Rain Saved The Night – 1

Rain Saved The Night – 1

Myself Amal(Name changed for privacy) from Cochin. 23 Male Slim Boy from an upper-middle-class family. Girls and Women who’re interested in some secret relationship and adventures can reply or source me at [email protected] Safety and Privacy will be guaranteed.

So coming into my story, I was staying at my uncle’s apartment as because some maintenance work was going on the apartment and uncle and aunt was on a 10 days abroad tour as they were leading a retirement life.

My office was so near(walkable distance) to the apartment, so uncle asked me to stay back to supervise maintenance work to which I can come and check on regular intervals from office.

So one fine evening, after having dinner at a street restaurant near the railway station I was on my way back to the apartment. All of sudden it started to rain heavily following by a thunderstorm. I stayed back in front of a ladies shop for the intensity of the rain to get reduced.

After 2 mins, somebody called my name and I turned around and got to see Parvathy. (To introduce her, she was my junior in my college and I already had a crush on her. She was wheatish and had enough fleshes at right places. 34-30-34 was her approx figure.

She was wearing a T-Shirt and Full length Jeans). She was inside the shop. I greeted her. She asked me for a min and was in a hurry to pay the bill. And then she came to me. She looked a bit upset and tensed.

Me: How are you?
Parvathy: Yeah! Good. You?
Me: Fine! Perfect.
Me: Looks like you came here to board the train? Backpack and other bags?
Parvathy: Yeah! To my mom’s house.
Me: Aha! Why?
Parvathy: Cousin brother’s marriage tomorrow. Parents went today morning and I had an exam today and had to catch the late night train.
Me: Okay.
Parvathy: Why you’re here?

I explained my situation. The rain was still not compromising. The roads began to overflow.

Me: Why you look tense? Feared to travel alone?
Parvathy: No! I am fine.
Me: Hm! Felt like you are tensed.
Parvathy: (Blushed)
Parvathy: Could you please help me out? (She continued) The train is supposed to arrive at 12.25. My relative will be joining from Shoranur. So it’s fine to travel by train. Could you please accompany me until the train arrives?

Till that, I didn’t have any bad emotions for her. My dirty mind started working. Time was only 8 PM then.

Me: Why don’t you come to my apartment then? It’s much safer than staying here. Then we can come again a half hour before the train arrives.

She looked convinced and she didn’t have any other option too.
After 10 minutes of struggle, we managed to get an auto.

On another 10 minutes, we reached the apartment and received her in.

(Switched on the lights)

Both of our pants was wet due to heavy rain. So I showed her the room to change her jeans. She went in and locked. I went to my room and changed my pants and came.

(Switched on the TV)

Only one sofa was there because of maintenance work going on. I sat there and started to run over each channel. In the meantime I was looking towards the door she locked in. After 10 mins I heard the door unlocking sound. I turned back and got awestruck.

She got bathed and changed her clothes to a t-shirt and three fourth trousers. Her hair was wet and still, drops were falling on. I couldn’t resist looking at her. And the aroma was taking me to the second heaven. She came and sat next to me popping up the snacks and looking into TV.

Parvathy: Why you staring at me so? Are you alright?
Me: You can’t understand that situation. Just boys things. (I was trying to flirt)
Parvathy: Mmm-mmm! Even we know what you people think at this moment.
Me: But seriously I had a crush on you.
Parvathy: (Blushed)
Parvathy: I seriously don’t like to get into relationships or commitments.
Its all about enjoyment for some moment.

I was confused about whether she got me a chance or a trap.
So I tried to let herself speak about it.

Me: May I ask you something frankly?
Parvathy: Yes.
Me: Are you a virgin?

The power supply went off. Due to maintenance, the inverter was not connected.

But I was still waiting for her answer instead of searching for mobile to light up. Suddenly lightning came up with a big sound. She holds my hands tightly with fear. I knew it’s my time to follow up.

I hold her close and slowly started to feel her bra straps above her t-shirt. And was slowly continuing massaging her back above her t-shirt. And I took here on hand with my other hand.

She was letting me do this without uttering a word. The aroma of her body and hair was driving me badly. I kissed her hands. She looked at me which I was able to see through the darkness. We both got more close enough to get into a comfortable position for both of us.

I drove my fingers from her forehead towards her nose-lips-chin-neck-cleavage over her t-shirt – her pointing boobs and then towards her navel. By the meantime, I was smelling and smooching her neck and wet hair.

Slowly I lifted her top a little bit to place my hands over her navel. And slowly I touched her outskirts of the navel with fingers and started to play there with fingers. She was getting on. She started to breathe harder and I placed my finger on navel hole. She opened her mouth and left a moan ‘ahhhh’.

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Rain Saved The Night – 1