She blames her husband while wanting to cheat

She blames her husband while wanting to cheat

Saima was my buddy Majeed’s wife. Majeed and I are the same age, as we’d been childhood friends. I saw Saima for the first time just after her marriage. Well, at that time I never thought of having any sexual interaction with her. We met so frequently and always felt so comfortable with each other. I’d always found Saima very polite and obedient, in a faithful-housewife way. Due to my long and very good friendship with her husband, we used to see each other frequently, and she used to talk to me a lot too.

Now after her marriage, 14 years had not taken away anything from her. She was still as beautiful as before. She was very health conscious and followed a healthy regimen of diet and exercise. This kept her body fit and youthful, and she looked ten years younger than she was. Saima was an extremely beautiful lady. She was tall and slim. She had a very pretty face with flashing large brown eyes, long eyelashes, and a finely shaped nose that made her look majestic. Her angelic face looked so innocent, but her best assets were a great set of ample breasts, a flat and firm belly, and flared and wide hips on a narrow waist. She had creamy, white, blemish less, very smooth skin. Her black silky straight hair fell just down to her hips. Men and women alike stared at her whenever she went out. I felt my friend very lucky to be her husband. I told my friend several times in front of Saima how lucky he was to have such a beautiful and polite wife.

It had started about a year earlier when I was sitting in my office, tired after a very long day. I received a phone call from her, just after hello. “Hey,” she said. “Zeshan, I need to talk to you.” Her voice was very soft.

“Sure,” I said. “I am here.”

“Not on the phone. It’s too public. Somewhere private.”

“As you wish.”

“I want to meet with you to discuss a personal problem. Would you like to come to our home?”

“Why not? I will be available when you ask,” I replied.

“Can you come tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock?”

“I will be there at 10 o’clock.”

The next morning I went to meet her. When I got there, Saima was waiting for me and received me so warmly. She was wearing a red qamez (tunic) with cream color shilwar (trousers) of cotton material. When I saw her, I noticed that her qamez was too tight as well, offering a peek of her belly button, and the upper cut of the qamez on the neck was so wide that I could see her gap between her tits. She wore a black bra, so her breasts looked more prominent against a black background. Above all this, her wavy black long hair fell at her back well down to her broader hips.

I was immediately captivated by her looks. “Whom are you going to kill today?” I jokingly asked.

“What do you mean?”

“If any weak-hearted person sees you like this, he is going to die of a heart attack,” I replied.

“Are you weak-hearted?” she laughed.

“I was not, but after looking at you, I think now I am. But tell me, where is Majeed?” I asked.

“Majeed is away on business. You have to talk to me today. Please sit in the drawing room. I will get you a cup of tea.” And she went into the kitchen. Soon she returned with a tray of tea, and she sat just opposite me on the sofa. She poured herself and me each a cup of tea, and we chatted for a few minutes about the weather, children and other mundane issues while sipping tea. Then I asked her, “You were going to discuss with me some your problems?”

“Yes, Zeshan, there is something I want to tell you,” Saima said.

“Saima, feel free to speak anything,” I said.

“Well, umm.., I don’t know how to tell you. It’s kind of very personal,” Saima said in a hesitant manner.

“Don’t worry, Saima. Tell me all,” I said in an assuring manner.

“Zeshan! I want to discuss with you some important issues. This is very secret, and I don’t want to take any unnecessary risk. I had to find someone trustworthy,” she said.

“What, Saima? Come on, tell me. I can help you if you tell me all,” I said in my usual soothing voice. “I am ready to listen to it, but first tell me: Why is it only I whom you want to tell?”

“I know whom to trust with keeping this fling a secret and whom to not.” She then hesitatingly told me, “You obviously have been nice to me. I trust you; you are the only one whom I trust, but I wanted to wait for the right time.” Now there was disconnection between the happy twinkle in the eyes and sadness of her face.

I felt surprised at first and then asked her, “Saima, you are sounding quite mysterious. “I am confused about it. What has happened?”

