Photo shoot_(3) by I Writer

Photo shoot_(3)
by I Writer

Eighteen year old Zach Larson was laying in his bed, his cock in his left hand and a picture of a beautiful girl in a string bikini in his right. He had taken the picture two weeks ago and he was proud of his artistic composition. But at this moment his attention was focused on the girl’s body. She had a stunning face framed by shoulder length dark blond hair. Her c-cup breasts were barely contained by the bikini top. She had great legs and he imagined them wrapped around his as he thrust his penis into this beauty.

She was the proverbial girl next door who had captured his imagination and his heart. The problem was that she wasn’t the girl next door; she was the girl in the next bedroom. She was Zach’s sixteen year old sister Jenny. But at this moment he didn’t care that she was his sister. He stiffened and he started breathing hard . And then he ejaculated all over his chest.

Zach had taken up photography a couple of years ago and he had a passion for taking pictures. But he was especially talented in taking portraits. His pretty little sister became his first “model”. She enjoyed being photographed and was a very willing subject. Their parents, Bob and Cindy, were so impressed with his photography that they bought him a professional grade camera for Christmas.

Zach spent hours taking pictures of Jenny. His parents loved his portraits of Jenny and had several framed and hung in their house. Two weeks ago Zack passed his driving test and he could now take Jenny to different locales for photo shoots. He suggested taking Jenny to the beach. He thought the ocean would make a great backdrop. Their parents agreed and their mother took her out and bought Jenny her first thong bikini.

Saturday morning arrived and it was a sunny beautiful day. Zach knocked on Jenny’s door and said, “Come on Jenny. I am really looking forward to taking pictures at the beach.”

” Just a second , Zach. I’m just finishing my hair and makeup.”

She opened the door and she looked gorgeous. She was wearing a shirt and shorts over her bikini.

“Wow!” exclaimed Zach. “Your face is beautiful!”

Jenny smiled and said, “Thank you Zach. I think you will enjoy the rest of me, too.”

The beach was only a half hour away. He started to wonder about how his sister would look in a bikini. He did not have to wait long. As soon as they parked, she got out of the car and stripped off her shirt and shorts.

“Well, Zach, what do you think?” asked Jenny.

She was every boy’s wet dream come true. Her body was perfect and for the first time in his life he looked at Jenny as a sexy young woman he instantly desired.

He finally managed to stammer, “You, you looked fantastic!”

She smiled and gave Zach a quick kiss on his cheek. It was good thing that Zach had a pair of cargo sorts over his swimsuit. It helped hide his raging erection.

Zach spent the next hour snapping off shots of his sister. With the makeup and her boobs overflowing the bikini she could easily pass for sixteen. To admiring onlookers, it appeared that Zach was an admiring boyfriend taking pictures of his girlfriend.

After the shoot, Jenny asked, “Zach, can we stay and tan for awhile?” She took out a large beach towel and laid down. “Do you think you can put on some sun tan lotion for me?”

Zach took off his shirt and shorts and took out the lotion. He started with her back and worked down her legs. He loved touching her soft young skin. After twenty minutes she turned over on her back and said, ” Zach more lotion please.”

Zach didn’t know where to begin. So he started with her legs. She was obviously enjoying being touched by her brother and did not flinch when he approached her crotch. He next did her tummy going up to her boobs without touching them. That left her upper chest. He must have looked perplexed as he worked down her chest.

Jenny alleviated his concern when she said, ” Make sure you lotion my breasts. I don’t want them to burn.”

Zach lightly applied the lotion. He couldn’t believe that his sister would let him touch her there.

After a few more minutes Jenny asked, ” Zach should I put some lotion on your back? Looks like your getting red.”

The siblings exchanged places. Jenny straddled her brother and started rubbing his back. Zach was happy that no one could see his erect cock wanting to get out.

Jenny said, ” Zach this is a great day. I’m so happy to be your model. I hope we can have more sessions like today.” Then she leaned forward and rested her chest on his back.

Zach and Jenny rested like this for a half hour on the beach. Zach did not want this afternoon to end. He was falling in love with the beautiful girl on his back. And he wanted this touching to progress to something more.

That night he reviewed the pictures from the beach shoot and printed off an 8/10 picture which really showed off Jenny’s sexy body. He took off his clothes, laid on his bed, put some lube on his cock and started to masturbate. He wished she was next to him right now. He wanted his sister. He jerked off three times before he took a shower and went to sleep still dreaming about Jenny.

The next day Zach was in his room looking at modeling sites on the internet. He found a site that gave tips on lighting and flash photography for lingerie shots. The information was helpful and he enjoyed looking at women in skimpy lingerie. He was deeply absorbed and did not hear Jenny enter the room.

