Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Deepika Padukone

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Deepika Padukone

I started living to the 2nd house of my step mom, it was a nice building and many young girls and hot mommies. I didn’t tried to get into there pajama or petticoat but it was really hard to resist. Each night used to see the video recording of chitrangada’s wet pussy getting fucked by my hard cock and thought that if this video gets uploaded on internet then India will get a nice Porn video. This thought kept running in mind and decided to buy a small handycam so that I could make a hot series. I never wanted any issues which is why decided to hit streets of Delhi to find Horny Indian girls with my handycam.

One day I was going to see a play in Delhi near Pragati Maidan however a smart cab driver kept driving round and round just to make his money. I was so fed up that I yelled at him and threw 10 rupees on face and got off the car. He told me to give him 300 rupees however after seeing my strong closed fist he disappeared. I started walking to this strange deserted place as there were only few people which is actually strange in New Delhi.

As I was walking, I saw a 6 feet hotty, in in pink spaghetti, white spaghetti and light blue hot pants with. Her hair were open and body was in sweat due to this hot weather. Her brown skin was making her a perfect desi babe. As I walked towards her, she was checking into her mobile every single second.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Deepika Padukone

“You seems to be lost” I smiled while spoke to her, “I am waiting for my boy friend.. he will be here soon” she ignorantly said and looked away.
“umm okay.. but you are waiting here for very long, must be 20 minutes” I again tried for a conversation but she smartly asked “were you standing here, staring at me for 20 minutes.. are you pervert?”

I was taken aback with this tone and I quickly said “well I am a modeling agent/photographer so was looking for a location here for my shoot” by just saying this she quickly look at me from head to toe and with my black shirt and blue jeans and chiseled looked, she totally was into it and responded “ah, ok. Actually, my boy friend is a bit late, stuck somewhere”

“typical man” I said with a funny tone and she laughed at it. I knew that now I can build this conversation and said “so do you need any help or something, its pretty sunny out here.” But she politely said “no no its okay.. I am good”
“But a pretty lady like shouldn’t be standing here alone.. here take my shades to cover your beautiful eyes” she took my compliment nicely and said “no.. its fine.. I am used to it” Now she turned towards me and we were looking at each. The hot air was playing with here and she kept looking after them.

“What is your name?? Are you a model by any chance” I kept looking at her face while I asked and she told her name “Deepika” and said no again. “but you can easily become one and successful one to” I could see a surprised smile on her face and asked me “really.. how can you tell that”

I gazed her again by saying “first of all you have got a nice, may b without heels you would be 5” 9’ or 10’ and you got a perfect body for a model and with that cute dimples you can win many hearts.” Deepika was smiling the whole time when I complimented her as she wanted someone to say that to her. I tried my luck here by saying “If its okay, I can click few pictures of you and show it to my agency” Deepika was thrilled listening to this but also a bit suspicious. I tried to persuade her by saying “see even if you not get a call from our agency, atleast you can say that you tried for modeling field.”

After saying all this stupid things deepika felt a bit confident and decided to start the photo session. I told her to follow me and took her a nice deserted place where there trees all over the place. “why are we going inside this sort of jungle” dipika questioned so I told that I wanted to have a nice feel of our shoot as I truly want her to get selected. After few steps we stopped to a area and I took out my video camera asked her “do you any sort of modeling experience in school?” so she said no then I smartly add “okay, so please do whatever I say as I want this to be best shoot.. this is a camera that records the video and takes pictures every second to get a lot pictures from which I decide which is the best”
I asked her “what do you understand about modeling” and she was totally confused. I told her to be serious and consider this as an Interview to which she looked at the camera and said “may be to show something” I nodded and she said “new clothes for new seasons” After listening this I tried go one step further by saying “you know there are few modeling assignment where you would need to walk in your underwear” by listening the word underwear she felt so shy and I added “and to achieve success in true modeling career you need work on those” she softly said “okay.. that’s not a problem if I get paid”

That statement gave me what I wanted to I told her “imagine what if this is a modeling assignment and an underwear or even a nude shoot, and you have do it.. will you then let click pick in that?” to which she said no. I tried again by saying “listen if this is a modeling assignment then you will also get paid for it.. lets say 3000 rupees to up your spaghetti and show me your tits” Dipika was completely shocked but then I said 6000. Dipika didn’t knew what to say here and I increased the bate and said 8000 rs and took out the money right there itslft and she simply said ok.

