ECR Rootil Maraivaana Kaamam – Spicy Tamil sex kathai

Hello friends, indru tamil kama kathaiyil en kathaliyai ECR rootil selum pozhuthu oru bothaaril iruvarum kaamam seithu santhoshamaaga irunthathai ungalidam pagirugiren.

Ithu oru kathal kathai enbathaiyum ungalidam pagirnthu kolugiren. Vaarungal kathaikul selalam, en peyar ibu vayathu 22 aagugirathu, en udan padikum pennai kathal seithu vanthen.

Muthalil naangal diploma padikum pozhuthu athigam pesi kola matom aanal kalluri padithu mudithu vittu oru naal avalidam irunthu message vanthathu.

Appozhuthu naanum avalum pesi kola aarambithom, sexiyaaga eppozhuthum iravu nerathil thaan athigam pesuvom. Oru naal en kathali aval peyar bena, ennai padam parka theater azhaithu irunthaal.

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Naan sendrathum ennai aval arugil amarthi kondaal, naan avalidam matum thanimaiyil amarnthu irupathu angu iruntha pengaluku poramaiyaaga irunthathu. Irunthaalum parava ilai naan amaithiyaaga aval arugil amarnthu kondu irunthen.

Appozhuthu paathi padam oodi kondu irukum pozhuthu aval en ithazhil satu endru kiss seithu vital. Naanum avalai kiss seithu viten, sari aduthu ena seiyalam endru theriyaamal irunthathu. Appozhuthu thaan muthal murai enbathaal naan athigam ethum seiya vilai. Engal udan thozhigal veru irunthaargal, athanaal andru ethuvum seiya mudiya villai.

Bena ennai aduthu oru naal thanimaiyil azhaithu irunthaal, naanum irandu per matum theater selalam endru thitam pottu sendrom.

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Intha murai nindru kondu sunniyai kanbithu kondu irunthen, bena kutha vaithu amarnthu kondu sunniyai urinthu umbi vital, avalathu thalaiyai irukamaaga pidithu kondu sunniyai vaaikul vittu aati ooka aarambithen.

Sirithu neram sunniyai urinthu umbum pozhuthu enaku irandavathu muraiyaaga vinthu bena vaaikul sendrathu. Intha muraiyum aval sunni vinthai muzhuvathum sappi kudithu vital. Piragu naangal angu irunthu veetirku kilambi vitom, etho engalin nala neram yaarum vara vilai jollyaaga sex seithu oothu kondom.

Aduthu aduthu niraiya idangalim matter pottu vittu jollyaaga sex seithom, aduthu roomil vaithu benavai eppadi sex seithu oothen enbathai adutha tamil kama kathaiyil ungalidam solugiren, nandri vanakam.

Son’s Dick In Sonali’s Pussy

Joy emerged from his room with an envelope in hand and entered my bedroom and came out with a smile of relief on his visage.

“Ma, it was a great relief to write all my feeling for that unique lady. Read it with patience and tell me what you feel. You might get angry but all I have been is bluntly honest. Whatever will be your next step, I’ll accept it gladly.”

“Why do you think I might get angry?”

“Well, it’s not the matter mother and son usually talk about.”

“I told you, dear, I won’t get angry. I will call you when I have finished reading your chronicles.”

“I’ll be in my room.”

I entered the bedroom and found the envelope neatly tucked by the pillow. I positioned myself comfortably with my back on two pillows. I found my fingers trembling as I took out the pages. My eyes scanned every word carefully.

It started with one of the finest descriptions of a lady. He adored and admired her from the bottom of his heart. He emphasized that she had an overwhelming influence over his mind and body. The description resembled a woman of my age. The thought struck me that he might have fallen for Vineeta.

Jetstreams of jealousy foamed in my mind, but I reassured myself with the bathroom masturbation scene. The description got steamier. He mentioned an incident where he had eavesdropped on the lady making love to her husband. The loud moans of the lady, muffled by the thick door, had driven him crazy.

He had started to visualize her sexually from that day. No other woman could give him an erection as hard as her. He had tried hard to shift his urges by fantasizing about other women. But always ended ejaculating thinking over her towards every climax.

As she was happily married he could never gather the courage to even leave a hint for her. Moreover, she was related to him. This was where my heart started thumping, as there was only one last page left. My pulse throbbed with amazing speed as I turned the last page.

It mentioned that very day the lady was looking extremely hot and the effect on her was getting out of hands. He wished that the lady would understand his situation and fulfill all his desires. Then came the last few lines.

“That lady is you Ma – you – I love you very much. I know maybe you will drive me out f the house. But I could not hold back what I am going through. With lots of love, Joy.”

I felt proud that I had raised a brave and honest man. With no more doubts, I called on the intercom.

“You can come to my room—— now.”

I spoke the last word with a combo of assurance and invitation. Joy entered the room a bit hesitantly still unsure of my reaction.“Close the door, and bolt it firmly.” I directed to create further assurance. I got up from the bed and we started walking towards each other till we were face to face.

He uttered “Ma— I.” I put a finger on his lips and looked up straight into his eyes. In my seductive best spoke with my lips close to him. “Actions speak louder than words, Joy,” and with my arms drew him close to my yearning body.

Joy planted a gentle kiss on my lips to which I returned an equally gentle one. Before the sensation of the thrill of our first kiss could sink in all hell broke loose. We simultaneously embarked on a wild mutual mouth feeding frenzy.
The tremendous urgency did not let us stand for long.

We hit the bed with Joy on top of me grabbing me by his strong arms and holding my face lovingly while darting his tongue into my hungry mouth. Heavy moans started emitting from the depths of our throat. Our tongues slithered like eels into each other’s mouth.

Soon our arms were feeling each other. He threw away his t-shirt to reveal his well-toned athletic body. I could not hide the lust as I savored his body and he fell pleased that I appreciated his body. He dived upon me and started kissing my throat and down.

In a swift move, he threw away the pallu to reveal my sleeveless blouse and naked stomach. With trembling hands he grabbed my blouse clad 34 D boobs and sank his face in them. He moaned in pleasure while rubbing his face on them and squeezing them gently.

His eager touches made me shudder in newfound pleasure. He went down on my stomach kissing every inch of it while squeezing my boobs. When he dug his tongue in my deep navel I felt as if being touched by a livewire and shrieking out, “Oh Joy,” grabbed his head with both my hands.

He explored my stomach and navel with his hungry mouth and tongue moaning in intense satisfaction. He hovered at the base of my cunt for some time which made my juices start to flow from within. Then he moved up and kissed me on my lips for a short while.

His hand reached my back and started to fiddle with the knot that held the blouse. “I want to see you, Ma.” He spoke with heavy lust laden voice. I moved his hands and undoing the blouse let it fall on the floor. His eyes smeared with tremendous anticipation.

I undid the lacy bra and revealed my ripe mature yet amazingly firm orbs of delight for his eyes. He kept staring at them for a while. Perhaps unable to believe that he was seeing his wildly coveted mom’s boobs. I took his hands in mine and placed them on my boobs.

His strong palms sent shivers down my spine and he started to knead them like dough. “Oh ma how soft, yet so firm – oh I can’t believe I am doing this.” He kept exclaiming as his fingers kept digging into the softness like a hot knife into butter. The sensation was out of this world.

He kept playing with my boobs as he rode his body upon mine. I felt his raging hard-on writhing against my thigh. The warmth of his cock seeped I through the shorts, saree, and petticoat on to my silky skin. We both felt fresh tremors in our bodies.

I grabbed his head with both my hands and shamelessly said, “Come, baby, have milk.” Oh, the passion with which he gobbled my boobs in his salivating mouth made me go wild. He sucked and squeezed the delicious goblets and especially admired my huge nipples.

As he slobbered my nipples he spoke, “Ma, your nipples are so large and so tasty like black grapes.”

“As a baby, you struggled to get them in your mouth when I suckled you.”

“Really! But now that issue is resolved.”

He renewed his experiments on my nipples and when he started to gently nibble with his teeth. I shrieked out as my whole body shook with incredible sensations. It percolated through my boobs into my heart and down to my watering cunt. I had to have him soon as I badly wanted to see his hard cock.

In a strong move, I turned Joy over and started kissing his torso from the chest with a quick movement. As I reached his six-pack abs my kisses drove him wild and he groaned in pleasure. I saw his erection in his shorts and a swift move of my hands removed his shorts to reveal his lovely hard cock.

Ah, what a sight! A young man’s seven inches long and three-inch circumference cock standing up in all its glory. My palms itched badly to feel him. I grabbed the glorious tool in both my hands and started to stroke I gently.

Joy trembled and uttered with intermitting groans –“ Ma how good your hands feel, oh ma you are so good.”

The heat of his naked cock and sipped into my pussy and I was feeling damn horny. Yeti wanted him to go crazy so that he would plunge that shaft inside my inviting moistness. I thought out talking dirty to him.

“Like your mom’s hands?”

“ Yes, Ma very much.”

“Have you jerked off thinking ma giving you a handjob?”

“Yes, Ma many times.”

“Naughty boy what else did you fantasize about me while jerking?”

“ Ma many things.”

