Rape of my sister In law

I was 21 years old when my brother got married. The first time I saw my bhabhi, I had a hardon. She was no less than any bollywood bombshell. My brother is also very goodlooking but my bhabhi was still too good for him. She had just perfect figure and was very fair. She had ripe breasts ready to jump out of her blouse and what an ass she had. The best part of her body was perhaps her ass. She was busty and when she walked her ass used to shake and I immidiately had a hardon. Soon after my brothers marriage, my bhaiya and bhabhi got setteled in noida where my brother worked. I was then in college doing my engineering. I missed that heavenly site of my bhabhi walking and her ass swaying. After about 2 months of marriage I had to undergo a two months training at a company. I talked to my brother and he placed me in his company for two months. Since I had to travel 50 KM daily to reach the company I decided to stay with my brother for these two months. I thought this way I’ll also get the chance to stay with my bhabhi. The first week, I masturbated daily thinking about my bhabhi. One day while I was trying to sleep I heard some sounds from the adjacent room. It was my brothers room. I heard as if something had fallen. I went near the door and kept my ears on it. I couldn’t believe my ears. My bhaiya and bhabhi were having sex. I could hear moanings of my bhabhi and the pitch potch sounds of the bed. I felt jealous of my brother. I kept my ear placed and masturbated twice then and there itself. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I wanted to have my bhabhi at any cost. Little did I know that my dreams were to come true soon.

My summer training was about to end and just one more week was remaining. I was sad because no more I would be able to hear my bhaabhi’s moans. That night my brother called my bhabhi that he would be late as he had an important meeting. My bhabhi changed her clothes and wore a nighty and went to her room. At around 1 in the night there was a bang on the door. I thought my brother had come. My bhabhi also felt the same and she got up and went to open the door. While going she had to pass through my room and I again saw her swaying ass and had a hardon. I acted as if I was asleep. After a couple of minutes I heard some screams from the living room. I rushed to wards the room and what I saw swept away the floor beneath my feets.

There were three guys in the room and two were holding my bhabhi while one was closing the main door and covering the curtains. One of the guys had covered my bhabhi’s face with his hand. I didn’t know what to do. I was so scared that I just stood there to see what was happening. With in seconds, the three guys, picked my bhabhi and placed her on the bed in the living room. They were muscular and my bhabhi was trying hard to break free from their grip. But she was too weak compared to them. Just as I was about to rush to my bhabhi’s bedroom to call the police, I saw one of the guys tearing apart my bhabhi’s nighty. Hiding behind the door, I could see my bhabhi’s black bra covering her ripe breasts. Something that I’d longed to see for so long. I decided to wait for a little before calling the police. One of the guys tore apart completely her nighty and threw it on the floor. I could see my bhabhi’s legs shaking violently struggling to break free. The sounds of her screams muted by the hands covering her mouths filled the room. The guys changed position and now one guy was holding her hands and the other holding her legs. I had a full view of my bhabhi streatched in between. The third guy took off all his clothes in seconds and holding his errection came near my bhabhi. I could see the fear in her eyes. But to me, she felt even sexier than ever. The guy climbed on my bhabhi and forced his dick in her mouth. pressing her neck so that she can’t bite it. He played with her for a minute after which, in one shot he pulled apart her bra in two and threw it. The bra fell at the door where I was standing. I was shocked to see my bhabhi’s big big boobs. I was in a confusion whether I sould save my bhabhi or should I enjoy the scene. I decided the second option. The guy sitting on my bhabhi also tore apart her underwear and I got a glimpse of her hairy pussy before the guy started sucking it. My bhabhi was trying her best to break free but the three were giants. They were muslims as was clear from their clothings and the language they spoke in.
The leader of them put his dick in between my bhabhi’s legs and gave in a tight push inside. It pained my bhabhi so much that her back lifted in air. The guy mercilessly pumped in and out her pussy while the other two played with her thighs and her boobs. I kept watching the rape. My bhabhi had become too weak now that her revolts were only occasional. The first guy fucked her thoroughly and got up from her stomach. The second person who was till now holding her legs took his position now. The first one got dressed and looked around the room for something. He came towards the door where I stood and I quitely rushed back to my room and acted as if sleaping. I was too scraed. I heard the door opening and thought he would kill me. He searched things and must have seen me sleeping when he came and woke me up. I got up in shock but the fear on my face showed up. He pulled me up from the bed holding the t shirt I was wearing from neck. He dragged me to the room where my bhabhi was still being raped. He threw me in front of my bhabhi. She turned her face away from me. I felt disgusted but now I could see my bhabhi being screwed from a closer distance. The guy fucking my bhabhi, saw a bulge in my pants and the three of em made fun of me. I stood there like stupid.

The guy came inside my bhabhi and it was now the turn of the third one. He too started fucking my bhabhi while the other too started questioning me regarding valueables we had in home and who was I etc. I answered them everything honestly what I knew and they found some cash in bhabhi’s bedroom. One of them held my bulge in his hands and pressed it tight. I screamed and they laughed. The guy fucking my bhabhi said immidiately
“Is se chudwAate hain saali ko, dekhne wala scene hoga” and he started laughing. My bhabhi quickly turned her face towards me. Her face was red and her eyes full of tears. I was asked to undress which hesitatingly I did. My dick was hard as rock and they made fun of me.

“Saala apni bhabhi ko chudta hua dekh kar kaise khada ho gaya” . In a couple of minutes the pace of the guy fucking my bhabhi, increased and he emptied his lust inside her belly. He took it out and I saw cum around his dick. I was asked to fuck my bhabhi now or else get ready to die. I wanted to do this to my bhabhi but felt pity on her condition. She didn’t want me to do this to her and probably I wouldn’t have done this to her had I not been scared of dying. I climbed on her and placed my dick in her pussy which was already covered with lots of cum. I placed my hands on her big big boobs and let my virginity go by a deep thrust. The guys laughed at the sight and asked me to continue. I pumped her hard enjoying every stroke while my bhabhi screaming and crying. I confess, I enjoyed fucking her like anything and I realized that I had a fantasy for raping womens. I came inside her pussy too and pulled my satiated dick out.

The guys collected some precious items from the house and went away. I covered my bhabhi with a blanket and went to my room. My brother came the next morning at six and by then my bhabhi had arranged things back to the way they were and didn’t let him know what happened. The next day she came to me and talked to me and asked me not to tell anybody what had happened that night.

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Rape of my sister In law

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