounge area.

“We really gotta help Haz tonight” Nicki says, “Yeah and we will we just gotta put him and Louis in a situation together” Liam says, “I’ll just go see how he going” Nicki says pretty surprised at the connection him and Zayn are having and it feels like when they first started college all over again. Zayn waits till Nicki’s gone, ” Bro, I’m still in love with Nicki, I never stopped loving her, I want her back eh” Liam and Niall just stare at him, “Well do you want us to help you two get together as well as Louis and Haz?” Niall asks after a long silence, “Well try, I don’t know if she feels the same so yeah but try”
“Okay bro but you gota try get with her too, if she says no she don’t want to, say you were a bit drunk the next morning to keep things not awkward, but if she does want to, tell her it’s real and you love her” Liam says passionately as if it means the world to him for Zayn to be happy. “Okay, what should I do though, should I grind on her hot ass?” They all start laughing and then her and Harry walked in “What’s funny guys?” Nicki asks, “Oh just something Zayn said don’t worry about it, oh no look at the time we better get to the Starbucks!” Says Liam thankful that he dodged a bullet, “Ok, last minute essentials check, phone, check, lipstick, check, brush, check, lip balm, check, tissues, check, and listerine, check, ok let’s go!”

When they got to Starbucks they saw them all sitting down. “Hey guys!” said Nicki as her friends were a bit uncomfortable seeing as they were never really friends with them, “Hey!” Khloe says, “Ok let’s go, sorry for being late!” “Oh don’t worry about it we were only waiting a minute” Perrie says. When they get to the club Liam, Zayn, Perrie, Khloe and Louis go and sit at the bar while Niall, Nicki and Harry sit at a booth planning tonight.

“Okay so enough fucking about Harry, time you make a move” Nicki says “Yeah Harry, we can all talk as a group we all go away gradually so it’s just you two and then make your move, talk for about 5 minutes or so and then make a move, okay” Niall adds, “Okay, I just hope everything goes well, I love him guys, I really love him” Harry says, “Love can be deceiving, but sometimes you just know its right aye, like, how you know that fish are meant to be in water or that you know who you are meant to be friends with because you just click with them, ya know” Nicki says, remembering when she felt like that with Zayn, “Yeah, we’ll here they come now, shall we go get a drink then sit back down?” “Yep lets go”.

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Nicki Minaj sex stories part 2.

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