Sex With Best Friend Khushi

Sex With Best Friend Khushi

Hello people, I am Raj from Mumbai. I am back with another story about sex with best friend, Khushi.

We both did our school and college together. We were so much into each other that even our families thought we are going around. After our graduation, Khushi’s parents ask her if she is dating me and if she wants to marry me. Khushi replied as no and laughed.

She explained to her parents that we are just best friends and have never thought anything beyond that. I was also in agreement with that. So Khushi’s parents started looking for a guy who would fit for their daughter, and somewhere I was also involved in it.

In just 2 months, we found a perfect guy for her. We got her married 6 months after the guy was finalized. We enjoyed those 6 months together like never before, marriage shopping, preparation, invitations, marriage functions, etc

The day arrived, Khushi got married and got settled in Pune. After that, we were in touch over the phone, chat, and social media. However, due to her busy married life, our phone calls, chats got reduce to the extent that we were hardly talking once in a month. I also got a job and got busy with it.

One day Khushi called me in the morning. She said that she is coming to Mumbai to her parents’ house and will be staying for a month. She had planned her 1st vacation after her marriage. I was happy to hear that, and so I applied for leaves of 20 days from the office.

So the date, time, everything was fixed of her arrival. It was Sunday, and she was traveling through InterCity from Pune to Mumbai. I went to the station to pick her up. I texted her the location of me waiting for her. Khushi arrived in 15 minutes.

She was wearing saree with loose hair and light makeover, mangalsutra in the neck, sindoor on the forehead, hand filled with bangles. She was a perfect married lady. I just kept looking at her with my mouth open. I had never seen her differently, but that day was, can’t explain.

Khushi was so happy to see me and immediately gave me a tight hug. I replied back and asked her about her well being. We then got into the car and headed towards her home. All the while, until we reach her house, Khushi was continuously talking. She was very excited.

I dropped her home, took her luggage inside, and asked for her leave. Khushi stopped me and ask me to meet her in the evening for dinner as she has a lot to talk about. I agreed and left. I finished my other pending work and went to Khushi’s place in the evening.

This time Khushi was in a normal home dress, still was looking gorgeous. We had our dinner, and it was about 10 pm. Khushi said that there is a lot to talk about, so we should go to her room. We informed her parents and headed toward her room.

Her parents were ok with everything as they knew me since childhood. Khushi was talking all about her journey after marriage, her in-laws, her daily routine. She just kept on talking for almost an hour. All this while I didn’t hear anything about her husband. So I did purposely asked her about her husband.

She kind of ignored me and said that she will get coffee for both of us and left the room. I went into the balcony of her room and was smoking when Khushi came in. Khushi was shocked and surprised to see me smoking. However, I said that I smoke only when I am thinking more than required and laughed.

Khushi asked me what made me think so hard that I have to smoke. I replied, “The reason for my smoke now is -You.” She was surprised and asked why? I then asked her again as to why did she ignore when I asked about her husband. Khushi again went quiet and sort of upset.

I said, “If you don’t want to speak, it’s ok. I would never ask again and that I should leave as it is late.” I started to move. Khushi held my hand and asked me to stop. We then went in and sat on the bed. Khushi started talking. She said that until the first month of her marriage, everything was good.

However, later she was just like a housewife and a daughter in law. Her husband used to be busy with work all the time. Her in-laws were just as in-laws. She was fed up with this kind of life. In a way, she was trying to tell me that she was not happy with this marriage and especially her husband.

I asked her to be specific in what is she saying. She then opened up and said that she is not happy with her husband. She said that every woman has some desire, and it is not fulfilled by her husband. Without hesitating, she said that she is physically not satisfied with her husband.

Hearing that, I could not say anything. I just consoled her and said that everything will be ok and I should leave. I gave her a hug and left her house. On the way back, I was just thinking about what is she is going through and also was getting some feelings for her for the first time ever.

I was thinking of her sexiest look that I saw in the morning. I never had such thoughts about her. However, that day was different. There was just ‘Hi, hello’ on chat after that day, which continued for 3-4 days. On Friday afternoon, Khushi called and asked if I can accompany her for shopping and dinner.

I agreed and was happy to see her again, and back there in my mind, I had that lust feeling as well. As decided, I reached her place at 5pm, picked her up, and left for a mall, which was approx 30 minutes away. Khushi was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that day. She was again looking gorgeous.

