Pop’s new room mate… by Don’sdick

Pop’s new room mate…
by Don’sdick

It was nearly dark on Friday evening when Don stepped out on the porch to greet his granddaughter, Shelly.

His daughter, Shelly’s mom, had made arrangements for her to stay with her ‘Pops’ while she learned the ropes of her new job.

Shelly had found a good position with a home and auto insurance company, located less than two miles from Don’s place.

The intent was for the girl to also continue her schooling and stay with him until she could accumulate a decent bank account and find her own apartment.

The insurance company was footing the bill for her classes, but not lodging.

Shelly was Don’s first and favorite grandchild; and had been ever since she tagged him with his nickname, ‘Pops’, when she was a mere three years old.

The girl would, literally, run over her own siblings and cousins to reach Pops with hugs and kisses.

Although the ‘child’ was now a freshman in college at 18, she hadn’t changed a bit… with the exception of her body.

He found himself watching, and appreciating her bouncing tits and long, flawless legs.

“I’m bettin’ some young bastard is pounding her pussy already,” he thought as he steadied himself for the inevitable contact.

She took all four steps in one leap and jumped into Don’s arms, wrapping those legs around his hips and her arms around his neck.

“Oh, Pops, you don’t know how happy it makes me to come live with you for a while.

I sure wish Granny was still alive, but she’d be happy I’m here to take of you.”

“Hmmm,” he responded as he lowered her to the ground, “Does that mean you’ll take over the cooking, dish washing, laundry, dusting, mopping, vacuum….”

Shelly cupped her hand over his mouth to silence him, kissed his cheek and answered, “Well, I’ll help, but I still need to learn a lot about cooking.”

He hugged her tight and kissed the top of her head, “I’m not too worried about either of us starving, Punkin, let’s get your stuff out of your car.”

The next couple hours were spent unpacking clothes, getting Shelly’s laptop set up on Don’s WIFI and lots of giggles.

Amidst it all, Don realized his cock had been stiff and he kept adjusting his sweatpants, attempting to hide it.

His eyes refused to look the other way when she bent, sticking her amazing ass in the air, to put away her underwear and t-shirts in the chest of drawers.

He left her to her own tasks while he, supposedly, used the bathroom. Actually, it only took a couple minutes to jack a huge load of cum into the toilet in his master bath.

When he returned to help her finish up, he walked in on a sight he would never forget.

Shelly had already removed her t-shirt and was pulling off her bra.

In a split second, it was tossed aside and her 34Cs stood straight and proud, with nipples as round as Don’s thumb and a full inch long.

“Oh, shit, Punkin! I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were changing,” he turned away, “I mean it, I am so, so sorry, Honey.”

She slipped into a tank top which displayed her young cleavage quite well, “It’s okay, Pops, I guess I should have closed the door. But we’re living together, now, I’m sure we’ll be seeing things like this from time to time.”

She kissed her favorite man on the cheek, “No harm done; can we order Chinese for dinner?”

Don had been 18 when Shelly’s mom, Linda, was born.

Linda got pregnant with Shelly when she was in high school; the father was never in the picture for the baby girl who, now, had grown into a beautiful woman with an amazing body.

The 55-year-old grandfather had only fucked one other woman since his wife had died of pancreatic cancer, nearly three years before.

That had had been an Avon saleswoman who offered more than perfume… for a price. The Avon lady took home a very good commission that day, for a job well done.

It had been a long time since he busted two loads in one day but, with the image of Shelly’s gorgeous tits in his mind, he was compelled to visit his bathroom, again, for relief.

Don marveled at the beauty of Shelly’s lips as she devoured the Chinese takeout.

“My poor, old dick is really gonna get a workout,” he thought, “I’d love to have those lips on ol’ Fat Boy. My God, why does she have to be my own flesh and blood?”

After dinner, Shelly searched the TV listings and found ‘Dirty Dancing’ would be playing at 8pm, “Can we watch it, Pops? Please? I’ve seen it a dozen times, but it’s my favorite. Please?”

“Well, of course we can watch it, Punkin, it’s one of my faves, too. Let’s get this mess cleaned up and, hey; I’ll fix us some popcorn and a glass of wine… Uh, do you drink alcohol, Honey?”

“Just a small glass, very small, for me. I like it, but sometimes wine doesn’t like me.”