“Tell me ma is here now to fulfill all your fantasies.”

“Ma – can you – can you?” he started to hesitate.

“Don’t be afraid – Ma will give whatever you want.” As I spoke I increased the speed of the cock tugging. The sensation of the speedy handjob broke his inhibitions for good.

“Ma I want to feel your mouth over my cock.”

“Ok, you got it.” My mouth was already watering to get a taste of that glorious cock. I bent down and opening my mouth wide slipped half of that thick hot morsel inside my mouth. “Oh, Ma your mouth is so hot.” He groaned out loud. He grabbed a pillow and sat up so that he could have a better view of his cock.

I remembered Vineeta’s videos of sucking her son and putting it to practice. I managed to slide in the whole cock inside my mouth till the throbbing head touched the back of my throat. The hot head snuggling inside my throat issued fresh currents of lust throughout my body.

I found myself bobbing my head up and down his pulsating cock with effortless ease. I also ensured that my lips were closed tightly on the circumference. My tongue laid comfortably on the sensitive underside of his manhood. That was more than enough to drive any man crazy.

Within a minute Joy grabbed my head with his hands and started speaking incoherently with intermittent bestial groans of pleasure.

“Oh, Ma how many times I have dreamt about this. Oh my God, you really know how to suck. Your throat feels so hot. Sonali, I can’t believe my cock is in your mouth. Sonali, ma, can I call you by your name? Yes, keep those lips tight. Sonali, look into my eyes while you suck.”

I nodded with approval at his request to call me by my name and looked up to his eyes. His face was smeared with agonized pleasure. With every downward stroke as my lips touched the base of his cock, his pleasure grew more intense. The woman in me gloated with satisfaction.

Even at forty-five, I could give a man less than half my age so much pleasure. The fingers running frantically through my hair added to my excitement. I was leaking down there and aching for this throbbing pole to plunge inside me. I made things more unbearable for him.

Caressing his balls with my soft supple palm and fingers, he grabbed my hair with more intense sets of shrieks of pleasure. Finally, he could not take it anymore and spoke the words I was yearning to hear, “Oh, Sonali I want to fuck you now.”

I felt a sense of pride as I removed the saliva drenched pole from my mouth. He grabbed me fiercely and put me down. With lusty hands, he withdrew my saree and threw it away. He repeated the same with my petticoat. His eyes popped out as he saw my cleanly shaven pussy for the first time in his life.

The admiration in his eyes gave me another bout of satisfaction and as a shameless slut, I parted my legs for him. “Like what you see?” I asked with a thick voice.

“Oh yes, Sonali. Ma you are so wet down there, oh ma much better than I imagined. Can I fuck you?”

“Of course dear put that hard cock inside your mom’s pussy.”

He climbed over me and grabbed me with both hands and parted my legs. He placed the tip of his cock on my quivering pussy lips. The touch of his hot cock on my pussy made me moan heavily.

“Oh ma Sonali, I can’t believe my cock is about to enter your wet pussy. Here it goes.”

In one heavy stroke Joy shoved his seven-inch long cock deep inside my juice overflowing pussy. I let out a loud gasp as his thick hot cock filled my insides and grabbed his head. He too gasped out in pleasure as he found the warmth of my cunt much more pleasurable than he had envisioned.

Mother and son lay still for a few minutes looking at each other savoring the warmth of our private parts. “Oh, Sonali you are so unbelievably hot. I really can’t believe I am really inside you. Ma you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world.”

He spoke with earnestness and then slowly pulled out till the tip. He pushed it inside with the same speed. He continued a similar motion for two minutes which got us both urgent. I could feel the beginning of an earth-shattering orgasm start to build up in me.

Joy stood up and slid my legs between his arms. He put them down till my knees were almost near my ears. He grabbed my face with his hands and in this new position, his cock was touching the innermost parts of my cunt which had never been touched before in my life.

“Oh, Sonali Ma you are so flexible.”

He started to plunge in and out of my heavily watering cunt. Gradually increasing speed letting the full seven-inch length come out till the bulbous head. Then slide inside till his pelvic zone slapped against me. His heavy balls were also thumping against me which increased my excitement further.

The long building tension between us had already put us in an orgasmic zone. I felt faint tremors in his abdomen along with mine. This meant both of us were nearing a befitting climax. The urgency of his thrusts grew. Within two minutes he started fucking me with tremendous speed making my wetness more intense.

Soon both of us started to moan and groan in the throes of uncontrollable passion and started talking dirty. “Fuck me Joy, fuck me like a slut, fuck my brains out.” I kept shrieking as he plundered my cunt.

“Sonali what a cunt you have. I will fuck you every day and night. Yes, I will fuck like a slut.” He was also gasping heavily.

“Fuck your mom Joy, fuck your mother.”

“Yes I am fucking my mom, always wanted to fuck you mom.”

I started to thrust upwards to meet his ferocious thrusts. As the first quivering of my orgasm started I wrapped my arms around him. I shouted, “Joy, don’t stop till I cum. You’re going to make your mother cum hard.”

“Ma, here take more. Take my cock deep in your hot pussy.”

Joy worked up tremendous speed. Our moans, sighs, the squelching sounds of his cock sliding in and out of my watering pussy. The slapping sounds as our bases met with wanton lust. It created a heavily lust laden atmosphere which was getting unbearable for both of us.

I could not take it anymore. My orgasm started to build up much faster than I anticipated. He fucked me with unbearable pleasure all over his face. I started shrieking. “ Joy I am going to cum, make your mom cum.”

“ Cum Ma cum, Sonali cum all over your son’s cock.”

All the floodgates shattered as my whole body shook uncontrollably. I started to cum like never before. Copious amount of cum juice spewed out of my pussy drenching his hard cock as I almost fainted. The sensation of my pussy extracts bathing his cock broke his control. He let out a long yell of primitive pleasure.

“ Ma I am cumming, too.”

He buried his cock in my pussy to the hilt and started to cum. I felt him throb repeatedly deep inside. The sweet sensations of his thick hot arm cum gushing inside me. I was still cumming. He kept on cumming for at least a minute and finally letting my legs free he slumped over my body.

He was exhausted from the labors of love. I somehow managed to cross my legs over his waist and clung hard to him. We laid still sleeping in each other’s body heat and let our juices mingle inside my satisfied cunt. I don’t know how long we laid like that.

But eventually, I was the first to open my eyes and saw Joy still breathing heavily with his face deeply buried in my boobs. Then I realized what I have achieved. My God, I have fucked my son’s brains out and he too had fucked his mother’s brains out. So what? It felt damn good.

To be continued.

Cuckolding In The Car And In The Theater

As soon as the car exited my apartment, I told Divya to remove the zip of the jacket.

She looked at Mayank with puppy eyes and asked – Mayank, your colleague wants me to remove my jacket’s zip. Should I? I’m practically naked. Shall I expose my body to him?

He said yeah ok and adjusted the rearview mirror. The car has a Magnetic window sun shield which is a zipper-type one that can be closed and opened. No one can see through it especially during nights.

She now pulled down the zipper completely. I kept one hand on her thigh and started rubbing it slowly. She leaned back and gave a small sound. Mayank slowed down the car, he’s trying to take peek whenever possible.

I now moved my hand to her inner thighs. Her pussy got hot and I can feel the warmth already on my fingers. I kept teasing her pussy and she’s enjoying it. My other hand went to her boobs and pulled her boobs out of her bra. I am squeezing her boobs and twisting her nipples.

She started moaning slowly. Her voice is not too loud so no one can hear her from outside of the car. Mayank is looking at us whenever possible.

Divya said – Mayank, don’t look back. It’s important to stay alive. And we can’t afford an accident especially when I’m almost naked in the backseat. If you want I can narrate what’s happening in backseat. You listen to my voice but concentrate on driving.

Mayank said okay to her idea.

Divya – Now Sid’s one hand is on my thighs almost near my pussy. He’s rubbing my thighs but not touching the treasure just 3 inches above the thighs. Also, his other hand is tweaking my nipples while I am trying to control my moans. It is so hot. I am loving it.

Divya – Your wife is enjoying getting mauled by your colleague while you’re driving the car. His hands are making me go crazy. Please ask him to touch my pussy and give me an orgasm Mayank, please.

Mayank – Please touch her, Sid.

Me – What should I touch? And whom? Say it properly, Mayank.

Mayank – Sid, please touch my wife’s pussy. She needs an orgasm. Make her cum. Please.

Me – Should I do it with my fingers or should I use my tongue?

Mayank – Anything you wish, please make my wife cum for you.

“Ok I will, Divya you continue to narrate what I am doing.”

Divya – Thank you Mayank. Now Sid pushed my legs apart, he pushed my thong aside. He’s looking at my pussy. He slowly got on his knees on the car floor. Now he’s kissing my thighs. Now he’s kissing my inner thighs. Go on Sid. He came to my pussy and stopped, looking directly in my eyes with a cunning smile.

Divya – He is not breaking eye contact. Now he used his tongue to give a soft lick on my pussy from bottom to top. His hands went back and caught hold of my ass. They’re so warm. Aah, now his tongue went inside. He’s licking my pussy. He’s sucking all the juices.

