Sex With 3 Neighbors Ladies In Sharjah

Sex With 3 Neighbors Ladies In Sharjah

My name I Ajil, I am a 34-year-old software engineer basically from Kerala but working in Dubai. I am 5ft 8 inches tall, six-pack abs and 6-inch rock solid dick. I have been appreciated by many western ladies for long driven sex. I can make any ladies squirt with my dick.

Let me introduce the female characters in this incident. Payal, age 38 curvy and seductive with a big ass. Sharmila, age 38, slim and curvy with medium boob and ass and Rita age 36 with sexy round ass and boobs.

Coming back to the story. I used to go to the gym near my Apartment from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm after my office hours. Since the gym used to be near my apartment, I used to come home change my dress to gym wear and go to the gym by walking.

In Sharjah, the gym for ladies and gents are separate gyms. Ladies usually don’t go to the gym, instead, they can be seen walking on the roadside by morning and evening. On my way back from the gym I used to see 3 ladies walking opposite me. Slowly we started to smile when passing by.

I used to look at their ass as soon as they pass by. This used to be a daily routine. Some times they have caught me peeking at their ass but just smiled and avoided. Slowly this silent conversation increased. I started peeking at their vagina area and boobs.

They used to peek at my chest, crotch, and ass. I am sure many times they have noticed my dick getting hard. Once I saw Payal biting her lips looking at that. One Friday evening (Fridays are holidays in UAE) I went to a nearby supermarket to buy some chicken and vegetables.

I saw one of the ladies (Payal) looking for some oats in the supermarket. I went to her. I started looking for some oats and read through the contents on the cover. She noticed me and said hi to me and introduced herself. She also told that she sees me daily evening when she does her evening walk.

I told her I remember her and started chit chat. I asked her about her friends. She told their names and told all the three to stay in the same building. She then asked me to help her with choosing an oats brand. I said ok with a smile and asked her whether she wants to reduce weight or maintain the weight.

She told that she wants to reduce weight and accordingly I chose the oats brand for her. I also suggested she take some fiber content vegetables. We then purchased the materials. We started chatting and walking together as her building was after mine.

She stays with her husband who is the regional manager for a pharmaceutical company in Dubai. She has 2 kids, one 3 years old and one 5 years old. She also told me that I have a very good physique. I said thanks and told her that I work out regularly.

I have a mini gym in my room where I do a workout in the morning too. She said wow and asked me whether I can give some tips to her. I said with pleasure and we exchanged our WhatsApp number and left. That night she messaged me on my WhatsApp and asked me for workout tips.

I asked her what type of fitness you need. She said her body is saggy she wants to make it more curvy with some muscles and less fat. I suggested to her some abs workout, squats and bum lift workout, and explained which all parts are these for.

The next day on my way back from the gym all three ladies smiled at me and said hi. I returned hi and walked back to my room. That night I got a message from Payal that her friends also need some workout tips. I asked her to follow the same schedule. She said thanks, and the conversation ended.

The next day evening again we came across and this time Payal stopped and gave me a hi. I stopped walking too, then she introduced me to her other friends. Rita is also a housewife but no kids. Sharmila is a housewife with 1 kid. I told them I am a single engineer staying alone.

Working out is one of my favorite sports and I follow it regularly. I am maintaining a slim and aesthetic figure. I asked them to buy some dumbells too and do a small workout as I mentioned. They said its difficult to buy such things as they have small kids and elder parents.

So unable to keep such things at home. They asked me if I don’t mind can I train them. I said yes of course. I asked them if they are ok to come to my flat and get trained. I told them to come by evening from 7:00 pm till 8:00 pm and workout in my flat. We all agreed and left.

Payal started a WhatsApp group with all for of us and named it ‘Curvy Motivation’. That night I got so hot thinking of them and masturbated. The next day evening all 3 ladies came to my flat. I greeted them they wanted to use my washroom to change the dress.