About the time Patrick Swaze plowed Jennifer Gray’s pussy the first time, Shelly grabbed another handful of popcorn and laid her head in Don’s lap.

In less than two minutes, he noticed she had stopped chewing and was breathing deep and heavy in her sleep.

He thought about waking her and telling her to go to bed, but hesitated when he discovered he could see her entire right tit through the top of her skimpy shirt.

Yes, ol’ Fat Boy jumped to attention, again, but he was able to adjust it, comfortably.

He managed to slip one of the thin straps off her shoulder and lower the top enough to see both creamy, white tits and her nipples, which were soft pink and at ‘parade rest’.

Using his left hand, he, slowly rubbed his seven-inch cock through his pants, until a third batch of cum soaked its way up through the material, and down the inside of his leg and balls.

Carefully, he pulled the shirt back into place and began trying to wake her up, “Shelly, Punkin, wake up, honey. C’mon, now… time for you to go to bed.”

She awoke, rubbed her eyes a little and looked at her grandfather as though she was trying to figure out where she was, “Mmmm… oh… okay, Pops. I love you.”

She kissed Don on the lips, surprising him, “See you in the morning.”

Don didn’t rest much that night. It seems his right hand refused to leave his cock alone. He never creamed again, but the skin on ol’ Fat Boy was a little chafed the next morning.

As he stepped through the door, leading from his master bath through the dining room toward the kitchen, he stopped in his tracks when he saw Shelly in the kitchen.

She was wearing an old, thin, long t-shirt and pink panties.

With the full length, glass back door open, the light was shining through the shirt, presenting another vision of her naked profile beneath.

He closed his eyes and thought, “God help me. I have never wanted to fuck a woman so badly in my whole, mother-fuckin’ life. I know I can’t, but I damn sure want to.”

“Good morning, lazy bones!” Shelly’s greeting made him jump, “I guess I fell out last night. Come to think of it, it was long, busy day. You ready for coffee?”

He tried to avoid the picture of beauty and innocence… or was she innocent… as he took his coffee mug and stepped out to the back patio.

She joined him within a minute and asked, “So, what would my favorite Pops like for breakfast?”

His first thought, of course, was to eat her pussy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

“I dunno, sweetheart, did you have anything in mind?”

“I spotted frozen biscuits and I know how to make sausage gravy. Sound okay to you?”

Since it would take twenty-five minutes for the biscuits to cook, Don decided to take a quick shower while breakfast was being taken care of. Soap and water, plus a light coating of healing lotion made his sore dick feel better.

As they ate, Shelly told Don she was planning to make the short drive to the insurance office, “I’ll probably drive it two or three times so I can get familiar with the neighborhood, and maybe see if I can find an alternate route, in case I need one. How about you, Pops? What does Saturday hold for you?”

Again, Don’s mind went directly to sex with his granddaughter, “I think I’ll make a grocery run and maybe stop by the library. There’s this cute little librarian there…”

“Yeah, right, ol’ man. You got me here to cook and clean for you; you don’ need no stinkin’ librarian. Oh!… unless…. uh, I’ll take your plate, then I’ll get my shower and get dressed.”

Don was still sitting outside, drinking coffee, when Shelly finished her shower. She stood, wrapped in a towel, looking at him through the glass door. Her eyes fixated on his hand, rubbing his cock through his soft flannel sleep pants.

“Pops is still a young man and he needs a woman,” her mind was working hard to understand and empathize, “he needs pussy. Nobody loves him like I do, certainly no librarian. Plus, I love him more than any man on the whole, fucking planet. I haven’t been a virgin in more than three years. Five different guys have fucked me and there’s no telling how many time David did … Pops needs it; I got it. Hell, as far as that goes, I need to have a good, stiff cock in me, too. I just have to figure this out; but he’s my grandpa, dammit.”

Shelly dressed in some red, loose-legged shorts and the same tank top with thin shoulder straps. After weighing her options, she decided to wear a bra and panties. She didn’t want her Pops to think she was a slut.

“Hey, ol’ man, you wanna ride around with me today? You know the streets much better than I do.”

“Well,” he paused for a few seconds, “sure, why not? If you’re not in a big hurry, I’ll finish my coffee before I get dressed. Once we get all your running done, we can stop by the Safeway store.”

“No library, though, and no librarian,” she smiled.