Divya – I love this feeling. I love being sucked by your colleague while you’re driving the car. Aahh, his tongue is making me mad. Wow. I am gonna cum. I am cumming.

She came and I drank all her juices. I got up and cleaned my mouth with tissues and sat back. Now she’s in the trance of cumming and just breathing heavily. Her boobs are heaving up and down as she kept breathing. It was a great view to watch.

Soon the theater we were supposed to go arrived. She adjusted her boobs in her bra, set her thong properly and wore the jacket. We kept walking. I held her by the waist as we walk and he was walking behind us.

I went and took three tickets to a flop movie. It’s in the top row center. The whole theater is empty except for a few couples here and there in corner seats. She sat in the center and I’m on her right. Mayank on left. The movie started and lights were turned off.

I kept my left hand on her thigh. She got the cue. She looked at Mayank and asked him to remove her jacket’s zip. He immediately accepted and pulled it down. Now she removed the whole jacket and gave it to him. I moved one hand behind her and caught her boobs over her bra.

She took her hand to my cock and pulled it out of my trousers and boxer. As I said she loved seeing my cock. I told her to lose the thong. She pulled it down and thrown it at Mayank. He was happy to sniff it and keep it with him. I told her to come on my lap and ride me. She stood and came on my lap.

She took the support of the front seat and raised herself a bit. I adjusted my cock at the entrance and lifted my hips so that my cock slides in. She’s finding it very difficult to come down on me. Her pussy is very tight. I took my hands to her boobs, pulled them from bra and kept kissing her on neck and back.

She’s moaning softly while enjoying the ride. She began to loosen up in a few minutes and finally, my whole cock went in. I asked her how long is Mayank’s cock and she said about 3 and a half inches. I laughed at it. Now her riding speed increased.

Mayank took his cock out and started masturbating. He’s enjoying the view while masturbating. He came in 3 minutes. I laughed at how fast he came. She told me in my ears that is why I was never satisfied. I told her I’m gonna satisfy her from now regularly and she smiled and kissed me.

We kept fucking slow and nice. I gave her hickeys on neck and back. After 15 minutes of slow fucking, she increased the speed of riding. And suddenly she came on my cock. I started pounding hard. I came in her too. Then she got up, wore her panty, adjusted her bra and wore her jacket.

I wiped off the juices with my handkerchief and threw it at Mayank. She sneakily folded it and kept in his pocket. It’s the time for the interval. I told them to let’s go to their home. As usual, Mayank kept driving. We got in the backseat. She hugged me from the side.

My hand kept squeezing her ass all along the ride. Then we went to their home. As she closed the door, she removed her jacket and got naked. I kept my hand on her waist and told her – Let’s go to the bedroom.

Divya – Mayank, from today only I am gonna sleep in the bedroom with my lover. You can sleep on the couch or in the spare room. Of course, you can come and watch, but you cannot touch me.

Saying that we left for her bedroom but didn’t close the door. As we got on the bed, we heard the door opening and Mayank standing in the corner watching us.

It takes a lot of time and effort to write a story. Please hit like if this story. Do let me know your queries, suggestions at [email protected] (Triple O’s). I am available to fantasy chat with ladies on hangouts at the same id. Thank you all.

Taking The Multi-Relationship Proposal To Chloe!

Hello ISS readers. I am back with the next part of the story. Please do read the previous parts to fully know the context. My quick intro. My name is Aafi. I am from Bangalore but I am working and living in Chennai. I am a 25-year-old Software Engineer. You can email me or hangout me at [email protected]

After that intense threesome session with Anna and Rose, we fell asleep very quickly. Rose and I woke up early so that we can visit Chloe at her Grandma’s place. Anna was sleeping, God! She’s looking really beautiful sleeping naked.

Rose: I’ll call Chloe to check if she is still at her Grandma’s place.
Me: Sounds like a great plan. But do you think she’d agree for a multi relationship thing?

Rose: There’s only one way to find out. Let’s get there and I’ll talk to her!
Me: Let’s do that!
Rose: This day is gonna be so much better!
Me: I know!

We reached Chloe’s place in a couple of hours.

Rose: Wow this is a big house!
Me: Yes it is.
Rose: Are you sure this is the right place?

Me: Yes, I was here with Chloe.
Rose: And she’s supposed to sell it? There’s a lot of money here!
Me: I know. More than I will earn myself.

We rang the doorbell. As expected, Candy who is Chloe’s step-sister answered the door.

Candy: I’m coming!

She opened the door and she has her bitch face on.

Candy: Yes?
Rose: Hello. I’m Rose, this is Aafi.
Candy: Oh you again. What do you want?
Rose: We’re here for Chloe, is she here?

Candy: Come in. Hurry it up!
Rose: Who’s she?
Me: Chloe will tell you.

We went inside. Chloe was in the dining room. She was talking to the lawyer from the other day. He was leaving as we entered the dining room.

Chloe: What are you guys doing here?
Me: We’re here for you. Didn’t Rose tell you?
Chloe: She asked me where I am but she didn’t say you were coming.
Rose: Surprise!

Chloe: It really is a surprise!
Candy: So what do you want with Chloe? Are you here for the money too?
Chloe: Candy! Rose this is my sister Candy. Step-sister.
Rose: Nice to meet you.

Me: Candy! We’re not here for any money.
Rose: We’re here for Chloe!
Chloe: They are from the House. What are you guys doing here?
Candy: Whatever, I have things to do.

Rose: We thought we should stop by and say hello, maybe spend a couple of days here with you.
Chloe: What about the School? Shouldn’t you be there?
Rose: We should. But we’re not! Hahaha!

Me: We’re rebels now! Hahaha!
Chloe: Well I’m glad you’re here, you’re welcome to stay as long as you want!
Rose: That’s great! This place is huge!
Chloe: Yes, it’s pretty big.

Rose: And you want to sell it?
Chloe: Yes, the man you saw leaving was a lawyer, he’s going to take care of everything.

Rose: You never told me you had a step-sister.
Chloe: She’s…We’re not on good terms.
Rose: Where is your room? I feel like lying down for a moment.

This must be the moment when Rose tells Chloe her idea. I hope it works.

Chloe: Come, I’ll show you where it is.

Chloe came close to me.

Chloe: I’m happy to see you so soon Aafi! You couldn’t stay away.
Me: It looks like I couldn’t.
Chloe: Good! You belong to me!

Rose: Let’s go.
Chloe: This way.

She took us to her room. You might remember, she has a huge king-size bed.

Chloe: This is my room. It’s not much.
Rose: Are you kidding? It’s great, it’s so big! And the bed is so big too! This place is great!
Chloe: This house has been in my family for a long time.

Rose: I bet it has a lot of history behind it.
Chloe: It does!
Rose: So. There’s something that I wanted to talk to you about.
Chloe: What is it?

Rose: Well. You have to keep an open mind here.
Chloe: You’re cryptic.
Rose: Uhmmm. Hmmm.

Chloe: Spill it out.
Me: Yes Rose. Spill it out.

Here we go. Rose turned towards me.

Rose: Do you mind giving us a moment?
Me: Sure!
Chloe: I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

Rose: Girl talk, you understand Aafi.
Me: Yes, yes I understand!
Rose: Thank you!

So she wants to tell her without me there. Hope it works.

Me: I’ll be around.

I left the room and went back to the dining room. This is never going to work. Is it? I mean we did have a threesome once but is that enough? What if that was just a thing of the moment? The worst-case scenario is that Chloe kicks both of us out. Suddenly Candy came out of nowhere.

Candy: What are you doing here?
Me: The girls wanted to talk, alone.
Candy: And they got rid of you. Poor thing.
Me: Is there something you wanted?

Candy: Uhhh actually there is. So I’m going to get a lot of money soon!
Me: I can imagine, congratulations!
Candy: Thank you! But the problem is that I don’t have anyone to celebrate with. How about you?

Me: Me?
Candy: Yes, why not? I have something in mind.
Me: Really? By the look on your face! I would think so.

Candy: Consider yourself lucky, rich hot girl all alone.
Me: So let me get this straight. What exactly do you have in mind?
Candy: Why don’t you come with me and find out? You won’t regret it.

I knew this is going to be something similar to the last time where she made me cum in 2 minutes.

Candy: You’re not a chicken still. Are you?
Me: I’m not a chicken.
Candy: Follow me if you want to find out what I have in mind this time.
Me: Ok. Let’s see.

We both were heading downstairs to the cellar.

Me: Are we going to the place from the other day?
Candy: Yes, let’s get away from your friends.
Me: Why are you doing this?
Candy: Don’t pussy out on me!

Me: I’m not, I’m just asking.
Candy: Because I feel like having sex. And it’s not like you don’t like, I can see it on your face.

Me: Well…I…
Candy: Yeah, you do.

We reached the spot where Candy made me cum in 2 minutes.

Candy: Did you like what happened on the other day?
Me: Oh yes!

She’s hot and I do want to have sex with her even if she is a slut. She headed further to get changed.

Candy: Wait right there for a minute.
Me: Where are you going?

Candy: To change into what I wore last time.
Me: Ok. Sure!
Candy: Good boy!

