Romantic Honeymoon Spoiled By A Friend

Romantic Honeymoon Spoiled By A Friend

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Hi, I am Tamanna, and this is another story of my romantic honeymoon with my cousin. As you know, we went to Phuket for the honeymoon. We did everything there in the wildest possible manner. This was the story when our honeymoon was almost spoiled by a schoolmate. His name was Arpit.

Arpit was Vinay’s classmate. They were close friends but not in touch since college. We all were in the same school, but these guys were senior to me. Naturally, Arpit knew me. I knew he had a crush on me, but he did not do anything because my cousin was his best friend.

One day, Vinay decided to take me out. He went outside the hotel to book a cab and get other stuff. We were going to see some shows in Phuket (we never saw that). He asked me to get ready. Since we were on honeymoon, I knew that after enjoying the show, he would enjoy me. So I have to be dressed nicely.

I wore a white lehenga choli (skirt and blouse). My choli (blouse) was short and tight. It was sleeveless with narrow strips. My blouse ended just below my boobs, and on top, one could see my cleavage if one tried hard.

My blouse was almost backless except for the strip of my sleeves and one strip to fasten it. My lehenga (skirt) on the other end started way below my navel. It was long enough to touch the ground. I wore a white bra and panty. I also wore red and white chuda (bangles) and long circular earrings, and a thin necklace.

My lips were red even before putting on the lipstick. My clothes were very thin, and one could partially see through them. Thankfully I had a thick dupatta to cover myself. I used that to cover my upper half so that nobody could see my body until Vinay needed it.

I went to the hotel reception and waited for Vinay. We were already getting late. I was continuously staring at the lift. But what I saw left me frozen. Vinay came out of the lift, but he was not alone. His best friend Arpit was with him. There was one other girl with them. They were coming towards me.

I was scared because Arpit knew me. If he comes to know that my cousin is honeymooning me as his wife, we would be in great trouble. In no time, the entire Indore would know about us. So I took my dupatta and covered my face as a newly wedded bride with ghunghat (veil).

This left my upper body to be seen, but it was way better than showing my face and inviting trouble. Vinay then introduced me to Arpit. He told me that Arpit was his close friend. I was glad that Vinay has not mentioned anything about me. Arpit, however, passed a comment that your wife is too shy.

I was looking at Arpit from behind my (ghunghat) veil. I was shocked to see that his eyes were fixed on my bosom and navel. It was like he was thirsty to milk them. Vinay then said, “You girls can bond with each other while we have a drink.”

As Vinay and Arpit went away, I lifted my ghunghat (veil). I got to know that the girl with Arpit was actually an intern in his company. She had agreed to come with Arpit on the promise of a job. I, however, kept my secret.

She was wearing very short pants to cover her thighs and a t-shirt with no bra. I bet there was no panty either. I could hardly imagine Arpit was such a person. After some time, the boys came back. I then again put my ghunghat (veil). Arpit and his intern then left us for their room.

Vinay said that we are now too late for the show. But Arpit has told him that the sunset on the hotel roof is too good. So we took the lift to the roof. We stayed on the roof and watched the sunset holding each other’s hand. Then Vinay took me in his arms.

It was too romantic for me. I was really feeling like his wife. A cool breeze was blowing, and he was adjusting my hairs again and again. Then suddenly, out of nowhere came showers with lightning. We both were completely wet. He took my dupatta and tied it across my waist.

He could now see my upper body, covered with a small blouse and that too drenched in water. He started playing with it. He put his hands over my waist and started fingering my navel. I  elbowed him and started running away from him. But he somehow caught my dupatta over my waist.

I came back to take it, but he raised his hand, holding my dupatta. I tried to catch it. I jumped again and again, and he loved my boobs jiggling. Then he left it loose, and it flew in the wind. I was angry, and I started going. But he held me from behind and starting pinching my waist. I tried to resist, but all in vain.

Slowly he felt my waist and started pressing my boobs over the blouse. Then it started raining heavily, and we ran for the lift. My entire body was drenched. My choli (blouse) and lehenga (skirt) became almost transparent. One could easily see my legs. Thank god that I was wearing a bra and panty.

We were alone in the lift, and we had to go a long way to our floor. So I rested my head on his arms. But on the next floor, Arpit came inside the lift. I was shocked and nervous. I hugged Vinay very hard so that my face is not visible.

Vinay becomes naughty in such scenarios, and he moved all my wet hairs to one side. This made my back visible. I now realized that Arpit might be staring at my back and legs. They were visible. Then I felt somebody grabbing my ass. I could not make out it was Vinay or Arpit.

