She was on her hands & knees – Bachelor Party Banging

She was on her hands & knees – Bachelor Party Banging

I was on my hands and knees in a living room I had never seen before this night. I could feel the sensation of a huge cock being inserted into my battered pussy. My sore cheek and throat muscles where being worked over by a strange cock I also had not seen before tonight.

Hold on, let us start from the beginning.

I was on my way to DV-8’s nightclub in San Francisco to meet my friend Samantha. It was early about 7:00 pm. I parked and made my way to the club. We were planning to hit 5 or 6 more clubs that is why we started early. After a brief wait in the line I made my way to the bar in a small alcove just off the dance floor, on my way by a full bar I noticed about 4 or 5 business looking black men being really loud and making comments about the women in the area including me. From that distance I could hear faint chuckling comments about my tits and ass. Not so uncommon to me. Then I noticed a remark about my lips and instantly my mouth began to water. After all why else would I be here, since my husband always was working and never seemed to want to go out with me anymore.

So sitting at the empty bar I ordered a drink. The bartender stated while staring at my cleavage “$8.50.” I handed him a ten then I heard from close behind me “I got that!” sharply. The bartender then looked at the hundred hanging over my shoulder from the deeply voiced man behind me. My blood pumped for no reason, still unexplainable.

The bartender snapped out of his daze from steering at my chest. “Sure” he said. He handed the ten back and grabbed the hundred. I turned and found one of the business looking men standing next to me. I smiled at his handsome smiling face.

“Your welcome” he almost had to shout over the noise in the club before I could even thank him.

“Thank you” I whispered causing him to lean close.

He leaned closer where his lips almost touched my ear. “What are you doing here so early?” he asked. His breath tickled my ear lobe causing a tingling sensation down my spine.

I smiled to myself and half whispered into his ear “Waiting on a friend.”

He then said “Damn, wish it was me.”

I pulled away enough for him to see me shrug. I turned to my drink trying not to show how turned on I was and took a long deep gulp.

The bartender returned with some change and a drink for my new friend. He grabbed the change and placed his drink next to mine on the bar. “Gregg by the way.” He said.

I smiled and said “Suzan.” I extended my hand and Gregg moved closer.

Gregg stared into my eyes and pushed his lips toward mine. Electricity from his body coursed through my lips straight to my wetting pussy. I returned his advance in a way to let him know I was good with his lip lock. Mine tongue darted towards his lips. Gregg’s tongue shot forward onto my lips. After a few seconds of tongue wrestling Gregg pulled away.

“Wow, I wanted to taste those lips when I saw you walk in.” Gregg said smiling.

“Well that was all you wanted?” I asked batting my brown eyes at him. Gregg was a tall man atleast six one or six two. His dark features contrasted against his white teeth and white shirt. His face was clean-shaven and his head was shaved smooth. Clean.

“Smoke weed?” I asked boldly. After all I knew my charms had already taken a hold of Gregg.

He nodded “Lets go to my car.” He said.

Gregg led me by his friends towards the exit. I followed softly since we had just left our drinks at the bar. Damn it was only like 7:20 pm and I was already heading to a strangers car. Shit, another typical weekend I thought to myself mistakenly, fucking some married asshole in his car.

Gregg’s friends stared at us with straws falling from their open mouths as we headed toward the eventual fuck. I followed Gregg through the door into the dimly lit streets as the street lights flickered awake. The sun was going down but it was still unseasonably warm. We made our way along the almost totally empty sidewalk. Gregg walked slightly in front of me, his tight ass flexing in stride with his long strides. Being just over 5″ 10′ I was able to keep up with only a slightly faster than normal jaunt.

We weaved through the parking lot until we came upon a white Taurus. To be honest this was not the car I had in mind my new friend. Gregg unlocked the passenger side and I hoped in.

“I have a joint right here.” I said as I pulled out a pre-rolled joint.

Gregg stared at me and held his large hand out toward me. I handed him the joint and sat back and dug through my purse for a lighter.