She was back in a jiff. Wow! She’s looking hot again. This time she exposed her boobs. Gosh, those cute boobs and brown nipples. I was staring at them hungrily.

Candy: So really to enjoy me?
Me: Holy. Yeah!
Candy: You still like what you see?

Me: Yes!
Candy: Would you like to fuck me?
Me: Yes baby, I would!

She came close to me and grabbed my zipper.

Candy: Let’s see if your toy is ready.
Me: Have a look.
Candy: It feels like a nice toy.
Me: I’m sure it is!

She pooped my dick out and grabbed it in her hand.

Candy: I forgot how big you were.
Me: And it’s not one hundred percent yet.
Candy: You’re one lucky guy!

Me: How come?
Candy: You’re going to have sex with me.

Me: Ohhhh, yes, I am!
Candy: And you have a pretty big cock.
Me: That too!

She made lay on the ground. I was on my back. She sat on my thighs and push herself on my chest. Her boobs were touching my chest. She grabbed my cock in her hand started giving me a handjob.

Candy: Mmmm. Let’s get that cock hard!
Me: Uhhhh, fuck!
Candy: Do you like that?
Me: Yeah!

Candy: Do you like my small hand rubbing it?
Me: I do.

Candy: Oh my. So hard! Clothes off!

I removed all my clothes. She just removed her single strand panty and threw it aside. She then guided my cock inside her pussy. We were still in the same position. It was like a cowgirl position but her boobs were buried into my chest.

Candy: Perfect fit!
Me: What’s that I’m feeling?

Holy shit! It was a butt plug. She was wearing a butt plug all this time. She’s a real slut.

Candy: I have big plans for you!
Me: I like how that sounds.

She started riding my cock slowly, taking it deeper. I was trying to lick her boobs while she rode my cock.

Candy: Stop. Let’s take a break, I don’t want you cumming just yet.
Me: Ok. Ok.

She made me stand. She was on her knees and took my cock in her mouth.

Candy: A small break.
Me: That’s good.

I pushed her head towards my dick. She was blowing my cock deep. Suddenly we heard voices of Chloe and Anna.

Chloe: I think he’s down here.
Rose: How do you know?
Chloe: The light is on over there.

We both stopped and Candy was upset.

Candy: Is there nowhere to getaway?
Me: Holy crap!

They were climbing down the stairs.

Rose: Did you hear that?
Chloe: Hear what?
Candy: Damn it!
Chloe: I heard that. Aafi is that you?

We could hear them coming closer to us.

Candy: Don’t you answer them, we’re not done here.
Me: I have to!
Candy: Don’t be a pussy!

Me: Come on, please!
Candy: You own me big time!
Me: Yes, I owe you! I will make it up to you later. I promise!

We both got dressed. Candy ran somewhere. I guess there was another way to get out of here. I quickly got dressed and called them out.

Me: I’m here, it’s me!
Chloe: What are you doing here?
Me: I was looking around.

Rose: Why is your shirt out of your pants?
Me: I thought I saw something on that shelf but it’s too high for me.
Rose: Did you see all the wine down here?

Me: Yes. So much wine here.
Chloe: It’s not safe alone down here. Ghosts!
Me: Spooky!
Rose: Hahaha!

Chloe: You know. Rose told me about your idea.
Me: It was mostly her idea.
Chloe: I think it’s a good idea.

Me: You do?!
Rose: She does.
Me: Oh, that’s good!

Holy shit, she went for it. Amazing! I’m with two girls now!

Chloe: I’m not sure how it would work but I’m open to it.
Rose: Well. It’s the 21st century, what’s the big deal?
Chloe: I think we should keep it private. Just to be sure.

Rose: I agree. And when it’s just us.
Chloe: We can do whatever we want.
Me: This is like a dream.
Rose: Hahaha!

We all got into a group hug.

Chloe: To be honest. I could never get it out of my head. What happened that day in the library.
Rose: I know. I keep dreaming about it!
Me: Me too!

Chloe: And Rose told me about her thing with Jason. That’s behind us now.
Rose: Jason who?
Chloe: Exactly!

Rose: You know. We only have that one memory at the library. Let’s take on in the cellar.
Me: Really?

Chloe: That’s a great idea! Don’t you think Aafi?
Me: Hell yes!

Rose hugged Chloe. I could see she’s a bit emotional.

Rose: I dreamt of this moment for a while.
Chloe: By the look on Aafi’s face he did too.
Me: Are you kidding me? I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time!

Chloe: Hahaha!
Rose: Then we should make sure not to disappoint you.
Chloe: I’m sure we won’t.

We wasted no time. We undressed each other and became fully naked. I made Chloe lie on the ground on her left. Her left leg was on the ground and the right leg was on top of the left leg. I was on my knees just in front of her pussy and inserted my dick into her pussy.

Rose was sitting on top of Chloe’s hip with her face towards me. Rose and I were kissing while I fucked Chloe’s pussy. Chloe was playing with Rose’s butt hole. Chloe was slowly fingering Rose anally. Rose was biting my lips in excitement. After 10 minutes we changed.

Now Rose was lying on her left. I went behind her. Her back was buried on my chest. I inserted my cock into Rose’s pussy from behind. Chloe got up and sat on Rose’s face to get her pussy licked.

I lifted Rose’s right leg in the started fucking her. Chloe was rubbing her clit while Rose licked her pussy. I was sucking Rose’s right nipple too. Our moans were echoing all over the cellar. We switched positions. Rose was now lying on her back.

I went into a missionary position and started fucking her pussy. Chloe was kneeling near Rose’s head. I and Chloe were kissing while I fucked Rose’s pussy. This continues for a few more minutes.

Chloe: I want to go again.

I made Chloe lie on her right. I went behind her, my chest resting on her back. I fucked her from behind. Rose was below us. She was sucking my balls while I fucked Chloe’s pussy.

Chloe: Ahhhhh.
Rose: My turn!
Me: Holy. Uhhhhhh.

Both the girls made me lie flat on the ground. Rose sat on my dick in cowgirl position and started riding my cock. Chloe sat on my face in a cowgirl position and made me suck her pussy. Oh my God! I was in heaven!

I sucked Chloe deep, she orgasmed in no time. Rose orgasmed herself by jumping harder and faster on my cock. I was about to cum too. Chloe wanted all my cum. I made her sit and then shot my cum all over her top, from boobs till her belly. Rose went behind Chloe and then spread my cum all over her boobs and belly.

Me: Uhhhhhh.
Rose: Mmmmmm. Oh my.
Chloe: Ahhhhh. It’s all over me.

Rose: This was so much fun!
Me: Ohhhh it was!
Chloe: You can say that again!

We were lying for a while as I was exhausted. I decided it was the right to tell her about Anna.

Me: Hey Chloe, there’s one more thing.
Rose: Oh yeah, here it comes.
Chloe: What is it?

Me: It’s not just a three-way relationship. It’s actually four-way.
Chloe: What? Who is the fourth person?
Me: Uhmmm! Anna.

Chloe: I knew it, you guys slept together. How can you not! After all a girl and a boy in a single room. Things happen.
Me: Exactly! And I like her very much and she loves me a lot.

Chloe: In some way, I knew it. If I can be open to three, I can be open to four, too. Is Rose fine with that?
Rose: Oh yes! I’m totally fine.
Chloe: But is Anna fine?

Me: Hey, I’m not sure about four-way but she definitely wants to live with me. So she is ready to move with all of us.
Chloe: Yeah, it’s not like we will be having four-way every time. But we are ready to share you among all three of us.

Me: Whew! I thought it was very difficult to convince you all.
Chloe: How can we say no to you? After all, you are a Hero!
Rose: Oh yes! Our Hero!

Me: Oh yeah, that I’m! Hahaha!
Rose: Hahaha!
Chloe: Hahaha!

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email or hangout at [email protected]

My first encounter with a stranger in Bangalore

Hello hornies, let me introduce me first. I am 30, 5.10, 78 kg with man boobs decent looking guy from Bangalore. This is my real story which happened a month ago in Bangalore.

Through planet Romeo app (my ID: hemacd1990,) I met a traveler who was from Mumbai and he was visiting Bangalore for a business trip. He was around 45, 6 feet, 85kg+ and plumpy.

We got connected in PR and it was an instant connection. We both are versatile and that clicked. We chatted for a day and then we decided to meet on a Saturday morning in his hotel room.

At sharp 10 am, I was at his room door. He opened the door. I could smell the cigarette odor. We locked the door, went to the bed and sat for some time talking general things. Straight off he offered me a cigarette. I told him I like it only after sex.

We both started kissing each other for a straight 10 minutes. I just loved the way he kissed which comes by experience.

After that, we took a break undressed each other and went to the bathroom. As planned previously, we both shaved each other clean including chest and private areas. We cleaned our assholes too and then we had a nice shower.

After that, we dried ourselves and jumped on the bed and started caressing each other’s body. We lip locked each other and he was exploring my back. His sensual touch was giving me goosebumps.

I started caressing his ass while we were kissing. This went on for some time. We were rolling on the bed like snakes. After some time, he sat on my thighs and started pressing my man-boobs while I started playing with his small dick.

