Secrets of an Officers Daughter part 4 by jintina

Secrets of an Officers Daughter part 4
by jintina

Secrets of an Officer’s Daughter Part 4:


Poor Cody was left with his cock dangling in the air when his sister happened to come home after finding their parents fucking in the kitchen. Poor Mark and Maria felt they had a special view to Cody and Terri doing the wild thing out by the pool. They were watching them through the kitchen window and both were fantasizing about their teenage counterparts in the backyard when Carina caught her parents fucking in the kitchen. Topher Carina’s misguided boyfriend made a stupid comment about Maria’s pussy and Mark practically killed him as he tossed him out the front door of the house. Later Carina made a move on her father to his surprise and actually sucked his cock. Meanwhile in Germany Terri’s father Tom was fucking an airline stewardess. Now back to the action:

Meanwhile back in the living room of the Chalmers house:

Mark stood alone in the living room with his hard cock standing at attention as he daughter just sucked her orgasm off of his shaft. He stood there shaking his head in complete disbelief that his daughter just offered to have sex with him when they go away next weekend. He thought to himself, ‘how the hell did that just happen?’ He pulled his boxers up quickly as he heard his wife and the other kids coming in through the backdoor of the house.

As Mark walked into the kitchen the first thing he noticed was fourteen-year-old Terri Wilkinson the daughter of his best friend and commanding officer. Just a few short minutes before Terri happened to be the ‘subject’ of his fantasy as he was fucking his wife in the ass. Maria and Mark were in the kitchen spending some special alone time together while Terri was riding his son Cody’s manhood in the backyard as Mark and Maria were watching them. Standing there in shame with her head looking down at the floor Terri had her bikini bottoms on backwards and her pussy was on display for all to see. Mark’s little head began to fill once again with blood bringing it to full erection as he couldn’t take his eyes off of her nubile body. Mark was becoming embarrassed by his erection said to Terri, “Terri why don’t you go up to Carina’s room and get changed out of your bathing suit I need to talk to Cody in private.”

Terri’s heart was racing so fast and hard under her chest that she thought that it would pop right out of her chest. When she heard Mark’s words she figured she had gotten a quick reprieve and looked up at her judge, jury and executioner and came up to him and hugged him tightly then kissed him on the cheek, “Thanks Uncle Mark I do feel kinda cold with the air conditioning and all.”

Mark made sure he kept his hips back as he didn’t want Terri to know that she had aroused him. Then he turned his attention to his wife, “Maria why haven’t you gotten dressed?”

Maria smiled at him and even though the only thing she was wearing was her blouse that was still open with her breasts on display for everyone she said, “Well, you went to take care of Topher I went out to talk with the kids” She shrugged her shoulders as her husband, “What?”

Mark said, “Well why don’t you take Terri upstairs so that I can speak with Cody.” As Mark took a seat at the kitchen table he watched his wife put her arm around Terri’s shoulder and he watched the ass that he has been fucking for the past 20 years and the ass that has become his new fantasy walking away from him. Then Mark turned his attention to his son.


Upstairs Carina was in her bedroom still upset that Topher was no longer allowed to come back to the house. When Terri and her mom walked into Carina’s bedroom her mom was still naked and Terri’s string bikini was still on backwards. Seeing these two was an odd couple to say the least and it brought a smile and a chuckle to Carina and she said, “I wish I had my camera! This is one of those magical moments.” Then she lifted her phone and snapped like ten pictures of the two of them standing and posing together.

Then when Maria finally caught an image of herself in the mirror that’s when she finally realized that she was still drunk and naked. She was embarrassed by her actions. Then Terri looked in the mirror and saw her vagina wasn’t covered, “Oh my God!!!! Why didn’t you guys tell me that my bottoms were on backwards? Your father saw me like this? Oh my God I’m so embarrassed!!!”

Carina kept laughing at her, “Don’t worry my father had bigger fish to fry tonight!” Then she pointed to her drunken mother who was still looking at herself in front of the mirror modeling just for herself.

Terri giggled along with Carina and asked, “What do you mean bigger fish? I don’t understand.”

Carina was letting the cat out of the bag, “Well, when Topher and I came back from the movie theatre I caught mom and dad having sex in the kitchen.”