Gregg produced a lighter from his jacket pocket and lit the weed I had wrapped up in a nice little package earlier. He took a deep drag, exhaled a cloud of smoke and handed me the joint. I took my puff ensuring my lips puckered nicely around the end and Gregg’s slightly glossy stare saw the show.

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Men can be so easy. I handed the joint back towards Gregg. Gregg snatched it and put it in the ashtray.

“Little bit of a light weight?” I asked.

“No, that is not the reason I came out to my car with you.” Gregg stated.

“What is the reason?” I said trying to appear innocent. Shrugging my shoulders slightly to raise my C-cup breasts up for a better view.

“Well, Tommy my friend in the bar is getting married in a week and we are out celebrating the last one of us to get married.” He answered while staring at my cleavage.

“So you are married?” I asked.

“Yes I am and by the looks of the ring you are wearing you are too.” He smiled warmly.

“Yes I am, just got married about four months ago. My husband works a lot and couldn’t make it out with me and my friend tonight.” I told him.

“So what time does your husband expect you back?” He asked bluntly.

“Whenever I get home, I am 25, I can take care of myself.” I answered while moving my back to the window that was up. The heat of the day still had not left the concrete jungle we lived it and it was causing me to get even hotter.

“So what are your plans tonight other than meeting your girlfriend? Want to go party with us at Tommy’s, your friend can come too?” He added.

“Should I call my husband and ask him to come over with us?” I asked while biting my lower lip.

“I hope you don’t. You would have more fun with me and my friends without him.” He answered as his eyes stared into mine.

I shrugged “Ok, wanna finish that joint?” I asked.

“Not now maybe later. Perhaps we can get to know each other a little.” He said. “You are one of the hottest women I have seen in a long time and I just got to taste those lips again.”

I puckered and leaned closer. I felt Gregg’s hand grab at my shoulder as he leaned in. My eyes closed and his lips brushed mine again. I once again felt the energy course through my body straight to my crotch. This guy was different than the other men I have picked up. He was not shy and definitely not intimidated by my easiness. I was going to have a good time. We kissed deeply. My hand fell to Gregg’s lap from mine and he inhaled sharply but never broke our kiss. I felt his growing hard on through the material of his slacks. I then ran my finger nails up and down the shaft. Quickly his cock responded to my advance and grew in size.

Gregg pulled away and sat back in his seat. “Lets see those tits.” Gregg said in a low voice.

I leaned back glancing out the windows to make sure no one was lurking in the darkening parking lot.

I unbuttoned my blouse and unsnapped the front between my breasts. Gregg stared with wreckless abandomn at the show. He eyes never leaving my hand. I slowly pushed the cups of my bra to the side allowing him full view of my brown nipples.

Gregg inhaled deeply “Those are really nice.” He reached for then and squeezed my right breast. Expertly his forefinger and thumb found my nipple and gently twisted them. My erect nipples responded by sending shockwaves to my pussy. I shifted in my seat.

“Damn you are hot baby.” He stated.

“What about you?” I asked.

“You want to see my tits!” He said half chuckling.

“Maybe later, how about your cock?” I said.

Instantly without answer his hands went to his belt, then his button and zipper. He pushed his slacks down to mid thigh with his boxers.

“There you go, think you want some of that?” He asked while watching my hand envelope his cock.

It grew in size to at least 10 inches in length but just thick enough to allow my fingers and thumb to encircle his cock. Gently I pulled up and pushed down a couple pumps. Gregg’s eyes rolled back in his head as I leaned toward his crotch with my mouth wide to receive his manhood.

Gregg’s large hand found it’s way to my shoulder gently pushing my head toward the base of his cock as I struggled a little to take all 10 inches. I am an expert cock-sucker and knew that as soon as my throat relaxed somewhat I could deep throat him.

Slowly as I bobbed my head on his cock his hand made its way to the back of my head. He used the extra leverage to force his cock into my throat. He was slowly getting rougher.

