Sex during the Bangalore Hyderabad bus trip – II

Sex during the Bangalore Hyderabad bus trip – II

I usually discuss business with dealers and distributors from the comfort of my hotel room, and rarely I go out visiting their offices. Then more often than not, I will be having one party for drinks and lunch; one more party for drinks and dinner, with a sleep in between. Since that day happened to be Sunday, the person who visited me preferred not to have any drinks/lunch.

He came early (around 11) and went back by 1:00 pm. I invited the evening party to join me for drinks and lunch… he refused drinks and came for lunch meeting. We were through by 4.30. After he left, I had a small nap for about 30 minutes, had a bath, had a coffee, and went to the nearby supermarket.

My mind was full of Srilatha, but I was aware she can not come at all before 6.30 pm. I wanted to prepare for a pleasant time with Srilatha. From the supermarket I picked up a pack of condoms, two big Cadbury’s Silky chocolates, Some Holland Cucumber, some bitter gourd, some carrot, a family pack of ice cream, some disposable bowls and spoons.

I came back, washed the veggies and kept it in a folded towel in the side table drawer. Condoms also went there. Bowls and spoons remained in the cover, closed. Ice cream went into the Mini Fridge in the room. Now I was ready with my plan. Minutes were running very slowly but my darling was nowhere. It was 6.15, 6.20, 6.25, 6.30, 6.35, 6.40….6.45……6.50….. I was losing patience.

Suddenly I thought thinking, she may be intentionally making me wait… Then I consoled myself saying, 20-30 minutes delay is usual, why should I think negative? Just then my phone rang. It was her. I connected and said Hello … a little reservedly. She hesitantly told HI.. (I had forgotten to mention that we had exchanged our numbers in the morning before she left,

with a reassurance to speak during lunch time – around 1:30………….. but both of us forgot that). I kept quiet. She said, sorry, the session got prolonged, and she is already in an auto, and will be reaching in another 10-15 minutes. Within a moment all my tension was over and I was feeling lighter. I said, okay, come directly to my room only for coffee, later you can fresh up.

She said with a lot of happiness in her voice – ya, I was also thinking the same! – and kept the phone. I immediately rang up to my wife, talked to her for a few minutes, told her that one more person is coming for the meeting-cum-dinner. I spoke to my son and asked him to prepare well for the forthcoming exams. I told my wife that I will call again between 10.30 and 11 or in the morning.

It was already 7 by then. I placed order for two hot coffees. The boy came, served the coffee flask and went out. Within 2 minutes there was a knock on the door, I went there, she was there, all smiles…… said sorry, I got late. I said smilingly, its okay, that is the only official program you have, and that must be attended well – this is only secondary. She was laughing with joy.

She went to the bathroom and came out within 2-3 minutes. Then we had the coffee together – enquiring about each other’s day. We then exchanged a few light kisses and I asked her whether she wants to have a bath? She asked, why, you would like to give me one more bath? I said, never mind, if you want me to wash you up, it’s my pleasure.

She smiled and said No, I was just teasing you. Okay, I will have a bath and come – meanwhile I can speak to my family also. I told her I will also come to your room. Her cheeks turned red, but she did not refuse. Both of us entered her room.. I asked her to sit on the bed, turned my mobile to silent mode, asked her to speak to her family, and went to the bathroom to arrange the hot water.

She started speaking to her husband and kids and meanwhile the hot water was ready in the bucket. Once she finished her call and kept the phone down, I sat beside her, held her in my arms and kissed her well. We were kissing deeply for about 3-4 minutes. Then I stood up, lifted her kurta. Her face started glowing in expectation.

When I reached her back and unhooked the bra, the boobs bounced out. She was looking at me. I just blew some air on her breasts, lifted her arms and blew some air there. She was looking at me with surprise. Then I asked her to stand up, removed her paijamas and panty slowly, one by one. And again, when I blew some air on her pussy and ass crack, she could not control laughing.

“What all funny things you are doing, why?” I told that since morning these places would not be free, the area will be sweaty, hot and a little bit of air movement there provides some relief and nice feeling. She said, you have many crazy ideas…… I was thinking that you will be inviting me for sex but you are just playing casual. I told, tonight anyway you are mine, why to hurry and lose the cum? I do not want to lose the memorable time tonight.

She went to the bathroom and closed the door. I knocked. She opened and asked what now? I requested her to keep the door open and bath forgetting about me. She exclaimed silly, but, obliged. I was walking in the room while just seeing her take bath. She took a refreshing hot bath.

It was very nice to see a woman, who is just a little plump where all it is required to be, very curvy, in a wet condition with water dripping from her hair and body. The dancing of her butts while she moves one or two steps – to take soap/ shampoo, the shaking of the boobs with her movements, the tightening of her butts when she bends to lift the water….her soap covered body and breasts, …

She suddenly squatted and kept for a while (may be for pissing) and then cleaned her cunt, poured 10-12 mugs on her head and then wiped herself with the large white towel, draped it around her body up to covering the boobs…..and turned towards me and smiled….. My heart missed a beat…. I could feel that ZILLLLLLLL word my heart would have said. “What?” she asked me teasingly.

