Seeing colleague’s big dick in hotel room makes him curious

Seeing colleague’s big dick in hotel room makes him curious

You never know someone until you live with them… or in this case spend a few days in a hotel together.

And even if you think you know yourself, situations will test that knowledge and even redefine who you are.

To explain what I mean I’ll tell you my story of a few days in Seattle that changed everything.

Tyler was married, with a couple of kids, like me, although his were younger. Well, truth be told, he was ten years younger than me, and had a ridiculously hot blonde wife… although she hadn’t lost all the baby weight from having two kids in 27 months.

He was a very good looking guy and got hit on regularly by nurses, patients’, and patient’s friends and family.

I, on the other hand, am the epitome of average. Ten pounds overweight, boring brown eyes, black hair with too much grey coming in and glasses.

My wife also never lost her baby weight, although she often starts new diet routines and buys work out equipment that collects more dust than anywhere else in the house. I love my wife, but sex is bi-monthly, oral sex bi-yearly and anything kinky a faded memory of pre-child life.

Which brings me to the incredible strange few days that changed my life.

The flight was delayed, the ride was full of turbulence and the food was shitty. Thankfully, the booze went down smoothly and both of us were a little drunk by the time the cab got us to our hotel.

Checking in was another nightmare as they screwed up our room and we ended up in a room with one king sized bed, but we thought it was hilarious as we were still kind of drunk.

Once in our room, after the long day, we unpacked and went to the bar for a couple of drinks and then back up to the room.

In the elevator, Tyler warned me, “Dude, I know we are sharing a bed, but I sleep in the buff.”

I laughed, thinking he was joking, “Yeah, me too.”

I expected some witty quick comeback, he was always joking around, but I didn’t get one.

In the hotel room, I went and took a piss and brushed my teeth feeling utterly exhausted.

When I returned to the room, I was surprised to see he was standing in front of the television completely butt naked, typing on his phone.

I realized then two things:

1. He obviously wasn’t kidding about sleeping naked.

2. His dick was huge.

Now I have since read many first time gay stories where the guy sees a big cock and instantly a need to suck cock occurs.

That is not what happened to me.

No, I made a joke about it. I quipped, his cock way bigger than mine, “Holy shit, no wonder you got a hottie like Sarah.”

He looked at me and shrugged rather nonchalantly, “It definitely doesn’t hurt.”

“No seriously,” I laughed, still staring at it and wondering how big it would get hard, I continued, “It’s like a horse’s dick.”

“You have lots of experience with horse’s dicks?” he joked back with a sly smile, as he headed to the bathroom.

“Asshole,” I said, turning away as to not look at his ass.

“Just making sure,” he said as he disappeared into the bathroom.

I got undressed and grabbed my pajamas, not comfortable with being naked in a bed with a guy.

I was watching sports highlights when he came out a few minutes later and walked to the bed, still naked, and slid under the sheets.

I asked, still in awe of his casual nakedness, “You seriously coming to bed naked?”

“I told you I always sleep in the nude,”‘ he answered, looking at me, “I thought you said you did too.”

“I thought you were kidding,” I said.

“Nope,” he shrugged, “I can’t fall asleep with clothes on.”

“Well, I’m not sure I can sleep with you naked,” I countered.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “your tiny ass couldn’t take my horse cock.”

“Fuck you,” I laughed, realizing my worry was silly. It was just a bed. It wasn’t like anything was going to happen… we were two married men.

“If you want,” he shrugged, “but I hope you brought lube.”

“That’s more a third night in the same bed thing, don’t you think?” I laughed.

“Playing hard to get?” He questioned.

“I’m more than just a piece of ass,” I joked, the conversation hilarious.

“Yes, you have a mouth too,” he shot back, this time, oddly, not laughing.

Suddenly feeling this was getting too ridiculous, I said, which was true, “I’m exhausted.”

“I’ll take a rain check then,” he joked, once again, as he grabbed the remote and shut off the television.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. To my surprise, my dick was hard, which confused me.

I let it calm itself down and crashed pretty hard.

In the morning, after Tyler showered, he walked around naked for a good fifteen minutes.

I sure wasn’t looking, but it was hard not to see his dick as he walked around casually drinking coffee and watching last night’s sports highlights.

He even talked to me while naked, completely oblivious to the awkwardness of it.

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Eventually, he got dressed, and we headed out for breakfast before the conference started.