“Yes, I know I must tell you. I have to tell you even though the consequences to me would be bad. But I will risk it, for if I do not I may burst. Give me some time to get my thoughts into proper order.”

“As much as you want, but you are frightening me.”

“I guess you won’t want this back,” Saima said with a wan smile. “I’m sorry, Zeshan, to put you through this; my situation just got too much for me.”

“I’m not supposed to get involved with friends’ personal problems, but is there anything I can help you with?”

“Thank you. I knew you would help me.” She tried to get her composure, and then she told me, “I am coming straight to the point: Majeed, your friend, is having an affair with somebody out there “.

“What do you mean”?

“I thought him a nice man… I didn’t think of him as one who jumps into bed with other women, but he has….” She broke off in mid-sentence, blushing a deep red.

“Do you know these women he meets?” I asked.

“I know them both. One is the wife of my brother, and the other is Majeed’s sister-in-law, the wife of his younger brother.” Her voice was now so soft that she was hardly audible.

“How do you say this so confidently”? I asked.

“I am sure. He becomes excited about talking with them, and they speak for long hours on the phone when I am out of the house,” she said.

“Because only your feeling of certainty is not sufficient.”

“Why?” she asked.

“You seem to have no doubt at all, but it is a very serious matter, especially about Majeed’s sister-in-law. What would people say if they came to know you said this?”

“But I do not want to tell people,” she said.

“You are speaking as if you were an eyewitness to their lovemaking. What makes you suspect that they are having an affair?”

“Ok! Listen to me. I am going to tell you of one incident. Once I came home, and let myself in by the side door. The door of my room was ajar, and through the gap I had a clear view of the living room sofa. I froze at the door, my eyes widening, my mind numbing, my heart hammering wildly, a sickening hollow wrenching in the pit of my stomach.

Shabnam, Majeed’s sister-in-law, was leaning on the sofa, fully clothed of course, and looking up at Majeed. Majeed was holding the back of the sofa and leaning forward stiffly. He was doing just that, but every time his face came close to Shabnam’s he touched her lips with his lips. There was no passion in the kiss, but Shabnam was pouting her lips too. Shabnam’s hands were on Majeed’s shoulder, as though she were supporting him partly. From time to time Majeed changed his posture and removed one hand from the sofa and placed it on her breast; she always pushed it away. I watched for a while, and then silently I withdrew the way I had come. I closed the door, came round to the front, noisily opened the grill gate, and rang the bell. Majeed opened the door. There was not the slightest sniff of guilt in either of them. If I had not seen them with my own eyes I would not have had the faintest suspicion of any wrongdoing.”

“What did you do?”

” Just nothing. I pretended as if I knew nothing.”

“You did not confront Majeed.”

“No, nor do I have any friends with whom I can discuss a matter of this delicacy. I thought and thought of what I should do and finally, in desperation, I have decided to discuss it with you.”

“But all these things are not proof…”

“No, but I have proof. Would you like to hear it?”

“Absolutely! I demand it before taking any initiative.”

She got up, left, and come back with an audio cassette recorder in her hand. She sat and played it. She was right: There were very objectionable conversations between Majeed and Shabnam and one other woman.

“This is the voice of my brother’s wife,” she said. “Often I saw him in suspicious conversation with both of them. I did not mind him talking to them, but their body language did not indicate a casual conversation. But to confront them would have been awkward. If it were not true, I would appear small in my eyes. So I taped all these conversations,” she said.

“But he likes you.”

“I don’t know. He acts as if he likes me, but if he likes me, then why he does he meet with other women? I am not so sure he likes me.”

“Why not ask him?”

“Do you think he will admit?”

“And this tape?”

“This is secret. If he comes to know, you know he will divorce me.”

“And relations between you and Majeed?” I asked. Uncomfortable hearing that, Saima did not render a verbal reply to this question but shook her head in negative and bit her lip. I could see her face blush with shyness, and she didn’t look up and face me even a moment. “I just cannot understand your…”

“Why can’t you? He has stopped having relations with me.” She burst into tears, which rolled down her cheeks. “We have not had any marital relations for the last year,” she sobbed.

