Sex In Holi Celebration With 3 Friends

Sex In Holi Celebration With 3 Friends

My name is Aryan. I am 6 ft tall and well build. This incident happened during the last Holi. We had a Holi celebration at my friend’s apartment and she invited me. Her name is Smita. Her figure is 34-28-34. I know it because she made me measure it with a tape.

She is hot, very naughty and bold. She loves to joke about sex, boys and all. She is my college friend and now joined an MNC. She stays with her 2 other girlfriends in an apartment in Bangalore. I went to her apartment on time and knocked on the door.  The girls were all ready for the Holi party.

Smita was in a white top with a pink bra inside and jeans shorts. I asked her, “Are you sure? When we play with watercolors white will be transparent and everyone can see.” With a blush on her face, she asked, “Why? You don’t like others seeing my boobs?” I didn’t have a reply to it. So I kept quiet.

We went to a party. We started playing by applying colors to each other. Her friends Neha and Shruthi were shy. They only saw me today. Neha is a bit chubby but very cute looking and she got a 36d size boobs. Shruthi is a slim girl, a bit dark. But her skin makes her look hot and she reminds me of Bipasha Basu.

Her attraction is her hips. She has such curvy hips. After a few minutes, they also got comfortable and started playing freely. All 3 girls became a team and started attacking me applying colors on me. When Neha and Shruthi held my hands, Smita took color in her hand put her hand inside my shirt and started rubbing.

Neha was holding me from behind and her boobs were pressing tight on my back. Soon the DJ started and they started spraying colored water. We all got fully drenched and dancing. We had bhang before coming to the party. Slowly it started giving us a good kick.

Soon all girls’ tops got wet and became transparent and I could not control my eyes. I was freely enjoying the show just like all other guys who were playing there. Soon some guys started dancing and moving around the girls which they didn’t like. So we left the party and went back.

As we all were in a good mood we decided to continue the party. We went to the bathroom else the room will get dirty. I got the Bluetooth speaker on and played party songs and we started dancing. Neha went to the room and got more colors. I took color in my both hands and pressed on Neha’s big boobs.

The other 2 girls started cheering for it. Neha was numb for a second and then she pushed my hands and blushed. Smita got more colors and pressed on Shruthi’s boobs and Neha was pressing Shruthi’s ass. I was cheering for both. We hugged each other and dancing.

The girls started going high on bhang. Smita removed her top and she is just in her pink bra, enjoying the music and dancing. She turned her back to me and was making naughty steps seeing the girls. Shruthi gave me a signal to unhook her bra. I did it and Shruthi just pulled Smita’s bra in a fraction of a second.

She immediately covered her boobs shouting no to us. We all were cheering and laughing. She was feeling too shy but I pulled her hands off her boobs. We all had a good look at her boobs. She was still shy and just hugged me to cover her boobs. Other girls were like, “Oooh!”

We continued taking steps. Shruthi asked us to watch and removed her bra without removing her top. I was shocked by seeing the technique. She went under the shower and got more drenched to show us her dark nipples pop out. I was so turned on. Neha noticed it.

She came to me and held my cock in hand and other girls shouted and cheered her. I hugged her and started kissing her lips. Smita came from behind and removed my belt. She pulled my jeans down while I was still kissing Neha. I was busy removing Neha’s top.

Shruthi took my dick out of my underwear and started moving her fingers on it. Shruthi wanted to suck my dick, she took it in her mouth and going front and back. By then Neha and Smita started a lip kiss going too deep in each other’s mouth. I was rubbing both their bodies.

Soon we all got naked and started kissing each other. Songs stopped due to my phone got switched off. Smita came to me and said, “I always wanted to have sex with you, come on, fuck me.” She sat on the bathtub and opened her legs. I took my dick deep into her and started fucking her. She was moaning.

Shruthi and Neha started sucking each other in 69 position on the floor. Soon the whole room was full of moaning sound. After 5 minutes fuck, I made Smita stand and bending her forward towards the washbasin. She was holding it and standing. I started fucking her from behind squeezing her 34c size boobs.

Neha came to me made me hold her big boobs and started rubbing me. Smita got tiered and she sat down. Shruthi started sucking my dick again. I started fingering Neha hard and kissing her deep. She is too good with her tongue. Smita started fingering Shruthi and Shruthi was sucking my dick.

Soon we all came. My cum was all over Shruthi’s face. Neha and Smita started licking it all from her face. We all sat on the floor. I kept my head on to Neha’s lap and lay down. Her big boobs were right above my head. I could not resist. I started sucking it.

She was like, “Look at him, he had 3 girls now and still hungry to drink my milk.” All the girls laughed for it. Smita came and sat on my dick and started rubbing her cunt on my dick. Shruthi said, “Let me take a bath,” and she started cleaning her self next to us.

Smita got up and started helping Shruthi apply soap on her. Rubbing her boobs with a naughty smile. I and Neha also joined them. We all helped each other and took a bath under one shower. Girls went to their room wore their dresses and came out.

We ordered food from Swiggy. The girls were in the hall waiting for food to arrive. I was in Smita’s room. She asked me, “In what dress do you like to see me the most?”

“I love to see you in saree.”

She said, “It’s too tough to wear a saree now.”

I said, “I will help you.”

I will continue in the next story.

Sex In Holi Celebration With 3 Friends