Sheetal Indian Cheating Wife – Sex Stories

Sheetal Indian Cheating Wife – Sex Stories

I met Sheetal at the local Costco. I was there with my wife Rupali. She
loved buying stuff in bulk. I guess I should be thankful to have a wife
who is so frugal with my money but the idea of buying diapers by the
caseload hardly fills me with the same kind of excitement as it does

I love Rupali; ours was a love marriage though with the consent of both
our parents. We both grew up in India and met in college here in the
US. That’s where we fell in love and decided to get married. We held
off on sex till our wedding night and I’m glad we did. All that waiting
and anticipation made it that much more memorable. We were both lawyers
but after getting married she decided to become a full time housewife
while I joined a fairly respectable law firm. She would occasionally
help me out with my work at home and I was always amazed at how
talented she was. She said that she might go back to practicing law
again some day, but then with the birth of our son that idea faded out.

Our lives were pretty hectic. I was pretty busy with work. Though the
company I worked for was small it had built up a good reputation for
itself and through hard work I managed to become a junior partner. That
meant long hours and even working weekends. Rupali had her hands full
with the house and our new baby. That made socializing next to
impossible. I really didn’t know many people outside of work and
neither did Rupali.

I was pushing the large shopping cart while Rupali carried the baby in
her arms checking her list and looking up and down the aisles. That’s
how we bumped into another Indian couple, Rajiv and Sheetal. Sheetal
was the one who started the conversation admiring our baby. She struck
up a conversation with Rupali and soon the two were chatting away. It’s
amazing how fast women become so friendly. Rajiv introduced himself and
so did I. We just exchanged a few awkward pleasantries. He suddenly
remembered something he had to go get and went away. I was relieved coz
I hated making idle conversation with new people. Rupali and Sheetal
were still chatting. I noticed Sheetal was quite an attractive woman.
Rajiv looked to be quite a few years older than me but Sheetal was
about the same age as us.

She wore a light green sweater that seemed
like it was a couple of sizes too small for her and a tight short
skirt. I had been urging my wife to shed some of her inhibitions and
adopt more western attire. She usually just wore sarees, salwar kurtas
or jeans and shirts but never something like this. Sheetal had a
beautiful form. Her breasts weren’t huge but set against her small
waist they were very prominent. She had long flowing beautiful hair
that she kept open. Her skin was smooth and tan. I suddenly realized I
was ogling her and readjusted my gaze before anyone realized.

My wife and Sheetal became good friends and though Rupali didn’t get
out much Sheetal often stopped by and she was always gossiping about
movies and discussing the latest trends she had picked up from reading
glamour rags. Sheetal was one of those typical Indian wives who enjoyed
spending their husband’s money on beauty parlors, clothes, clubs,
fashion magazines, going to parties and that sort of thing. An Indian
trophy wife of sorts.

To help Rupali meet some more of the indian women in her circle and
develop more of a social life she organized a kitty party or whatever
they called it, at our house. One of those “Girls Only” type affairs. I
was the only guy there and even I was being treated more like some
hired help. However I played along coz this was my way of thanking my
wife for putting her career and social life on hold all these years for
me and my career and our family.

The whole thing winded up around 12:30 am and then Sheetal asked me to
drop her off at her home coz she had had a few drinks and although she
was pretty sober she didn’t want to get pulled over and get into
trouble for driving under the influence.

After a thirty minute drive we pulled up to her driveway. She asked me
to walk her into the house because Rajiv wasn’t home and she always
felt scared going into her large house in the dark all-alone. I thought
it was silly to be afraid in your own house but I guess women can be
like that sometimes. So I went in with her and she guided me to the
light switches and I followed her instructions and lit up every room.
It was the first time I had seen their house from the inside and it was
huge and beautifully decorated. No doubt done up by some professional
interior decorator because while it was very plush and impressive it
really didn’t have any of the warmth of a home.

She insisted I have coffee with her and though it was late I finally
acquiesced. This was really the first time I had truly been alone with
her. She really doesn’t need to be prodded into conversation and
without my inquiring basically started laying out her life history to
me. In a cynical tone she told me Rajiv was on a “business trip”. She
went on at length to explain that he had a blond airhead mistress in
Phoenix who he fucked around with. He had a bit of a complex when it
came to white women.

