Sex In The Hotel With Mona Darling – Part 4

Sex In The Hotel With Mona Darling – Part 4

Previous Part: Roleplay With Sati Savitri Mona Darling – Part 3

Hi friends, Rohit here. This is the fourth part of the story ‘Sati Savitri Mona Darling.’ I suggest you should read the previous parts of the story. Now coming to the story about sex in the hotel with Mona darling.

As decided, we met on Friday afternoon around 12 o’clock. Monika was wearing a deep neck light yellow kurti and off white leggings. She took one off white print dupatta. She was looking gorgeous.

We went to a nice restaurant, ‘Sanjha Chula,’ on the EM bypass. She is a pure vegetarian. We completed our lunch and again got in the car. I started my car, then Monika said, “Now what? Should I go back now?”

Me: Wait, darling, let’s have some fun.

Monika: Please, Rohit, I told you it was an accident. What happened on the train that night.

Me: Do it one more time for me, please.

Monika: No, I can’t cheat my husband anymore.

Me: You can do a sex chat with me. But when I want something, you want to be a loyal housewife. This is not fair.

Monika didn’t answer but lowered down her head. I knew there are so many thoughts that were coming into her mind.

Me: Ok, then I will drop you home. But I will never talk with you and forget about any sex chat.

Monika: Please, Rohit, try to understand. In the chat, we can enjoy it, and it’s not cheating.

Me: I don’t know. Either you come with me now or forget everything.

Monika: Ok, I will come with you, but I have some conditions.

Me: What?

Monika: Number 1, this will be the last time we will do anything physical. And number 2, you will not penetrate me. If you are ready, then I can go with you.

Me: Ok, done.

I took her to a 3-star hotel in the Park Circus area. I know about a hotel where I came several times. I parked my car and went into the hotel. Monika was afraid. I held her hand tightly, and we moved to the reception. The receptionist knew me. She handed over the key to my favorite room. We reached our room.

We entered, and I closed the door. Monika was going to sit on the sofa. I hugged her from behind and kissed on the back of her neck.

Monika: Oh, Rohit, wait.

Me: I can’t wait. From Wednesday, I was horny. When I saw you in that braless blouse and belly button, I couldn’t control myself.

I held her dupatta and removed it from her body. I wrapped my hands around her front and held her juicy melons above her dress and pressed. I was kissing the back of her neck and licking the ear. She was breathing heavily. I pushed her to the wall.

She was facing the wall. I held both hands in my right hand and pinned them on the wall above her head. My left hand was moving on her back. I held the zip of her kurti and opened it. I saw the bra strap on her shoulder and on her back. It was white

I moved my head down and kissed and licked her bareback with my lips and tongue. She was gasping. “Rohit, please leave me. Ufffff…ahhhh… what are you doing?”

I didn’t answer but pulled her kurti down, and it fell down on the ground. I turned her and now she was facing me. I placed my lips on her lips and ate her red lipstick from her lips. I still held her hands above her head. She moved her head from right to left to avoid my kiss.

I held her face with my one hand and placed it again on her lips. She was trying to free herself from my clutch. But she failed. She also got horny slowly. I took her lower lips first and sucked. Now her protest has gone. Then I took her upper lips and sucked them well.

I pushed my tongue inside her mouth, and she opened her mouth to welcome my tongue inside her mouth. She was taking part in that. Our tongues were fighting with each other in her mouth. I licked every corner of her mouth with my tongue and tasted her saliva.

Then she pushed her tongue inside my mouth and licked inside my mouth with her tongue. Then we were sucking each other lips hungrily. We were smooching and sucking our lips hungrily. She was in a mood now. For almost 15 minutes, we were kissing and smooching each other.

I moved my head down and licked her neck. She was panting and tried to free her hands. I was licking her neck and shoulder. Her bra covered boobs tried to free from that bra cage. I licked and kissed the upper portion of her breast, which was not covered with her bra.

Her entire upper chest, neck, the shoulder was glistening with my saliva. Due to heavy breath, her boobs were moving up and down. I could see her poking nipples under her bra. I moved my one hand beside her and opened her bra hook. She gasped. I swiftly took her bra from her body.

Her upper body was nude. I left her hands and held her both boobs in my hands. I was pressing and fondling those juicy boobs with full intensity. I held her both boobs in my hands and put my face in between her two globes. I licked and kissed her cleavage. Her buttery skin and bodily aroma made me mad.