Don stood and pitched the last of his coffee onto an ivy plant, “I don’t know how well this arrangement is gonna work out, Punkin, you are a hard, tough woman. It’s a good thing I love you or I might kick you out onto the street.”

He smiled at her and hugged her tight body close; he felt like he had Heaven in his arms.

When he eased his grasp, Shelly told him that she loved him, too, and gave him another, quick kiss on his lips, “Now get dressed, ol’ man, or I might just leave you here.”

The insurance office building was new and had an amazing landscape, with palm trees, clear, blue pools with fish in them, winding sidewalks and immaculately sculptured shrubs. They strolled the grounds under the eye of a large, female security guard, who allowed them to explore when Shelly produced her ‘new employee’ ID card.

“It’s just as pretty inside the building, Pops. Maybe they’ll let me take you inside in a couple weeks, once they get to know me.”

“I’d like that, Punkin. Let’s find a good taco truck before we hit the store, okay?”

Shelly excused herself for a few minutes when they returned home. Within a minute, she had removed her bra and panties and stepped back into the kitchen, while she was pinning her hair on top of her head. With her arms raised, her shirt rose to within an inch of the bottom of her boobs. “Okay, Pops, where do all these can goods go?”

“Why don’t you get the refrigerator stuff and I’ll do those?”

The fridge was located in the bottom half of the unit, with the freezer on top. Don had a little trouble putting away the can goods because of watching Shelly’s butt cheeks as she bent to put the veggies in the bottom drawer. Of course, she was putting on her show and she knew it would get to the blood flow in Don’s dick. The more she thought about it, she wondered, “He’s in his fifties; I wonder if he’s circumcised; I can tell by the bulge that it’s thick, but how long is it? David used to be able to go a second time in 30-40 minutes, I just wonder…”

She purposely let a strap slide off her shoulder as she bent to put the lettuce in the same drawer as the other things. She faked a slight stumble, causing her right breast to jump out the top.

“Sorry, Pops, maybe I better slip on another blouse.”

“Don’t change on my account, honey,” he grinned and winked, “I kinda like that one.

“However, I just tore a button off my shirt on a cabinet door, so I’m gonna change into some sweats.”

Once changed, Don made his way to the kitchen, again. He was stunned at the sight on the back patio.

Shelly had pulled a chair around to face the glass door and was sitting cross-legged with her feet under her.

Her trimmed pussy was on full display under one leg of her shorts. She was in the process of texting a friend.

Don tore a paper towel off the roll and stood in place as he jacked off another batch of baby batter, “Oh, my God, Punkin,” his mind was filled with thoughts of incest, “How in the fuck am I ever gonna be able to do this? I wanna fuck that cunt ‘til cum runs out your ears. Shit! Something has to change.”

Little did he know that she was asking her best friend, Carly, what it was like when the girl had sex with her uncle. Her reply was that it had been the best she’d ever had. When Shelly told her that she was thinking about laying some pussy on her grandpa, Carly encouraged her.

Shelly put her phone down and looked up, just as Don dropped the towel into the trash can and turned to the door. She put her legs down, secretly hoping he’d gotten an eye full.

“Hey, Pops, I have an idea. Is there a good Italian restaurant around here?”

There was and they agreed to dress in their finest for a Saturday night ‘date’. Don’s suit was an old one, but it still fit him well. Shelly’s tight, red dress barely covered her ass and cunt, but Don couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties, or not.

The manicotti and shrimp cocktail were the best either of them had ever had.

Although she was with her grandpa, Shelly had to produce her ID to be able to drink the wine.

On the way home, a very tipsy Shelly asked, “Hey, Pops, when was the last time you slept with a woman?”

“Well, Punkin’, I’m not sure that’s any of your business, but to be honest… it has been a while.”

“Are you circumcised?”

“WHAT? You don’t need to be asking things like that of your grandfather.”

“Oh, hee-hee,” her eyes rolled and she nodded, “yep, yep, yep; you’re probably right. I was just wonderin’.” She was quiet for a few minutes while she watched the buildings and lights go by, “Well, tell me this, Popsy,” she snickered at the play on words, “if you’re not circumcised, can I see your foreskin? I ain’t neber, neber, neber seen a dick with foreskin still on it.”

“Girl, it’s good we’re almost home. I think you had a little too much of that red wine. I’m your Pops, not your boyfriend, and no, I won’t show you my junk. Here we are; let’s get you in the house before you start puking in my car.”