He had dick which was abt 5-inches when hard while mine was a 6.5-inches. He was sucking my boobs and gave me a lovebite. I could feel his hunger for sex for so long. Slowly, he went down and put his tongue all over my thighs. He had made my dick hard even without touching.

Then he started smelling my asshole after lifting my leg. He took hold of my hard dick. First, he moved my foreskin back and started tasting my precum.

Slowly, he took my cock completely inside while I was holding his head and pushing it further. He was a pro-sucker and sucked me for 10 minutes. And when I couldn’t control anymore, I told him. But he was in no mood to listen.

Finally, I came in his mouth and he drank it completely and cleaned my dick. He hugged me and then slept. While he was sleeping, I was playing with his limp dick which was not even hard.

Slowly, I got down and took his dick as well as balls inside my mouth which woke him up. He sat at the bed corner while I got on my knees and started sucking. I was completely taking it inside and he was enjoying every moment of it.

While I was sucking him, I got my dick hard and asked him to get in 69. While I was sucking his cock, he took some lube and started putting on my asshole and slowly inserted his middle finger. A current passed through my body and I moaned loudly.

I pressed his ass against my face to reduce the sound. He understood that I was a virgin and slowly started moving in and out. I was gasping for my breath and I stopped sucking him. He came to my right side and started kissing me while finger fucking me. I could taste my cum in his mouth while he kissed. Slowly, I got used to the finger-fucking.

He added some more lube and inserted his second finger also. I held him tight and kissed him. After some time, I started enjoying it. He increased his speed. Then he got up and asked me to suck while he opened condom cover and he put it on his dick. It was a chocolate flavor condom and I sucked it for some time. He then pulled me to the corner of the bed.

He opened my ass and slowly started pushing his 5-inch dick. After a couple of efforts and with the help of the lube, it went in. He started pumping me.

I could feel his dick tearing my ass and going back and forth. He fucked me like that for 5 minutes and when he was about to cum, I asked him to cum on my man boobs. He came with a loud grunt and fell on the bed right next to me.

My dick was still rock hard again. So I lifted his legs and started rimming him. The smell was different and I started enjoying it after some time. He was moaning like a girl when I was rimming.

I tasted him for some time. As he was not a virgin, I could easily put my 2 fingers in his asshole. Finally, I put my condom and asked him to suck my cock. He sucked my cock and made it rock hard. I asked him to be in doggy position and inserted my dick in his ass. He was moaning and was calling out my name.

We fucked like that for 10 minutes. Then he came on top of me and started riding me. I could feel my dick going deep inside him and I was enjoying the view.

We changed the position again to missionary and started fucking him with all my energy. He was shouting harder. I had to liplock him while fucking to reduce the noise. We fucked like that for a while and then he started sucking me when I was nearing to climax. Finally, I shot my load of cum and he drank all of it and cleaned my dick.

We were lying naked on the bed cuddling each other and enjoying the aroma of sex which was in the room. Then he got up and made a drink for both of us.

As it was already 1 pm, we ordered food and had a couple of drinks. We smoked hugging each other after lunch and slept for some time. We had one more session in the shower before we left and then he went to the airport.

When he comes again, we are planning to have one more session where we will be dressed as cross-dressers and do a roleplay of lesbian.

Anyone interested to meet me in Bangalore please send an email to [email protected] with your body pics. Let’s connect and have fun.

A Naughty Date With A Trans Woman

Hey everybody, and a very special welcome to all transwomen, femboys and queer folk. It’s been a while since I posted a story here. But I’m back to start providing some brand new content.

Some info about me first: I’m 5’11, Punjabi by background. But been living abroad for quite some time, bisexual and most definitely a dom top. I find myself to be attracted to femininity in all of its forms.

Although I find trans women incredibly attractive I don’t purely sexualize them. I believe there is no difference between a cis and trans woman. But let’s get started with the story.

The sun was beginning to set over the city. The last rays of the sun lined the buildings with a golden, almost godly rim as the blue of the sky began to fade into darkness. I twitched impatiently in the cab. It had only been about 5 minutes since I left the hotel. But it was beginning to feel like an eternity.

My heart pounding louder and faster in my chest with each passing minute. I kept checking my phone, re-reading her messages, again and again, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. “See you at 6 pm hun, xx.” This was gonna be my first proper date while visiting India.

As I stared at her profile pic, I couldn’t believe that it was with someone so beautiful. She had plump pink lips, dark brown eyes, and curly long hair. Caramel skin that looked as smooth and sweet as caramel itself. Finally, the buildings parted and the mall came into view.

The setting sun behind it; its golden aura acting as a beacon of light, beckoning me towards it. The excitement of being with a beautiful woman can make a man find beauty even in the most basic of things. Quickly handing the cab driver some cash I jumped out.

A notification popped up on my phone, “Hey, I’m here. I’m standing in front of the mall.” I took a deep breath, composed myself and made my way towards the entrance. “Wow,” I thought to myself as she appeared before me. An adorable smile on her face as our eyes met.

We made our way towards each other. A flowery tube top adorned upon her caramel skin which she paired nicely with a sexy black mini skirt and black heels. She put her arms around my neck, locking me into a warm hug. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her petite feminine frame against my larger masculine body.

Not only did she look beautiful, but her fragrance was also beautiful. I didn’t wish to let go of her. However as I felt a rush of blood begin to go down towards my dick, I realized it was time our loving embrace came to an end. And as we began to talk, we made our way into the mall.

The conversation wasn’t difficult with her. We had been chatting for quite some time online. I felt comfortable with her and I could tell she felt comfortable with me. Her arm brushing up against mine whenever she got the chance. She was resting her head against me as we watched people frantically run from store to store.

Grabbing onto my arm she led me through the mall, entering any store we found to be of interest. Helping each other choose outfits and shoes and accessories. Smiling and laughing together like we had the world to ourselves. After going to a few different stores we found ourselves in Zara.

I held her hand as we walked through the women’s section, pointing out anything that I thought would look good on her. However, her eyes lit up when she spotted this gorgeous black dress, pulling it out she asked me what I thought. “It’s sexy,” I said, “but yet again you’d look sexy in anything.”

Suddenly as she raised her eyebrow, her adorable smile became a sultry smirk. She slowly took two steps closer towards me; mere inches apart and she looked up into my eyes. I placed my hands on her waist and whispered “I think you should try it on,” biting her lip she replied, “Maybe you should join me, baby.”

The Zara employee continued to stare at us as we walked past her, making our way towards the change room. The adrenaline rushing through our bodies as we searched for an empty one. The store was busy but I guess we were too impatient to wait. So we didn’t care about the people.

I let her enter before me, watching her ass as she sexily struts into an empty change room. I quickly looked around to make sure nobody was looking before pushing aside the heavy curtain and entering in. As soon as I did so, I pushed her up against the wall. Her fragrance was enough to seduce me.

Closing my eyes I leaned in slowly for a kiss. Very quickly I felt her lips meet mine. Her plump lips tasted so sweet. As I savored her, my hands sliding from her waist to her ass. I squeezed her booty tightly as our kiss became more passionate.

She wrapped her arm around my head, her hands running through my hair. Her other hand ran down my chest towards my crotch. And she grasped my hard cock firmly through my black jeans, letting out a cute whimper of surprise as she felt its size.

Now kissing me more passionately, our tongues began to tussle as we sucked and bit on each other’s lips. I started to pull her skirt up, resting it on her waist, squeezing her booty again. While I did so she began to undo my belt, unzipping my jeans as I kissed her neck.

Sucking on her caramel skin, biting her neck softly as she let out a whimper of pleasure. She pushed me back, staring into my eyes yet again with her sultry smile. She pulled her tube top off. In turn, I pulled my shirt off exposing my bare chest.

My shirt, her top, and her bra fell to the ground before we hungrily grabbed onto each other again. Our lips locked as I started to play with her titties. Teasing and pinching her nipples with my fingers, squeezing her petite yet natural tits.

She began to moan into my mouth, gyrating her hips against my crotch. I grabbed onto her waist and slammed her against the wall again. Making a loud thud. We froze in place. Afraid that we may get caught, but it appeared that the customers didn’t notice the sound. Or maybe they just didn’t care.

I grabbed onto her waist again and turned her around, pressing her chest against the wall as her ass rested on my cock. She arched her back, pushing her gorgeous booty against me. I knew she wanted it. Standing behind her I kissed her neck, she let out a quiet moan.

I went down and kissed her shoulder, which was followed by a whimper. As she felt the warmth of my breath move down her back she let out a sigh of pleasure. Her body tingles as she feels the teasing sensation of my breath. I was on my knees, inches away from her ass as she stood pressed up against the wall.

Suddenly a Zara employee yelled out, “Excuse me ma’am is everything ok? I heard a sound earlier.” We froze, for a moment I thought it was over. We were getting so close to the fun part. Pressed up against the wall, with her ass inches from my face she replied, “Yeah sorry everything’s ok, the sound was nothing.”

And with that, the attendant left and we could return to our dirty, naughty fun. Grabbing onto her skirt I pulled it down to her ankles. She stepped out and kicked it to the side. Her black lace panties looked so good on her ass, barely able to contain her hard clitty as it dripped precum into her panties.