After a day of long, some good and some not so good sessions, Tyler said, “I need to hit a spa.”

“Our hotel has one I think,” I responded.

“No, I’m going to Steamworks. It’s a ten minute taxi ride from here,” he informed me looking at his phone.

“What is Steamworks?” I asked.

“Like the YMCA,” he answered. “You should come. It’s a great place to get some much needed release.”

“Why not,” I shrugged, my back sore from the terrible chairs I sat on, mixed with yesterday’s long day of travel. I added, “Shit, I didn’t grab any trunks for the trip.”

“You won’t need any,” he answered, which I thought was odd, as he walked outside and hailed a taxi.

I was about to ask, but a taxi showed up instantly and we were soon on our way.

The taxi driver was a very friendly man who pointed out a few tourist attractions when we told him we were Canadian and before I knew it we were at our destination.

I followed Tyler inside the building that reminded me of a classy strip club in Toronto I have frequented on a few occasions over the years.

Once inside, we paid to get in and were given a towel.

I was curious, but didn’t ask any questions.

Once inside, we went to the locker rooms and wordlessly got undressed.

Once naked, Tyler oddly, although not surprising after his frequent nakedness at the hotel, put his towel over his shoulders and said, “Time to go relieve some stress.”

“I can’t wait to hit the sauna,” I agreed, putting my towel around my waist.

“Jerry, be sure to just act normal,” he warned.

“What do you mean?” I asked, as he left the room and I followed.

As we went into the main establishment I immediately realized what he meant.

There were glory holes along one wall and two naked men were at them. One was sucking on a cock, while the other seemed to be waiting for a cock. Both the gloryhole cock sucking I was witnessing and the guy who was waiting were surreal. Who would wait for a cock to suck?

My wife always made it a dramatic ordeal as if she was parting the Red Sea the rare time she sucked me. Yet, here were guys eagerly sucking or waiting to suck cock.

I kept walking, although I couldn’t take my eyes off the taboo gay act as if I was driving by a car pulled over by a cop… always curious if I knew the driver (although being in a different country it wasn’t possible to know these guys).

The guy waiting asked Tyler, his eyes seemingly going big at the sight of Tyler’s big dick, “Looking for a cock sucker?”

Tyler replied, “Going to the sauna.”

I wasn’t sure if that meant yes or no as my head spun with what I was witnessing, even as my cock inexplicably began to grow under my towel.

As we walked, I looked around in intrigued awe as I began to realize Tyler had brought me to a gay club.

Was Tyler gay? The question seemed ludicrous based on the reality that his wife was smoking hot.

Did Tyler know we were going to a gay version of the YMCA? If he just wanted a sauna couldn’t he have gone to the one in our hotel?

Actually, a better question was why the hell was I now rock hard?

I saw rooms that were closed, I saw rooms that were open, and I saw an area that included televisions showing sports where I saw my second gay encounter of the day, where a rather large balding man was being blown by a skinny black guy. The balding man was watching the television while he got blown.

I stared like a deer in the headlights, stunned at the complete lack of shame at doing something so taboo so publicly.

Tearing my voyeuristic eyes off the gay act, I followed a casual acting Tyler to the sauna, my cock frustratingly hard as steel.

The sauna was empty and Tyler sat down and said, continuing to act casual, which made me try to act casual too, “So what did you think of that Cooper dude?”

His legs open, his huge dick dangling between, I was distracted. Yet, I sat across from him, unsure what proper sauna etiquette was, and answered, as I kept my towel over my hard-on, “Nothing really revolutionary.”

“Agreed,” Tyler nodded. “I wonder what a guy like him gets paid to spew generic fluff like that.”

“Thousands,” I nodded, having to focus to not glance down at his dick.

I mean I wasn’t thinking of sucking it or anything, but I was inexplicably drawn to look at it… like a moth to a flame.

“Shit, I could do that,” he said.

“Yeah, I imagine you could,” I agreed, desperate to maintain eye contact… kind of like when I dated the big breasted Sara back in college and had a very difficult time not staring at her ample cleavage.

Suddenly, the guy from the gloryhole walked in. He went directly to Tyler and asked absurdly, “Can I suck you?”

“Sure,” Tyler nodded, and continued the conversation with me as if it wasn’t odd that a complete stranger, a complete male stranger, was about to suck his cock.

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I watched as the stranger, moved in front of Tyler, dropped to his knees and took Tyler’s flaccid cock in his mouth.