I never concentrated on her figure. But I must say it was awesome. That day Khushi’s behavior towards me was a bit different. She was treating me as if I am her boyfriend or husband. She bought some clothes, sarees, footwear which took almost 3 hours. I was tired, and so was she.

She said that only one final thing is left. Then we should go for some snacks and back home. We were walking in the mall and reached to a lingerie shop. She handed over all the shopping bags to me and said that she will be back in some time and walked to the lingerie shop.

For the first time, I saw her ass, which was perfect in shape in her tight jeans. She came back in 30 minutes with another three bags and handed over to me and laughed. We then had some snacks and tea and started to get back home. She was so tired that she slept in the car.

I woke her up only when we reach her place. That was when she said that I can come in and we can have dinner together as she was alone. Her parents were out of town for the weekend. I was surprised, but my devil mind was happy about this.

We went in. I kept all the bags in her bedroom and wanted to pee badly. So I went to the washroom, which was attached to her room. While flushing when I turned back, I saw a sexy bra and panty hanging. I went near and smelled it. It was smelling with an awesome fragrance.

It was the same perfume that Khushi applied to her body. By doing that, I got a bit hard, but I controlled myself and went back. Meanwhile, Khushi had already changed in her black satin gown. We sat for a while chit-chatting about our past, present, work and all.

Khushi then started exploring her shopping bags. She showed me all that she bought except for the bag of lingerie. So I purposely said, “You still left with 2 more bags.” She knew what I was talking about. She just smiled and started leaving the room, saying that she is going to prepare dinner for us.

While leaving, she said that if I want, I can check those bags myself, and winked at me and left I was curious about it. So I did check the bag and found 2 pairs of lingerie and one gown. She had a sexy choice for lingerie. I just put that back in the bag and went to the kitchen to accompany her.

She asked if I checked the bag. I teasingly said no. I was with her in the kitchen all the time when she was preparing dinner. I didn’t leave any chance to check her out. To my luck, I also got to see her cleavage when she bent. Her ass, when she walked, her boobs waving with her moves, all this was just awesome.

While she was cutting vegetables, I was continuously staring at her. She noticed it and ignored a couple of times. But finally, she asked as to what I am looking at?

I replied saying that, “I am wondering how a man can ignore such a beauty, I mean your husband? I am unable to take my eyes off from you since we have met 5 days back. So how can your husband ignore you?”

Khushi: Raj, you were never like this. I mean, you never thought anything like this about me, so how come now?

Me: Even I don’t know how. But I have started liking you more than a friend. To be honest, I think I am in love with you

Khushi: What are you saying, Raj? I am married.

Me: Do you really think that your marriage is working? Look at yourself, are you happy?

Khushi: I am not happy, but I am married now. So even if I want to, I can’t think about you.

Me: What do you mean if you want to?

Khushi: Raj, to be honest, even I have started liking you. In fact, even I love you, but…

Without waiting for a second, I pulled her close to me and kissed her on her lips. Khushi did not resist and started responding back. Soon, our kiss was turned into a passion. We were kissing, eating each other lips like mad.

While kissing, my hands were rolling all over her back, stomach, ass, everywhere possible. She was enjoying it. While kissing, we started walking towards her room. I closed the door soon we entered. I pushed her away and took off my t-shirt.

Khushi was just staring at me and started walking towards me. We were again into a passionate kiss. Our tongues rolling with each other, her soft lips were juicy and tasty. My hands were rolling on her back, pressing her ass and reached her boobs.

I started pressing them gently and pinch her nipples over her gown. Khushi was moaning softly. Her eyes were closed. She was enjoying every touch of mine on her body. I started lifting her gown up slowly and took it off completely in a go. Khushi was standing in her sexy black lingerie.

I pushed her in bed and jumped on her. I kissed her all over, starting from her forehead to toes. I kissed her lips, cheeks, bite her ears, neck, and reached down to her cleavage. I then started sucking her boobs over her lacy bra, her nipples were erect and clearly visible from her black bra.

I started rolling my tongue over her nipples and also bite while doing that. Khushi’s moan was loud now, and she was enjoying every bit of it. While sucking her boobs one by one, I took off her bra strap from her shoulder and pulled it down.

Her bra was below her boobs, giving me full exposure to those soft and big round boobs. I was sucking, licking, biting her nipples one by one. I tried to take her boob in my mouth as much as I can and lick her nipples with my tongue. She was enjoying and moaning hard.

I continued this for a while and went down to her stomach, kissed her navel, and rolled my tongue around her navel. She was shivering like a fish and was holding the bedsheet tight. I went further down and reached her panty line. I teased her by pulling her panty in a way to take it off but did not take it off.

