Sex With My Chemistry Teacher

Sex With My Chemistry Teacher

Hi, Sameer here again with a fictional story about how a student fucked his new organic chemistry teacher. I hope you guys will love it!

Now to the story, the student is Rajiv who is well built. He is 21 years old and has an 8-inch dick. A bit brownish on the side.

The name of the organic chemistry teacher is Nargis. Her stats are 36-28-38 with fair skin, big boobs and a nice ass. She was 30 years old.

Recently, she got transferred to Rajiv’s college. All boys and male teachers loved to look at her curves and body figure. They always tried to look at Nargis’s cleavage and navel. Rajiv is one of them.

As mentioned, she was a chemistry teacher and came to Rajiv’s college to teach Chemistry. Rajiv was a good student but he was very bad at chemistry subject.

One day, in the chemistry class, Nargis asked Rajiv a few questions and he failed to answer them. She was disappointed as she heard from other teachers that he was a good student. So she told him to visit her after the class in the chemistry department.

Rajiv was scared but still visited. Nargis asked him why he was unable to answer the question to which he replied the earlier teacher was not good and he was unable to improve in chemistry at all.

After the explanation, Nargis asked him to come to her apartment as she was going to teach him as he had much to learn. Rajiv said yes and left the department. He was excited as he was going to be tutored by his hot teacher and spend more time with her.

The next day came and he visited Nargis’s apartment at 5 pm. It was 10 minutes walk from his PG. He knocked at the door and Nargis opened the door. She was wearing a sleeveless top and shorts. Her boobs were almost visible and one can see the size of the boobs. In shorts, her big ass was trying to pop out.

Rajiv got a little boner but he ignored it and came inside. Nargis taught him as Rajiv looked at her body, thinking if he can have sex with her or it will be a dream.

The tuition was over and Nargis offered Rajiv juice to drink. They talked about the locality such as where the shops were and all. Nargis had moved recently to there.

Rajiv told her if she ever needed something, then she should call him and he will bring them to her. With this, they exchanged phone numbers.

A few days went by as Rajiv got to see his sexy teacher in shorts and tight dresses. His lust also grew more and more as he wanted those boobs of hers to be sucked by him.

One day, he reached her apartment and knocked many times. It took Nargis 5 minutes to open and she was in a towel. Her cleavage was visible and the towel was only covering a little part of her ass and was giving the exact shape of her body. Both smiled and Rajiv entered.

The bedroom door was open and Rajiv saw a dildo! He thought his teacher must have been masturbating before he came. That thought gave Rajiv a boner and it was visible in his pants.

Nargis came back wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts. In those white t-shirt, her boobs were clearly visible as she was not wearing any bra. Seeing this, Rajiv’s boner got even stronger and his dick was fully hard now. Nargis realized it and smiled naughtily looking at her horny student.

That night Ravij got a message from her –

Nargis – I need you to help me with something.

Rajiv – Tell me, miss.

Nargis- I need you to buy me some oil tomorrow if you can and come to my house.

Rajiv – Ok, miss.

The next day after buying the oil, he went to her apartment at 3 pm. When Nargis opened the door, she was again in a towel and was waiting for him.

He entered the room and while closing the door, Nargis willingly dropped her towel to give Rajiv a full view of her body and to see his hard boner! She acted like it was an accident and quickly wrapped herself in the towel and went to the bedroom.

Later after some time, she called Rajiv into her bedroom to help her with something. Rajiv entered the room as the door was unlocked. He saw his teacher naked in the bed, showing her half body under a towel. Rajiv was shocked but acted normal and asked what she needed help with.

She told him to massage her back with the oil as it was hurting for a few days. He put oil on his hand and started massaging on his teacher’s back. He was loving the white back with the side-boobs visible.

He then started to move slowly towards Nargis’s ass and touched it a few times. She was enjoying it. Finally, Rajiv gathered some courage and removed the towel and started massaging her ass and legs too. She was giving a little moan and Rajiv was also enjoying it.

Rajiv asked her to if she wanted to do it on the opposite side as well or not. She replied yes but she put a towel on her boobs and part of the vagina.

Rajiv also wanted to see his teacher’s boobs as his penis was already in the mood. Nargis noticed it too.

Now Rajiv was massaging her legs and slowly, he started to massage her clitoris. Nargis was enjoying it like anything.

He again gathered courage and asked, “Miss, can I remove the towel from your boobs?”

As Nargis was also horny and trusted him, she agreed and he did. Now her big boobs with pink nipples were visible. Without wasting more time, Rajiv started to massage them and started to squeeze them slowly. Nargis responded was with a sexy moan and it was getting louder and louder.

Rajiv finally got what he was wanting from a few weeks. Rajiv was massaging Nargis’s boobs when he felt a hand on top of his penis suddenly. Rajiv looked at his teacher and smiled naughtily and opened the pants. Nargis took his penis in her hands and started stroking and realized it was of more than 6 inches.

Nargis then stood up and removed Rajiv’s clothes. She told him to lay down on the bed.

Nargis poured little oil on his 8-inch dick and started stroking her student’s penis. She then put it in her mouth and started to suck hard. Rajiv was moaning also and she was at full speed. Soon Rajiv reached the climax and she drank all the cum without leaving a drop.

Nargis then lay down on the bed and told Rajiv to have her boobs which he had been wanting for so long. Rajiv started with her left boob and started sucking her nipples, biting it sometimes. Then he moved on to the right boob and vice versa.

After some time, Rajiv moved to his chemistry teacher’s pussy, spreading her in a V-shape, and started sucking there fast. Nargis was moaning loud and loud and shouting, “Rajiv, make me cum.. I have been horny for so long.. Please satisfy me.”

After 5 minutes, she reached her climax and both slept beside each other. Rajiv got to know that she knew he was eying her body and that made her horny. Her husband was in another city and she was unsatisfied for long.

Rajiv started sucking Nargis’s boobs again. He was now biting her nipples wildly and making them red. Nargis was moaning out of pain and pleasure.

Nargis then wanted to get fucked. Rajiv got her legs in V-shape and put his 8-inch dick inside. When his dick entered, Nargis gave a hard moan and held him tightly as his penis was bigger than the dildo she used to please her.

With each stroke, she was moaning hard and hard. Rajiv biting her boobs also, making her lose her mind.

After 5 minutes, Nargis started riding her student’s cock. Her boobs were bouncing and Rajiv slapped them which made her move faster. Soon she was tired.

Now he slapped her ass and she smiled naughtily. He then put her in the doggy position and fucked her for around 10 minutes.

They both were about to reach climax and he told her. She told him to cum inside and he did and they both hit climax. Then both slept beside one another.

Nargis kissed him and thanked him. After this session, the student Rajiv continue his affair and fucked his sexy teacher daily till his graduation and also after that whenever he used to visit her from time to time.

I hope you guys will love the story. Please do write to me on [email protected]

Sex With My Chemistry Teacher