Priyanka , a married woman starts affair with a man

Priyanka , a married woman starts affair with a man

Priyanka Kulkarni looked nervously across the table at the handsome man before her and then at her husband sitting beside her. She really couldn’t believe that she was having this discussion. She couldn’t really believe that she was here at all. She felt as if this was all a dream and any moment she would wake up.

She was 25 and she lived with her husband Aniket in Thane. Both of them worked in a software company and had a very good life. Aniket was a wonderful man. He was 28 and he had made a pretty good life for himself considering he came from a poor background. They had had an arranged marriage and they had married fairly early. She was just 19 when they got married. She hadn’t even completed her education then. But after marriage Aniket had allowed her to finish her education and had even encouraged her to take up a job. And after 6 years of marriage, she was working as a software engineer in a multinational company.

However, what she really didn’t expect that the naughty and adventurous side of her husband beneath his decent and straight exterior. Almost after 4 years of her marriage, Aniket had encouraged her to watch porn along with him. She came from a fairly conventional background and she had never watched porn in her life. But when her own husband started encouraged it, she took to it life fish to water. But soon she had realized that the porn that her husband downloaded for her were always of one type. It was almost always related to swinging, cuckolding or threesome with two males and one female. Initially she thought this was a coincidence. But soon she realized that it was intentional. And finally her husband had told her about his fantasy. She was shocked to the core and felt absolutely disgusted by it. How dare he consider this even for one moment. Was she some kind of slut?

Her husband wanted to see her with another man. He wanted to be cuckolded by her with another man or at least have a threesome with another man with her. She was simply revolted and she hadn’t spoken to him for almost 10 days. But all the porn she had watched had not been wasted. Stranger visions of another man fucking her or sometimes having two men in her started to trouble her. She had patched up with her husband after that based on the condition that he will never bring up the subject. But still whenever she had sex with her husband, somehow she started to imagine some other strange man fucking her rather than her husband.

And then finally when Aniket brought up the subject, she had shown inclination that she would consider a threesome based on the condition that she will choose the man. But even then she had just said that she will consider it. It took almost a year to finally agree to a threesome, but she finally had agreed for a threesome.

Priyanka was not exceedingly beautiful woman, but still fairly attractive. She was 5 feet 2 inch and somewhat plump. But she had lovely full 36 D breasts and at 25, her full breasts often drew lot of attention. She was somewhat plump woman and had big ass. She was voluptuous and lot of men in the world would have drooled on her.

After she had agreed for a threesome, she had often stared at different men and considered them in her mind as partners. But she never took the next step. Aniket kept egging her on, but she firmly told him that she intended to take her own sweet time about this.

Then something happened. Her company was going to implement a software project for a Company in Dubai. It was a large construction company and it was owned by an Indian man. This was where she had met Imran Khan. He was 39 and he owned the construction company. It was started by his father almost 45 years back. But the company really had grown under Imran’s leadership since he took over the control at young age of 20. After 12 years, the company had grown to almost 500 Million of turnover and Imran had become quite a tycoon. It was his idea to make his office paperless and so Priyanka had to mostly interact with him for implementation of her project.

To her utter surprise, Imran had started hitting on her almost immediately. She just couldn’t believe what he saw in her. He could have had any woman that he wanted. Lot of women could have married him just for his money and it really surprised her that he was hitting on her. She had even told him that she was married, but still he kept coming on her. She had initially just joked about it, but soon after that when he didn’t stop; somehow she started to reciprocate to his charms.

And finally one day she had told him about her husband’s fantasy. Imran took it pretty well and said that it was pretty normal fantasy for lot of men. Things had then gone pretty fast and the long and short of it was that she spoke to Aniket that finally she had decided the man who she would like to have threesome with.

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Priyanka came back from Dubai for a week end and finally she and Aniket discussed what they wanted to do. It was then decided that both of them would fly out to Dubai for one week and spend the time with Imran. Aniket and Imran also talked over phone for almost a month before Aniket also agreed to visit Dubai and finally they had left for Dubai. Imran had invited them to live with him on his large bungalow. And now on their first day, they were sitting in a nice restaurant waiting for dinner. Right after they had arrived in Dubai, Imran’s chauffer had taken their luggage to his home while another car had taken them here in the restaurant.