I kissed her ass cheek and as I grabbed onto her panties. I bit her booty softly. She let out another whimper as her panties fell to her ankles. Once again she stepped out of them and brushed them to the side with her feet, spreading her legs a bit wider and pushing her ass out more.

She understood exactly what I had in mind for her. So I grabbed her booty and spread her cheeks. She felt my breath move closer in, she moaned as she felt my lips on her buttpussy. Her dick twitching as my tongue circled her tight hole, moaning again as my tongue began to slide inside her.

I grasped her ass tight, digging my lips and tongue in her pussy. She began to quiver. Her quiet moans and whimpers became louder as I quickened my pace and thrust my tongue further inside her ass. She let out a loud moan. So I grabbed her black panties and got up.

Grasping her face I kissed her. “Open your mouth,” I said. Without hesitation, she did as she was told. I slid her panties into her mouth, she chewed it up, holding it in her mouth. I slammed her back against the wall. Going back onto my knees, I dug my face back into her ass.

As my tongue explored her tight, wet hole, I spanked her ass. Hard enough for her to feel it, but soft enough so it wouldn’t be heard by the other shoppers. With her panties in her mouth, her moans became muffled. Yet she began to grind her ass on my face, shaking in pleasure as I ate her pussy out.

With one hand she started playing with her dick, and with the other, she grabbed my head and pushed me deeper into her ass. Spanking her ass again I got back up and pulled her panties out of her mouth. She took a deep breath, smiled and kissed me, tasting her ass on my tongue.

“Your pussy tastes so sweet, baby,” I said as I ran my hands through her hair. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then started kissing my neck, she moved her lips up to my ear and whispered, “Fuck me.” Within seconds she found herself slammed against the wall again.

Her ass poking out towards me even more than before, smiling with anticipation. Her asspussy aching to be fucked. I pulled a condom and sachet of lube out of my wallet (I came prepared for this). But she grabbed my hand and said, “No baby, fuck me raw. Please.”

I put the condom back in and threw my wallet to the side. I pulled my pants down and emptied the lube sachet onto my dick and a little bit on her buttpussy. Placing my cock against her hole, I pushed ever so slightly. I started teasing her hole, circling the tip of my thick cock on it.

“Daddy’s gonna breed this pussy,” I whispered into her ear. She closed her eyes and nodded, “Hmmm yes daddy,” she said. I wrapped my arm around her, sliding my hand up to her neck. I started to choke her softly. Whispering into her ear again, “How bad you want daddy’s cock?”

She rubbed her ass on my cock. My words turning her on so much she couldn’t bear to wait. “I want your cock so bad. Please fuck me, daddy,” she whispered, “Breed my pussy.” She moaned as she felt my cock push inside her hole. With my other hand, I slid my fingers into her mouth.

Now standing behind her, my cock sliding inside her, one hand choking her and the other sliding in her mouth. She started sucking my fingers passionately, muffling her whimpers as my cock entered her. Stretching her tight buttpussy, until I was inside her.

I started thrusting, starting slow as I opened her pussy up for me. Biting her ear, I teased her. While slowly fucking her, increasing my pace after every few thrusts. I was fucking her ass deep, stretching her wet hole as she sucked on my fingers. Her moans were muffled but only slightly.

I heard a voice from outside the changing room whisper, “Pata nahi yeh saath wale meh kya ho raha hai.” But I believe they could tell clearly what was going on. The sound of our bodies slamming against one another echoed alongside my powerful grunts and her sexy moans.

I started fucking her ass hard. Her body shaking and trembling with pleasure as she held the wall trying to keep her balance. My cock almost lifting her off the floor, barely standing on the tips of her toes. I stretched her asshole. I grabbed her face and turned it to the left.

Both of us staring into the changing room mirror next to us, “Look at how good you look getting fucked like a slut,” I said, “You like it don’t you.” She looked up at me with her eyes wide, biting her lips as she quietly nodded. Afraid that if she opens her mouth to speak she would moan louder than ever before.

She didn’t want this to end. But as she looked into my eyes she started thrusting her ass back and forth in time with my thrusts. Riding my cock while I fucked her. I kissed her lips, increasing my pace. We were at the point of no return. I wanted to fuck her so hard. And so that’s exactly what I did.

Slamming my cock inside her as she thrust her ass back onto my cock, I filled her pussy. I moved my hand down to her dick. Taking it into my hands, rubbing it while I fucked her against the wall. She placed her face against the wall, to muffle her moans. But she was too loud for it to work.

I pulled her off the wall, grabbed her left leg and pulled it up. My arm wrapped under her knee. Her calf and foot dangling as I held her leg up high, still fucking her ass from behind. I held her up as her hand caressed my face. The pleasure had loosened her body to the point where she had no control.

She had succumbed to me and my cock. With one of my arms wrapped under her knee, holding her leg up and the other wrapped around her waist. She began to jerk her dick. Whimpering and moaning as both of us started getting close. Soon she whispered, “I’m cumming.”

With that, she shot her load straight onto the wall. It began to slowly drip down I whispered, “I’m cumming now too,” she moaned out loud as my cum shot deep inside her, filling her tight hole. I continued to kiss her neck. I let her ass drain the last few drops of my cum, sliding my cock out.

Placing her leg back down, I turned her around, kissing her again. Now in a loving embrace, a passionate and romantic kiss. As we kissed I slid my hand back down her ass, scooping out some cum from her hole and sliding my fingers into her mouth. She ate up my cum with glee.

And she looked gorgeous doing it too. After one last quick kiss, we quickly got dressed and stepped out of the change room. We completely forgot where we were and both foolishly excited at the same time. Suddenly several eyes were on us. 2 women and a Zara employee watched quietly as we quickly ran out.

Our cheeks were red with embarrassment but also excitement. We had just fucked in public, and it was awesome. Unfortunately, we left the black dress there and were too embarrassed to return for it. We left Zara and continued walking through the mall.

Suddenly she tugged at my arm and turned me around. “Hey let’s go watch a movie,” she said, “Okay, sure. Which one?” I replied. She took a second to think and said, “How about Street Dancer 3D?” With a surprised look on my face, I said, “Really? I heard it was bad.”

She raised her eyebrows again, giving me that sultry smirk that turns me on so much. “Oh wait,” I said, “We aren’t going to the cinema to watch the movie. You have something else in mind…”

And that concludes Part 1 of the story. If you liked it please feel free to leave me some feedback and comments. You can comment to let me know if you want part 2 of this story. And follow my pages for the latest sex story updates and new sex stories for you all to touch yourself to.

Awesome Threesome With Sneha And Pooja

Hi, I am Chetan Sharma. I am writing this story after a long time. I hope you like it.

This story is about how I had a threesome sex with two of my friends.  In previous stories, I have already told you about my friends Sneha and Pooja. Today I am going to tell you how unexpectedly I had sex with both of them together. For those who have not read the stories do read them here.

A brief introduction of Sneha and Pooja for them. Sneha is very fair and beautiful with moderate size ass and boobs. While Pooja is a bit wheatish but with huge assets that anyone would fall for.

I returned to town after a long time. Sneha, Pooja, Ravi and I decided to meet. We planned that we will go for a two-day outing. But we didn’t have that much time. So we decided that we will go to an amusement park and then spend the night together having drinks.

So the day came and we went to the amusement park. It had both land and water rides. And we did both. I especially enjoyed the water park as unintentionally I touched their boobs many times. And a few times I could see their highlighted nipples. But I ignored it as I was more concerned about protecting them.

That day both Sneha and Pooja had dressed very well. Sneha wore a dress that was way above her knees. She was looking very beautiful and Pooja wore a top and hot pants. She was looking sexy too. But Sneha almost won my heart with her beauty.

So after the amusement park, we booked a hotel and on the way to the hotel, we brought drinks. We had two rooms booked and the owner didn’t allow us to stay together in one room. Anyways we spent most of the time together in one room. After having dinner we started drinking.

Ravi got drunk and was out of control and went to sleep in the other room. I was there with Sneha and Pooja. We had finished the whole bottle. I didn’t feel drunk but ya it affected me. Suddenly Sneha started crying. So I hugged her. She was missing her boyfriend with whom things were not going so well.

Sneha came from behind and hugged both of us. I was in between both of them and a bit drunk. Their boobs pressing against my chest and back. I was not able to control and my dick got a bit hard. I was wearing shorts. Sneha was wearing very short night shorts and almost all of her legs were exposed.

Pooja was wearing the hot pant and top she wore at the park. Sneha’s shorts were thin and my cock was rubbing against her pussy. I don’t know if she could feel it. But I had no other option as I was in between both of them. Then Sneha pushed Pooja as she wanted me all to herself and hugged me hard.

I was kissing her forehead trying to make her calm. Her arms were around me all the time. Then I don’t know why I kept my head on her shoulder and started kissing her on the neck. She didn’t resist. I too was doing it unintentionally as I was a bit drunk. But I had no plans to fuck her till now.

We were just hugging. Pooja was there sitting on the bed watching us. Then suddenly Sneha pushed me and was going to lay on the bed and was still crying. So I pulled her and was telling her to stop crying. This time I hugged her from the back and from there everything went in another direction.