He was startled when she said, ” Do you think I could be a lingerie model someday?”

“Jenny, you would look great right now,” answered Zach.

” So, Zach should we do a photo shoot of me in some sexy lingerie?”, she responded.
” I would love to, Jenny, but I don’t know how mom and dad would feel about me taking such intimate shots of you.”

” Well you know they are going out of town this weekend. We could make it a private session. The only problem is that I don’ t have any sexy stuff like that.”

Zach thought for a second and said, ” I’ve been selling some of my photos so I have some extra cash. We could go to the mall on Saturday and you could pick up sexy bras and panties.”

Jenny was visibly excited and asked, “Zach, could I get a professional make over too. I want to look great on the photos.”

“Of course,” said Zach and he gave her a big hug.

After their parents left Saturday morning, Zach and Jenny headed out to the mall. Jenny took her brother by the hand and took him into a store that sold only lingerie. At first he was embarrassed but he was soon enthusiastically helping Jenny pick out some items.

She picked out a lacy bra and Zach knew that her nipples would show through. But he did not object. She then picked out a thong that would show off her cute ass and barely cover her cunt.

Next stop was the makeover. Jenny said,” This might take a while Zach. Why don’t you go get a soda and I’ll call you when I’m done.”

About an hour and a half later, Jenny called and said she was ready.

Zach couldn’t believe his eyes. Jenny looked as good as any of the lingerie models he had seen on the web.

Jenny said, “Zach, I think we should go home right away and do the shoot while my hair and makeup are perfect.”

Zach could hardly wait to see Jenny in the sexy underwear.

While Jenny was changing, Zach had set up his equipment in their parents room. They had a king size bed that would allow Zach to shoot her from several angles.

When Jenny entered the bedroom he gasped. He could not believe how sexy and mature his sister looked. He exclaimed, “Jenny you look incredible!”

“Thank you Zach,” said Jenny, “I would hiss my handsome brother but I don’t want to ruin my lipstick. Maybe later?”

“Sure, ” was all he could say.

” Zach, why don’t you get comfortable and take off your shirt and shorts. I’m in my underwear and I wouldn’t mind seeing you in yours.”

That was all the encouragement he needed and he stripped down to his boxers. At this point he didn’t care if she noticed his erection.

For the next few hours, Zach took hundreds of shots of Jenny in all sorts of positions. She was an incredible model. Finally, both were exhausted and Zach put down his camera.

Jenny was laying on the bed and said, “Zach are you ready for the kiss I promised?”

He laid down next to Jenny. He did not know what kind of kiss to expect. She planted her lips on his and gave him the most passionate kiss he could have imagined.

“Thank you, Zach, for making me your model. You are the best brother in the world. But I’m really tired. Can you just hold me and we can take a nap?”

Zach took her in his arms and they fell asleep.

Three hours later, the siblings awoke and looked at each other. They shared another kiss. Jenny looked deeply into Zach’s eyes and asked, ” Do you like holding and kissing me? You’re my brother and I want to be sure that you don’t think this is weird or something.”

” No, Jenny. I don’t think it’s weird. I love you and I love being with you. I just don’t know…”

“…. how far we should go?”, Jenny completed his question.

“Right,” answered Zach. “We are brother and sister. But I have been thinking about you in a different way.” He then told her about jerking off to her bikini photo.

“Oh Zach I never knew that you found me that sexy.” she said in a whisper. ” I love you too but I don’t know if I am ready to have sex with you. “

Zach and Jenny had a long talk and decided they could wait till next weekend and decide what they should do next.

For the rest of the weekend they acted like brother and sister except for some kissing sessions.

During the week they found out that their parents would again be out of town. Jenny suggested another photo shoot. Zach decided to research nude photography.

One night Zach was resting on his bed preparation for a jerk off session with his favorite photo of Jenny. He heard a soft knock on his door and Jenny quietly entered wearing her sexy bra and thong briefs. She noticed the bulge in his underwear and she realized her timing was perfect.

“Zach, how about looking at me instead of a picture tonight?” asked Jenny. “Wouldn’t that be more exciting?”

“Yes, Jenny, but you’ve never seen me naked before, at least like that,” said a shocked but more than willing Zach.

” Well I would like to see you jerking off. I want to learn more about sex.” Jenny pulled off Zach’s underwear and sat next to him.

Zach went to a full erection. He took out his lube and put some on the tip of his cock. And he started stroking. The sight of his little sister in a see through bra was a lot more exciting than a picture.

Jenny smiled and carefully observed Zach’s technique of stroking his cock. After a couple of minutes she said, “Want me to takeover? I’d love trying to jerk you off.”