“So Priyanka, are you nervous?” She smiled at Imran as she looked on. She was sitting beside Aniket and Imran was sitting on the opposite side.

“Well I guess so. Don’t you think I should be?” Imran slowly extended his hand touched her hand. Aniket for the first time understood what this week end can mean. He had always kind of imagined that he would like the idea of Priyanka getting involved with some other man. But seeing Imran touching Priyanka’s hand, for the first time, he felt jealous.

“I don’t see any reason why you should be nervous.” She just shrugged.

“What about you Aniket? Are you nervous?” Aniket smiled at him and then nodded.

“Well I never really thought that Priyanka would ever agree to this. But now that she has agreed, I would say even I am nervous.” Imran caressed Priyanka’s hand and then replied.

“Let me tell you one thing. You won’t regret it. Priyanka will really enjoy it. And I expect you will too.” Imran winked at Aniket. Aniket nervously looked at him and then looked at his wife. For the first time in their married life, she looked strange. If he hadn’t known her better, he would have said that Priyanka was horny.

“Why don’t you come over here and sit beside me?” They had already ordered their dinner and were waiting for it. Priyanka smiled and then looked at Aniket for a moment. Then she slowly rose and then sat beside Imran. Imran looked at her and ran his eyes all over her body. For a moment his eyes rested on her full breasts and Priyanka noticed it. Her cheeks turned pink for a moment.

Priyanka was wearing black sleeveless top and tight black jeans that hugged her hips and ass. Aniket noticed Imran looking at his wife’s full tits and once again felt a pang of jealousy. The sofa on which they were sitting was a bit small and it hardly had space enough for 2 people. So Priyanka was sitting in way that her hips touched Imran’s hips.

“Wow, you are looking absolutely sexy today in this western dress. I never saw you wearing western before.” Imran caressed Priyanka’s naked arm with his fingers. Priyanka felt awkward with all this bold manners of Imran. But even she couldn’t deny that she was excited. Imran was real stud. He was 6 feet 2 inches tall and had very masculine body. She couldn’t deny she was attracted to him.

“Well my family was a bit conventional. So I never used to do it before marriage. But I started wearing after marriage. ” He looked at Aniket.

“You are one lucky man Aniket to have such a sexy wife. I am glad that you opened her a bit.” Aniket was looking at this exchange with strange feeling.

“Well earlier she was not even ready to wear sleeveless. Now she is doing lot of things nowadays. She purchased this dress specifically for this trip.” Aniket told him as Priyanka blushed. Imran looked at her again and then put his arm around her shoulder and rested on her arm.

“Well I thought you were doing this just to fulfill his fantasy.” Imran slowly caressed her arm. Priyanka blushed for a moment.

“Well I still am. But then why should boys have all the fun?” She laughed and then continued on.

“If my husband wants fun in this, then I might as well enjoy it.” Imran slowly touched her face and then turned it to face him.

“Well then, let’s enjoy this.” And then he suddenly kissed her lips on the full. Priyanka was surprised and shocked for a moment, but then when Imran stopped, she felt disappointment rather than censure. She slowly ran her hand on her lips for a moment and then smiled at him. For the first time in her life, she felt so much passion in a kiss. She hit him playfully on his arm and then looked at her husband.

“I meant to enjoy this in private and not in a public place.” She looked around and then saw that everyone was busy and nobody had even looked at them.

“Well if you are in such a hurry to be in private place, we better finish dinner quickly and go home.” Imran remarked just as the waiter came and put dinner on the table.

“Hey Priyanka, make your dinner light. You are going to have lot of weight on your body tonight.” Priyanka blushed once again, but retorted back.

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“Hey, then why don’t you make it light? It will be easy for me when you are on top of me.” She smiled and Aniket as she said this.


Even Aniket was quite tired and they all finished the dinner quickly. Imran paid the bill as he was the host and then they got in the car and drove home.