She expected me to be shocked, and I was.

I quickly pulled a clean handkerchief from a pocket and passed it to Saima as I watched her with concern.

Saima finally calmed, wiped away the last few tears, and blew her nose several times into the handkerchief. I thought for a moment and said, “That’s very bad. I didn’t know that it had gotten so much worse. OK! I will talk with Majeed! This is very bad. In any case, he shouldn’t act like this with you.”

“Zeshan, he will be quite angry. There will be trouble for me if you ever say a word about this. Understand?”

“No! Let me talk to him. This is a serious problem. What is the harm in trying one more time?” I said.

“Please, please don’t do this. You know him. He is not that type of man. He will divorce me in a minute,” she said very sadly.

I was feeling quite sorry for Saima. “I don’t know what I should do. What can I say? Anyhow, we will try, “I said. I finally got up, went to her, put my hands on her shoulders, and told her not to worry. “I will try my best, and everything will become right soon.”

“You’ve always been very kind to me,” Saima murmured.

“Saima, please don’t say that. You’re my best friend’s wife. It’s my duty to help you.”

She said, “I wish there was some way I could thank you. I had lost hope that I would ever get to tell this secret to you.” She was weeping and sobbing copiously, and tears flowed down from her eyes. Her eyes became red and swollen due to her weeping.

“Don’t weep, my darling. There is no use weeping,” I said.

“I cannot get over it — I just can’t.” She sobbed more, and I held her tight and consoled her.

I sat next to her, and she leaned her head on my shoulder. She was weeping and sobbing now loudly. I tried to console her and held her soft palm in my vise grip, feeling its smoothness under my touch. She did not object; rather, she held my hand too. I drew her into a tight embrace as I felt her sumptuous breasts crushed beneath my chest as she yielded to me. I felt Saima ease into my arms as I wrapped them around her, and she snuggled into me. I stroked her petite shoulder as she snuggled closer, letting me inhale her exotic, feminine scent. I was thinking about this beautiful lady who was now leaning her head on my shoulder. She blushed as she looked up at me, then lowered her gaze. The fact that I was watching her aroused her. She was breathing slowly and deeply, and I could see the rise and fall of her full breasts down the low neck of her dress.

“Oh…Zeshan,” she murmured as her hands wrapped around my neck, caressing my hair as I bent down and kissed her softly on the cheek once. I nibbled her ear and then I kissed her on all parts of her face: cheeks, nose, eyes. She did not withdraw or showed any signs of dislike, and that was the signal for me to proceed. So I planted my lips on her soft, full lips. This time she responded to my kiss with equal warmth and in a manner I had never experienced before. I was surprised that she received it as if it were her due. She thrust her tongue into my mouth. She sucked on my tongue for a while and then pushed hers back into my mouth until it felt as though it were down my throat. Oh, how warm and wet her mouth felt…how sweet the taste of her lips and tongue! A fire rushed through my body. When we came up for air I said, “I’d never thought our meeting would get this intimate.” I moved up to her face, seeing her pretty eyes closed tight. I kissed her eyelids, and she opened them, smiling at me. She moved her head up as she bent sideways, taking my lips between her soft smooth lips as she kissed me passionately. I felt her lips part as my tongue filled the space in between.

I still couldn’t believe I ended up in an unexpected situation as fantastic as this. She was slowly rubbing up and down my back. My hands reached her ass, and I give it a quick squeeze. My hands were roaming all over her back and ass while we were still in our embrace and kissing wildly. My prick started to twitch, and I thought that I had better get out of this situation before anything happened. I was sure no man could resist her advances, but I felt bad and uncomfortable, as I thought I were taking advantage of friendship. I worried about my friendship with Majeed, and what would happen if he ever knew that I had fucked his wife. What would Majeed think, and how I would face him? But I couldn’t take it any more then. She was no longer my friend’s wife but a woman next to me. I would have been crazy to stop! I might have been horny, but I was neither crazy nor stupid! She was the prettiest and hottest woman on Earth, so what did it matter that she was my best friend’s wife?