But now I realized that my ass is also visible. Arpit must have a lucky day. Earlier, he enjoyed my front without hindrance, and now he was checking me out from the back. And he has an intern to fuck. Too much fun for a man.
Arpit then left just a floor above us and said that he has a room on this floor.

We went straight to our room. Our room is mostly glass and curtain as to be closed only as Vinay’s wish. Curtains were half-closed, and I ran to close them, but Vinay reminded me of the rules. In fact, I have to open them fully for others to view my session with Vinay. He switched on the light.

Vinay pressed me against the glass wall and started caressing my back. I was facing outside the glass wall. Then his phone rang, and he talked to somebody. He then left his phone. I noticed the call was still going, and the speaker was on. Maybe he wanted somebody to hear our fucking session.

It was dark outside, but then in the lightning, I could see something outside. I figured out that Arpit is on his balcony viewing us and using the phone. I realized that Vinay wants Arpit to view our session. I hide my face with my arms because I cannot tolerate Arpit identifying me.

As soon as I hide my face, Vinay opened my lehenga (skirt) and pulled it down. He started kissing my legs from the bottom and moved to my pussy. He kissed my waist and then inserted his hand inside my panty. Using the other hand, he opened my choli (blouse) and bra.

He made me turn around and started kissing me. I was also desperate, and I started kissing vigorously. I opened my mouth, and he started playing with my tongue. He then removed my choli (blouse) and bra while playing with my tongue. He started caressing my bareback.

I was afraid that Arpit would leave only after seeing me fucked. He then made me turn again and face glass. Now Arpit could see my front. I was standing there only in panty. I covered my face with my hands, and Vinay tore down my panty.

I felt that somebody said on the phone, “What a sexy figure.”Then lightning struck, and I could see that Arpit has been joined by his intern. Vinay then brought the sofa. He lay on it and asked me to join him. I sat over his legs and bent a little to kiss him.

He made me spread my legs, and he touched my pussy softly while I kissed him. All this time, Vinay was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I was completely nude, except for earrings and chuda on my wrists. He then asked me to lay on the ground and keep my legs over his. I did that.

My head was on the ground and covered with my hair while he was holding my legs. I was upside down. He inserted one of his fingers into my pussy. I starting moaning. He then inserted two figures, and I screamed. He then started fingering, and I started breathing deeply. I was moaning and even bit my lips.

While I was lying down, I pulled down Vinay’s shorts and underwear in one go. His dick was hard and straight. He left my legs and stood up with erected dick. I  sat on my knees and tried to grab it. He took a foot back. I was a bit ashamed. Here I was, nude, trying to suck my cousin’s dick, and he was playing with me.

He ran around the room with erected dick, and I moved on my knees, trying to grab it. For a moment, I thought, how come I am so desperate for my cousin’s dick, and he is not giving me. How come I am being fucked in the open with my cousin. I felt pity for my situation.

He then moved towards the glass and stood there with erected dick. I moved on my knees, like a horse, and went to glass. My face was covered with my hair. I then grabbed his dick and started playing with his skin. I make it go forward and backward until his dick was rock solid.

Then I took it in my mouth, submitting to my lust, and started licking it. He held my hair and started stroking my mouth. His dick was very big and went to my neck. For the first time, I think he was blowing me with full dick. He left no mercy in front of his friend.

I felt that my eyeballs are coming out. But he kept stroking and finally left without coming. His dick came out wet, but without a bit soft. It was as hard as it went inside. I was already on my knees, and it did not take much to do the doggy style. He asked me to turn, and then he put his dick over my pussy.

He then inserted it in one go. I screamed hard. But had I not licked it well, It would have died screaming. He then pulled it a bit back and then inserted it again. I moaned. He then started stroking it. He held my nipples from his hand and kept stroking me.

I think he fucked me in that position for about 10 minutes. And then he was about to come. He did not come inside my pussy, but he made sure that he inserted his dick in my mouth and came there. I drank all his cum. He then made me stand against the glass wall again as if I was on display.

I then wore his shorts. He never let his t-shirt go. He then picked the phone and started talking. I was hiding my face and showing my bare body. He then brought a towel to me and covered my body, and took me with him. We again sat on that chair, but this time I was on his lap.

He switched off the lights, and I lay over him. He kept his hand over my boobs. He then took the phone and said, “Your turn.” I was shocked to see that now the light of Arpit’s balcony was on. His intern was there, and Arpit started fucking her while we ate popcorn and watched the show.

Hi, this was another part of my honeymoon. If you liked the story, please give feedback at [email protected]

Romantic Honeymoon Spoiled By A Friend