I told them you guys are my friends, use it as you wish. All three exit the bathroom with tight leggings and short sports tops. My dick was already hard and I saw them noticing that. We started with some warmups and then I asked them to do some situps and jump squats without weight.

We finished the workout in an hour and they left. The next day evening I was ready with short trousers and a sleeveless shirt. They came in and changed the dress and came for a workout. I started with Payal and asked her to do some squats by lifting weight.

I was behind her, all the others followed the same exercise without weights. While doing squats Payal’s ass touched my dick area. It made my dick rock solid. I finished with her and gave her another exercise. I moved to Rita and did the same. Then moved on to Sharmila.

While doing sit-ups Sharmila intentionally moved her ass to my crouch and rub my dick with her ass. My dick was poking her ass. She kept it pressing harder against her ass. After we were done with the workout we sat on the sofa had a small chat session.

Sharmila kept staring at my dick are and while chatting. She pulled her leggings so tight that I can see the camel toe of her pussy and wet area. They all hugged me and told, “Today was a good workout. Tomorrow we need to get more hard and wet.”

I smiled back and replied, “ Tomorrow I will keep things harder for you girls so come prepared.” They left. That day night we all were very active in the WhatsApp group. Some non-veg chats happened like Sharmila told that she still feels the heat of today’s workout and her body is dripping wet.

Payal asked me that, “ I’ve heard banana is a good source of protein, is that true.” I replied, “Yes, but only the hard banana not the soft ones.”

The next day evening, I was prepared. I waited for them with my short trousers and a sleeveless t-shirt. I did not wear any underwear. The ladies came to my apartment on time and all three went to the washroom together to change. I was shocked when they came out.

All three were wearing sports short skirts and a sports bra. Payal told that they came prepared for a hard workout. I was smiling and told them no problem. We started the workout. I made all of them stand side by side with wide legs. I stood in front of them.

I asked to extend the hand holding the dumbbell toward the foot with legs not bending. All three ladies started doing the workout. Sharmila asked me, “Are we doing it correctly, can you check from the back also?” I moved behind them and got shocked. All three where wearing g string panties.

My dick immediately became hard. I went near to Sharmila first and supported her from behind as if helping her. She felt the hard dick poking her ass. She immediately dropped the dumbbell turned around to pull my trousers down. She started sucking my dick like a hungry bitch.

Payal and Rita also stopped workout and joined Sharmila. I was so horny now and told them, “You hungry bitches, you ladies are going to get fucked real hard today.” Payal lifted her skirt up and showed her pussy. I pushed her to the sofa and started eating her pussy.

Sharmila under me was sucking my dick and Rita started kissing my ass. I then stood up went to the almari and took a packet of condoms. I put it on my dick and asked who wants to get drilled first. Sharmila immediately shouted to fuck her first. I then made her doggy style and inserted my dick in her with a single stroke.

She shouted, made the other two girls too to sit like doggy style and put my fingers in their pussy. I started to fuck all three. I kept stroking for 15 minutes and told I am about to cum. All three ladies showed me the hunger to eat my cum. I removed the condom and came all their faces.

Immediately, I put my dick in Payal’s mouth and asked her to suck it clean and show me her pussy. She sucked it hungrily. I put another condom and fucked Payal for 15 minutes and Rita for 15 minutes. Still, my dick was hard and no way close to cum.

Payal and Rita were begging to fuck them again. I kept fucking them back again and again. I inserted my finger in Sharmila’s ass and finger fuck her ass too. All the ladies had multiple orgasms in the fuck session and in another 20 minutes, I came too.

The ladies were so happy that the sucked the sweat from my body, including from my ass hole. They told me they want to fuck me daily. I told them that daily I will fuck all three ladies once but different timings and weekends. We can plan for a foursome. We all left happy.

I still keep fucking them. Now their workout is fucking and fucking, I keep eating multivitamins and vitamin c tablet daily to keep my health stable.

Please send your comments. I will update more real encounters that happened to me.

Sex With 3 Neighbors Ladies In Sharjah