Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Chitrangada Singh

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Chitrangada Singh

It was getting all sweaty as AC was off, I tried to switch on with a remote and realized there was no electricity. I got up from bed and it was around 7 p.m. I opened the main gate and saw 4-5 pamphlets on the ground where 2 were important as 1 was of Pizza hut and other was of Property Dealers. I ordered a Pizza for night and surfed through some Indian Porn on internet however nothing was that good as I never found out Indian girls as hot or sexy.
Next morning, around 10 am I called to Ahiyana Properties to sell my house and said
Frank: hello is this properties?

Property Dealer: Yes, who is this?

Frank: Hi, my name is Frank Xavier and I am looking to sell my bunglow

Property Dealer: sure sure, tell me your address for inspection.

After telling my address that woman told me to be expect for a visit around 1 p.m. I was in my check shorts and black and at 1:05 I heard the bell. I opened the door and saw dusky color girl with black shades, white shirt and black tousers. She was wearing black heels so her height was around 5 ft 7 inch. She was looking a lot like a Brazillian dame however her black straight hair were giving more Indian look. She took off those black shades and said “ Hi, my name is Chitrangda Singh” and those shades went straight to her two button open white shirt.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Chitrangada Singh

I invited her to my bunglow and she took out a video camera to record it with my permission. While Chitrangda was walking and recording with camera placed to her right eye, my eyes were looking at her 36 inch perfect round ass. “I always thought that Indian girls are more homely, never expected you for a site visit” after saying this Chitrangda smiled and told me “After my divorce, I have just started this business. I had a guy for this site visit thing however he is on leave so which is why I am here.” After checking out 2 rooms and toilets, Chitrangda opened the third room where the first thing she saw my 5-6 boxers/underwear on the bed which I forgot to keep in the cupboard. She shyly smiled and moved the camera away while I ran as quickly as possible to hide them. She continued to record the room and then went to the kitchen.

After recording everything, Chitrangda asked what am I expecting so I told her that I don’t have an idea about Indian market. She smiled and told me not to worry and she is here to help only and will send a buyer tomorrow. I watched Chitrangda’s round ass as she was going out of my house and just a had one word in my mind “Damn”.

After that I had my lunch and again surfed for more Indian Porn however again I was left disappointed. I dozed on my white sofa and heard a bell which broke my sleep. I got up from the sofa and I saw a small guy in shirt and pant with a big smile on his face as if he has won a lottery. “what do you want” my tone was a bit harsh as the SOB disturbed me however he politely said “Sir I am here from Sunrise Properties, we heard that you are selling the house” as I was about to say something he again started speaking “we have a good buyer for your house who is willing to pay around 95 lakhs for this” after hearing the amount, I invited him and we chatted a bit. He told me that this bunglow will easily sell for 90 lakhs however our buyer is willing to buy this for 95 lakhs at the earliest.” I was surprised by the statement and took the details. The property told me that he will be coming with the buyer tomorrow evening to settle the deal” I was pretty excited about this and thought if Chitrangda’s buyer might as well pay 1 crore for this.

Around 10 am in the morning I was again in the same shorts and t-shirt and bell rung. I opened the gate where an old guy referred me of Ashiyana properties. I invited him over and looked into the house with a lot of hope. That guy was looking pretty rich however after wasting my 15 minutes he told me that he will pay 88 lakhs for the house and all my hope was flushed. That guy kept saying that 88 is the right price and she had discussed this with Chitrangada. I was annoyed with this guy and told him to get out my house and event shouted at him. Within 10 minutes I got a call from Chitrangada who tried to explain me about the price however I didn’t buy her crap. At the end, I told her about the price offered by Sunrise Properties and hung up.

Around 2 o’clock again my bell rung and I was a bit frustrated with all this property thing but thought to myself that once its done I will have 95 lakhs in my bank. So I got up from bed, in my green boxers and yellow t-shirt and went straight to main gate and saw Chitrangada standing. “Sorry Frank for not informing about this” Chitrangada politely said and I welcomed her in the bunglow. She was looking so seductive in teal tank top and black embroided skirt which was about her knees and showing her long legs beautifully.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Chitrangada Singh

She sat on the white sofa bending herself as when I saw a bit of her twin globes and smiled a bit and thought If she was in a Indian Porno that would have been awesome.

“first of all I apologize for the tone of my client but if you think of it that this property is 30 years old and empty for 15 years therefore the price is appropriate. “ she said all this with a beautiful smile on her dusky face. I was sitting opposite to her and kept dazing to her beauty. She smiled a lot while explaining everything to me and at last I again told her about Sunrise Property and got a bit upset. Chitrangada got up and sat next to me and now the space between our bodies was very less. Her tank top was already deep and got a bit more down which was showing a nice cleavage. After a lot of chit chat I said “she I know you need to sell this house badly as this might be your first sell” I took a shot in the dark and it was spot as she agreed and put her hand on mind told me it will be such a relief.

She kept moving her hand on mine and then with a smile I said “okay, but only in one condition, I will sell the house with a price of 89 lakhs if you give me a blowjob” there was a minute silence in the room and her hand swiftly moves from my hand to my boxers where my cock was dyeing for a woman’s touch. We both smiled at each other and she opened my boxers only small button and moved her hand inside it. She held my cock with confidence and took it and was a bit surprised to see how thick it was. She started moving my cock up and down and kept looking at its size increasing.

