Peeping Adi – Part 1

Peeping Adi – Part 1

Mr.Suraj, the resident association president had decided to post a new security and maintenance person for the flats. It was a group of 4 flats with 7 floors and each floor having 10 rooms. That’s why Adi was employed. He was a B-Tech student, having a poor choice of jobs.

He was still trying for a better one and he too was a distant relative of Mr. Suraj. It so passed every one of the residents agreed on his appointment as he was a karate black belt too. Then days passed. Adi did his work with utmost sincerity. Each floor had surveillance he used to watch them.

He loved milfs. Especially Shailaja of 408. She was a beautiful lady with milky complexion with 36c breasts with pink nipples and ass of 36 it was round and soft. One day he got the idea to fix hidden cameras all over the flat. Because a lot was happening within the flats.

He could hear moans from rooms when the milfs husband was not there, or from bachelor’s rooms too. So his first victim was Shailaja. She had a bad network connection one day and she asked him to check it out. While he corrected it she went to her kitchen to finish her work.

He took out the spy cams. He fixed them in different positions especially one inside router as it placed on the wall, along with the clock. She brought some juice to him. Bending before him showing the hanging boobs made him hard. He then asked if he could use the bathroom. She nodded yes.

When he entered the bathroom placed a camera near the ventilation fan. Days passed his ‘work’ continued all over the flat. His day had come when her husband was not there. That night he checked through the videos in Shailaja’s place. He found Shailaja in a net babydoll partially transparent nightwear.

She was faced towards the laptop on the table with her legs widened and the corner top of the table was between her legs. Just so a pointy corner would touch her pussy. She was wearing a purple panty that went with her nightdress. The nightwear barely covered her body.

She was watching some video. It was a video of Sanju, her husband, compiling his topless photos. She was rubbing her pussy on the corner tip of the table. Her hands laid on the sides of the table to give her firm support. She kept on pushing her pussy to the corner,

Each slide rubbed her pussy over the table more. She was moaning. She kept on doing. He could see the wet stain on her panty and some juice on the floor. Her moaning increased by the minute. Adi’s face glittered up with happiness and shock, while his dick was hardening it slowly.

He was sure her pussy lips widened as her pussy indices rubbed over the corner table. Like she was pushing in a dick. Her speed was moderate, while she spoke in her sultry slang. She imagined looking at his photos, telling ‘meri jaan’ to be rough. He could see some pussy juices were dripping out on her legs.

Her thighs were fat, milky and anyone would want them. He started to rub over his dick as he saw it. She was asking him to be rough. Moaning sounds with deep breaths came out of her throat. She was like she was getting pumped by a dick. She told she can’t stop this.

She went down there when she got hold of her big boobs. His dick had risen over my trousers. He took it out, started to stroke. She was moaning more and more. Hers were big breasts but couldn’t see much more as my sight was limited to the light from the laptop. She put her hands on nipples, started to play with it.

She pinched while her stroking speed with her pussy more and more against the table increased. He switched the camera and watched all of them. She then started to strike the top corner of the table with her pussy, like she was being penetrated. She kept on pinching her boobs and fondling them.

She moaned heavily, with shallow breaths coming in between each moan. She was moaning that she loved him so much and wanted him even deep. He started to stroke fast and slow alternatively, while her speed with table increased more and more.

One of her hands was leaning on the table. She was praising him, his cock, she begged him for his cock. She moaning, with her hands, interchanged her boobs, while her grip on the table got more pierce. Then she put both of her hands on the table with her pinching the pussy faster and faster into the corner tip.

He didn’t know Shailaja was this horny and slutty. She seemed like an innocent lady outside, conservative. He came on the computer screen and his dick started to shrink, yet he was still rubbing it. She kept her left leg placed on the table so she could have more access to the corner tip.

He could see from dripping juice. She was getting more and hornier, as her moaning increased and her speed increased. His dick again came to life. He started to stroke it again. Her speed increased so much her boobs started to jump.

Then she raised her self, putting her hands around those big balloons and fondling them and squeezing them, while moaning. Her voice deepened at the end of each moan. Her breathing increased. He knew she was nearing an orgasm.

She was asking him to lick her nipples, and pulling her nipples to her mouth as her moans became louder and sluttier. She was saying, “Darling, main satisfied nahin hu.”  She wanted a dick hard enough to penetrate her even more. Her juice flow started to be more frequent.

She took the underwear and was smelling it. Soon she came very much, dropping it all over the floor and table with very loud moan. She leaned on the table, cuddled it like it was her husband, telling, “Jaldee ghar pe aa jao.” He saw her leaning on the table, slowly drifting to sleep.

He went back to be, with so many desires and questions. He told himself that bastard Sanju had a sexy wife. He can’t satisfy her because he is not at home half the time. The way she gets horny she was a treat for anyone. He wanted to satisfy her, but couldn’t force her, he was scared.

He needed to make some plans and proceed. He slept and the next morning he woke up. He went to her door, to see her in a hot apron and tight t-shirt barely covering her boobs and tight legging. He wished her a good morning. She smiled and told him good morning.

She asked him if he wanted breakfast, he told yes. She invited him to the dining table for breakfast. Each time she smiled at him he got reminded for her slutty behavior. He wanted to fuck her. He ate breakfast with a hard throbbing dick. He started to talk with her to get acquainted more and more.

Days passed. Whenever she went out for groceries he used to get them. One day he told about his jogging habit, which she readily wanted to do. They even both started to jog in the morning and talk as they went. One day after the jogging, Adi had just seen a steamy session of her large cumming on the floor by rubbing powder on her pussy.

He was hard. She went to the kitchen to get some water. He went behind, took her navel in the right hand, pushing his dick in her ass crack. She got shocked tried to resist and pushed him away. Our hero then took out his mobile showing the video to her. Her eyes suddenly rolled up in tears, her hand shivering.

She told him to delete it, our hero smiled and went near her, started to kiss her neck. She was still crying, but he told not to worry. As he licked her neck, some sweet and sexy low moans and gasps of air came out. He showed her the video while he carried her and placed her on the kitchen counter.

He started to lick her down. She was being more submissive since she missed a man’s touch. He took her boobs in his hands, they were soft. He pressed it over her tight dress. He then raised her tight dress over her boobs. He started to suck her boobs, while he pinched her nipples.

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Peeping Adi – Part 1