Jenny was a fast learner and she had a great touch. And she enjoyed giving her brother such pleasure. Then Jenny said, ” If it would help you can touch my breasts.”

She did not have to ask twice. Zach had dreamed about massaging Jenny’s big beautiful breasts . “Thank you Jenny, “said Zach, ” you are so beautiful and so sexy. I have to warn you that when I cum, I will be squirting sperm all over. Some of it may hit you.”

“That’s Ok Zach. That will really be exciting.”

Occasionally Jenny would lean over and give her brother a kiss. Zach was in ecstasy but he could not go forever and warned Jenny that he was about to come. As he predicted cum was squirting all over his body and some landed on her face.

‘Jenny, I think we are going to need a towel.”

” I don’t think so Zach.” She then started licking the sperm off his body. “Not bad tasting Zach.” And she clicked him clean.

Zach looked at Jenny’s beautiful face and said, “My turn. I’ll lick my cum off your face.” He put his tongue on her face and tasted his sperm for the first time in his life. Not too bad. A little salty.

There tongues met and they spent the next half hour French kissing. Jenny started stroking Jack’s cock and it came back to life. He had another erection and Jenny said, “This time I’m going to use my mouth.”

Zach couldn’t believe he was getting his first blow job from his sixteen year old sister. She worked his cock for ten minutes until he let loose a load in her mouth. Used to the taste, she swallowed all of his sperm.

“Jenny that was incredible. I love you and I want you to be my girlfriend,” said Zack.

“I love you too, Zach. And I want you to be my boyfriend. But were still brother and sister. What will mom and dad say?”

Jenny was right. He needed time to think about their future together. ” Jenny we have the weekend to think about our future. And I have a great idea for our next photo shoot. Would you let me take some nude shots of you?”

“That would be great, Zach. I’m glad you admire my body. And maybe we could spend the night together.”

Zach and Jenny could hardly wait till their parents left on Saturday afternoon . “Jenny said, “I’ll get ready while you set up your camera and lights.”

Zach wanted to make Jenny comfortable so he stripped off all of his clothes. Then Jenny knocked on the bedroom door and said , ” I have a little surprise for you Zach.”

When she walked in he noticed she had no pubic hair. ” I did a full wax job down there so I would look better on the photos. What do you think?”

“You look fantastic. ” He gave her a kiss and then said, “Let’s get this shoot done so we can relax.”

Zach decided that he wanted to take very artistic shots of Jenny. He decided to shoot in black and white and used a filter to soften the shots. He wanted to show her as a beautiful young woman and not as a slut. The images of Jenny were stunning. He only wished Jenny was 18 so he could publish his photos.

After two hours the shoot was finished. Zach put down his camera and gave his sister a hug and a kiss. Jenny suggested going to bed.

Zach was overwhelmed by the fact that he was holding and touching his little sister. She felt so good. He could not resist sucking her beautiful tits. He moved his hand down to her cunt. She was perfectly smooth. She was also getting wet so he took a finger and started sliding it up her vagina.

“Zach, that feels so good, “said Jenny.

“I’m going to make you feel even better.” Zach slid down and started licking and exploring her cunt with his tongue. After ten minutes, Zach felt her body arch and Jenny was moaning with pleasure. She was experiencing her first orgasm.

” Jenny, I want to make love to you. I want to go all the way. But if we do, that is incest and we can’t go back to being just brother and sister. Nothing will ever be the same between us,” said Jack.

“I know , Zach, and I want you to take me. I’m ready for anything that happens. But I know for sure that I love you and I want you to be my first and only lover, ever.”

The young couple kissed on the verge of their first incestuous fuck.

Zach was hard and ready to enter Jenny, her cunt ready to receive her brother’s cock. Zach positioned Jenny so he could watch his cock sink into his sister. He pushed in slowly as he watched Jenny’s face. She looked excited as his cock slid in. He knew she was still a virgin and he wanted to be gentle so he took his time until all six inches of his cock were up her hole. Then he slowly moved his cock in and out. Jenny moaned a little and he stopped.

“Jenny am I hurting you?”

“No Zach, ” she responded. “You feel great. Go ahead and fuck me as hard as you want.”

Jack picked up his speed and the two got into a nice rhythm. Their lovemaking seemed so right and so natural.

Zach looked down at the girl beneath him. Never in his dreams could he imagine fucking his beautiful sister with such a gorgeous face and perfect breasts.

The two would stop for a few moments to kiss or allow Zach to fondle his sister’s breast. And then Zach would start pumping Jenny again. After twenty minutes, Zach was ready to unload his incestuous sperm up Jenny’s cunt. His cock went into overdrive and soon he could tell that Jenny was experiencing her second orgasm of the night.