“I didn’t asked for a handjob baby” there was a playful tone to my sign and she looked deep into my eyes and bend towards my cock. I held her silky her in my big hand and she took out her red wet tongue and licked it for the first time. Ohh it was heaven, she licked the circumcised head 5-6 times and started licking for up to down and then down to up. Her expressions were like completely like this

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Chitrangada Singh

As she was licking my cock my eyes ogled at her dusky lower back as her teal top came out a bit of her skirt. Chitrangada open her mouth and let my big nasty cock inside her mouth and started sucking. Within second half of my sausage was inside her mouth and she kept sucking like a prostitute. As she was moving her body, skirt slide down a bit and showed a glimpse of her blue panty. I couldn’t wait her any longer and put my hand on her lower back and started caressing it. At first, she was very much comfortable with it but when I tried move my hand inside her panty she panicked. She looked at me with a surprised face and I was only smiling and now to my surprise she removed her teal tank top from her skirt and started sucking.

I again started caressing her lower back and moved her top above. Her dusky well shaped back had such smooth touch. My hand went back to her blue panty line and yanked down it a little. Chitrangada’s ass crack was not visible and I felt so horny. To my delight she tried to play with my balls with her long light pink polished nails. I held her teal top with both of my hands and pulled it up with strong force and it quickly came off. Chitrangada was in a blue bra which had hooks in the front which were instantly opened by her once the top came off. She moved a bit closer to me and tried to give me me boob job with her 34 c inch boobs. I grabbed her shoulder and dragged her to floor and now my big dick was sandwiched by her soft buns. She spat on my cock twice and started rubbing her boobies on it. While the boob job was was pretty fun, her black skirt was almost down to her half ass.

I was looking out for a good reason to remove her skirt but then she said “oh frank, I am so horny right now.. I want this big inside me.. only if you seal the deal by tonight” I didn’t care of the bunglow (atleast for now) and once I said yes, she got up on floor and open her grey color belt, unhooked skirt and it fell within no second. Her blue color cotton panty was already drenched with fluids, I was hoping to get pull those down but she walked in her silver heels towards to big bedroom. She stand near the door and yanked down her blue panty while bending down showing her full ass.

I ran quickly towards to room where she was already on bed where she was standing on her knees with hands moving around around c cup boobs. She playfully pinched her nipples while moaning my name

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Chitrangada Singh

and I grabbed her with her waist and put my lips to her tits. My lips were sucking all the life of tits and she was enjoing this so much. I pushed her on the bed and both of my hands grabbed her wrists and we kissed. It was pretty intense kissed as our tongues were playing with each others. I broked the kiss off and started licking her sweaty armpits which she also enjoyed. As I was licking her left armpit, she quickly bit my right ear really hard and started laughing. I was not that amoused and grabbed her breast with both of hands and started biting each and every area of it. Chitrangda was completely shocked with my biting and tightly grabbed my cock. “aaahhhhh” that pain was too much and she pushed me on the bed and sucked my big cock again (she was loving it). Within few minutes came to my mouth and sat with her pussy fat dark lips on my lips. “lick it frank” she moaned while moving her ass and I didn’t waited for a second and grabbed her ass and put my tongue deep inside. My tongue was doing Bollywood dance inside her pussy and it was getting wet.

I never thought that Indian girls were so horny and kinky. After getting licked, Chitrangada went back to my cock and started rubbing her pussy on it. Slowly my anaconda was going in her valley. Chitrangada was not scared at all and as my cock inside her she instantly started jumping. Her nasty laugh while jumping on my cock was all over my house. She put her palm on my chest and increased her speed to a new level. My cock was getting all this hot sticky fluid from her pussy which was making it further erect. After giving her best shot, Chitrangada was so exhausted as she got off my cock and I quickly grabbed my camera phone and switched it to recording mode.

While I held my phone in one hand, I slid my cock inside her wet pussy and quickly started fucking her. My speed was slow to record this real estate bitch’s face but she kept saying “to fuck her hard”. In the end she grabbed the mobile phone from my hand, facing it towards her pussy and shouted at me to fuck her fast. I grabbed her breast and rammed her pussy without giving a break. The fuck was so intense that the camera was turned towards her face and she wasn’t aware of this. I Grabbed her neck and kissed her pink lips as I wanted to record everything in the video. My dick was almost getting to explode and she knew it too with to my further surprised told me paint her face. I quick moved my cock, vigorously moving my hand on my wet cock and as pasted all the cream on this dusky beauty.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Chitrangada Singh

Everything was smoothly recorded in the video which was my first Indian sex video.

She went to the toilet to clean her sultry face and got dressed. While getting out, I told her thanks for the recording for which she said “I will be coming at 7:30 to get the deal done”
Later that evening the other property dealer came to my house with the buyer and he was ready with 95 lakh payckeck. I softly told him no and things got a bit crazy, when the buyer took out another cheque of 1 crore which I couldn’t resist. I sold them my house, did all the formalities.

Around 7 p.m. I got a call from Chitrangda stating that she will be unable to do the formalities tonight therefore will be coming tomorrow afternoon. This was the 3rd best thing happened in the day as I took my luggage and went to mt step mom’s other house.

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Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Chitrangada Singh