He enjoyed being seen with a white girl especially
in front of his Indian friends and clients. I offered the customary
support and comfort to her but she really didn’t need any. She
explained that she was very happy in her current state. Rajiv’s
infidelity meant that he couldn’t divorce Sheetal without loosing half
his wealth, business and property to her thanks to the prenuptial
agreement they had signed before their marriage. She wasn’t completely
useless to him. His more conservative relatives and friends in India
adored her and would have never accepted his marrying a non-Indian. By
staying married to him she knew that she could continue to enjoy life
and spend his money without worry and he would continue providing for
her to indulge her.

“I’ve even got proof… wanna see?” Before I could answer she bounded
barefoot to the bedroom with the energy of a teenager. I admired her
body again as I watched her scamper away. She returned just as fast
holding a DVD in one hand and keeping her jewelry from flying off with
the other.

She inserted it into the player and sat snuggling close to me as I
directed my gaze to the very large screen TV on the wall. In a few
seconds I saw a rather portly guy with a pepper grey goatee gasping and
groaning as he pounded a blond girl hunched over in the doggy position.
It was Rajiv and if I didn’t know any better I would have thought he
was having a heart attack. The blond was very attractive and looked
very young. Seemed almost too young.

Though she wasn’t moving, her face
and her moans showed that she was enjoying it. “She’s 19 now… but she
was 18 when he first started fucking her. Trailer trash! She’d probably
fuck her own granddad for the kind of money he spends on her”, Sheetal
whispered into my ear as if not wanting to disturb the couple that was
fucking on the TV screen. “She doesn’t seem to be too far off from
that”, I replied noting how much older Rajiv looks. Sheetal laughed out
loud. It was the first time I had heard her laugh like that. It was
almost like a giddy schoolgirl’s laughter. Usually she has a very
pretentious laugh like all the other rich snooty old ladies she hangs
around with. I squirmed a little in the sofa. Adjusting my position
which had become a little uncomfortable because of my hard-on. I must
admit I envied Rajiv for being able to afford the best of both worlds.
I would have loved to bang a blond too.

After just a couple of minutes Rajiv came, apparently dumping his load
inside the girl’s pussy. Sheetal told me he doesn’t like wearing
condoms. I can’t blame the guy… who does? Exhausted, he collapsed on
top of the girl, holding her close. They fell asleep. The movie then
got out of focus and it looked like someone was putting the lens cap
back on. Whoever took the video was probably actually hiding in the
room at the time. I had all these thoughts running in my head when I suddenly looked down
with a start as I felt Sheetal rubbing my crotch thru my pants. I
jumped off the sofa and she was visibly surprised at my reaction. I
told her that this was totally inappropriate. I told her that I loved
my wife and that I knew what she was trying to do. I told her she
should be ashamed of herself. Rupali was her friend. I could never
betray Rupali like that.

“Rahul, no one has to know. And I know you’re attracted to me. You
think I don’t notice. I see the way you watch me. I know you don’t love
me… I’m not asking you to. It’s just a fuck yaar. Lighten up.”

“It’s true. I look at you. I look at a lot of women, but that doesn’t
mean I go around fucking them all. It’s just fantasy. You think about
it and that’s it.” I think I was justifying it as much to myself as to

“And what all have you fantasized about me?” she asked me coyly. She
was trying to draw me into a conversation to arouse me. I wasn’t
falling for it. “Never mind Sheetal. Meine galti ki yaha aake. I always
knew you were a slut”

“Ooooh… so you fantasized about me even though you thought I was a
slut. Maybe you want a slut. Tell me what slutty things you want me to
do Rahul. Rupali told me you keep begging her to try dirty things.
She’s not enough woman for you Rahul.”

That really pissed me off. I was mad at Rupali for discussing our
intimate personal details with this bitch. I was mad at Sheetal for
thinking she was better than my wife. Mad at her for thinking that I
would be so easily seduced.”

In my rage I grabbed Sheetal by her arms and roughly threw her on the
sofa. “namaard saale. Joru ke gulaam. What kind of a man are you. Your
wife’s got you pussy whipped”, she spit on my shirt from the sofa. I
bent over and slapped her face.

I couldn’t believe I had done that. How could I have hit a woman? She
might have deserved it but it was wrong. Was she right to call me,
“naamard”. What kind of a man hits a woman like that? She got up, her
hand cupping her cheek. I moved to her to apologize. She had tears in
her eyes but she didn’t seem sad. I was confused. “Yeah baby… that’s
what a real man does to his woman. Oh god that was so sexy. I like a
man who stands up for himself like that.”

