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She so wants to fit in at the Country Club – Hot Wife Initiation

She so wants to fit in at the Country Club – Hot Wife Initiation

Jenna couldn’t get to sleep after watching one of the videos the Country Club ladies gave to her to watch. The video was of a middle aged wife who seduced a black man to have sex with her.

Her wedding ring was prominent as the large black man fucked the woman. He was so overpowering and her repeated orgasms were so strong that Jenna couldn’t get it out of her mind. She got up and went to the bathroom and brought herself off.

The experience was so satisfying that she couldn’t wait to watch it again. She was eager to watch the other videos.

The following Saturday she went to the luncheon with the Country Club wives again. This time she dressed as she was told. NO Panties, NO bra. Susan had called Jenna and reminded her of the dress code and added that Jenna was to wear a short skirt that would be loose around her legs, and the white see through blouse she had worn the last time, only she should come to the luncheon with four buttons undone before she arrived.

As she down at the table the salads arrived. She wondered what kind of antics would she be expected to do.

Susan looked at Jenna and said, “you look lovely, dressed just as I told you, especially due to the fact that everyone in the restaurant can see your nipples, my how they stick out.”

“Now spread your legs as open as you can,” Susan required.

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Jenna’s face was flushed and becoming red, but she spread her legs as told.

“Now raise your skirt, we want to see!” Susan informed her.

Jenna raised it higher but was noticeably uncomfortable as the women looked at her spread legs. Susan put her hand on Jenna’s leg and pulled her open even more.

Taking the hint, the woman on the other side of Jenna did the same. She was spread wide with her pink pussy lips open.

“Don’t drop the skirt!” Susan said louder than Jenna wished.

“OMG, how tight you are, everybody look!” Susan said.

Now Jenna was shaking and nervous about the public display.

Susan waved at Ramon to come over. “Do you like what you see?” Susan asked.

“Oh, yes, very much, very much” Ramon said as he stared at Jenna’s pink pussy lips.

“You will have to take care of that” Susan told Ramon.

After lunch Susan announced that everyone was to come to her house. Once at her elaborate house, Susan had the servant to bring some champagne for all of them. A short black man arrived dressed in a black tux and wearing white gloves.

After taking the tour, Susan ordered another servant, a white man with a somewhat paunchy stomach to put a video on. He was wearing tan linen slacks without a shirt.

Jenna thought how humiliating it was to him.

The video was of a woman ordering her husband to watch as she was being fucked by three black men, all of whom had extremely large dicks. They all came inside her and when they were through the husband bent down and began licking his wife’s pussy.

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He was being laughed at by the men and his wife. Not licking fast enough for her, she ordered her husband to lie on the floor as she sat on his face.

Jenna could see the cum dripping into his mouth as his wife encouraged him to clean it all out of her.

Jenna’s head was spinning at all that was going on when Susan spoke out said, “Barbara, I believe it is your turn today.”

Jenna’s eyes were transfixed as she saw Barbara lifting her dress up as the black servant got on his knees and began licking Barbara’s pussy. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor as he took his cock out as Barbara began stroking it. He soon was hard and his cock was huge!

Jenna was wet and she could feel it. She froze when the servant waved at her to come over to him.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck you” he laughed.

Jenna timidly walked over to the man. “I just need your help, get on your knees,” he said.

Jenna was wide eyed as she knelt. “Suck on me for a while I just need to get a little wet” he said.

Jenna was shaking her head “NO” when Susan walked over and held her by the head.

“Fucking open your mouth!” Susan ordered as the man pushed his cock to her lips.

As Susan pushed Jenna, the man pulled her head to him and his cock was an inch or two inside her mouth. He continued until four or five more inches disappeared into Jenna’s mouth.

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Satisfied that he was sufficiently wet, he suddenly pulled his cock from Jenna’s mouth and knelt as he presented his cock to Barbara’s pussy. She was only too happy to have it. Jenna watched on her knees as she watched her friend being fucked right in front of her.

Barbara began to moan loudly. Jenna knew Barbara was cumming as the servant was pumping her full of his seed.

The black servant pulled his cock out of Barbara and the white servant now kneeled beside her. Jenna could see the cum running out of Barbara. The white servant began to lick it up as Barbara encouraged him.

Susan spoke to Jenna, “stand up and let George lick your tight little cunt” Susan ordered. It was then that Jenna learned that the black servant was George, but she wondered what the white man’s name was.

Before she left Jenna asked who he was. “Oh, he’s Barbara’s husband” Susan said.

“I keep Tom in line this way” Barbara answered.

“What a day!” Jenna thought as she drove home. She had never seen anything like it before.

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She so wants to fit in at the Country Club – Hot Wife Initiation

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