Her ass was rubbing against my dick which was getting bigger. I got in the mood. I put my hands inside Sneha’s top and started moving my hands over her stomach. I tried to go towards her boobs a couple of times but hesitated. I was kissing her neck from behind.

She stopped crying and was now enjoying what I was doing. So I thought I could now try. I took one of my hands towards her boobs and started pressing them. Pooja was shocked seeing all this but neither she stopped us not she said anything.

Then I turned Sneha towards me and started kissing her lips. My hands were on her soft ass. I was squeezing them. And Sneha too was participating in the act and was kissing me back. Her tongue was inside me. Then I turned and pushed Sneha on the wall.

I put my hands inside her pants. I started rubbing her pussy with one hand and fondling her boobs with other while kissing her. Sneha was moaning a bit. Suddenly Pooja came and hugged me from behind. I stopped momentarily. She then put her hand inside my pants and started rubbing my cock.

She whispered in my ears, “I too want some action.” I was feeling like the luckiest guy in the world. I continued what I was doing while Pooja was kissing my back and rubbing my cock. Then she forcefully turned me around and pulled down my pants. She said, “Why should she have all the fun?”

She took my dick inside her mouth and started sucking it. While Sneha was there rubbing her pussy. Pooja was sucking my cock marvelously like she had years of training in it. I could feel every moment of her tongue on my cock. After a while, she stood up and started stripping down her clothes.

I was amazed at seeing her. I too opened my t-shirt. While opening her panty her ass was facing me. When she bent down, I could not resist my self looking at her ass so big and tight. I wanted to fuck it straight away. So I went near her grabbed her by the waist.

Before she could get up I pushed my dick inside her ass. She almost screamed and the pain ran all through her body. But she didn’t stop me. I started fucking her in the ass and she was moaning loudly. Sneha noticed it and she stripped down too.

She lay on the bed with her legs wide opened and told Pooja to lick her pussy. Pooja was not hearing her as she was enjoying getting fucked in ass. So Sneha pulled her by the hairs and took her head and pressed it against her pussy. She started licking it. And Sneha too started enjoying it.

I started pushing hard in Pooja’s ass due to which Sneha was also feeling a thrust in her pussy. She too started moaning and was pressing her boobs and rubbing her clit. We all three were enjoying the moment. As I told you that day I was amazed by Sneha’s beauty.

So when I saw her moaning I couldn’t resist myself and wanted to fuck her. So I took out my dick and pushed Pooja aside. I climbed over Sneha and started fucking her. Her pussy was already wet and my penis was going deep inside. I was thrusting hard inside her and was licking and sucking her boobs.

Pooja was not satisfied with the ass fucking she got. So she climbed on the bed and sat on Sneha’s face perfect revenge. And started moving her hips. It was the best sight for me seeing Pooja’s ass and Sneha’s boobs simultaneously. I was enjoying fucking Sneha.

I got more excited and pulled her legs above my shoulder and started fucking her very hard. The whole bed was trembling. In between, I was playing with Pooja’s boobs too. I was about to cum and I wanted to cum all over both of them. I pulled Pooja by her hair made her lay down on the bed.

I released my cum all over both of them. They liked it too. I thought the action was over but then they pulled me and made me lay on the bed. Both gave a mischievous look and to each other. Then they both turned their asses towards me and started licking my dick which was still hard.

Two tongues licking my cock was the best feeling ever. Getting a blowjob from these two girls with their asses towards me was heavenly. I started fingering both of them. Sneha started sucking my dick while Pooja was licking my balls. I spanked them too I between. Their asses were red.

They kept juggling between my balls and dick and I was enjoying it. I was about to cum once again and this time I came over both their faces. We laid down for a while two girls both in each arm. We had sex two more times that night. And in the morning I was given a wake-up blowjob by both of them.

It was the best night as I had a threesome with my two best friends. Ravi to date doesn’t know about it and he missed all the fun.

Thank you for reading my story. If you liked it or even didn’t liked it or there is a scope of improvement or you want to suggest something you can contact me at [email protected] I am on hangouts too. Especially girls If you want to chat with me or talk about anything else do contact me.

In The College Washroom With Classmate

Hi readers. I’m Sarfaraz Khan, 23 back with another story. About me, I come from a South Indian city belonging to a Muslim family. I always believe sex should be never forced or brutal unless the girl consents and always girls should be seduced slowly as they fall for you.

Those who haven’t read my previous stories I request you to read them for good fun. I thank the readers who responded positively to my previous stories including some female readers. This story happened in my college days and the heroine is Aditi, my classmate.

So initially something about her, aged 21 same age as me at that time, she was a bomb. Perfect hourglass figure, ponytail of hair, glossy lips always, thin-rimmed spectacles, pierced navel always showing up in her short dresses. A tattoo on her lower ass partially visible when she wore low waist skirts or shorts.

You can imagine the sex bomb she was. All boys were damn crazy to fuck her atleast once and I don’t know many may have succeeded too. This is my success story. So it was our college annual day. Nighttime, within the campus. I had gone to do the ‘bird watching’ there.

As our exams were nearby and our juniors were organizing the function, only a few of our college chicks were seen. Also the boys. Though I was cooling my eyes on junior hotties I genuinely missed our class girls. That’s when my eyes fell on Aditi that night.

Red fully backless, short single piece dress struggling to cover even her ass, hair in trademark ponytail, chilly red matching lip color, black stilettos, and shaved armpits. (It just caught my eyes, not a perv.) This girl was looking like an expensive slut that night.

I didn’t give much a thought about her though I had already undressed her in my mind as usual. She wasn’t seen afterward and I had to ‘adjust’ with other girls.

Now the actual story begins. I badly needed a fag and no better place than the college washroom at this time. (They are damn clean). I watched nearby if anyone is watching. Because I had a plan to even fap there if everything goes well. I chose the washroom on the topmost floor.

It was the least visited and quite dark. As I was nearing the washroom, I saw a single light on. Damn, I thought it should be by accident or else I’d have to go all the way down again if someone’s using. As I was near I heard someone moan, definitely a female voice in a gents loo.

I knew something is interesting so used some of my brains and took out my phone camera on video mode and tiptoed inside. Damn!What a scene inside!! Aditi my class sex bomb was bent over the sink. And a guy ( I didn’t identify him first) had lifted her dress (already barely covered her spots) and banging her in full passion.

Both had their eyes closed. Hence I could make a good 30-second clip before the guy noticed me. He was pale like a ghost now. Aditi saw me next.
“Sarfaraz we were just… Mmm… ” she was searching for justification before I showed her my solid proof. “How about this clip?”

Before Aditi, the boy was at my feet telling me not to show it to anyone. I get it as he was from a highly conservative family and also a junior. I had no worries about him now. Aditi, on the other hand, was putting up a brave arrogant looking face.

I asked, “So Miss Aditi hope you don’t mind me making the clip public?” The guy was already at my feet. I held her face and asked again.

“What do you want Sarfaraz?”
“The same thing you both were doing now. Not once. Whenever I need it. Do you have a choice?”

She wasn’t speaking anything but looking down. The guy was watching for her response. Just a meek “Hmmm,” was all she could say. I took it as a Yes
“You little kid, that’s all for you today, now get going. See you,” I sent him out.

Aditi was apprehensive. I knew it despite her carefree face what she might be thinking. But I was sure the slut would enjoy my 8 inches circumcised dick like anything. Coz I saw the guy before me was not more than 5 inches. I lifted her face and went for the kiss. She wasn’t resisting nor cooperating.

I went a bit rough. I held her ponytail and pulled a bit to make her open her painted lips for my warm tongue which found its way inside her warm mouth. We exchanged a good amount of saliva wrestling our tongues. I loved her taste. We broke and again went for another smooch.

This time she was very well supporting. Bitch had turned hot in no time. I was holding her neck with one hand and pressing her tits with the other. She was searching for my cock. I unzipped my pants and put her hand inside. Aditi was now playing with my dick which was rising to glory.

Bitch surely had experience with handling a cock. I entered her dress from top to fondle her firm titties. She began throwing her head up in pleasure. I now made her sit down before me. She knew what was coming. She opened her mouth as big as she could bring and swallowed my entire circumcised monster.

She was struggling to keep it fully in. So I started slowly again from tip to the base choking herself sometimes. But she knew exactly when to stop and when to continue. After a good head, I wanted to enter now. I asked her to bend over now. Thankfully the bastard before me had left a pack of condoms there.

I put on one, bent her as much as I could over the sink. I kept my cock over her entrance and started rubbing for lubrication. Aditi had her eyes closed waiting for the pleasure. I now held with one hand her waist and other hand bending her as much as I can.

I entered my 8 inches circumcised thing inside. Only half of it went, she was already feeling the pains. I’m sure she hadn’t taken anything this big. I now held her slim waist with both hands for a better grip and thrust my cock deepest now. She was clearly in pain.

“Ah, Sarfaraz. Please remove” she begged. I knew she’d ask for more soon. I took out half of it before pushing again. this time her pussy walls were beginning to accommodate me. I felt a vice’s grip on my cock. Soon I was slowly able to move in and out of her heavenly pussy.