And then he exploded. Jets of cum kept on coming. Zach imagined millions of his sperm swimming their way into her womb. For the first time he seriously considered the possibility that he was at that moment impregnating his sister.

But right now he was enjoying the fact that he had just fucked a girl for the first time and it was his beautiful little sister.

With Zach’s cock still inside of her, Jenny said, ” Zach, you were incredible. Every girl should be so lucky to have such fantastic sex the very first time.”

Four more times that night the couple would enjoy incest sex before falling asleep in their parent’s bed.

At 8 am the next morning their parents, Bob and Cindy, came home early. They quietly entered the house and decided to see if the kids were alright. They entered their bedroom and were shocked to see Jenny and Zach naked on their bed but sound asleep. Zach had an erection that impressed Cindy. Bob enjoyed a quick look at his daughter’s great boobs and smooth cunt. From all the semen stains on the bed it was obvious the two had enjoyed a night of incestuous sex.

Not knowing what to do, they backed out of their room and went downstairs to discuss the situation. Both realized that there was no turning back. Zach and Jenny were sexual partners and it would be impossible to break up this couple.

“So I guess we let them share a bedroom?” asked Bob.

“I guess so, “replied Cindy. “It’s going to be so different knowing they are having sex every night. They did look awfully cute together in bed.”

” It’s a good thing that there are no serious genetic conditions in either of our families, ” said Bob. “Someday they want to have a baby together.”

Cindy said, “We can’t let them sleep all day. I’m going to wake them up…but I’ll give them an hour to get ready. That should give them time for a round of sex.”

Cindy knocked on the bedroom door and she cracked the door open. She said, “Kids, we know what happened last night. We’re not mad but we need to have a family discussion. Take your time and do what you want to do. But then take a shower and come downstairs in an hour.”

Zach and Jenny were shocked. They thought their parents would explode if they discovered that the two were having sex. Now their mother was telling them to do what they wanted to. Zach smiled at Jenny and said, “I know what I want to do. ” Jenny spread her legs, Zach mounted her and they enjoyed twenty minutes of morning sex.

Cindy quietly listened outside the door. She was actually a little excited to hear the sounds of her children’s lovemaking. They obviously enjoyed sex together.

Zach and Jenny showered together, got dressed and went down to talk to their parents about what had happened and their future together. Although Bob and Cindy could not formally approve of incest, they understood the power of love and would not try to break up their relationship.

Bob said, “What you two are doing is illegal so you will have be careful never to reveal to anyone that you are lovers. Starting tonight you can share a bedroom. Your mom and I also expect that you will be faithful to each other and not have sex with others.”

“Don’t worry dad,” said Zach, ” Jenny is great in bed and I don’t want to have sex with other girls.”

Jenny returned the compliment, “Zach knows how to satisfy me in bed. I won’t have sex with any other boy.”

Bob and Jenny smiled as their son and daughter kissed each other for the first time in front of them. As the days passed, everyone adjusted to the fact that there were now two couples in the house having sex. In fact, talking about their kids having sex refueled passionate lovemaking between Bob and Cindy.

About a month later Cindy and Jenny started having stomach flu systems. After three days they decided to go to urgent care. After reviewing the symptoms the doctor suggested that they both take a pregnancy test. Mother and daughter were both shocked at the thought they might be pregnant but agreed to the test.

Within a half hour the doctor confirmed that they were both pregnant. Cindy was carrying a baby that would be Zach and Jenny’s sibling and also aunt or uncle to the baby that Jenny was carrying.

When Cindy and Jenny arrived home they found Bob and Zach waiting for them in the family room.
Mother and daughter looked at each other, smiled and said in unison, “We’re pregnant.”

And Jenny added, “Zach, I hope you like baby photography.”


Cindy and Bob and Zach and Jenny had decided to make a weekend getaway to Las Vegas. Since both Cindy and Bob’s son Max and Zach and Jenny’s daughter Tina were sixteen, they decided that they could leave them at home. The plan was to drop off Tina at Cindy and Bob’s house, and then the two couples would drive to the airport.

Tina knocked at the door and her grandparents answered. They whisked by her and said, “Have a great time Tina.” They then got into the car with Zach and Jenny.

Tina stood in the doorway and stripped down to her sexy underwear. Just then Max came down the stairs with his new camera dressed only in his underwear.

He approached Tina and she said, “How’s my favorite uncle?”

They kissed and Max said, ” Since we have the whole house to ourselves. Let’s skip the underwear shoot and go right to nude shots?”

In fact, uncle and niece decided to skip taking pictures and instead had their first night of incest sex

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