Then the light bulb that was over Terri’s head lit up, “So, it wasn’t me and Cody you saw having sex in the backyard?”

Carina’s jaw dropped pretending like she didn’t know about Cody and Terri then said, “What do you mean you and Cody? You two were doing it in the backyard? Like you two were actually having sex? Oh my god!!! My little brother had his cock inside of you?”

Maria shot a look at both of them through the mirror that was on Carina’s wall, “They were really doing it!!”

Carina looking Terri in the eyes asked, “Come on really you two finally were doing the nasty?”

Maria interjected once again, “Sure did!! She was bouncing up and down on my son’s big thick cock like it was a pogo stick. If you wouldn’t have screamed out she would have never stopped fucking him.”

Carina looked at Terri, “So was it good the first time you had a cock inside of you?”

Carina and Terri over the past several days had been devising all sorts of plans to try to get Cody interested in fucking Terri. For Carina she was just as excited that Terri finally got some cock as much as Terri did. Terri plopped down next Carina on the bed, “Carina it was better than any of the dildo’s we used over the past week. You were right having a real penis inside of you is so much better than any vibrator or dildo. He was bigger and thicker than any of the vibrators that I played with over the last week.”

Maria spun around from looking at herself in the mirror and she was flabbergasted as to what she was hearing the two girls were talking about, “Whoa wait a minute!!! You two were planning to have sex with some random guy or did you guys plan on using Cody as your test dick for Terri?”

Carina could care less that her mother was naked now and said, “This one has wanted to fuck Cody for the past two years now. I figured since neither one of them had any protection they would have been smart enough not to do it until they got some!!!”

Maria walked over to Terri and hugged her again, “Well, I think that you should come with me and douche yourself and then we will go to the pharmacy and get the morning after pill for you just to make sure you have no chance of getting pregnant.”

After Maria and Terri had finished in the bathroom and were heading to the pharmacy Carina saw Cody walking past her door that was ajar he heard, “Psst, Psst, Psst ” and a whispered voice “Cody come here!!! What happened with daddy?”

Cody came in the room and sat on the edge of his sister’s bed and looked around the room and asked, “So where is mom and Terri?”

Carina said, “Mom called Dr. Corzine and got him to write another prescription for the morning after pill for me and she’s going to the pharmacy to pick it up for Terri.”

Cody put his arm around his sister’s shoulder and said, “What is going on with mom tonight? She’s acting so strange and really out of character!! I mean I couldn’t believe that she was watching me and Terri having sex. She’s like drunk – and is walking around the house naked – I mean when the last time you saw mom naked at all? Now she’s like a nudist or something?”

Carina wrapped her arm around Cody’s waist and they pulled each other closer to one another and she said, “Well, how about me? I came home and walk in the kitchen and there is mom bent over the sink and dad is plowing her in the asshole from behind. They were both staring out the window apparently watching you and Terri doing it and role playing with each other.”

Cody was shaking his head, “Role playing? What were they doing?”

Carina began to snicker, “Mom told dad to pretend that he was you!! She wanted to pretend that you where the one plowing her asshole. Then dad told mom that he would be okay with it if she wouldn’t mind being called Terri and that he was pretending to fuck her tight virgin 14 year-old-pussy. When I heard all of this that when I screamed out ‘What the fuck.’”

Cody laughed, “As soon as I heard you yelling in the kitchen my heart went up in my throat. I thought it was you and Topher who caught us.”

Carina gave Cody a peck on the lips, “So, how bad are you punished?

Cody moved his hand down to his sister’s thigh and Carina instinctively pulled her skirt up and moved her panties to the side. She opened her legs slightly giving him access to anything he desired between her legs and said, “It’s not that bad I have to stay in my room until Terri leaves in the morning.” Cody was still trying to wrap his brain around the image of his parents in the kitchen, “So you’re not bullshitting me about mom and dad role playing? There were really pretending to be me and Terri.”

