Second Exotic Sex

Second Exotic Sex

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Hello guys, Harry here, and this is my second time writing here. I have been a reader on XIS for quite some time now. I have already shared one of my experiences. Thank you, XIS, for giving us the platform to share our experiences.  I hope you enjoy reading about my exotic sex story and do give feedback.

I have a dusky complexion and a normal size dick, which I thought so. So won’t bore much and will get to the story. This is the story of my second meet with a girl whom I had met the first time.

As you remember, I had met a girl while I was partying with my friends and she and her friend crashed with us at my friend’s place. After the sex, she disappeared like a princess leaving behind a note on my shirt.

After that, I used to go to that garden where we first met for many weeks, thinking she might show up. But that didn’t happen. I was now very much into studies and fests and competitions in college. I had almost forgotten what had happened until I saw her amidst the heavy crowd while my fests were going on.

I thought maybe it was my imagination and went back to attend fests. It was the last day of our college fest, and the sun had set. Most of my friends had left early. I had to walk alone with my headsets on towards the station.

Out of nowhere, I gazed upon the road that led to the garden. All the memories came rushing back. I had a slight smile on my face remembering those awesome moments I had spent and started walking towards the garden.

It was still around 6:45 pm or so, and it wasn’t dark as well. I reached the garden, went to a distant bench, sat there, pulled out a cig, and started smoking. One puff, light head, second puff, lighter, third puff, and within fourth puff, I almost finished it.

I was just enjoying the cold breeze flowing in the garden, listening to the leaves making rustling sounds. I felt like I was in another dimension. Out of nowhere, I heard, “Don’t you have to go home? It’s getting late.” It startled me, and I was out of my trance.

I was going to curse the person. But as soon as I opened my eyes, I was stunned. There she was standing in a beautiful white T-shirt and Denim blue jeans. I was happy as well as annoyed to see her. Happy because I finally found her and annoyed because I couldn’t find her and she didn’t even try to contact me.

Before I could say, she came and hugged me. I was bedazzled by her fragrance. It had such a sweet fragrance. Not long, I realized that only her one hand was around my neck, and before I could think, I felt it near my crotch. My dick started pulsating, and I blushed.

After a while, she broke the hug and giggled a little. I coughed and asked her, trying to be firm in voice, “Where have you been? How have you been? I was looking for you.”

Her: I’m sorry I had to leave. I had a flight to Delhi.

Me: Why didn’t you tell me or contact me in some way?

Her: I wasn’t sure.

And she didn’t say anything. She seemed upset. I felt that and made her at ease.

Her: I have only two days to stay in Mumbai. Meet me tomorrow at 2:00 pm. I’ll ping you the address.

She gave her number and rushed towards the garden gate. I pinged her instantly, and I received an instant reply. I could see there was a car and she sat in it and went away. I couldn’t process it properly. I wanted to ask her so much, and then I realized she asked me out. I have a date!

I kind of blushed a little. I smoked one more cig and went home. Around 11 pm, her text came with a hotel’s address. It was a lavish hotel (not giving the name for privacy reasons.) I didn’t know if I could afford it but didn’t want to look bad. So I took all my savings just in case.

The next day I was all ready and reached the hotel. I was nervous. This was worse than giving vivas. I have been on dates before, which never worked out. But the girl you look for has a totally different date with you. I was waiting for her, and someone taps on my shoulder.

I looked behind and there she was standing in those perfect looking black jeans and a red T-shirt. I wore dark blue jeans and a black shirt. She held my hand, and we walked right into the hotel.

We entered the restaurant. She had already booked a table that was far from the entry, more like secluded. We sat, had some of the welcome drinks, ordered the food, and started chatting. She told me her name was Sonam (name changed). I don’t know why I had soothing feels when I heard the name.

She told me she was working to become an interior designer. She lived in Delhi with her parents, no siblings. I was just listening to her voice and looking at her lips, moving like rose petals. Her eyes were beautiful. Amidst my gazing, she snapped her fingers in front of me, breaking my concentration over her.

She smiled blushingly and we talked more and got to know more until our food arrived. We were having an amazing time. Finally, I was myself and made her laugh, talked about life, likes goals, etc. When the waiter served me, she slowly lifted her leg near my crotch and pressed it.

I was startled by that move, and the whole table was jerked by me. The waiter asked if everything was okay. I said, “Yeah, sorry about that. My phone vibrated suddenly,” and he went away. I bet he understood that I was lying. She was having a devilish laugh, and I gave her a naughty grin.

We finished the food. Luckily I could cover the money. After that we went to Bandstand sat there for a while enjoying the view. Soon it was evening, and we went back to the hotel. To my surprise, she was staying in that same hotel, she invited me over.

I had a hard-on thinking about the things I wanna do to her XD. Anyhow she invited me over to her room. I was amazed at the view. It was beautiful. She brought some wine, played some songs. We were dancing and enjoying ourselves.

She sometimes used to spank on my ass, grope my crotch and feel my nipples. Even I didn’t leave her be. While we were slow dancing after finishing two bottles of wine, I slowly brushed my lips behind her neck and held her close. We were hot now with wine and dancing.