Soon her ass was matching with my strokes. Wow, what a perfect rhythm it was watching my circumcised cock enter her deepest places as her ass moved back to pull it more inside. I was slapping her ass in between now for fun. She was on cloud nine now.

“Ah, Sarfaraz! Fuck me, make me your bitch. Deeper, faster.”

I knew she was close to orgasm and soon had a shuddering orgasm. I too was close now. I began moving with maximum speed sending high decibel shrieks from her as my cock hit her womb. I hoped nobody hears that. Soon I was close to my orgasm, “Aditi, I’m cumming. Take it, you bitch.”

I came magnificently inside her. I collapsed on top of her for a while while she adjusted her dress and hair. She pulled up her panty after that and I asked her to exit first to avoid any suspicions.

After that, we fucked many times and she was kind of addicted to my cock. Initially, I used to call her whenever I wanted. But later on, she used to do that.

So girls and guys hope I entertained your pussies and cocks. Do tell me your feelings, comments, suggestions. Genuine ladies of any age interested in secret fun can mail me at [email protected]. Love you all.

Proposal For Threesome And Foursome Relationship!

Hello ISS readers. I am back with the next part of the story. Please do read the previous parts to fully know the context. My quick intro. My name is Aafi. I am from Bangalore but I am working and living in Chennai. I am a 25-year-old Software Engineer. You can email me or hangout me at [email protected]

Rose and I were exhausted after our hot sex session in the classroom. We both were lying on the floor naked. After some silent moment, Rose spoke out.

Rose: You know what? I want to propose something.
Me: What?
Rose: Remember when, you know, me, Chloe, you? The library? What we did?
Me: I do.

Rose: Well, I think I’m in love with you. And I love Chloe. But not like a friend. More than that.
Me: Where are you going with this?

Rose: This is stupid. But do you think we could all have a relationship? All three of us?
Me: Like at the same time?

Rose: Yes. Why not?
Me: That. Hmmm.

Wow! Rose is asking for a three-way relationship. All the tables are turning in my favor. I wanted to bring Anna in too. But I had no idea how I would approach Rose. She has made things easy for me.

Me: Sure, I want that!
Rose: Really?
Me: Of course! You and Chloe. Both of you. Yes! But, I have a proposal too?

Rose: Hmm. What’s that?
Me: I want Anna too.
Rose: What?

Me: Look, she’s my roommate and things happen. I and Anna like each other. And Anna is totally fine with me having multiple relationships.
Rose: Wow! Looks like you have already convinced her. You know what, four is better than three. I am fine with that too.

Me: Hold on, I’m not sure if she is ready to have a foursome and stuff.
Rose: That’s fine but she will be living with us right foursome or not.
Me: Yeah that’s right!
Rose: I am like Nymph and I like Anna, as she is my best friend too.

Me: But how will we convince Chloe too?
Rose: Leave that to me. But before we bring in Anna, we need to convince Chloe for a three-way relationship with us.
Me: Yes, yes. Let’s do that!

Rose: How about this, I’ll call her and we go to her?
Me: Sounds like a great plan. But do you think she’d want that?
Rose: There’s only one way to find out. Let’s get there and I’ll talk to her!

Me: Let’s do that!
Rose: This day just keeps getting better and better!
Me: I know!

It was already late in the evening. So we decided to go to Chloe’s home tomorrow early morning. I headed back to my room. Anna was already asleep. I jumped beside her and started cuddling. She woke up with my actions. She turned to me and kissed my lips.

Anna: How did it go with Rose?
Me: Are you comfortable with me being in a multi relationship?

Anna: To be honest I wasn’t. But like I said, I love you so much that I am willing to do anything you want. Besides, all your girlfriends are my friends, so we will get along well.

Me: Cool! The good news is Rose agreed for the multi relationship thing. When I told her about you, she was cool about it. I think she is a real nymphomaniac
Anna: Oh that she is. What about Chloe?

Me: I and Rose are meeting at her Grandma’s place. The plan is to convince her into the three-way relationship between me, Rose and her and then later bring you in.
Anna: That’s great! We will have so much fun!

Saying that she kissed me even harder. She’s biting my lips. We both were getting into the mood. I slowly slid my hand inside her panty. It was slowly getting wet. I started rubbing her clit. She closed her eyes and was enjoying it. She held my hair while I rubbed her clit. I was hitting the right g-spot.

I could feel her breathing heavily. She took off her top and exposed her boobs. She pushed my head towards her nipples. I started sucking her nipples. I bit her nipples slightly. That turned her on more. She then pushed her hand inside my pants. She grabbed my balls hard.

Wow! We both are going and hard and rough and we were loving it. I then inserted two fingers in her pussy in one go. She screamed a bit but never asked me to stop. She was now giving me a handjob with my pants still on. And I was fingering her with her bottom still on.

We were masturbating each other with increasing speed. We were about to cum, there was a sudden knock on the door. Bloody hell! Anna quickly wore her top while I went to unlock the door. It was Rose.

Me: Hey Rose! What’s up?
Rose: Nothing, I am not able to sleep.
Me: Why what happened?
Anna: Hey Rose come on in.

Both the ladies sat on the bed. I sat on the chair opposite them.

Rose: Nothing happened, I just couldn’t sleep.
Anna: That’s fine Rose, you can sleep here tonight if you want.
Rose: Thanks, Anna. So did Aafi told you what happened today.
Anna: Yes, he did. I am so excited! I don’t know how I accepted it.

Rose: Hahaha! Yes, he is the guy who has been sleeping with all the girls. But in a way that’s what attracted us to him.
Me: Guys I’m sitting right in front of you.
Rose: Hahaha!

Anna: Hahaha! How many girls have you slept with Aafi, after coming to boarding school?
Me: Hahaha! I will tell everybody once we all are together.

Anna: Aafi, you should sleep on your bed tonight. I and Rose will sleep in my bed.
Rose: No need for that we all three can sleep in the below bed itself.
Anna: Haha! Aafi will be happy about that.

Me: Haha! Of course! But I think it will be difficult.
Rose: It’s alright, we can adjust. You can sleep between me and Anna. How does that sound?

Before I could say anything, Rose spoke again.

Rose: And we will sleep naked. How about now?

I and Anna were a bit shocked. Rose was begging. Looking at her face, Anna and I agreed. I never imagined my day would get any better. We got naked quickly. Anna jumped to the corner. Her back was almost touching the sidewall. Then, I jumped in the middle and Rose on my right.

She was lying on her side. So both girls were facing me. Both the girls were pushing their boobs into my arms. Rose didn’t waste any time. She grabbed my hanging dick and started playing with it. Anna too joined her. Anna grabbed the upper part of my dick and Rose was holding the bottom.

They both started moving their hands up and down on my dick. Wow! I was enjoying every second of the action. It was time for me to get into the action too. I kept my left hand on Anna’s pussy and my right hand on Rose’s pussy. I started to play with their pussies.

After teasing and touching their pussies for a few minutes, I inserted my fingers into both their pussies. Rose started playing with my balls and Anna was now in full control of my dick. We all were moaning heavily.

Rose: Oh yeah! Keep going! Mmmmm.
Anna: Ahhhhh! Feels so great!
Me: Ahhhhh!

We all were masturbating each other for 10 minutes. Anna orgasmed, followed by Rose. Both the girls were pumping my dick faster. I was about to cum. Both the girls jumped hungrily near my dick with their mouths waiting for my cum. I shot my cum in their mouths.

Some of the cum landed on their faces. They both kissed and licked each other’s face to eat my cum. Wow! That was erotic and dirty. After licking all the cum from their faces, they jumped back on my dick and started sucking and all the cum around it. In no time they licked me dry.

Rose started spitting on my dick and made my dick wet. She started blowing my dick. Anna started licking my balls. Gosh! I was in heaven. My dick was getting harder. And the way Anna was sucking balls, it was blowing my mind. They are both in a really dirty mode.

Anna got up and sat on my face. Rose was blowing my dick in a doggy style pose. Anna was also in a doggy style pose. Her face was near Rose’s pussy. We were in a triangle shape. I was licking Anna’s pussy while she licked Rose’s pussy.

Wow! This was getting out of the world. I was licking and drinking Anna’s juices. Gosh! They were tasting sweet and salty! This going for a few minutes. Rose stood up and sat on dick. She guided my hard dick towards her pussy and started jumping. Anna now sat on my chest, she faced Rose.

I licked her pussy from behind. Anna started licking and sucking Rose’s nipples. Rose had a huge orgasm after 10 minutes. She was exhausted and switched places with Anna. Now Anna was riding me like a cowgirl. I was sucking Rose’s juice. She was dripping a lot.

Anna was riding me faster. She was about to cum. Even I was about to cum. Anna orgasmed. Both the girls asked me to cum on their boobs. I made them lie on their backside by side. I shot my cum on their tits. They both spread my cum all over their boobs and then they started licking each other tits.

Oh my God! I was just watching them in shock. They licked them clean and then kissed each other. Finally both the girls licked my dick dry one last time. We were all exhausted. I lied in the middle and girls on either side. We dozed off in no time.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. I hope you enjoyed it. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email or hangout at [email protected]