Carina pulled her brother’s hand deeper between her legs as she spread them wider for him, “Yeah, they were both going at it pretty hot and heavy. I couldn’t believe how hard dad was pounding mommy but she took it like she was used to it if you know what I mean. I guess they were there for a while because dad gave mom an anal cream pie and when I yelled dad pulled out. His cum flowed out of her asshole and when he spun around some of his cum hit me on the thigh.” Carina closed her eyes and let out a little coo as Cody slipped a second finger inside of her.

Cody’s head went up in the air, “Oh, so that’s why mom’s thighs were so wet, I thought it was her cum I had no idea it was dads.”

Carina finally moved Cody’s fingers over her clit and whimpered, “Yep that was daddy’s junk.”

Cody moved his fingers back inside of his sister, “Ewww that must be a horrible image inside of your head. I could never picture mom and dad doing it.” Cody’s fingers began working their magic inside of his sister feeling how hot and wet she was already. Cody pulled her head to his and he kissed her passionately on the lips and when their embrace was broken, “So, if mom was pretending dad was me fucking her from behind in the ass; do you think that maybe she wants me to actually fuck her?”

Carina moved her free hand to her brother’s crotch area and it wasn’t hard to find her brother’s full erection under his boxers and she gently massaged his shaft, “I don’t think there is any doubt that she wants your man stick inside of her. I mean she was calling dad by your name ‘Cody, Cody, fuck me Cody, tear my ass up my baby boy.’”

Cody turned the tables a little on his sister, “So how did it feel to have your own father shoot his cum all over you?”

Carina moved her hand under her brother’s waist band and stroked him, “It wasn’t disgusting if that’s what you mean. Now the more I think about it dad looked like a hot porn star fucking mommy. It’s kinda hot, knowing that they just don’t do it in the missionary position all the time. Who knew our parents liked to fuck up the Hershey highway!!!?”

Cody asked, “So what are you trying to tell me? You’re actually thinking about trying to seduce dad?”

Carina said, “I’m very sure!!! But I did something that I thought that I would never do – daddy’s cum that was on my thigh – I can’t believe I did this and I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this – I scooped it up onto my fingers and sucked his cum off of my fingers and swallowed all of it in front of daddy. I mean this was the same stuff that came out of mom’s asshole.”

Cody removed his pussy juice soaked finger from his sister’s vagina and began to massage the outer ring of her asshole. Carina was not reluctant to stop her brother’s advances as she gazed into his strong face and soft eyes she allowed him to finally penetrate her asshole with her finger. “Ewww Carina that’s disgusting!!! I mean was it white or was it like a darker shade of brown or black?”

Carina kissed her brother on the lips and smiled at him as the palm of her hand massaged the head of his cock and said, “So what do you think us girls do when you guys finish in our mouths? I mean come on studly how many times have you pulled out of my pussy after my pussy shot cum down your shaft then you force it into my mouth then explode inside my mouth? So, do you think it’s a treat not only to get to taste my pussy plus your hot salty sperm swimming around in my mouth!!! The odd thing is you and all of the guys I’ve been with never want to kiss me or French kiss me after they finish in my mouth!!!!”

Cody pushed his finger to the first knuckle of his finger inside of her asshole and began rotating it in a counter-clockwise. “Well, no it’s not my job to take a man’s load in my mouth sorry but that’s a woman’s job. It’s your job to be filled up with sperm in the mouth, pussy and asshole sorry sis that’s just the way of the world honey.”

Carina tightened her grip on her brother’s shaft as she realized that he was right once again, “I mean you want me to tongue fuck your asshole all the time.”

Cody pushed his finger all the way into his sister and he began to move it around inside of her and Carina gave him a face of discomfort, “I was the first one to eat ass, sis. I was the first one to put a tongue into your shit hole so don’t tell me that I don’t take care of you and I have no problem eating your pussy after you’ve finished. So it goes both ways here.”

Carina pulled back forcing her brother’s finger out of her and dropped down in front of her brother’s knees and pulled his boxer’s down around his ankles, “Well, here is one thing that we both like about our relationship.”

Then she opened her mouth and took his manhood inside of her mouth as his hands pushed her head down on him forcing himself into her esophagus. Then Cody was still curious about Carina and their father as she never really answered his question. Cody always knew he would have competition for his sister’s vagina but not in the same house. So, are you really going to go after daddy?”