I took a few steps back and started recording Dipika with a shy face pulled her pink spaghetti up showing her black bra which was covering her 34 b cup boobs and asked is this ok? and I said no. She asked again “fully naked” and I said yes. She smiled by looking at the camera while pulling her black bra up and showed her boobies with erected brown tits. She had the dimple smile for the whole time and was holding her bra till the time I said “these are beautiful”.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Deepika Padukone

Unknowingly or knowingly her right hand index finger moved to her tits she moved around it 2 times which was well recorded in the camera. I gave Dipika rs 8000 right away and she put it in her hot pants back pocket.

“okay now you what I want?” I said that in a heavy tone and she asked “what do you want” and I took her hand and put it right over my erected cock. She was so surprised that this stranger took out his dick outside while I was giving a modeling shoot. Deepika didn’t remove her hand and I kept it moving to and fro. In few second I moved my hand from her wrists and she willingly started throbbing my cock. “ohh this is soo big” Deepikia was amazed while looking at the size of my anaconda and I told her to get down on her knees to which she didn’t denied. After getting on her knees she took out her hand while holding my cock and started licking the head of my cock. She was so shy yet licking like a pro as if her Boy Friend has taught her to do so. After licking every inch of my dick, deepika opened her mouth to suck it. “Ohhh so beautiful” I moaned and she smiled back sucking it nicely. Within few seconds deepika started sucking my dick like a pro and I kept complimenting her sucking skills. “Lick my balls” I moaned softly so Deepika put her pink tongue and started moving on it like a bitch. At one point she put one of my balls in her mouth and kept sucking it.

Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Deepika Padukone

She went back to licking my dick and I kept staring down her pink spaghetti where a nice cleavage was visible.

I put my big hand right under her top and roughly pressed her boobs. Her tits were already hard and was giving them nice pinch which was making quite horny. I pulled dipika up and asked her to place her hand on a big tree which she did. I moved my hand on her nicely tone waist and opened her shorts button and yanked it down in no seconds. Her light color panty was showing a fair share of her brown ass which I slapped very hard. In 1 slap her brown skin was turned to red but I slapped her even harder and pulled her panty all the way down. I started moving my fingers on Deepika’s cunt which was already wet. 2 of my fingers were freely enjoying her pussy and then I decided to fuck this Indian slut. I grabbed deepika by waist and inserted my big cock right inside her pussy which to my surprise went straight inside. I started fucking deepika with a nice speed and she kept moaning in pain. My speed was getting increase every other second so was her moan. Her asshole was wide open within no time and I inserted my thumb right into it. She removed my thumb from her ass hole and continued to enjoy the fuck.

I removed my cock from her cunt and lied down on the ground. My dick was straight up the sky and deepika held to insert in her pussy. Slowly she started jumping on cock, again moaning strangely and loudly. Her boobs were out of her pink bra and were moving up down round round while she was pounding my cock. While fucking my she kept looking into camera giving her best shot. Both of us were drenched in sweat and I decided to return the favor to deepika and pushed her towards the ground without getting my cock out which dipika found really erotic. I started fucking dipika while looking right into her eyes and she wasn’t shy anymore. Her painful moans were now converted into soft pleasures and she was having the fuck of her life. Her tits were again coming out of spaghetti and going back under as if playing peek a boo.

I rammed her pussy really hard for next 3 minutes till the time I was going to explode. “wank me off” I shouted loudly and she took out the cock and shaked it really well and all my cum was on your nicely toned tummy. She was laughing seeing my thick cream on her stomach and I gave her a hanker chief to wipe it out. As she was wiping it, she took a bit in on her finger and licked it completely which I also recorded. “I made a deal with you and you will get a call from a agency for the shoot” I said with a smiley satisfied face to dipika and she shook my hand and we went to our ways.

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Public Encounter with Indian Actresses Deepika Padukone