They all sat in the back seat while the driver drove the car. Priyanka was going to sit on Aniket’s side, but Imran asked Priyanka to sit on his side. So Priyanka was sitting on the left side while Imran sat in the middle and Aniket was planning to sit on the right side. But then it was going to be too tight a fit. So Aniket moved to the front seat while Imran and Priyanka sat in the back.

They reached Imran’s huge bungalow within 10 minutes. Aniket was impressed by it, but somehow he felt Priyanka wasn’t really surprised at all. She walked with Imran’s hand in her hands without any surprise at all. She kept looking at Aniket all the time as she walked with Imran.

“So Aniket, do you like the place?” Imran looked at Aniket as he opened the door to the bungalow.

“Yes, it’s great. But it must be difficult to maintain it. It seems like a very large place.” They all entered the bungalow.

“”It has two floors and had 5 rooms on each floor. I have 3 servants taking care of this place. However for this week, I asked them to go on a leave to give us some privacy.” Imran smirked at Priyanka and she smiled back at him as he closed the door behind us.

“It also has a wonderful swimming pool in the back. We will go and have a swim there sometime. By the way, you must be tired. How about some lovely hot water bath? Let’s all go and have it. How about you Aniket? Would you like to join me and Priyanka? “Aniket was quite tired, but accepted the invitation.

“Great, then let’s go to the second floor. I will show you your bedroom and then you can change.” They all went to the second floor and turned a right. Imran showed them into a large room. It had a huge double bed in the right and had all kind of furniture in it.

“Well this is your room. I hope you both will be comfortable here. I will be in the room adjacent to this. You see that door, if you open it, you can come into my bedroom. Don’t need to knock, whenever you are ready, just come in.” He winked at Priyanka.

“Imran, Thanks a lot for being such a wonderful host. We will join you in 5 minutes for shower.” Priyanka moved forward a bit and then slowly kissed his cheek. Imran smiled and then left the room quickly.

“So darling, do you like him? I hope you are not feeling jealous already?” Priyanka smiled up and Aniket as she removed her top and started to remove her jeans. But she was not really looking at her husband.

“Well he is a nice fellow. But he is a bit too rich and too attractive for us. Why do you think he chose you when he could have had any woman?” Priyanka turned around to face her husband.

“Well I guess now you are surely being jealous.” She laughed and then added again.

“He was a bit lonely and I encouraged him a bit. I guess he liked these.” She smiled and then held her breasts in her hands. Aniket laughed and then replied.

“Yes, I suppose any man in the world can fall for those.” Aniket also removed his clothes quickly. Priyanka opened her bag and then pulled out 2 towels. She kept one for herself and gave the other for her husband.

“Come on, let’s go now.” Priyanka wrapped her towel around her body and went towards the door and opened it. Aniket also followed her and then they both entered Imran’s room. It was quite large and looked empty. Then they heard the water falling towards the other end and followed it.

The bathroom was big and it had a sliding door made of glass. So they could see Imran’s large frame standing on the other side even though it was close. Priyanka knocked at the door and Imran immediately slid it aside.

“Wow, look at her. She looks so sexy with just a towel around her body.” Imran wrapped his hand around Priyanka’s waist and pulled her closer to him. Priyanka smiled and willingly went into his arms. She wrapped her arms around Imran’s neck and kissed him. As they continued to kiss, Imran slowly caressed her lovely arms. Imran slowly removed the chop tying Priyanka’s hair and then loosened it up a bit. They broke the kiss.

“You look very sexy with your hair open.” Priyanka ran her hand through her hair and then placed it on one side of her shoulder.

“Thanks.” She said coyly. She smiled at him and then slowly turned around so that she was facing he r husband now. Imran wrapped his hands around Priyanka’s waist and rested them on her stomach. Then he slowly caressed her arm and as he did so, kissed her neck. Priyanka smiled and then closed her eyes.

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“Oh Imran, it feels so good.” She sighed as Imran continued to shower her neck with kisses. Imran was kissing her neck as caressed his big hands.