Carina was apprehensive as Cody asked the question once again. She heard in his voice something strange that she never heard before. Cody wasn’t as confident as he usually was and not wanting to hurt him said, “I don’t know Cody – Something kinda like turned on in my head when I saw daddy’s cock fucking mommy in the ass. Knowing that mommy and daddy get down like you and me is kinda hot if you know what I mean? I guess what I’m trying to say is that I would really like to see if he’s a good lover like you. I know you want to seduce mom and I’m okay with that because I know that I will always mean more to you than any other woman. I don’t worry even if dad and I do it you will always be the most important man in my life that will never change bro, I promise your cock will always be welcome inside of me!!”

Cody pulled his sister’s hair and pulled her up to his face, “You will always be the most important person in my life and you can have me anytime you want sis.” He then kissed her full on the mouth.”

Carina looked lovingly into her brother’s eyes and began to whisper as they sat together on the edge of the bed. Carina desperately wanted to have sex or try to have sex with her father and the only way she was going to accomplish that was to give her approval to Cody to go after their mother, “You know mom won’t be that hard to seduce you know; you can probably pull your cock out and slap her on the face with it and that’s all its going to take. I’ve already hinted to daddy to get a king size bed next weekend when we go up to Rutgers that would be the perfect time to get after mommy when we’re away.”

Cody as curious about his father’s response, “So what did dad say when you offered yourself to him?”

Carina smiled at him as Cody saw the happiness in her eyes, “Well, dad didn’t say no, so I think that he’s probably picturing the two of us having wild crazy sex together. Just to make sure that my offer stays fresh in his mind I’m going to stop wearing my bras and panties around the house and wear my sultrier nightgowns to bed this week.”

Cody moved his hand to her breast and began to massage her, “Dad doesn’t stand a chance!!! I remember when you did that to me and you showed me your tits, ass and pussy every time no one was looking. You had me walking around the house with a perpetual hard on the whole time.”

Carina gave a concerned look as she went back to massaging her brother’s penis back to full erection in her hand, “So what do you think is going to happen when Terri’s dad comes tomorrow to pick her up?”

Cody shrugged his shoulders as he moved his hand between her thighs once again. Carina instinctively spread her legs open for her brother and this time Cody used two fingers to penetrate her vagina, “Well, dad is really strict but you know that Tom he’s probably going to put poor Terri into some kind of private school so that she’s as far away from me as possible. If he doesn’t send her away he’s going to keep Terri on a very short leash. I just hope that Tom doesn’t take it out on dad and try to hurt his career and all.”

Carina had taken her top off and stood up and took her skirt off so that she was naked like her brother and then maneuvered his hard penis head between her outer pussy lips and then impaled herself slowly and very deliberately down on her brother’s penis. Her body shuddered over his as her pussy ate her brother’s penis all the way down to its base and she said, “I wouldn’t worry about that too much daddy and Uncle Tommy have been best friends ever since they were in the Academy together.”

Cody swung his sister down on the bed as he was over her with Carina’s legs spread open as far as she could make them she felt incredible as her brother began to quickly pound her pussy. Carina wrapped her legs around his waist trapping her brother on top of her. It was only moments later as they made love quickly and quietly like they usually did so as not to get caught by their parents. Several minutes later Cody pushed one last time strong and hard and Carina could feel her brother’s baby juice fill her love canal. After Cody stopped pushing Carina wrapped her arms around her brother and gave him a loving French kiss as they lay together in bliss!!!
Meanwhile in Germany:

Captain Tom Wilkinson was seated on a very comfortable love seat and had a very relaxed look on his face as he had just finished erupting inside of Jessica, a Lufthansa stewardess. Tom was very proud of himself as he looked over at her sitting behind the desk of the first class lounge as she played with her long blond hair and blowing seductive kisses back at him. He was picturing this young woman who gave him a blow job and then as they showered together in the bathroom Jessica allowed Tom to take her pussy and finish once again on her face.

As he sat by himself enjoying his cigar and a snifter of Brandy Chloe the other Lufthansa stewardess in the first class lounge, Jessica’s girlfriend in real life, announced that all first class passengers are now allowed to begin boarding the airplane within the next ten minutes and they should make their way down to the Lufthansa gate.