I wrapped my hands around her back and felt her soft bareback. I continued my invasion of her boobs with my lips and tongue. I sucked them, kissed them, licked them. Every inch of her boobs was glistening with my saliva. I held her boobs once again and circled my tongue over her areola.

She held my hair tightly and moaned. “Oh, Rohit, suck them. Drink my milk.” I laughed. I understood now it’s a matter of time to push my hard dick inside her love hole. I held the knot of her leggings and opened it. Before she could understand anything, her leggings were fallen on the ground.

She jumped with that sudden move. I carried her to the bed. She was trying to free herself, but her weak protest didn’t help her anymore. I placed her on the bed. She was lying on the bed with her face down. I moved on her and licked and kissed her bareback. I sucked her soft fair back.

She was gasping and moaning with pleasure. I licked from the back of her neck to her waistline. I moved my tongue through her spine. She was shivering with pleasure. I gave smalls bites on her back and gave a red mark. With every bite, she screamed with pain and pleasure.

Me: Today, I will eat you like a hungry wolf.

Monika: Leave me. I can’t bear this anymore.

Me: Are you enjoying, baby?

Monika didn’t answer, but her loud moan gave an answer to my question. I turned her. She was now facing me. She covered her boobs with her hands. She was feeling shy. On the train, it was dark. But here the light is on, and I could see her nude body properly.

I held her hands and moved them apart. Finally, I pinned down her hands on the bed above her head. I placed my face on her soft boobs. I felt her toxic body aroma. I was sucking and licking her both boobs with full intensity. I took her both boobs in my hands and pressed them from both sides.

Her nipples came close. Then I took her both nipples in my mouth at a time. That was too much for her. I push my right hand inside her panty and groped her pussy mound tightly. She gasped. Her pussy was cleanly shaven. I slowly massaged her clit and pussy lips with my fingers.

She was trembling with pleasure. Her panty became wet. I pulled down her panty from her waistline.

Monika: No. Please, Rohit, don’t open this. You promised me that you will not penetrate.

Me: Yes, but don’t you want that I lick your pussy?

Monika: Hmmmm… please… lick me, Rohit.

I again licked her boobs and cleavage. I moved my face to her clean-shaven armpit and licked them one by one. She was moaning with pleasure. I moved down to her belly. Her flat fair belly was shaking with unknown pleasure. I placed my face on her belly and licked and sucked there.

Then I put my face on her belly button. I licked her belly button. I pushed my tongue inside her belly button and flicked my tongue. Monika was getting out of control. I moved down my head and placed my face on her pussy. I kissed her pussy. She jerked immediately.

I licked her pussy lips with my tongue. Her pussy was completely wet. I started licking her pussy lips and clit. She couldn’t hold her juices anymore. She jumped her butt up in the air and held my head tightly. Monika pulled my head and pressed my mouth on her pussy lips.

Monika: Rohit… I am cumming.

She released her love juices on my face. She released a lot and collapsed on the bed. I couldn’t stop but continued my licking and sucking her pussy lips and clit. I pushed my one finger in her pussy and tickled her G-spot. She jerked her body slightly.

I was sucking her clit and massaging her G-spot. She was coming back slowly. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

Monika: Thank you, Rohit. I never cum like that. Come here, I will give you a blowjob. Come to me, baby.

Me: Yes, but let me suck your pussy for some more time.

Monika: Oh, again, you are making me horny.

I didn’t answer but continued my licking and sucking on her pussy and clit. At the same time, I was massaging her G-spot with my finger. Monika was moaning again. It was my plan. I wanted to make her horny again and wanted to put her in such a condition that she asks me on her own to fuck her.

I continued my invasion of her pussy and clit with my lips and tongue. Monika was again trembling and screaming with pleasure. I held both hands and pinned down on the bed on either side. She wanted to free her hands. But I didn’t allow her because then my plan failed.

After around 10 to 15 minutes, she was jerking heavily. I knew she was again reaching her climax. I held her hands tightly and sucked her pussy with full intensity. Monika jerked her butt up in the air and going to reach her second orgasm. At the final moment, I moved up my face and left her pussy.

She was trying to free her hands so that she could reach her orgasm on her own. But I held them tightly. Monika was jumping in the air but didn’t reach her orgasm. She became frustrated and screamed, “Rohit, lick my pussy. Why you left in the middle?”