Tyler asked, “So how much is a lot?”

I vaguely heard his question, but was really staring on the guy between Tyler’s legs.

“Um, I don’t, um, know,” I struggled to respond, in awe of what I was watching live… as if I was on a perverted version of Candid Camera.

“Never got your dick sucked by a guy?” Tyler bluntly asked.

“No,” I admitted, still watching the guy bob back and forth

“It’s a must,” Tyler said, letting out a slight groan.

“But you’re married,” I said, pointing out the obvious. “To a ridiculously hot woman, may I add.”

“And I would never cheat on her,” Tyler answered. Before I could point out the obvious flaw in his theory, he added, “I would never fuck another woman, Sarah is a great fuck, but she sucks cock like shit. Male cocksuckers, on the other hand, unlike women, know how to suck cock, to worship a cock like it deserves to be worshipped. Isn’t that right, cocksucker?”

The guy quit sucking Tyler’s cock and admitted, “God, yes,” before immediately resuming sucking.

The term cocksucker made the gay act even hotter for some reason and that was the first moment I wondered what it would be like to suck a cock.

Yet, I didn’t say anything, as what exactly does one say to that?

“Anyway, when I travel I usually go to a place like this or use Craigslist,” Tyler admitted, before adding, “I also have a couple eager cocksuckers back home.”

I couldn’t believe his logic… cheating is cheating. I tried to laugh it off, “I’m not sure Sarah would agree with you.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure Sarah and Carol play with each other too,” Tyler suggested.

“Fuck off,” I replied, the idea his wife and mine having sex together suddenly a very hot, yet unrealistic, image.

“I found my wife’s sex toy stash and it includes a couple strap-ons,” he shrugged, before adding, “and it sure isn’t for me.”

“No way she is fucking my wife,” I confidently replied, even though as I witnessed Tyler get blown by another guy I had to admit I wasn’t as adamant about it as I would have been yesterday.

“I bet you fifty bucks they are,” Tyler very confidently countered, “I know my wife thinks Carol is hot.”

I laughed, “My wife complains how quickly your wife recovered her figure after giving labour.”

“Probably the strap-on workouts,” Tyler joked.

“Giving or receiving?” I questioned.

“Likely both,” he shrugged, “Sarah likes to be fucked hard.”

“So does Carol,” I admitted, Carol wanting to be fucked and not made love to.

“I think Carol would look completely at home munching on my wife’s cunt,” Tyler said, then groaned.

“I can’t disagree with that,” I laughed, my cock rock hard.

“Want my cum?” Tyler said.

For a moment I thought he was talking to me, yet looking at the gay act, the guy bobbing like a cum-hungry slut, I realized he wasn’t.

“God, yes,” the cock sucker replied, with a desperate hunger I had never heard from a female during oral sex.

Tyler stood up and pumped his cock while the cock sucker opened his mouth wide with anticipation.

I watched in fascinated awe, briefly wondering what it would be like to suck that big cock. Yet, I shook my head at such a silly thought even as my eyes remained locked on his fist pumping his cock.

“Here it comes,” Tyler grunted, and his first rocket of cum shot high and over the guy. “Oops,” Tyler laughed, as he moved his dick down and his second shot hit the guy in the face, as did the third, before the guy took Tyler’s cock back in his mouth.

I can’t deny it. At the moment, I saw myself sucking his cock. Yet, I wasn’t gay, nor was I going to cheat on my wife. Still, the idea of sucking him off was undeniably there.

After a minute, as the cock sucker cleaned Tyler up, Tyler asked, “Do you want a blow job?”

I stammered, “F-f-from you?” And then realized I should have just said no.

He laughed, “No, from our eager young man here.”

“No,” I firmly said, like I should have the first time.

“You sure?” Tyler asked, sitting back down. “He gives a world class blow job.”

The guy turned to me, his face dripping with cum, which made him look both more pathetic and gay and yet somehow unexplainably more appealing, and asked, “Do you want a blow job, sir?”

The question was asked as if he was a waiter asking if I wanted a drink. Although my cock was hard and I could definitely use a blow job, as it had been a while, I shook my head, “No, thanks.”

“Your loss,” Tyler said, as he leaned back, his slowly shrinking dick in full view for me.

The guy stood up and said, turning back to Tyler, “Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” Tyler replied.

The guy left and Tyler continued, “Dude, you need to let loose.”