When the supervisor of the lounge Heather Beato walked into the lounge she began to shut it down for the evening and Chloe and Jessica collected Captain Tom Wilkinson and the three of them were just about to leave when Heather asked, “Is there anything that I should know about before closing everything down?”

Jessica spun around and said, “Yes, Captain Wilkinson used bedroom number three and he took a shower. So, the bed and bathroom need to be cleaned.”

Heather smiled at Tom and then noticed a small smirk on Jessica’s face and thought that something was odd but let it pass, “No problem, we’ll get the cleaning crew here first thing in the morning. Have a nice flight you three.”

Several minutes later Tom was resting comfortably by himself in his first class seat in the upper cabin as the lower business class cabin only had four passengers. Tom was fast asleep as he had lost a lot of sperm. Several hours later Jessica and Chloe had finished their rounds and with the lack of passengers Chloe had several hours of free time to fill until she was to serve breakfast before the plane landed in Dulles, Washington D.C.

Chloe stood in the galley alone with Jessica touching herself as she listened to Jessica describing her sexual experiences with Tom. Chloe closed her eyes and imagined Tom touching her, licking her and fucking her as Jessica was very detailed with her description of their affair. Chloe and Jessica were alone in the galley area in the upstairs first class section touching one another. Chloe and Jessica were more than friends they were lesbian lovers and every so often they would choose a man that they would allow to have straight sex with and today that just happens to be Captain Tom Wilkinson.

Jessica had her one on one time but now Chloe was going to reintroduce her lovely vagina to the nice cock that Jessica had just described. The flight crew had just changed over. The pilot made his way to his sleeper and the co-pilot was now in control of the plane. If Chloe wanted to take Tom on the airplane as a lover her time was now.

Chloe made her way to Tom’s cabin. The first-class-cabin was redesigned with personal cabins with one cabin on either side of the aisle giving each passenger their own small personal cabin space. With only six chairs in the cabin the chairs were able to lay flat like a bed. Each personal cabin was equipped with an 18” screen TV. They also have a personal side bar that can hold five separate drinks and personal lighting. There is actually a small door for complete privacy. This first class cabin was patterned after the Emirates Airline.

Chloe opened the door to his private cabin and noticed Tom sleeping peacefully. She smiled as she saw her prey as she slipped inside of his private area closing the door behind her. Chloe slipped her shoes off and quietly and gingerly knelt next to Tom while she slipped her hand under his blanket. She found his manhood and began caressing him like she did back in the first class lounge at the airport. Chloe was elated as her fantasy of having Tom was coming true.

Tom felt the sensation of his manhood begin to grow as he was still not quite asleep but not quite awake either. He felt like he was dreaming as his eyes opened not recognizing his surroundings. Chloe helped Tom roll onto his back and unzipped his pants and fished out his penis. Chloe rested her ass on the heels of her feet as she stroked his penis and she heard Tom moan and coo with pleasure that was being provided by Chloe.

As Tom’s eyes adjusted to the dim lighting in the cabin he noticed Chloe’s soft lovely face staring back at him with a slight smile. Tom smiled back with approval, “Hey Chloe – Now, this is something that I never thought was going to happen after I spent time with your girlfriend Jessica.” Tom adjusted the bed back to a seated chair position allowing Chloe an opportunity to better stroke his cock.

Chloe’s thick Hungarian accent made her sound and even look sexier, “Do you mean you never thought this was going to happen?” Chloe opened her mouth and engulfed his manhood right down her esophagus without gagging.

Tom grabbed her ponytail and after several minutes of Chloe working her astonishing mouth over him Tom pulled her head off of his penis. As his penis slipped from her mouth a long stream of her salvia connected her bottom lip to the tip of his penis and he said, “Honey if you don’t mind no one would ever believe me that this especially in the first class cabin. Would it be okay if I could take pictures?”

Chloe opened her blouse and exposed her bare breasts to Tom and with her Hungarian accent she whispered, “As long as they don’t end up on the internet a few small mementos couldn’t hurt my Captain.”