I didn’t answer but smiled. After 2 to 3 minutes, she came a little bit normal. I again started licking and sucking her pussy lips and clit. A few minutes later, again, she reached her climax, and again I left her pussy alone. Again she was jumping on the air and moving her butt to reach her orgasm.

But she failed again. I repeatedly did the same with her. She couldn’t hold her frustration. Finally, she screamed, “Rohit, fuck me, please.” I was waiting for that. I looked at her and smiled.

Me: Did you just ask me to fuck you? Where is your loyalty?

Monika: I don’t know. Don’t talk, just fuck me, fuck me hard.

Me: Then beg me for my dick. Tell me that I am your slut, fuck my pussy with your hard dick.

I took my mobile and focused on her. She screamed with her eyes closed, “Rohit I am your slut. Please fuck my pussy with your hard dick.” I recorded it on my mobile camera. Monika was lying nude and asked me to fuck her. I put my mobile on the side so that it could record our fucking session.

I held my hard dick in my hand, placed it on her pussy lips. I rubbed my hard dick on her pussy lips and clit.

Monika: Don’t tease me anymore. Pushed your dick inside me. Just one request, please don’t release your juices inside me.

Me: Ok, I will pull out my dick.

I pushed my dick in her pussy. It was tight. I pushed with full force. It went inside her half. Monika was screaming with pain. “Oh, you are so big. It is tearing my pussy.”

I stopped for a moment and sucked her nipples one by one. After a few minutes, it was adjusted. I slowly pulled out and again pushed inside her. I was taking my dick fully out and then pushed inside her pussy fully. I was fucking her methodically. Slowly her pain turned into pleasure.

Then I took the pace and increase my speed. Within a few minutes, she released her juices. But her juices were not coming out from her love hole because my hard dick was inside her pussy like a cap. I didn’t stop and moved my dick in and out with full speed and full force. Finally, I was fucking my Mona darling.

I was fucking her for 30 minutes. Once I tried to change the position, but she didn’t have any power. So I continued in the same missionary position. Monika again started moaning. The room was filled with our moaning and grunting. Finally, I was reaching my climax. I pushed my dick deep inside her.

She felt that I was releasing my juices. Last moment she got conscious that I was going to release inside her pussy. She tried to push me out.

Monika: Rohit, you told me that you release outside.

I laughed and said, “I was lying, sweetheart.” I released my love juices with a huge grunt inside her pussy. Monika was also released for the final time. We both collapsed on the bed. We both were panting to catch our breath.

After 5 minutes, I opened my eyes and saw Monika was lying naked and almost unconscious on the bed. My hot thick juices mixed with her love juices dripping out from her cunt drop by drop. I took my mobile and stop recording mode, and clicked her few pictures.

I laid by her side and waiting for her. After around half an hour, she opened her eyes. She didn’t look at me. She was sobbing. Tears were rolling down from her eyes. I hugged her and kissed her cheek. She didn’t protest.

Monika: May I go now?

Me: why are you crying? You didn’t enjoy it?

Monika: I enjoyed it, but I lost my modesty and loyalty.

“Don’t worry, it will be all ok.”

She didn’t answer and got down from the bed. She took her dress and went towards the washroom. I held her hands and said, “Leave your panty and bra as a souvenir.”

Monika panicked, but I slapped on her butt and said, “Don’t worry, I will drop you at your home.” She didn’t argue and slowly went to the washroom. She wore her dresses and came out. We were ready to go. Before going out once again, I hugged her and placed my lips on her, and kissed. She didn’t object.

We went to her house, and I dropped her. She didn’t utter a single word and went inside. I started my car and came home.

At night I got one message from her. “Rohit, I hope you got what you wanted. Please don’t contact me again. I don’t want to talk or keep in touch with you. I trusted you, and you failed to keep your promise and broke my trust.”

I smiled. I didn’t reply. I knew she thought that I might reply. At night when she got offline, I sent her a nude picture and wrote the caption, ‘Sati Savitri Mona Darling.’

Friends, this is the end of this part. Next, what happened when I went to Jaipur I will tell in the next parts. Did Monika meet me again? Did it go fine, or we faced some problems? To know what happened, wait for the next part. Till then, Goodbye.

Now friends, goodbye. Monika and I will be waiting for your valuable feedback. You can give your feedback on my email id [email protected] I will share your message with Monika. You can contact me on Hangout with the same id. You can contact me on telegram. My telegram id is rohit_for_you.

Sex In The Hotel With Mona Darling – Part 4