Punjabi Bottom With Punjabi Top

Punjabi Bottom With Punjabi Top

Hi all, this is my first sex story and this is really my true story with a Punjabi top. Before starting, my nickname is Manu, and I am Punjabi (I don’t wear a turban).

I am going to describe this awesome experience when I was 20 years old. At that time, I was doing my first job in Gurgaon (Delhi). I have a slim toned body with a height of 5.8 and weight 62kg. Now I am 29, but still, I look like 25 due to my physique. My preference is a versatile bottom.

I was always good in studies in my school and college. BTW I am decent and a little introverted. I started using PlanetRomeo in the 2nd year of college. So I had made many friends through PlanetRomeo and added them as contacts on WhatsApp. But most of them I have not met.

To begin with, we have two houses: one in Mohali Punjab and the second in the parental village near Ropar. To brief about my family. I have parents and an elder brother who was in Canada at that time.

So, there was some marriage function which had to happen in the parental village. My parents left for the parental village from Mohali for function. They told me to come directly to Ropar (parental village) from Gurgaon (as I was working there).

They locked the house in Mohali. We usually kept the main room keys inside home only and locked the outside main gate. In brief, our city home was locked with main rooms keys inside; mostly over electricity meter.

After the office, I took a bus from Kashmiri Gate to Chandigarh at around 8 pm the night. I planned that I will directly go to the village house. This was a 5 hours journey from Delhi to Chandigarh. 3 hours were spent very calmly, and there were only 2 hours left.

I started feeling horny after seeing calm and night dark outside the bus. Reason being, 2-3 guys were really sexy in my bus. Therefore, I started looking into my PlanetRomeo contacts on WhatsApp. No one was replying as it was around 12 in the night and most of the guys had slept.

Before continuing, let me tell you what was started coming to my mind to make the night memorable. If I get someone, I will go to the city home (because my parents were already in the village home). I will jump over the gate along with the guy.

The room keys were inside with posh sofa, double bed, and that too completely empty without parents. This just started a spark inside my body because I hardly get this type of opportunity ever. Because in Noida also I was staying with my roommates.

One person named Rajinder was online and started chatting with me casually. He said that he is in Chandigarh at his sister’s home. But still, I had not any hope because nobody will start from his relative home at 1 am in the morning that too unplanned.

So, without any hope, I told I am about to reach Chandigarh from Gurgaon. He was like, ‘Wow.’ He had seen my ass pics in the past, and he was also excited. But again, he said, “Place?” which was quite expected.

So I told him about the city house, which was empty. I narrated everything that we can jump over and can use house amenities efficiently. In no time, he was ready to take this risk along with me. I shared him my home location after reaching Chandigarh. He said, “Catch you in 1 hour.”

I took the auto from Sector 17 Chandigarh, and at 2 am I reached my home. But when I reach near the gate, my body seriously started shivering when his phone rang to tell that he reached. He said, “I am outside the street. I will park my Royal Enfield outside as noise neighbors could wake up.”

So now with shivering body, I started going outside the street to bring him. I reached outside the street. It was completely dark at 2.30 am. Wow, I saw a 30-35 years old man, genetically toned with a broad chest and big thighs and in formals, and prepared for erotic fun with a matured guy.

He was around 6 feet 2 inches and weigh around 85. Not muscular but yeah, his body was genetically toned. I was really happy after seeing him and greeted him with, “Hi.” And I asked, “Are you comfortable?” He said, “Yes, we can proceed,” with a smile.

So we reached near the gate and we both jumped over and we were inside now. I picked up the key above the electricity meter and entered inside the home. Rooms were very clean as expected and we both sat on the sofa. I went to the washroom and took a bath.

I was very tired but today he had to make me more tired. Meanwhile, in the fridge, I found beer. I put beer in his glass and went to the bath (we have a beer section in the fridge, mostly full only). After coming back, I was in black banyan and blue nick.

He said he can stay till 12 in the morning. We soon finished with our beer and were doing casual discussions about our office domains and type of work we do. I was seriously high now. We smoked too. He brought cigarettes.

