Priyanka Chopra Fucked Again – Sex Stories

Priyanka Chopra Fucked Again – Sex Stories

It was a sunday morning..Priyanka was sleeping comfortably in her bed…She was really tired after yesterday’s shooting and was thinking she will do something interesting this sunday as it is a holiday..She was in her bed with panty on and she was topless without any bra showing her pink nipples…Suddenly she gets a call….

Priyanka- Hello ….Who’s this ??

Secretary- Madam, i am your secretary speaking..Actually Mr. Jack wilson is a photographer just returned from U.S.A. He says he wants to have a photoshoot with you…

Priyanka- No man !! Its sunday..Let me spend some time with my friends and family..Tell him i will do the shoot on monday..Fix the time…Will you ??

Secretary- Madam, Mr. Jack is returning to Usa tomorrow..He wont be able to do the photoshoot tomorrow…So please ??? And he will pay you huge amount ..

Priyanka- Ok, tell him i will be at his place at 2 pm..

(She cuts the phone..Takes a deep sigh..and goes to the bathroom…She opens her panties, does potty….Her fart was really loud and even neighbours were getting horny due to that seductive fart..Then she takes bath…)

Priyanka- Secretary, did u fix the time at 2 pm ??
Secretary- Yes madam..I did it..He said its ok…
Priyanka- GOOD !!

—————————-AT 2 PM—————————-

Priyanka reaches Hotel taj..She goes to the reception and asks where mr. jack is living..The receptionist says that mr. jack is there in room no. 367 which is on 3rd floor..Priyanka was excited about the photoshoot but was feeling awkward to meet jack in the hotel room….Priyanka reaches the room and knocks…Tick tock !! tick tock !

Jack- Whos this ??
Priyanka- Its me priyanka chopra..
Jack- Oh !! So u have come..Come in please…

(Priyanka goes in..She sees a handsome, charming american man..She had always dreamed of having sex with an american She had been fucked by many indians like harman baweja, shahid and akshay but had never been fucked by any foreigner..She was a bit horny but didnt show up because she was there for the photoshoot..)

Jack- I have seen a couple of indian movies..U look beautiful in movies but u are really more beautiful in the reality..I like your smile…
Priyanka- (Sexy smile..) Thank you jack…!!
Jack- For this photoshoot you will have to wear a couple of sexy outfit..Are you comfortable with it ??

(Priyanka feels awkward as there is only jack and herself in the hotel room and jack says she will have to wear some sexy short outfit..She is a little horny but is not comfortable when it comes to have sex with a stranger….Soon they start to do the photoshoot…Priyanka was in cutoff jeans lying on bed..While doing the photoshoot priyanka took a look at jack’s penis..)

Priyanka- Jack, i am sad..
Jack- Why ??
Priyanka- U know..(Blushes and touches her nipples…)
Jack- What priyanka ?? Why are u sad ?? U dnt look sad to me by the way …
Priyanka- I am sad from inside..

“Something bothering you?” said the photographer sympathetically. “Thinking about … the separation with your boyfriend ?”

She shook her head and tried to think of something plausible. “Not really. I was just thinking, how the years pass.”

“No one would know it, to look at you,” he said with conviction. “You look just as great as you did ten years ago.”

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“That’s so sweet,” she said
His lips twitched. “They still look pretty damn good.”
The photoshoot was going on…
She chuckled, recognising the reference, and looked down at her breasts. The shots he had set up would make sure they were

only part-visible in the photos, but in the course of it he had naturally got a complete view. “Thanks.”

Yes, they do look good, she said to herself; that’s why she was happy to show them. But it would be so great to have someone

recognise the fact, not just with words and looks, but with his hands.

“Okay, we’re done,” he said.

She got off the bed, and had an inspiration. She stood with her back to him.

“How about the back view? How’s that holding up?”

“Great!” he said very emphatically. “I always thought you had a very fine ass, if you don’t mind my saying so.”

“I don’t mind at all,” she said cheerfully. “But can you really see from over there? Come closer.”

He did so. “It … hasn’t changed at all,” he said, his voice a little higher.

“But how can you judge, when I’m wearing these?” she said. She undid the cutoffs and let them fall. “What d’you say now?” Her

breath was coming just a little fast, and she could feel herself getting wet, while her nipples had stiffened so much they

almost hurt.

He gasped, and when he spoke again, after a pause, his voice was definitely trembling.

“You’re beautiful,” he stammered. “Absolutely beautiful.”
She decided to go for broke. “Of course, seeing is one thing,” she said casually, “but feeling is quite another. Would you
like to feel my butt?” By now, her heart was in her mouth with excitement.
There was another pause, and she found herself holding her breath. Then he gulped audibly, and said, “More than anything in
the world.”

She heard him step forward. Then two slightly shaking hands – nice and warm, to her pleasure – cupped her butt, ran lightly
over it, then clasped her cheeks more firmly.

She produced a long sighing moan. “Ohh jack…Its soo…, that feels so good..ooohhh” She moved back towards him, hoping he would have the nerve to go

The photographer could not believe his luck. His hands were on the naked ass of the woman he had always thought one of the
most desirable in Bollywood. As he gently squeezed and fondled her ass cheeks, he wondered whether he dared go further. Would
she get mad? But she seemed to be encouraging him. Now she was moving her ass against his hand slightly and making little
noises that excited him.

