Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty

One day I was sitting alone at home reading newspaper and saw an advertisement from home tuition. Going through the ad the one thing that I noticed that an email id was provided and instantly I thought it could be lead to something really enjoyable. The home tuition was for English/Telugu Language and I decided to go to this place which was like half an hour from my place. Before that I want to check if this chick isn’t some old dirtbag therefore called on the mobile to hear the voice.

Me: Hello, my name is Frank (I spoke very uneasily so that my English looked overly weak) and saw your ad for language lesson.

Anushka: Hi Frank, I am Anushka Shetty, yes tell me which language you would like to learn?

Me: both, what is fee?

Anuskha was surprised that this guy wanted to learn both the languages and decided to charge 4000 for 2 weeks 5 day lessons.

Me: should I come in evening?”

At first anushka was unsure about the timing but the said “ok, come at 5:30 and don’t be late”

I cut the phone and was pretty sure that she is young sweet Indian lady to be featured in my third sex video. At first, I thought wearing a shirt and trouser to look more like a good student but what the heck? as the only thing I needed from teacher was a fuck lesson. I kept it cool by wearing a t-shirt and jeans (without underwear) and hit the road.

At 5:45 I reached Anushka’s place which was in a society on the 13th floor, rang the bell and waited for a minute and finally the door was open where I could see a complete South Indian beauty standing in front of me in red saree and a small bindi on her forehead. She had nice fitted red blouse and nicely gold embroided saree. I was not sure if she was really my language teacher therefore I confirmed by saying “is this Anushka Shetty” she smiled and welcomed me inside her home.…1def00f45f.jpg

Her house had a nice small sofa set with a dining table on the left. By seeing the whole area, it seemed like the place only had 1 bedroom at the back with a toilet and kitchen. I was clearly recording every corner of her place and then sat down on small four people wooden dining table. She went to the kitchen and brought a glass of water for me which i drank in one go. Anushka pulled a chair for herself and sat opposite to me and questioned about the camera in my hand which was still rolling to which I told her “oh its like to understand whatever you are saying.. I want to record it so that I listen to it at home” I tried to break my words so that my English looks really poor. Anushka also felt the requirement of taping the class and decided to go with it.

Anushka handed me 02 books for English and Telugu for homework but I stopped her right there and asked her “what do you do besides tuition?” Anushka did not felt the necessity of the question however answered “I teach the same languages in a school along with Yoga”.

“Yoga is nice.. I also tried it once but fell on my head” Anushka reluctantly laughed at me and I further asked her “do you live with family here?” to which she replied “no, I live alone and family in Hyderabad” this gave me a bit more confidence as there was no live in BF or Husband situation here. Anushka again tried to start with the tuition but I stopped her and told “look, I want to be frank with you.. I met this south Indian cute girl and wanted to talk to her. I tried talking in my broken English but she didn’t understand it and was speaking some other language. I asked my friend and he told me about south Indian language telugu which is why I want to learn to impress her. Anushka was admiring my effort to learn Telugu to impress a girl and asked me “what do you want learn exactly”

I paused for a bit and asked anuskha to tell me “how to say that you are beautiful in Telugu.” Anushkha smiled at my question and said “meeru andhamga unnaru” I tried speaking that however was totally confused and told her to say that by looking into the camera so that I can memorize it later. Anushka looked right into the camera lens and softly said it and also wrote that for me in a copy.

“thanks, now tell me how to ask her out for coffee? After saying this Anushka looked at me and then again her beautiful focused on camera and said something in Telugu. “I want to ask this girl to come home for a drink” I said this looking right into Anushka’s eys and she asked me “why do you want her to come for a drink in your house?”

“Is it wrong in India?” I politely asked and she said “No, but she might not like it” then I went a step further and told her “that I want to invite her to have sex with me” this was the most surprising thing that Anushka heard lately but didn’t responded. I knew it was make it or break situation and said “I will offer her some money for it” she was completely surprised with braziallian attitude.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty

Anushka was totally shocked but softly said “why do you pay her money If you like her?” for the I answered “if she doesn’t want to get fucked then I will give her money” Anuskha again asked me “so if she says no, you will pay her to sleep with you?” to which I said Yes with a smile. Anushkha was totally confused and thought that either I am stupid or a psycho.

I took that from her side of the table and said “let me try it on you… and started reading meeru andhamga unnaru” with my accent, I was all over the place and she laughed at me. As was laughing, I took out 10000 rupees out of my pocket and said “what if I offer it you?” suddenly her laugh vanished and in a serious tone she asked “to me?? For what?” I looked into her eyes again and said “for fucking” straightaway Anushka said “no.. I am a teacher.”
“are you sure?” I asked anuskha with a doubt in my mind and again she rejected my offer. “you came here to learn telugu and now you are asking me for this” there was a bit confusion in Anushka’s tone and then she politely asked me to put money in my pocket.

