Pankaja And Anika – A Love Story

Pankaja And Anika – A Love Story

Hi, folks Jacky Chris here. This is just a fantasy story.

On one Monday morning, Anika went to Café Coffee Day. She was having a nice wonderful day. She was wearing her favorite yellow color top and blue denim jeans. She was very happy after the success of her film. While she took the first sip of coffee she saw Pankaja sitting right in front of her on another table.

Pankaja had just come from the gym and was heaving very fast. Her full face was covered with sweat and she was wiping it with a towel. They both looked at each other for a moment. Pankaja just waved her hand to say Anika good morning.

Anika also greeted Pankaja the same. They were chatting about their film’s profit and losses while having coffee. Anika became upset because her first film didn’t go well. Pankaja told her that it’s ok. Pankaja made her understand that life isn’t easy. There will be problems in our lives and we have to face.

She told her that she also has gone through all this in her early career. While talking they finished their coffee. They went out of the coffee shop and Pankaja invited Anika in her new car. They both went on drive towards their home. Inside the car, Pankaja consoled Anika.

They both felt like electric shock inside their bodies. Because Pankaja hugged Anika so tightly their boobs got in touch with each other. They both got addicted to that moment. Anika felt that she was in a peaceful world. She felt safe in Pankaja’s both hands. And she told Pankaja about that.

Pankaja’s face got red with words spoken by Anika. Pankaja took Anika to her house. They both entered Pankaja’s house. Pankaja told Anika to wait until she changed her dress. Pankaja came out with white top and black cargo jeans. Anika froze while looking at her. She was looking damn hot in that outfit which Anika told her later.

They both went on for sightseeing and fun. While inside the car they both were giving compliments to each other about their looks. Pankaja was teasing Anika about her creamy white body and told her that she likes her body very much. By listening to this Anika got somewhat aroused.

She told Pankaja that she also likes Pankaja’s pulpy body very much. Topics like these made them hot and aroused. Pankaja stopped the car for a moment and stepped out for seeing the sunset and Anika too. Anika went and sat on the car bonnet started enjoying the sunset with a cold breeze.

Pankaja was watching Anika from behind and she was also enjoying the sunset view. Pankaja’s body was hot from the inside she was feeling attracted to Anika and she suddenly asked Anika that whether she had kissed any woman or not. To which she replied no. Anika understood what was going to happen.

Pankaja asked her if she wanted to experience that thing. Anika gave a green signal to Pankaja. Pankaja came in front of her and went closer and closer to Anika. Anika saw love, lust, and happiness in Pankaja’s eyes. Pankaja held Anika’s head in her arms.

She brought her closer gave a long passionate womanly kiss on Anika’s soft lips. They both moaned while kissing each other on lips. After some time they got separated for a while. They were breathing heavily. They looked at each other and kissed again this time and licked each other tongues.

They kissed like that for a while and hugged tightly feeling the heat of their bodies. Both went back to Pankaja’s house. By that time it was evening and Pankaja went into her kitchen to make dinner for both. Anika was rewinding the feeling of the touch of Pankaja’s lips on her lips.

While preparing for dinner Pankaja asked whether Anika wanted to take bath. To which Anika replied “Yes” and went inside the bathroom for taking a shower. Pankaja prepared the dinner and went to look for Anika who was taking a shower in Pankaja’s bathroom.

Pankaja’s bathroom was made of glass. Anika was fully nude under the shower. On seeing this Pankaja got aroused and removed clothes from her own body and went inside the bathroom. Anika was having a hot shower bath. Anika knew that Pankaja was standing right behind her under the shower.

Pankaja went close and started feeling the wet body of Anika from behind and gave a soft kiss on her neck. Anika made a moaning sound feeling the hot and soft kiss of Pankaja on her neck. Pankaja then started squeezing and rubbing Anika’s breast and pussy.

Pankaja and Anika both let out a soft moan. Pankaja then turned Anika towards her and kissed her passionately. Pankaja sucked on Anika’s breast nipple vigorously and gave love bites on it. Anika wanted Pankaja to suck on her boobs more. She liked getting sucked and was making sounds like

She then stuck Anika’s back to the glass wall and started kissing her like hell. Anika was doing the job by returning the kiss. Now Pankaja started rubbing Anika‘s pussy like hell to which the response from Anika was, “Aahh! Don’t stop!”