“By getting blown by a guy?” I asked, still bewildered by the whole experience, and slightly annoyed at his pretentiousness.

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“Show me your dick,” he ordered, which surprised me.

“What?” I questioned.

“I’m not going to suck you or anything, I just want to see if you’re hard,” he answered.

“I’m not showing you my dick,” I replied, both because it was rock hard and also way smaller than his.

“Just show me,” he said.

“No,” I protested.

“Come on,” he continued, “I want to test a theory.”

“What theory is that?” I asked, even though I should have continued to adamantly refuse.

“That watching a guy suck cock turned you on,” he replied.

Of course it was true and I was indeed still rock hard. Yet I answered. “Even if I’m hard it doesn’t mean it’s because of that.”

“So you are hard,” he concluded, based on my answer.

“Regardless,” I sighed, “that doesn’t mean I want to cheat on my wife.”

“I told you it’s not cheating,” he countered.

“I’m pretty positive Carol would disagree with your theory,” I replied.

“If she can eat pussy, you can get your cock sucked,” he countered.

“Maybe she just allows your wife to eat her cunt,” I countered, trying to stay in control of the bizarre situation.

He laughed, “Trust me, I guarantee you that it is Carol on her knees between Sarah’s legs or on all fours taking a strap-on.”

“Fuck,” I laughed, the conversation ridiculous, “that would be hot.”

“Agreed,” Tyler nodded.

He then changed subjects and we chatted for fifteen minutes about sports and what to have for dinner.

Nothing else was said the rest of the night and I figured he understood that I was uncomfortable talking about it.

I was sleeping, after a great supper, a few drinks and the sauna draining me, when I vaguely heard the door open.

Although groggy, I heard Tyler say, “Knees.”

Although it was dark, there was just enough light to make out the figures. Tyler was naked, as usual, and was standing, while another person was on their knees, sucking.

Like in the sauna, I watched with voyeuristic awe, many questions stirring in my head.

Who was sucking him?

How did he end up here?

Was it a he?

I couldn’t see much more than Tyler’s naked ass, and the vague figure in front of him.

“That’s it cocksucker, take it all in,” Tyler ordered.

Somehow, even though I couldn’t explain it, the words made my cock hard.

Maybe it was because I was tired, maybe because I hadn’t shot my load during this trip, or maybe it was the surprising shift in my once defiant heterosexuality, but I again wondered what it would be like to be on my knees, to be a cocksucker.

Tyler’s frank nudity, his impressive cock and what I had witnessed earlier today, combined with what was currently occurring in the hotel room, had me questioning everything.

Tyler’s firm derogatory words somehow intrigued me too. “Oh yes, you’re a natural cocksucker,” he groaned.

I wanted to see if it was a guy, even though deep down I knew it was. He wouldn’t cheat on his wife with another woman, he had made that clear.

I wanted to know what the cocksucker looked like for some reason. Was he young? Old? In a suit and tie? Did he have a ring on his wedding finger?

And before I even realized I was doing it, I was standing up and moving towards Tyler and the anonymous cocksucker.

Tyler, noticing me, wasn’t remotely embarrassed or surprised as he said to the cocksucker, “You have an audience.”

The cocksucker, who was indeed a guy, in a suit and tie, didn’t flinch or miss a beat as he bobbed back and forth hungrily… taking all Tyler’s massive dick.

Tyler asked, “You like to watch, Jerry?”

I said, trying to be casual, “I was just curious.”

Tyler laughed, “That’s how it’s always starts.”

I realized then what I had said and blushed. “That’s not what I meant.”

Tyler didn’t respond, instead groaning as it seemed his orgasm was close.

“Should I come on his face or down his throat?” Tyler asked.

And although I knew I shouldn’t participate and encourage Tyler’s behaviour I responded on instinct, since it had been a fantasy of mine I had never been able to do on a woman, I wanted to see him shoot again on a guy’s face, “Shoot your load on his face.”

“Open wide, cocksucker,” Tyler ordered, pulling out and beginning to furiously pump his cock like he had earlier today.

The stranger on his knees opened wide, an eagerness I never saw in my wife or any woman I had ever been with.

I watched, my gaze focused on Tyler’s big cock as I again wondered what it would feel like to be on my knees, to have his cock in my mouth.

I again shook my head at the thought just as Tyler grunted and coated the stranger’s face.

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Seeing colleague’s big dick in hotel room makes him curious

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