He asked me to come close to him on the same sofa. I went and my body was shivering like hell. He was really huge as compare to me and I sat on this huge thighs and we again finished half more glass of beer.  I could imagine that he was erecting and it was really huge which I could expect for now.

I was scared too because my hole is very tight. I did not want to disappoint him as he came at midnight with no nakhras. So he told me to switch off the light. We went to the bedroom with a zero watt bulb was lighting the aroma. He directly came to my lips which he was observing for a long time.

He started smooching me. Initially, he was slow but after that, he smooched like a beast. He smooched for about 15 minutes and I was seriously finding it hard to breathe. In between, I was trying to open his shirt. Omg, he uncovered my black banyan and his heavy trimmed chest was on my tiny chest.

I was screwed below him because I was not able to bear his weight. Then I moved over him. He sucked my boobs and if it were female boobs, milk must have come out. I was in little pain but with pleasure. I had not expected such a rough sex. But I was thinking its just boob yet.

Till this time he understood that I am new to sex. So he told me to touch his penis from the pants. I touched it and it was huge. Then he told me to untie his black pant. I untied it and what I saw is approx 9-inch cut and super thick dick came out.

I thought to drop the plan but I was in fear too because he looked like a serious man. Then he told me to put in the mouth. I tried but it was not going and this time I was showing some nakhra as I was not liking the taste. Then he told, “I came here at midnight. Now you should not waste my night.”

So I sucked, and only the top of the rod went in my mouth. Then he stood beside the bed and told me to look at the roof of the room. He came near to my mouth in standing position and he put his dick in my mouth forcefully. And it went till my throat and then he started to mouth fuck for some time.

I started enjoying too at this time of point. I sucked him for almost 20 minutes. Then main part start, he told me to bring some good cream. I brought and he started smooching and meanwhile he was lubricating my hole with cream. I surrendered him fully and love liquid was coming out and I was enjoying.

He told it is very tight. And after lubricating, he put my weak legs on his shoulder and put the top of his monster dick initially. He was very experienced. I did not like it seriously. It gave me a huge pain which I had never taken. I told him to take it outside and he stopped and I touched if blood came or not.

There was no blood and I was seriously crying but he did not stop there. He kept my weak legs again on his shoulders. He pushed his huge rod again after applying more cream. This time he pushed around 8 inches and was stopped in the same position for around 10 minutes (of course, with a condom).

I was loudly moaning and he started to push and pull the machine. He fucked me for around 15-20 minutes in this position. After that, he told me to keep my ass towards the roof. He came from the backside (it seems like he loved this position) and pushed his dick in the hardest jerk till now.

He was really hardcore and as per my age, he has not shown any mercy. He fucked me in this position for 20-25 minutes. After that, he removed his condom and cummed onto my face. At this time, his thigh was my pillow and he was sitting. We kept in this position for around 10 minutes.

It was 5 am in the morning and the birds were chirping. We both went to the washroom and took a shower together. We went to sleep at around 5.30.

He woke up at 9 am again and persuaded me to fuck me. But I was not in a position to get fucked again. At 11, we cleaned house and we took shower again and we both get ready to leave. He had to attend some meeting and I had to go village for the marriage ceremony.

I was completely destroyed by this wonderful man. My upper lip was swollen and was in bad shape. I found love bites on the neck and froze blood on my boobs and my ass was paining like hell. We said goodbye to each other with a happy smile.

He said to me in Punjabi, “Swad aa gaya.” (means he had awesome fun). I was not able to enjoy the marriage ceremony properly. But I was assuming him in the groom’s face in marriage.

After that, we met in Chandigarh 1-2 more times more in a hotel. After that, he moved to South Africa. I also moved to Bangalore. Now I keep traveling between Chandigarh, Bangalore, and Australia.

In case, you guys liked my story about my gay experience, and want to be in touch, don’t forget to write to [email protected]. Thank you for reading my story.

Punjabi Bottom With Punjabi Top