Then Gregg burst out with “There you go bitch, suck my cock.”

I did with renewed passion as he spoke those words. He was acting like he never had gotten a blowjob before. Not by someone as experience as me anyways.

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After about 5 minutes of his face pounding I felt his cock spasm in my mouth. Wads of cum filled my throat as he thrust forward. I swallowed quickly to avoid a mess on his car seat. Then I heard some noise outside of the car. I pulled my numb mouth from his cock and looked up at his smiling friends.

“God damn that was a great blowjob. You have to give Tommy one of those.” He said while pulling his pants up.

“Where at I don’t want to be just sucking cock in a parking lot.” I said.

“Tommy get in the back we will head to your apartment. Meet you there Joe.” Gregg said through the window, which was rolled down somewhat.

“Hell yeah.” Tommy said. I just guessed his name was Tommy since he got in the back of the car.

“What about your friend?” Gregg asked as he buckled his pants.

“Fuck her, she is always late.” I answered sitting back in the seat.

The other two men had left to get in there car and looked to be in a hurry as they left the parking lot.

“Why don’t your ride in the back with Tommy.” Gregg said.

I shrugged and exited through the passenger door. Tommy pushed the seat up since Gregg’s piece of shit only was a two door. I entered with my shirt still unbuttoned and sat next to Tommy.

“Get a look at those tits, man.” Gregg said.

I looked at Tommy and he was staring at my tits with a hungry look in his eyes.

Tommy leaned towards me I thought he was going to kiss me but he pulled away as I leaned close.

“Damn, you just sucked his dick, I wouldn’t kiss you for anything.” He said.

I shrugged as he felt my breasts in a rough fashion.

“So are you just going feel me up.” I said as I felt the car start to back away from the parking spot and drive towards the exit.

“Hell no.” Tommy said as he unbuttoned his pants. “I want a blowjob too.”

Tommy produced a rigid cock about the same length as Gregg’s. I could see in the passing light that his cock was much darker though. I leaned my head towards him. God I was in heaven. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. Tommy’s hand quickly went to the back of my head forcing my face toward his stomach. I gagged a little and heard Tommy moan.

“That bitch is good, huh bro?” Gregg said.

“Fuck yeah. What a slut. Glad you went and talked hit on her.” Tommy said.

“Really it was easy.” I heard Gregg say as my mouth was once again being abused.

I could feel the movement of the car accelerate as the hand on my back of my head forced my face toward the base of the cock I willing swallowed. I placed a hand on one of Tommy’s knees and the other on his opposite hip to ensure my head wouldn’t be forced so far down his pole keeping me from breathing. Tommy was way rougher than Gregg and before long he was thrusting his hips up forcing me to take more cock.

After a few minutes Tommy eased up on his forceful thrusts and allowed me to work on his cock.

I looked up at him and asked “Getting married, huh?”

He looked down at me and said “Yeah but you don’t have to worry about that tonight. Keep sucking!”

I did. I grabbed the base of his cock and stroked it in unison with my lips pulled tightly around his thick rigid head.

This guy had some stamina but I knew it would not be long before he was adding to Gregg’s earlier cum deposit.

Suddenly Tommy’s hands went to the back of my head again and his hips thrust up towards my face. He buried his cock deep in my throat and his cum erupted from deep in his groin.

“Aargh, fuck!” Was all Tommy could manage.

I heard Gregg say “That bitch is good, we are almost there.”

Tommy produced three good spasms of cum which caused some to leak down to the base of his cock from my overfilled mouth.

“Shit, that had to be the best blow job of my life.” Tommy said while watching me softly kiss the head of his dick.

I sat back up just in time to see us pull into a trendy apartment complex.

“Good I have to use your bathroom.” I said to Tommy as we exited the car.

I heard two more car doors close nearby and knew the other guys had made it also.

I followed Tommy to his door as Gregg stopped and was talking with the other two guys. I am sure he was telling them about my lip service performed on the car ride and before.

