My Lust On Kavana Akka

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So just like I said in the previous stories, Bindu changed my sex life. She took my virginity but she wasn’t my first lust. I used to fantasize about a lot of women. Neighbors, aunts, cousins, teachers, etc. I got to have sex with some of them too.

After having the paradise with Bindu and Neha for a long time, the first pussy I got to fuck was one of my cousin’s. Her name is Kavana. Bindu and Neha had left after their courses were completed and I had no more sex.

I resorted to masturbation thinking of the times I had with those 2 beauties and occasionally by thinking of other women. But I got lucky one Akka day.

Coming to the story, (bear with me guys, I’ll post it in more than 1 part). So Kavana Akka is one of my cousins. She’s 7 years older than me but 3-4 inches shorter. She had a perfect body with a wheatish complexion. I always had an eye for her boobs. I’m always attracted to boobs.

She had nice firm round boobs. Ever since I became an adolescent, I’ve always tried to ‘scan’ her as much as possible. You guys won’t even imagine about the fantasies I had about her. Or the ways I was thinking of getting to fuck her. But it always helped me when jerking off.

Whenever we had sleepovers at her place. Us cousins were supposed to sleep together. I mean I was about 19 years old then. But I was always excited to sleep with her. Even though all of us cousins were together. I would somehow manage to sleep next to her only.

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And moreover, she was a heavy sleeper. Like, very deep sleeper. At times, I even tried to record her having a bath. I had a small phone (Nokia 2700 classic). I would remove the SIM card, for safety, and hide it in the bathroom. I didn’t know about DND and all back then. So I would just remove off the SIM card.

I would go the bathroom just before her in the pretense to pee and hide the phone with video mode. She would then go in and have her bath. Every time I did this, I would get scared when she would go in to have a bath.

What if she discovered my phone? I’d be dead. Not to mention, if she complained, I would be disowned by the family. But still, I kept doing it. Even in those scary times, I’d always have an erection. When she comes out of the bathroom, I would immediately rush in.

I would take the phone and go up to the terrace with my earphones. The phone didn’t have a good resolution. The video also wouldn’t be clear but it was enough for me to get off the edge. Even when sleeping, as I said, she was a heavy sleeper I would keep one of my hands over her breast area as if I did it in my sleep.

She wouldn’t even know. I used to move it around and press it a little. That was so satisfying. Sometimes I’d get carried away and press hard. She would wake up, and I’d pretend to be asleep. Sometimes she would take my hand off of her boob and go back to sleep, or at times.

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She would turn towards me and hug me and sleep. This was even awesome as her boobs would be near my face. I would also hug her, put my legs over hers and bury my face in between those tits. She wouldn’t mind. I guess she thought it was innocence.

Even at times, when she slept facing upward, I would try to kiss her on her lips. I even licked and slowly sucked her lips. Particularly, it was her lower lips I enjoyed sucking. Sometimes I would lose control and drool over her. She would give out a sound, wipe her mouth (with her eyes closed) and go back to sleep.

There was this one time when sleeping I kept my hands on her hip. Her top was a little raised and I touched her by the skin on her hips. I felt my whole body shiver and got an erection, a very hard one. It was ecstatic!

I put my hand over her pussy area. (I was very frightened, but did it anyway). She moved and turned. I immediately took off my hand. I even felt the sperm shooting out in my brief.

After some time, she turned and was sleeping facing up. This time I put my hand on her hip and I myself pushed her shirt to touch her skin. I again had an erection. I took one of her hands and placed it over my dick area. Kavana Akka was in deep sleep. She didn’t know what was happening.

But I was enjoying a lot. I slid my hand inside her top and moved it all over her stomach. I was feeling like moving up and pressing her boobs, but I couldn’t risk it. I guess she felt disturbed, she turned over and slept on her stomach.

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Now I slid my hand from over her ass to the inside of her top and kept it over her back. She was so soft. Her back was not just warm, but hot. I moved my hand upwards and found her bra strap. I wanted to undo it, but again, I didn’t want to risk it. I would slowly keep moving my hands around.

I did this every time I slept next to her. It was the closest intimacy I got with her. But I got lucky with her after about 4-5 years. I had sex with her. Yes, I’ll post it in the next part.

So how many of you guys have lust on your sisters/cousins? Feel free to give your comments and feedback, or you can text me on Hangouts or mail me at [email protected]


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