“So Darling, are you happy now?” Priyanka looked at her husband and smiled at him. Aniket was wearing just a towel around his waist and even now his cock was making a tent in it. But the answer came from Imran.

“Of course he is happy honey. Look at his crotch.” Imran turned her face a bit and kissed her once again full on the lips. Priyanka broke the kiss and then once again looked at her husband’s crotch.

“Boy, I have never seen it get up so quickly before, not even when I am naked before him.” Both Imran and Priyanka laughed at this. Aniket also smiled weakly.

“Want to start the shower baby?” Imran asked Priyanka and she just nodded.

“Why don’t you start the shower, Aniket?” Imran pointed towards the shower knob. Aniket turned around to see the knob and then turned it slowly. Priyanka shivered in Imran’s arms for a moment as cold water poured from the shower.

“Don’t worry baby, it will warm up in a minute.” Imran once again kissed her neck. The water started to warm up immediately and Priyanka felt comfortable. Imran removed her towel and threw it aside on a stool outside the shower. The warm water was falling over their bodies. Priyanka’s hair was wet now and she slowly turned around to face Imran.

Imran slowly caressed Priyanka’s lovely full tits with both his hands and then firmly grasped them.

“Boy Aniket, you are one lucky man. Your wife has the loveliest pair of tits that I ever seen in my life.” Priyanka hit him playfully on the chest.

“Hey why are you praising my tits to my husband? Praise it to me honey.” Imran slowly raised her a bit so that her breasts were hanging right in front of his mouth. Then he slowly took her right breast in his mouth and sucked on it. Priyanka placed her hand behind Imran’s neck and then slowly moaned.

“Oh Imran, now I like that method of praising very much.” She caressed Imran’s naked back as he sucked on her tits.

“Why don’t you join us and treat yourself to my other tit jaan? You would like it, wont you?” Priyanka extended her hand outside shower and Aniket reached for it. He slowly moved to the other side and then planted his mouth on the second tit of his wife. Both Imran and Aniket continued to suck on her breasts as Priyanka squirmed in delight. She caressed Imran’s hair with her hands as she moaned with pleasure.

Warm water was falling over their bodies and they were all completely wet now. Priyanka once again hit on Imran’s back as she squealed.

“Are you forgetting that we are here for a shower?” Imran looked up and then smiled.

“We are having a shower baby.” He slowly put her down as Aniket also removed his mouth from her tit. Imran slowly turned her around so that her back was facing Aniket. He pointed to a cabinet and then spoke to Aniket.

“Hey Aniket, will you open that cabinet? There is some soap in it. Can you get 3 soaps for each of us? Then you can soap your wife’s back while I and she can soap each other.” Aniket turned around and opened the cabinet pointed by Imran. He opened it and then picked up and opened 3 soap cakes. He handed one to each. Priyanka meanwhile turned the shower tap off so that water stopped.

Priyanka took the soap from her husband and kissed him on the cheek.

“I don’t want you to soap my tits. I want Imran to soap them. I want you to do just my back, nothing else.” She then turned around and handed soap to Imran. Imran took the soap and then pulled Priyanka closer towards him.

Her tits were crushed against Imran’s hairy chest. He hugged her tightly and kissed her lips hard. Priyanka once again wrapped her hands around Imran’s neck as she opened her mouth for her lover. Imran placed both his hands on Priyanka’s ass cheeks and slowly stroked and slapped them lightly as they kissed. Priyanka extender her hand and slowly opened the shower tap so that warm water started to fall over their bodies once again.

Priyanka slowly started to soap Imran’s back with her hands. Imran broke the kiss and then slowly started to kiss her neck. Aniket was looking wide eyed as his wife hugged Imran and soaped his back. Once again the primary feeling in him was excitement rather than jealousy.

“Darling, why don’t you soap my back?” Priyanka turned for a moment to look at her husband. Aniket slowly moved and slowly started to soap his wife’s back. Priyanka once again started to soap Imran’s back for a moment.

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Priyanka , a married woman starts affair with a man

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