I pulled her out into my arms and hugged. It was a nice feeling to sink my head into her still wet hairs. As I sat into a chair, she bent over me, kissing my lips. Her hairs were all over me, and the towel already was about to drop. The warmth of the body of a woman who has just bathed is ultimate – it is a feeling that can only be experienced but not described.

In addition, the nice fragrance of the soap that emanates from a just bathed woman’s body is really like heaven. I have always wondered why women smell better than men, just after the bath, even though both of them use the same soap. Kissing her, I inserted one finger in to the towel, so as to touch just the top of her pussy, slided it upwards to travel across her navel,

then in between the breasts finally to the fold of the towel which yielded and fell down on the floor. She shivered once and totally pressed her wet nude body on me and whispered into my ears? You seem to be very experienced, how many girlfriends you have? I laughed and said, I have as many girlfriends as you have the boyfriends. She asked what dress shall I wear now?

I said whatever, anyway, it is only for a short time, no? She laughed with a sparkle and shy in her eyes saying…you naughty rascal. She then freed up herself and went for dressing. When she picked up a panty and bra, and looked up at me as if she were going to wear them, I moved my head across indicating “not required” She made a questioning face.

I said – it may not be required. Do want to go down for dinner, or shall we have dinner in the room – she said she prefers to have it in the room. I said, then you can just wear some night dress. She nodded and wore a tying type nighty (no hooks – no buttons, just a body length robe with two tying nada in between)

I asked her whether she has taken drinks anytime. She said no, but once in a while she had had a few sips with her hubby – just for company. She does not have any urge to drink but does not mind to have a very little in the comfort of her home and the company of her hubby. What do you mean? today is it okay or not? I asked her. I will have a little with you – she smiled.

I then told her to be in her room. Came back to my room. Ordered two small and three large Vodka (Smirnoff Green Apple), two sprites, some snacks and mineral water. Once everything is served, the boy enquired about the food order. I told I will call him and sent. Now I called Srilatha over the phone and asked her to come over.

When the drinks were mixed and it was time for cheers, she looked a bit doubtful. I asked her what is the matter? She said, what will you think of me? I did not understand…and asked why? She said, I do not know you before, we behaved like sex starved animals in the bus, we came and had sex in the morning, I am shamelessly taking bath nakedly in front of you,

came to your room not wearing any bra and panty, and now taking drinks also – you must be thinking of me as a whore!! I told her, dont think like that at all, our wavelengths have perfectly matched and we have felt comfortable with each other – other than that you too have your lovable family, I too have my nice family…it is not that I go sniffing behind ladies.. somehow we have come together and feeling together.

She regained her confidence and we sat for drinking. The first shot went casually discussing about our families, our business etc. When I poured the second shot she came and sat on my lap, and opened her mouth and started kissing my deeply. Guys, have you ever kissed a woman who has taken just a very little alcohol? I say, it is one of the feelings you must have in life… even if it is your wife!

If she does not like to do it, at least for the sake of that feeling, at least once, you should pour a bit of some good smelling vodka in fanta/ mirinda and dose her just 30ml and see. Of course, I do not compel you to do that, and also, please do not do it if either your wife takes it very very very seriously or if you can not keep your secret for ever.

A bit of alcohol, makes the woman shed all her inhibition and gives wings to her expression. (so use it only on those ladies who love you – if they dislike you and you put them on drinks….. then that’s your funeral!!). She was so deep into her feelings. She had sat on my lap, and hugged me from one side, and kept wet-kissing me. She was literally eating me out as if I was an ice cream stick.

From under her thin nighty, I was clearly feeling her curvy bums, her body, and her good size boobs. They were all nicely and a sort of unexplainably pressing me, giving me a very awesome feeling. My heart and mind have totally melted and I had become one with her feelings. I started caressing her and she was enjoying it not stopping the kissing.

I then put aside both the glasses, so that they do not fall down, and pulled the knot of her dress. She looked at me naughtily…with a question on her face… SO EARLY? I did not speak, I removed her naighty – and she was fully naked again. Again she sat on my lap. After a bit of further kissing and fondling, I made her get up and sit on her seat (opposite me) and removed my clothes, and sat on my chair.

She raised her eyebrows.. I winked and told, this is our NUDE BAR.. we can now drink nude together. She laughed and picked up her glass – I took mine. After a few more sips, I made her sit with her legs on the armrest so that her both the holes are in my view – she was not getting shy anymore – the inhibition and shy had gone long long ago.

Within a while she got up and went to the bath room – I also went there.. both of us took the leak and washed our organs and feet and came back. I spread the turkey towel on the bed and made her lie down on it. We then started kissing each other, I came upon her, kissed her all over the face, ears and nose and lips and tongue, then came to her breasts, then to navel and then to her pussy.

I licked her pussy a bit, twisting my tongue into it. Her face had gone red, out of pleasure and also because of alcohol. She was enjoying every bit of my moves. Then I pulled my drinks glass, added a bit of vodka from my third shot to it, and poured it little by little into her pussy, simultaneously licking it out.