Tom’s excitement was that of a young schoolboy as he reached for his digital camera in his bag as Chloe went back to work on his penis with her magical mouth and tongue. Tom began snapping photo after photo of his new muse. Chloe began helping Tom as she was posing seductively with his cock up against her cheek, seductively licking his penis like it was a lollipop.

Chloe began taking her skirt off and Tom never stopped snapping as many photos as he could. He didn’t want to miss anything. Finally she was naked and then she worked on Jim’s shirt then his pants and finally his boxers. They switched places as Chloe sat in the chair and spread her legs wide and with her forefinger motioning Tom to her he attacked her small but precious pink pussy. Chloe took the camera from Tom and returned the favor of snapping shots of her lover going down on her pussy and snacking on her breasts.

When Tom moved back down to her vagina area Tom asked for the camera as he was snapping close up shots of her pussy and her asshole. Tom wanted to catalog these in his special collection on his computer as he never wanted this day to ever come to an end. Chloe spread her legs for him once again and with her fingers opened her pussy lips revealing her dark cave that Tom was waiting to explore with his manhood.

For both Tom and Chloe all of their sexual sensations of this escapade were being heightened by the fact they both could be caught at any moment. It was a unique experience that they were sharing on an airplane gliding at 35,000 feet in the air. As they were sucking and licking each other’s private parts, nipples, and lips created an extraordinary sensations between both of them.

Chloe finally took the lead knowing the time constraint that they were under as it was just a matter of time before one of the other many stewardesses on the flight would eventually need her for some fool errand. Reclining the seat back to a bed Chloe went to all fours facing away from Tom she revealed her two sacred fuck holes for him to survey. As Toms eyes were locked on his target Chloe gently grasped his penis with the anticipation of having a man enter her pussy after several long months of lesbian sex would come to an end and her vagina would perform the way it was truly meant – to pleasure a man.

Tom’s camera was in hand he felt the excitement and anticipation pulsating through his body. It was killing Tom wanting to finally feel Chloe’s wet warm slit open itself up around his shaft. He continued to snap picture after picture of her venerability. Tom was fixated not only on her pink slit but her small puckered pink asshole that had the appearance of never having the pleasure of a man.

Then as expected someone was going to interrupt them but to their relief it was Jessica who lightly rapped on the small cabin door wanting to know why there were so many flashes of light coming from the upper cabin. When Tom opened the door Jessica peeked in to see them both naked and ready to experience one another she took the camera from Tom’s hands and said, “Allow me to be your look out and I’ll snap the photos as I will also be your director.” Looking at her girlfriend Chloe she said, “Come on honey Tommy is worth the wait honey. Sit on him and ride him to until you orgasm, let him fill you with his sperm honey.”

Chloe smiled at Tom “I want to feel you inside of me Navy boy.” Chloe did as she was instructed the anticipation of Tom being inside of her was at its apex. Chloe’s body shuddered on top of Tom as the shape of his head began to open her outer lips and kiss her inner pussy lips. For Chloe the first actual penetration was the best part of sex for her as two people were being joined together as one sharing their most intimate being deep within themselves.

Chloe began to coo as Tom penetrated her deep inside of her. The walls of her pussy coated Tom’s penis allowing the friction to dissipate as Tom’s penis became a well oiled piston inside of her. Tom’s head was spinning with pleasure as Jessica stepped inside the cabin and closed the door behind her. Jessica removed her panties and sat on the opposite side of the bed spreading her legs she began playing with herself. She came up to her knees and smiled at her lover and kissed her passionately on the lips, “He feels incredible doesn’t he sweetie?”

Chloe reached up with her hands and played with her girlfriends breasts, “I know you’re jealous but please let me have this time with him it has been so long since I felt a man inside of me.”

Jessica held the camera, “Okay honey lean back on his chest. I want to take pictures of him inside of you!”

Chloe moved her feet forward and rested them on Tom’s thighs and her hands came back to rest on his chest as she began to ride him again. Jessica moved lower to capture the penetration and noticed that Tom’s penis was thicker than she remembered. Chloe looked into her girlfriends eyes with love and passion, “You were right to pick him!!! He’s making my head spin and my body is on fire I want to cum on him.”