I had just slapped her and out of shame and guilt I couldn’t bring
myself to touch her again let alone even push her away when she came
close and hugged me. My lust for her betrayed me as she reached down
and fondled my crotch. I knew it was hopeless to resist. I wanted to
stop this but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. All those memories of
me quietly jacking off in the shower while thinking of Sheetal came
flooding back.

I had told myself they were just fantasies I would never
act on. I never felt any love for Sheetal… just the urge to fuck her.
She just always seemed like such a modern, westernized slut… wearing
those short skirts and tight blouses. Rupali on the other hand was
always just a good Indian wife. I could never think of Rupali in ways I
thought about Sheetal. Sheetal was such a slut I could imagine doing
anything with her no matter how perverted.

Sheetal reached down and unbuckled my belt. Then she slowly unzipped my
trousers pulling them down as she slowly fell to her knees. My cock was
so hard it hurt and felt trapped in my shorts. I looked at her. She
looked so different today. She had worn an embroidered pink saree for
the party today. I had never seen her in a saree before but didn’t
notice it till now as she pulled my dick out of my underwear. She wore
her hair the same way as always, open and flowing beautifully over her
shoulders. She has a very cute fair oval face. Her chin has a very
subtle cleft that draws attention to her beautiful lips (the upper one
is thinner than the lower one). She was wearing dark pink lipstick that
made her lips seem even fuller than before and they glistened when she
smeared the precum from my cockhead on them.

When I saw her laugh earlier that evening I saw she has a beautiful
wide smile that dimples her soft cheeks. She smiled the same way again
and raised her left eyebrow, wickedly taunting me to resist her. She
knew she had me completely under her power now. She has nice eyes, dark
brown and always lined with kajal. Her hair is beautiful, silky and
shining, parted to one side and hanging down below her shoulders.

I had reconciled with myself. I had been fantasizing about Sheetal
since the day I met her. I imagined doing things to her that I would
only do to a prostitute. I told myself that I had already cheated on my
wife in my head… so this was no different. It did help alleviate my
guilt for the time being. I stared blankly at her face, mystified. She
was a slut, there was no denying it but her cute young face and the
innocence she was so good at faking added to her sheer undeniable
sexuality. The thought of my penis penetrating those inviolable lips
made my cock fill with even more blood.

She grew hornier by the minute. Now holding my cock in one fist, she
pulled back the foreskin exposing the head fully and licked my shaft
from the very base of it to the tip. Then she thrust her face forward
and slid her lips about my cock-head and shaft and sucked my cock. I
almost passed out with ecstasy. Her mouth was wonderful, hot and moist,
sucking like a pump, her fleshy tongue playing with my cock-head in her
mouth. I gasped, my hips rocking, hands flying down her head, my hips
jerking forward at her face, thrusting my cock deeper into her mouth.
She spluttered and choked, then sucked harder and harder, her cheeks
hollowing and billowing, her face distended. She cupped and rubbed my
aching balls sexily. I gripped her head, grunting like a pig, rocking
hard back and forth on my feet, fucking her mouth.

“Ohhhhh Sheetal hanh mmmmmugh…”, I groaned. She sucked harder yet and
I called her name out louder, “SHEETAL… oh yes… that’s it.”

She pulled her mouth off my dick with a smack and looking right into my
eyes said, “Oh come on Rahul. You can do better than that. Say all
those dirty things you’re too shy to say in front of your wife.” I
looked at her face, held her chin and told her, “C’mon, you dirty
little whore … come on … suck it! Suck my cock!”

“Haaanh… say it in hindi. I fucking love that”, she moaned. I
hesitated… “Sheetal, chooso mujhe… JORSE choose, rundi
chulchoosmerelundkohanh…hanh… HAANH!” I cried. It seemed to excite
her even more and her head rocked frantically back and forth, rolling
and moving from side to side, her teeth and tongue scraping against my
skin. Keeping my dick deep in her mouth she moaned loudly. Her longing
reverberated throughout my whole body. I tried so hard to hold back…
but I was too far gone. I held her head in place and erupted in her
mouth. The first couple of spurts shot directly into the back of her
mouth and she opened her mouth pulling me out. She jerked me
frantically, sending my cum in every direction. Some of it landed on
her face and her hair.

I closed my eyes and rolled my head back, savoring the moment. Sheetal
slowly suckled on my gradually deflating dick easing me down from the
height of my orgasm.