I kissed her all over her hips and above her pussy. Her panty was already wet, and I did not want to stop there. I went further down and kissed her pussy over her panty. Soon my lips toucher her pussy she held her legs together. I looked at her and spread her legs wide and hold them tight.

I slid her panty aside with my teeth, and as my lips touched her pussy she jumped. I held her tight and kissed her again. Khushi was turning left and right. However, I managed to get hold of her and started kissing and licking her pussy. Soon Khushi was calm and was enjoying the lick and suck off her pussy.

Khushi was moaning with every touch and move on her pussy. As she was calm, I split her pussy with my finger and put my tongue as deep as I can in her pussy and started tongue fucking her. Khushi was shivering like a fish and was enjoying the tongue fuck and was moaning loud.

I continued doing this for a while, and while doing so, her bra and panty were off her body. So was I completely naked. I placed her on the bed in a position that I can insert her pussy easily. I placed a pillow under her hips and went on top of her.

Before I could proceed, Khushi, in a soft voice, asked me to be gentle. I kissed her and then licked her pussy to make it wet and lubricate it. I placed my penis on her pussy and started rubbing it. Khushi had closed her eyes and was enjoying every moment.

After rubbing for a while, I gave a small push, and my dick head was inside her pussy. Khushi screamed and started biting her lips with her teeth. I took a pause and gave another push, half of my dick was in. Khushi opened her eyes and looked at me.

I asked if she is ok. She nodded her head as yes and placed her hands on my waist. I gave another push, this time a bit hard, and my complete dick was inside her pussy Though Khushi was not a virgin, she was in pain as her pussy was still tight. I started going in and out.

With every stroke, I could see Khushi’s boobs bouncing. I held her boobs and started pressing them with every push. Khushi was moaning in rhythm with every stroke. I then increased my pace and started fucking her fast. Khushi started moaning loudly.

In between, I also gave a hard push to go deep inside her pussy. I continued this for a while, and then I lay down on the bed and asked Khushi to come on top of me. Khushi held my dick and insert it in her pussy and sat on it and started jumping as if she is riding a horse.

After doing this for a while, even I sat with support on the back and held her waist. I started fucking her deep and hard. While doing so, I also sucked her boobs. I took her boobs as much as I can in my mouth and started rolling my tongue on her nipples. I did this with both her boobs one by one.

She was enjoying all of it. We did this for almost 15-20 minutes, and then I changed the position. I asked Khushi to turn around and bend and hold the edge of the bed. Her hand and elbow were touching the bed, and her ass was high. I inserted in her pussy from back.

To go deep inside, I spread her ass and went as deep as I can in her pussy and started fucking her. I was going a bit rough and hard this time. Khushi was moaning loud and was enjoying this. I also bit and scratched her back. After doing this for a while, Khushi moved and fell on the bed.

I was just looking at her, and she was smiling. She spread her legs, fold them from knees, and held them with her hands. She asked me to fuck her deep and hard. Listening to this, I inserted my dick deep inside her pussy and started fucking her hard.

Khushi was moaning loud, shouting and calling out my name. This made me crazier and I was fucking her as fast as I can. I then slowed down and gave the hard pushes that could penetrate deep inside her. She was enjoying all of it. I told Khushi that I would cum any moment.

Khushi asked me to cum inside her. I was shocked as she might get pregnant, but even I wanted her to feel my cum inside her. So as she said after fucking for a while, I loaded all my cum inside her. She also had her orgasm. We both left out a sigh of relief, and I fell on her.

I then moved beside her, and we both were kissing and cuddling each other. Khushi said that she never had this kind of experience and was very happy and satisfied. We kissed again, and Khushi went for a shower, wrapped herself in a bedsheet. She was looking sexier while walking covered in a bedsheet.

After 15-20 minutes, she called me and asked me to hand over the towel to her. I went and placed the towel on her hand but did not give it to her. The door was open a bit, I could see her face and wet hair. She was looking too sexy with water on her face and wet hair.

I was hard again, and I forced myself inside the bathroom. I threw the towel aside and started kissing Khushi. Even she responded, and we had another fuck session in the shower. How did that go, I will narrate that in the next story.

I hope you would enjoy the story. Feedback is always welcome. Also, any female, married, unmarried who wants to enjoy or feel the pleasure can ping me on hangouts. My email address is [email protected]. Thank you.

Sex With Best Friend Khushi