Jessica put the camera down and leaned against the TV in the cabin with her legs open Tom was treated to watching Jessica pleasuring herself as his Hungarian lover climaxed all over his shaft. Tom’s head was spinning as he thought to himself how lucky he was to have a young virile woman riding him and watching the woman he was with several hours previous masturbating in front of both of them. Where in the world could any of this take place let alone in the first class cabin on an airplane.

When Chloe finished her orgasm Jessica pulled her forward off of Tom and proceeded to taste her girlfriends pussy but Tom interjected, “Come on honey you’ve had your turn I want to finish with my Hungarian lover.”

Jessica lifted her head, “Yes, I think it’s time for you to finish and finish quickly.”

Chloe went to all fours, “Come my American love take me from behind.”

Tom on his knees waited for Chloe to adjust position and Jessica crawled on the bed with both of them. She kissed Tom on the lips, “Now, be gentle with her.” Jessica moved her head down to her girlfriend’s buttocks. She let saliva drip from her tongue down between the crack of her ass cheeks as she coated the out rim of her girlfriend. She pushed a finger into her asshole as she laid her head on her back and opened her mouth to invite Tom to use her mouth to lube his manhood. After several long deep strokes into Jessica’s mouth he was hard and ready for what was to come next. Jessica gently wrapped her fingers around his shaft and Tom closed his eyes not wanting to know Jessica’s choice and then he felt himself struggle and then finally he pushed inside of Chloe. “That’s a good boy look you have finally have gone where no man has been before.”

Tom opened his eyes to see Jessica spreading Chloe’s ass cheeks open guiding his penis into her girlfriend’s asshole with her facial cheek resting on Chloe’s buttocks getting a birds-eye view then Tom said to her, “If you’re going to be here take off the rest of your clothes Jessica.” Tom pulled Chloe up so her back rested against his stomach as he pounded her asshole from behind. Tom’s excitement overtook his consciousness as he wasn’t listening to Chloe’s cries for him to slow down or go easier on her. He had his eyes on Jessica’s naked body and spread legs. His eyes were fixed on her fingers working inside the pussy that he fucked in the shower several hours earlier. He remembered her sweet taste and the amazing feeling of his cock inside of her. Now he felt an asshole that had never been fucked before it was if he was fucking a virgin. Chloe’s asshole was tightly gripping his hot piston as it wielded hot friction between the two of them. Tom’s head was spinning wildly and said, “I’m going to cum soon.”

Jessica quickly came to her knees and slapped Tom on the face and handed him the camera, “Pull out and fill my mouth.”

Tom took the camera from her hand and pulled out of Chloe’s asshole and unfortunately she couldn’t move as she was sore from Tom pounding her butt Jessica was ready for Tom’s candy. Resting her face on her girlfriend’s ass Tom pulled out and Jessica opened her mouth and Tom was snapping pictures as fast as the camera could take them as he began to shake and he knees became week, “Here you go honey!!! You wanted now you got it.” Tom exploded stream after stream of white cum on Jessica’s face and in her mouth.

Tom fell back on his ass as he watched Jessica move all of his secretion into her mouth as Chloe fell on her stomach and rolled over on her back with a very large smile on her face. Jessica kneeled over the love of her life as Chloe opened her mouth, “Give me my reward!!! I deserve it for all my hard work.” Jessica put her mouth over hers and Tom snapped more pictures of his semen snowballing from Jessica’s mouth down into Chloe’s. They then sat together with their tongues tangoing in and out their mouths.

Jessica smiled at her lover, “Your asshole tastes so good mixed with men’s cum honey.” Jessica looked at her watch. “Come on honey we have twenty minutes to prepare the snacks for our first class passengers. Both girls quickly dressed in Tom’s very confined space. “Thank you for the third load baby, we are definitely going to have hold on to this one honey.” Jessica was the first to leave and she went to the bathroom to clean her mouth of Tom’s cum and straighten her uniform.

Chloe had re-dressed quickly and she leaned back, “You were worth the wait Tom!! Jessica is right if you don’t mind sharing us we could a lot of fun together in the future.”

Tom still naked and sweaty hugged her, “This was the best time that I’ve ever had!!!

End of Part 4

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