She was ecstatic, and starting pressing my head into her pussy moaning…..aaddeeee, aaddeeee..ohhhh….. she also told it is so nice and she is feeling some tingling down there……. Probably it was due to Vodka or due to sprite. After long time of licking.. probably she must have last the thrill or might have felt guilty of taking more pleasure, she sat up and told, okay, now I will do it for you.

She made me stand up and sat kneeling on the bed facing me. She started sucking me Playing with her tongue on my dick, she swirled her tongue around the tip of my dick, then came to my balls, suckled them well. She mildly bit my dick. Then she took a sip from her drink. Holding it in the mouth, she pulled down my dick and too it in her mouth from above,

and closed her mouth on my dick, and started gurgling the drink around my dick. This was new to me!! Then after a while, she drank it all, got up rubbing her body against me, and started kissing me again. We kissed each other well, and then I again pushed her on the bed. Meanwhile her phone started ringing… it was her hubby. So she told me, she will take the phone to the bathroom, talk to him and come…

I stood there watching her butts dance while she walked to the bathroom. As soon as she entered the bathroom and pushed the door, I removed the icecream from the fridge (I had kept it in the chiller – because in freezer it would become damn hard) and put some into a bowl and kept the rest back, placed the ice cream bowl behind the tv (to hide it, and also to melt it faster).

She came out. I noticed that she had washed her down parts and feet, but the towel was on the bed!! She came up to the cot and bent down……and those butts were killing me by their looks. She turned towards me and asked what next? I spread the towel again, made her to lie down as earlier, and asked her to close her eyes. She closed but I could see her face expressing a lot of anticipation.

I now brought the ice bowl – told her she should not open her eyes at any cost, and started placing small chunks of ice cream on her body – first on and around breasts – 3-4 pieces on each breast. She started giggling. Then the next, I placed a chunk on her navel. She shivered and giggled more. Then I waited for a while for her expectation to raise, and placed a scoop on just above her pussy.

Her pussy shaked in anticipation. And she let out a shrill cry. Now I came on her side, bent down, and started eating out the ice cream along with the breast… She was all along enjoying while moaning aaddee….I am dying…. super kano, sakkatthagide…etc.. Then I started kissing around the navel, biting slowly in between.. but did not eat the ice cream.

It was tickling her very much.. she begged me to eat it out. I obliged. All the while she was stiffening her legs – suggesting mounting tension and stimulation. Now I looked at the pussy. Due to her body heat, the ice cream placed above the pussy had slightly melted and had started flowing down between the pussy lips.

I took her entire pussy in to my mouth and licked the ice cream flow. Then I asked her to lift her legs, with one finger I pulled the big chunk of the ice cream on her mound on to the pussy lips, and inserted that ice cream chunk into her pussy. She cried shrill and begged, aadeee eat it fast… I fingered her pussy for a while, and lapping up with my tongue and in between sucking,

I ate her pussy and the ice cream it had. Just before she thought it was over, I stuffed some more ice cream in her pussy, put a small chunk on her asshole – only to make cold – and ate out all the ice cream in the pussy. She was lying down there for a while gasping in pleasure. After a few minutes, she made me lie down and poured ice cream on my dick and ate.

It was easier for her to eat my dick with ice cream, than it was with vodka. I also enjoyed the combination of the cold ice cream and her warm mouth. We then finished the leftover drinks, and went to the bath room to wash. Without her knowing, I had carried the lubricating gel to the room. I let out the hot water suggesting her we better wash, or else it will be sticky everywhere due to the ice cream.

While the water was filling, I squeezed some gel into my hand, made her sit on the sink table, lifted her legs and applied the gel. She opened her eyes wide and asked what now? I did not talk. I just applied the gel over my erect dick and in no time, I inserted my dick into her lubricated pussy.

She was sitting above with her hands near her butts and back to the mirror, I was standing on the floor, grinding my dick into her wet pussy. The penetration was deep and perfect and both were feeling it. Pulling her body very close to mine with all my power, I started to fuck her with all my vigor, and she was feeling and enjoying this violent intensity.

Within about 1.5-2 minutes of vigorous stroking, we both cummed together. I was all exhausted and wanted to come back and sit on the commode to rest, but she was so deeply satisfied and wanted to continue the feeling, so she was holding me very tight and not allowing me to move.

After a while, she released her hold, and kissed me on the forehead and cheeks, and told me between gaspings…..aaddee… it was so nice aadi, this is the first time I am feeling such a nice sex… I swear…this is the first time aadi…this is the first time. You are so lovable aadi… you are so wonderful…

eI hugged her tight, and told her,,, you too are so nice Latha, that’s why you are bringing out the best in me…Even you have given me so much pleasure that I am fully exhausted but I am feeling wonderful. Then we washed each other, wiped ourselves dry with my towel (I always carry my own towel, shawl, and pillow covers on tours – and sometimes even bed sheet also).

I then placed the food order. When the order came, she went to the bathroom again and closed the door. After the server boy went out, she came out. We had a nice dinner in between feeding each other.

This was what happened on Sunday – 15th March 2015, till 10 pm. Rest in the next part.


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Sex during the Bangalore Hyderabad bus trip – II