And then Pankaja went down and started licking her pussy especially giving more attention to her clitoris. This action brought more fire to her body and she was moaning like hell. Now Pankaja shoved one finger inside the pussy and Anika’s body got arched by that feeling of a hot finger inside her pussy.

They both were breathing heavily and making love sounds. Pankaja kept on finger fucking her pussy and she inserted all her fingers inside her pussy one at a time. Anika was enjoying and moaning badly. Suddenly Pankaja left and Anika asked, “ Where are you going?”

To which Pankaja replied, “It’s a surprise, baby.” She came with skin-colored dildo strapon tied around her waist. She inserted the strapon inside Anika’s cunt in one go in a missionary position. Anika was moaning. And Pankaja started doing in and out of her pussy in rhythm.

The two were kissing and fucking and were indulged in deep sex. Anika says, “I am going to cum baby!” Pankaja started increasing the pace of her thumping of strapon and said, “Please cum for me, baby.” Suddenly a great quantity of pussy juice exploded from her pussy.

Pankaja drank all the juices of Anika’s cunt and made her pussy clean. They both took bath sensually, came out in a towel and wore their clothes for dinner. Pankaja arranged for a candlelight dinner because she knew Anika would like it. She did it for one more purpose.

That was to confess her love to Anika in a romantic way. Pankaja was looking for the chance to confess her lesbian love for Anika for six months when she saw Anika first time. Pankaja fell in love at first sight. But didn’t tell Anika ever in these six months.

Today was her day. Both Pankaja and Anika were looking charming at dinner time. Pankaja was wearing a blue full sleeve shirt and jeans. While Anika was wearing a beautiful pink top and denim skirt. They both had dinner in candlelight.

Anika praised Pankaja for all the decorations and lighting and amazing food. Now finally after having dinner, fun, and jokes, it was the time for Pankaja for confessing her love to Anika. Pankaja then asked Anika to close her eyes and she did close her eyes.

Pankaja went on her knees and took out a diamond ring from her pocket. Then she finally told Anika to open her eyes. Anika opened her eyes slowly and got surprised by the act of Pankaja. Pankaja told all her feelings about her towards Anika and promised that she will keep her happy for the lifetime.

Then she finally asked Anika in a romantic way, “ Will you marry me?” to which Anika said, “Yes,” and accepted the marriage proposal. They celebrated their first date joyfully on the music song ‘Aaj jaane ki zid na karo’ dancing seductively in each other’s arms and kissing, feeling and living the moment.

In two months their parents got involved and the marriage date was fixed. On the day of the wedding, Anika wore golden saari while Pankaja wore sherwani specially designed for her marriage. They both had mehendi in their hands. Anika was excited when Pankaja’s baarat came.

The gate puja was done at the arrival of Pankaja’s procession on the gate of Anika’s parental house. Then every marriage rituals were done according to Maharashtrian style wedding. They both put red sindoor on each other’s forehead and promised to keep each other safe.

Pankaja tied the mangalsutra around the neck of Anika and looked in Anika’s eyes There were tears of joy in her eyes and Pankaja found love and strong bond in her eyes. They then took seven rounds around fire believing god. They got married in a very enthusiastic way.

It was the first lesbian wedding in Bollywood. Many film stars came to see the first lesbian wedding. After that ceremony, Anika became the wife of Pankaja (i.e. Mrs. Pankaja).

On the wedding night, Pankaja fucked Anika with her favorite skin color dildo. They gave love bites to each other in different parts of their body. Pankaja had a dominating nature while having sex with Anika, which both liked very much. That night they felt like real husband and wife were having sex with each other.

From that day Anika started treating Pankaja as her husband and Pankaja started treating her Anika as her wife. After the suhagraat, both decided that the dominant woman should have a real functioning penis rather than a dildo.

Although Anika felt good while getting deflowered by Pankaja by a strapon but it was just a onetime thing. So both decided that Pankaja should change only her sex organ from the vagina to the penis. But not her appearance.

Pankaja And Anika – A Love Story