Shelly’s plan wasn’t working like she expected. The wine hadn’t gone to her head and she knew exactly what she was doing. As Don helped her stagger inside, she decided to up the ante and make things a little more attractive.

She slapped her right ass cheek and spoke out, “Damn mosquitos!” Her hand raised the hem of her skirt, high enough to show half of her beautiful butt, “One just tried to get under my dress.”

Once again, the sweetness of her snicker rested on Don’s ears, “Know what? It had to be a boy mosquito. Yep, yep; had to be ‘cause it tried to get in my panties.”

Don couldn’t resist a chuckle of his own, “You do know you’re crazy, right? But I couldn’t blame him for trying.”

He watched, appreciatively, as she stumbled to her room, mumbling to himself, “Lucky, fucking mosquito if he did get a taste of that.”

He turned to his room and pulled off his suit. As he reached the ‘boxer shorts only’ point, Shelly pushed open his door, “I need some help,

Popsy,” …another giggle… “My zipper’s fu… stuck. Can you help it?”

His hard shaft was about to pop out of the fly as he stepped behind her and slid the zipper down. The sight of her entire back, bare to the top of her ass crack was almost more than he could stand. Then it happened…..

Shelly dropped her dress to the floor and stood before her grandfather, completely naked.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard and long.

He was stunned as she fell to her knees and jerked the boxers down. He looked down at the most precious person in his life; she looked up, into his eyes, and smiled.

He managed to utter a few words, weakly, “Punkin, we can’t…oh, God”

As her tongue slid across his circumcised cock head, all his inhibitions flew away. He rested his hands on the back of her head as she worked most of the seven inches into her mouth. He never pressed her to deep throat, but part of the hard rod did find its way past her gag reflex.

It took less than a minute before he exclaimed, “Oh, my God, Honey! I’m gonna cum.!”

She merely nodded at the statement and easily took his warm streams into her stomach. She continued sucking and licking part of the shaft until it softened, slightly.

Shelly stood and pressed her young, firm tits into Don’s chest, taking his dick in her hand and slowly stroking it, “I love my Pops more than anything, even Mom. I want to do anything to please you, anytime, anywhere. Can we please sleep together tonight, PLEEEEASE? I wanna fuck you and suck this thing some more. You can have all my pussy, my mouth, even my ass if you want it. I just love you SO much.”

Don easily lifted her to the bed and laid her back. Her butt rested at the edge, legs spread, displaying her lovely pussy. She fingered a nipple with one hand and crooked a finger at Don, followed by pointing at her pussy.

His cock had refilled with blood and he entered her wetness easily, the tip bumping her cervix before his balls could slap her ass. She never hesitated and grabbed him, high on his thighs, “Give me all of it, Pops! Fuck my fucking pussy as deep as you fucking can! I don’t care if it fucking hurts, just fuck the shit out of me!”

He did… this time it took close to ten minutes to bust his hot load.

Less than two hours later, after waking the girl by sucking her clit, he planted another round of cream-bullets into her, doggy style. The next morning, breakfast was delayed by the best 69 job Shelly ever experienced. She didn’t have to fake stumbling after that night of hard passion; she could barely walk.

“Good mornin’, bright eyes,” he smiled at the sight of her naked body wearing only a towel around her freshly washed hair, “grab a couple plates; the eggs are almost ready.”

She set the plates on the counter beside the range and kissed Don’s shoulder, “Are you sure you’re fifty-five? I kinda figured a man that old would pass out after cumming once. I’m still not believing what all we did. Damn, Pops… anytime you want more, just say so. I’m a little sore this morning, but I won’t ever turn you down.”

He shoveled the eggs, bacon and toast into their plates, tilted her head back and kissed her, “Sweetheart, I know what we’ve done is wrong, but some way, I hope it never ends. You’re my baby girl, my Punkin. Your Mom would kill both of us if she ever found out. You know what I’d like to do? I’d like to invite her and your two sisters to come see us next weekend. One of them can stay in your room with you and the others can have the back bedroom. We’ll all be happy and we’ll all have fun.”

He kissed her again, “Until then, there’s no need to get your sheets dirty.” He set both plates back on the counter, gave her tits a soft squeeze and smiled, “We can warm these up in a little while.”

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