Tommy opened the door and I followed him in. He pointed towards a nearby doorway while holding the door open for the rest of the men.

I went into his bathroom and noticed it was in decent shape. Not dirty but at the same time of overly anally clean. I immediately looked in the mirror and got some make up out of my purse. I reapplied the worn off lipstick and wiped some cum from my chin and applied more powder. Not bad for a rush job.

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I could her Tommy and Gregg talking about me in his living room and decided it didn’t matter what my make up actually looked like. I was pretty sure they weren’t going to throw me out just yet.

I left the bathroom and walked the short distance to his living room. Tommy and Gregg were sitting on the couch and we smoking the joint I had produced earlier. The other two men were watching me with anticipation waiting for there chance at my talents.

“Damn you are fine as shit.” One of the men said. I never found out the other two men’s names.

“Thanks.” I said heading towards Gregg who was passing the joint in my direction.

I took a long drag and held my breath for a bit. I exhaled the dank smoke from my lungs and passed the joint two one of the men standing. He took a long drag and handed it to his friend.

“Lets see the goods.” Gregg stated while staring at my chest.

I smiled “So fast.” I responded.

“Hell yeah.” Tommy said while staring at me. The other two just stared at me with glassy looks in their eyes.

“Don’t get shy now, bitch.” One of the men said.

I pushed my blouse off my shoulders exposing my breasts still half housed in the bra which was still unclasp in the front. The straps from my bra easily fell from my shoulders. I stood there with nothing covering my tits and hooked a finger under the waste band of my thong while raising my skirt up. I pulled it free and felt some relief with the cool air hitting my moist pussy. Sucking cock always makes my pussy wet for some reason.

“Ok, bitch, you are in for a good fucking.” One of the men said. I think his name was Joe but still am not sure.

Tommy and Gregg stayed on the couch as the other two unbuckled their pants and pushed them to the floor.

“Time for some head.” One of the men said.

I knelt in front of him as Gregg produced another joint. His cock was mostly erect but had the familiar taste of pre-cum on the head. My lips stretched to accommodate another black monster cock. I knew I would be sore for some time after tonight. His hands grabbed my pony-tail and pulled my head toward him.

“There you go, suck my cock, fuckin bitch.” He stated though clenched teeth. I swallowed everything I could.

I could feel the other guys hands on my tits then he stood behind me and rubbed his cock on my shoulder. My free left hand went to his cock and stroked it while I sucked his friend off in front of all these strangers.

“Yeah bitch, that’s right.” I heard Tommy say in the background.

I began to alternate between these two big cocks.

“Stand up. I have to get home and I want to fuck you first.” The first man I began sucking said.

I stood up and turned away from him. He hiked my skirt up around my waist and pushed me roughly in the middle of my back forcing me to bend over in front of him. His friend passed the joint to the man getting ready to fuck me and positioned himself in front of me.

A cock was forced into my pussy until I could feel a large set of balls slap the back of my thighs. Stars exploded in my head sending my watering mouth onto the other man’s cock willing thrust towards my face. I came quickly on the rock hard cock pounding my pussy. My muscles contracted and a low “MMMM” escaped around the black pole buried in my mouth. “Fuck yeah.” Gregg said from his position in my black audience. “This is better than getting a stripper.” Gregg added.

My knees started to get weak from the energy explosion of my orgasm. I pulled away from the two cocks that were taking advantage of my womanly charms.

“I have to kneel down.” I said while kneeling.

The guy behind me said “Whatever, I am not done yet.”

I got on my hands and knees and the guy I was sucking on knelt in front of me. I eagerly attacked his hard cock with my lips again. The other guy resumed his pussy punishment, which leads me to the beginning of my story.

My pussy was contracting in almost violet contractions. Waves of heat radiated from my body. Lights seemed to explode in my mind. But through all that I continued to suck on the huge cock forcefully thrust towards my throat repeatedly. The guy behind me slapped my ass a couple times.

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She was on her hands & knees – Bachelor Party Banging

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