It was around 8 pm. We started feeling each other, she turned. We kissed, just the lips slow and easy. As the song went to high rhythms, so did we. We started kissing like mad dogs with our tongues involved. Just as the song ended, we broke the kiss, looking at each other.

Her hair was messy, and so was my shirt. We both knew what we wanted, and we wanted it badly. We kissed one more time, and I just picked her up, going to the bedroom. Honestly, I don’t know where all that strength came from, but I did. I slowly made her sleep on the bed and went over her.

She and I both were kissing and twisting and turning. Sometimes I was upon her. Sometimes, she was on me. After all of this tossing and turning, she was finally on top of me. She started unbuttoning my shirt one by one and removed it completely.

I had a toned body by then. She was sliding her hands through my arms to my shoulders and then to my face. I held her hands and kissed them. She pushed me back to bed and slowly went down. But I got up and pulled her close, kissing her, and turned so that I was on top.

I was in charge, and I removed her t-shirt. Her body was beautiful, just perfect, slowly removed her jeans. She was wearing a red-black designer bra and panty, she looked cute. I didn’t waste time and hit her directly towards her neck. I slowly went down, kissing and licking each part of her body.

She was in ecstasy. I could tell by her moans. I slowly rubbed her pussy, and it was all wet. I slowly removed it and blew light air on it from my mouth. She was enjoying it. She was making such faces, which I loved seeing. I started licking her cunt.

She started screaming so much that she had to keep a pillow over her face. I kept going on like I was digging for some treasure. At times, she held me by my hair and pushed my face right into her pussy. I was hardly licking for 15 minutes, and she squirted.

It was a lot, all of it on my face. It was like a dream come true. I went to her and started kissing. Then she sat on me, removing her bra, showing off those beautiful boobs. I couldn’t control it and started pressing them. I could feel the pointy nipples. I sat up and started sucking them one by one.

After a while, she pushed me back to bed and kissed me like she was devouring me. She slowly went to my armpits, licked them. Then she went to my nipples and bite them a few times. She gave me a hickey near my first two abs. Then started unbuttoning my jeans. She removed my boxers as well.

We both were buck naked in bed. She went down and started licking my pulsating shaft. She slowly sucked it like a lollypop. Inch by inch, she took half but couldn’t take the other half. She was holding my dick with one hand and my balls with the other while she was sucking.

I bet I would have cum if she didn’t get a call from her folks at that time, and luckily I didn’t cum. She attended her call while I was sucking her boobs. My dick was pressing against her. Soon she was done with the call.

She got up, made me lie. My friend with benefits and I went into 69 position. Her cunt juice was still flowing, and I was licking it. She gave me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. She got up and told me to get a condom. Immediately I got up, put it on, and was ready to enter her.

We started with a missionary. With one push, half of my dick was inside her when she gasped. With another push, I was fully inside her. We both gasped. She was so warm and wet. I started humping slowly. We were slow kissing while at it. It felt like we were making love.

Now we changed into different positions and enjoyed every corner of the room. We did it on the table on the chair near the balcony, from behind, while she was riding me and what not! Finally, we were again back to the missionary position. I was fucking fast and hard.

All I could hear was, “Faster babe, fast, go deep.” All I said was, “Yeah, baby. Sonam, I want to fuck you all night long. You like it, baby, hard, huh?” We were fucking like rabbits. Then with a few strokes, she came, and with one final push, I came inside her in the condom.

We both were exhausted with the fucking and were all sweaty even though the AC was on. I saw on the wall clock which read 9:52 pm. We lay side by side, cuddling, and slept.

I was woken up by my phone call. I saw that it was around 11:13 pm. I saw there were several texts and missed calls from family. I saw that Sonam was nowhere to be found in the room. So I wore my boxers and went out of the room looking for her.

She was on the sofa sobbing and sipping another bottle of wine. I went to her and asked what’s wrong. She told me that she is soon to be wed to a person she doesn’t even know just so that her father can have more supporters at the party.

Not going into the details, but she was stripped of her freedom for the sake of her father’s motives. I felt bad and worse that I couldn’t help her. I tried reasoning with her, but she didn’t want any help. She said she tried getting help once, and it didn’t end well.

She was only happy when she was with her best friend in Mumbai, that’s when we met. I just hugged her and stayed with her for the night. I called home and told them it was a friend emergency and will be staying at his place. We cuddled, and I tried to make her happy as much as possible.

I ended up having one more round of steamy hardcore sex with this sex-bomb, which lasted more than 2 hours. After that, she left for Delhi. We often chat over texts and plan if we can meet, but none to avail.

Even though we won’t admit it, I guess we started to fall for each other. But I guess the universe has something different planned for both of us.

Hello guys, this is my second incident, and it sure as hell was awesome. If there’s any mistake, please do let me know. I hope you like this part. Perverts asking me an image of my partners or their contacts, please don’t bother.

For feedback, feel free to ping me on [email protected] I will definitely catch up with you, hot ladies, and my bros out there! Till then, be safe, ciao!

Second Exotic Sex