I reluctantly put my hand inside my pocket and took out another 10000 rupees an her big eyes popped up more by seeing 20000 rupees right in front of her.
There was complete silence in the room and anushka couldn’t take her eyes away from 20000 rupees.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty

“it looks so strange, I never expected it” Anushka was talking to herself and I keep moving the money in the air so the smell of fresh 500 rs notes goes to her nose. “do you pay girls often?” Anushka asked me by again looking at the money to which I simply said “I like you very much” and she smiled and said “its nice to know that you like but I am not sure about this”

For 5 minutes anuskha sat there thinking about the money and looking at hopeful was I increased the money to rupees 25000 and said “this is all that I have” Anuskha was smiling all the way and told me “its dangerous to go out with that much money in your pocket” that was the sign that I wanted and I got up from my seat and she told me “nobody must find out about this” and I simply caressed her shoulder and put my right hand on her right breast. Anushka was looking all uncomfortable in her own house and I took her hand and put it on my jeans. I opened the jeans button for her and as soon pulled it down my anaconda jumped off to anuskha’s hand. She looked at me while holding my dick like this:

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty

Anushka lightly held my Cock and started moving it up and down. For atleast a minute she kept starting at my big hard cock and then I patted her head towards my cock and she reluctantly open her mouth and started sucking it.
My hand was moving her head all the time over my cock and within no time she was confidently sucking my dick. She sucked for every 10 seconds and then look at me with a smiling face and then again went back to sucking. As she was doing her job, I opened the pin which was holding her pallu on her shoulder and it went straight on to her lap leaving a nice big cleavage visible from her blouse.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty

I playfully started moving my right hand’s finger in between her mangoes and slowly inserted went down. With my other hand I tried to unhook her blouse however it was a tough job and to my delight she moved both of her hands to back while my dick was inside her mouth and within seconds opened all her hooks. I was pretty amazed by this view and took off her blouse and now Anushka was sitting in red black cotton bra. As I was opening her hook she requested me in her house “can we go somewhere more comfortable”and then she took me to the Sofa where I started kissing her. She didn’t shy away from kissing me and in the moment I unhooked her bra and threw it on floor. Anushka’s 35 inch brown boobs with dark nipples were right in front of me and I grabbed them firmly moving up down and circular position which Anushka was watching with a smile. I placed my lips on her tits and sucked them like a baby. Anushkas’s hand was back at my cock caressing it gently. “could you remove your saree” I whispered into her ears while licking it and she removed it in a one go. To my surprise she opened the thread of her petticoat and now she was only in her black panty.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty

She held my cock again but this time tigtly and I pulled her black panty down while kissing her red lips. Anushka moved hers legs to help me in removing her panty and within no time this brown south Indian beauty was completely nude in front of camera which she was not aware of.
I comfortably sat on the sofa and pulled anuskha towards me. I lifted her from the waist and with her legs all wide, i made her sit on my cock. As her pussy was already wet, it didn’t had a problem in taking my big strong cock. My hands were all over Anushka’s mightly 36 inch ass as I kept slapping them while she was jumping on my cock. Anushka’s was fucking me like a pro and her soft moans were clear indication that she was enjoying it a lot. After a few minutes I moved my hands back to anushka boobs to massage them and she kept on jumping like a slut.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty

“Wait now I will fuck your cunt” I again whispered in anushka’s ear by licking it and she moved away. I told her to sit on her knees with her big brown as up. I further asked her to her ass cheeks away from each other so I could see her asshole and she did exactly that which excited me even more. I Inserted my cock in her pussy and fucked her with a nice speed. Though she tried to cover her moans by putting a hand on her mouth but is was getting really loud as the slut was enjoying to be fucked like a bitch. My cock was pretty smoothly ramming this wet south Indian pussy and I was getting really aroused as till now Anushka was not aware that camera was recording this fuck session from the start. I got a bit greedy and took the camera from table, focused right to her black hair and curvy body and then she saw it.

Anuskha pushed me away “this was not our deal, you are cording me” Anuskha quickly grabbed her petticoat to hide her melons. “listen to me” I said trying to handle the situation but she was really terrified. “we had a deal and this was not into it” Anushka again said it and I told her that “don’t me angry, I paid you 25000 rupees. I will not put it anywhere.. will not upload it.. please don’t worry”

Anushka asked me “have you recording the whole time” the next second I lied to her by saying “no no I just turned it on as you were looking really beautiful… don’t worry.. come here” I grabbed her wrist and took her to her bedroom. “bend over here” I pushed anushka’s back and grabbed her meaty thighs so that i could position her ass.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty

I didn’t want to waste anymore time so pulled her petticoat up and inserted my cock again in her vagina and in no time started fucking. As I was recording every second of her fuck session Anushka with a shy smile looked into the camera which made her hornier. Her moans were getting loud as moved the camera right to her face and placed it on the bed. I held her by her curvy waist like I own her started fucking the shit out of her. She couldn’t stand to this powerful fucking and her screams were all over the house.

I turned her almost dead body and held the camera with one of my hand as I again inserted my cock in her pussy. As I fucked her, her big melons were going in all the directions. Anushka’s hands tightly held the bedsheets on her bed and she hid her face under a fluffy white pillow. I placed my thumb right to her clitoris and rubbed the whole time. I was more than satisfied while fucking this south Indian babe and took my cock and pulled her up. Anushka was throbbing my cock waiting for cum and I was recording it with pleasure. In few seconds all my cum splashed on her beautiful face and dripping from her chin to boobs.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty

She sucked my cock dried for the last time and went out of her house.

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Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Anushka Shetty