“Anything wrong? Are you feeling comfortable?” she asked, waking me up from my dreams.

I tried not to blush as I smiled back sheepishly. I let go of her and nudged my head into Saima’s ample breasts, both of them almost ready to jump out of her qamez to be touched and caressed by me. I put my hands on her back and snuggled and rubbed my face into them. I then pulled back and pleaded with her to please let me see these magnificent breasts.

Saima pulled her qamez over her head, and there she was in her black bra, which was unable to contain her milky white breasts and formed a four-inch-long running cleavage. I again felt them from above the bra and started salivating. I tried to push my fingers inside the bra from below to pull the bra up to free the breasts, but the bra was tight fitting, and I did not succeed. Saima ended my misery by unhooking the bra from behind and removing the straps from her shoulders. Her breasts sprang free from their confines and wobbled against each other before settling on her chest. I blinked my eyes and looked at my angel’s sweet mounds. The sight mesmerized me. As if I were hypnotized, my mouth hung open for a few seconds, and my eyes were glued to her chest. I wondered that she had such awesome ripe breasts with just a slight natural amount of sag to enhance their beauty after birth of three children. Not too big, not too small, just perfect large peaches. Her pink nipples on very dark aureoles were in total contrast with her milky white skin. They had a lot of green and blue veins running around on the creamy surface and were the most exquisite breasts I have ever imagined: round and firm with hardened nipples.

I almost died when I felt milky-white, round, succulent, and firm breasts with pink nipples right in front of my lips. I did what any man would have done in such a situation. My tongue darted out, and I started licking her right nipple. She arched her back and held my head with her hand. My tongue circled the nipple several times, and then I took it in my mouth and started sucking it. While I was sucking it I took her breasts in my hands and started kneading them. For a while I stopped sucking and then started giving soft bites all over the ample tit flesh. In my excitement a few times I bit a little harder too. She winced a few times while I was putting love bites on her breast but did not stop me. Saima wrapped her arms around my neck again, pulling me close and trying to bury me in her cleavage. She let out low moans when I pulled her right nipple back with my lips as I sucked. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and tried to suck her whole breast into my mouth.

She was getting pleasure in pain too. Her legs were shaking, and she put her hands on my shoulders for support.

I then stopped biting and sucking on her breasts and pulled back to admire them. Her breasts were swollen with anticipation.

I told her, “You have the most beautiful pair of breasts I have ever seen in my life. They are actually more magnificent than I had imagined.” I resumed sucking and kneading them. She held my head with both her hands. I then rested my hands on Saima’s ass and pulled her towards me. I lowered my head to her flat tummy and started licking her deep set navel. Saima’s breasts were resting on my head! I pulled her back again and rubbed Saima’s crotch from above the shilwar. I guessed she would be wet by now, and she was. I put my hand inside her shilwar, found her crotch, and touched her pussy. I rubbed it, and then I noticed her pulling the string of her shilwar , which fell on the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it away. And there she stood, naked and smiling, without any self-consciousness at all. I could see her crotch between her lovely thighs. She was not wearing panties. Her pussy was clean-shaven. I rubbed my hand a few times on her now-naked pubes. I then pulled the cunt lips with my thumb and forefinger. I was filled with wonder, so I stepped back a little and admired her beauty. Here was the beautiful wife of my best friend, standing stark naked in front of me. With her royal face, ample beautiful breasts, and erect nipples, she looked like an angel, a piece of art. I have seen a lot of women naked, but she just looked out of this world.

After looking at her for a few seconds I came forward again, put my hands on her ass, and pulled her towards me. I buried my face in Saima’s crotch again and started licking her pink clit, which was jutting out with excitement. She widened her legs a bit to give me more access. I started licking it in earnest and biting it gently too. Saima was panting now and moaning nonstop.

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She blames her husband while wanting to cheat