He took a breath to nerve himself and ran his hands slowly round to her sides and then up, greatly enjoying the softness of
her skin over her firm, taut body. As he neared her breasts he slowed, again uncertain whether he dared go further.

She turned her head and looked at him in frank invitation. “Go on,” she whispered a little breathlessly, leaning back more.

He brought his hands round and closed them decisively on her delightful breasts, which seemed to fit his grasp perfectly. Her
nipples were bullet hard. She groaned with pleasure and seemed to push against his hands as he gently squeezed and caressed,
while shifting his position a little to accommodate a now totally stiff erection inside his pants.

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Suddenly she reached behind her and a hand found and felt his straining cock. With a delicious giggle she turned her head,
showing that laughing glance he hoped he had captured in his shots. Deftly she undid and pushed down his pants, then stroked
his erection lightly through his boxers. He almost came on the spot and gasped sharply as he desperately tried to exert
control over himself; involuntarily his hands tightened on her breasts, gripping them hard.

“Sorry,” he said, loosening his grip again, “but …”

“No problem,Jack…I am a horny bitch” she said, “I liked it.”

Her hand delved into his boxers and she dug her nails into the base of his cock, so hard it hurt. But it lessened the need to
come. Then, keeping her back to him but gripping the top of his boxers with both hands, she firmly rolled them down till they
could drop of their own accord. This made her bend forward, and her ass came into contact with his groin. She giggled again
and, moving out of his grasp, went to her knees, but looked back at him. “Here,” she said, running a finger down her butt
crack. “Try it here.”

Feeling an almost manic elation, he knelt behind her. He realised that she was not going to take a risk by having unprotected
sex, but he was not complaining. To fuck that delectable ass, even from the outside, was more than he could ever have dreamed
of. Eagerly he moved forward and pressed his cock into her cleft. He took hold of her hips and shifted to get well
positioned, then began to push to and fro slowly, loving the feel of her firm cheeks around his cock.

“That’s my boy,Thats like an american cock !!” she said in a very approving tone, pushing back at him. “That feels good.”

Finding his rhythm, he began to thrust harder, and his hands came forward to grip her breasts and play with them again. She
grunted, sounding pleased…
He then licked her boobs, licked her pussy and started fucking her…

She gave away a loud moan and started enjoying the heavenly pleasure. At the same time, she was moaning ooohhhh aaaahhh yes fuck me hard fuck me !! fuck me. he noticed that in the heat to fuck her, he had not put the condom on his cock but continued to fuck her. After fucking her for around 15 minutes, he was about to cum and removed his cock from her pussy and started shooting the loads of cum on her boobs…he threw some sperm inside her naval and also inside her asshole.. In the meantime, she had her 2 orgasms….Lekin 1 baar chodkar he didnt satisfied..Wanted to fuck her again and again…

After the first session was over, they lay in each other’s hug and he told her that he had already explored her 2 holes, but the 3rd one is still virgin. Priyanka was not ready for that but then he got up and put a porn CD on the laptop and showed her. they sat on my bed in each other’s hug with lots of pillows behind their back. So they were in a slanted position to get the good view of the video.

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It was a video, where a boy was exploring the ass hole of a virgin girl. While watching the video, Priyanka again got aroused and started playing with jack’s cock. Jack took his right hand towards her ass crack and started exploring it slowly.

He reached near her ass hole and inserted one finger in her ass hole. Priyanka gave away a loud moan aaaaahhhh its paining…!! Baby !!! Its paining but i’m enjoying !!!. He then got up again and took a vaseline bottle and applied a lot of vaseline on her ass hole. Also he had applied vaseline on his cock as well as his fingers. Now he had inserted the finger again in her ass and started shoving it in & out. This time, Priyanka told that she is feeling very good. Jack told her that she will enjoy the ass fucking. Since that day, they had a lot of time, so there was no need to hurry. That’s why he kept finger fucking her ass hole. In between, he was applying some vaseline on her ass hole.
After about 30 minutes of continuous finger fucking, jack noticed that his 1 finger is moving very easily within her hole. Then he put 2 fingers and again started finger fuck her ass hole fast. She was already hot by watching the porn movie and over and above, his finger fucking had mad her aroused and her pussy started dripping again with the love juices.
Still he continued for 15 minutes to finger fuck her in ass hole. Now after 45 minutes of finger fucking, it was nicely lubricated. He then put her in a doggy style and put his t-shirt in her mouth so that she don’t scream. then slowly started pushing cock inside her ass hole. Priyanka was crying in pain but could not scream due to his t-shirt.
After trying for 10-15 minutes, ultimately he succeeded in entering her ass hole and then I gave a big push and his entire cock was inside her ass hole. Priyanka was shaking her head in pain and her tears were wetting the pillow…She was crying due to the anal sex but he could feel she was enjoying it…And for jack also, it was great fun……After some time the sex was over..Jack cummed all over her ass and then a little on her boobs..Priyanka drinked the cum and was looking sexy as hell !!

Priyanka- Thank you jack for the wonderful sex…
Jack- The pleasure is all mine..

———————————THE END———————-


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Priyanka Chopra Fucked Again – Sex Stories

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