I opened my eyes to see her lovingly rubbing my dick against her
cheeks. Still on her knees she led me by my dick over to the sofa. I
sat down and she climbed up beside me. That’s when I noticed where the
rest of my cum had landed. Some of the thick creamy white globs of my
sperm were sticking to her the silk saree she was wearing leaving damp
patched around the areas around them. I felt something sticking to my
hand and noticed that some of it had also landed on her beautiful white
sofa. “That’s gonna leave a stain” I said. “OH FUCK… you ruined my
saree. Now I’ll have to throw it out.” She handed me a couple of
tissues and asked me to wipe off the cum from the sofa.

I wiped off whatever I could find grumbling, “hey you’re the one who started this
remember?!” She realized that she was turning me off and so she
apologized and explained that she had planned to have us move into the
bedroom by now. My reaction surprised her and so she had improvised.
“Ok… so let’s go into the bedroom then.” I said, a smile returning
to my face.

She held my hand and led me to the bedroom. The d飯r matched the rest
of the house. I really didn’t pay much attention to it. My eyes were
focused mainly on her hips. Her saree clung to her beautiful frame and
her tiny blouse left her midriff exposed. She wore a silver chair
around her waist that jingled slightly as she swung her hips sexily
with every step. Near the bed I grabbed her by her hips and threw her on the bed. I
liked being in control like this. Sex with Rupali was more romantic
than lustful or wild. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards me,
then roughly pushed her saree and petticoat up her thighs to her waist.

My dick was slowly beginning to harden again as I rubbed my hands
coarsely over her thighs. They were silky smooth and creamy. It was
clear she took great care of every inch of her body. Rubbing her pussy
through her lacey pink panties I kissed her mouth, my other hand now
rubbing her breasts through her blouse. She broke the kiss and asked
me, “You like how I taste baby? Mmmm? Taste me down there. Please…
stick your tongue in my little pussy.”

I moved down grabbing her by the thighs and pulled her into my face.
She playfully covered my head with the saree and I spread her pussy
lips with my fingers. I started by licking between the folds of her
pussy lips in long strokes moving up and down. I rubbed her clit taking
some spit from my mouth. She was already quite wet and the more I
worked her pussy with my tongue the more she started absolutely
dripping. I could hear her giggles though I couldn’t see her face from
under the saree. The giggles slowly turned to gasps and moans, begging
me not to stop. I wanted to fuck her so badly and I couldn’t control
myself. I pulled my head out from underneath her saree and pushing it
back with one hand and stroking my dick with the other I got ready to
fuck her. “NO… she cried. You’re not totally hard yet. Let’s see if
we can make that big dick of yours rock solid.”

She climbed off the bed and before I could respond pushed me onto my
back on the bed. She ran over to the night stand and popped in a Hindi
music CD. Some song (I don’t know the name) started playing. It had a
really erotic undertone to the beats and a very sultry female voice
singing about loneliness and waiting for her lover at night. Whatever
it was she knew how to dance to it. Standing over me, she started to
dance erotically, bending over, letting the pallu of the saree drop,
exposing her blouse and her deep cleavage. She kneeled down, straddling
my chest and bent over letting her hair fall over my face then moving
up slowly bringing her heaving chest close to my face. I began to
unbutton her blouse and marveled at how her bosom seemed to grow as
each button came undone.

Before I could finish undoing the very last
button she rose up once again standing over me, swaying her ass
obscenely as she unwound the rest of her saree, letting it fall in a
heap next to me until she was finally in just her blouse and petticoat.
Then she pulled the cord open and I grabbed it and pulled it down. She
stepped out of it and kicked it off the bed. She had already achieved
her aim. My dick was harder now than it had ever been before. The
thought seeing another man’s wife stripping and dancing for me and then
getting to fuck her like a whore was driving me wild.

She danced a little more against the bedpost, grinding her pussy and
breasts obscenely in erotic gestures. For the first time I saw her form
in all it’s glory. Her legs and arms are slender and shapely. One of
the most sensual things about her is her back. Perfectly smooth skin.
Unblemished and her elegantly postured, the spine neatly hollowed,
curving down into the small of her back, just over her firm round ass.
She carries her hips with the grace of a truly sensual Indian woman.

Not being able to hold back any longer I got up and pulled her onto the
bed. All I knew was the searing heat in my loins and my need to immerse
my cock in her flesh. Gasping, I flung myself on her, pushing her onto
her back, fumbling between her legs. She spread her thighs wide apart,
on either side of my hips, and with her hands gently guided my penis to
her cunthole. I chewed and sucked on her breasts hungrily, totally
without expertise and she gasped under me in a delight. . Her breasts
are full and firm and juicy, sloping nicely, with hard nipples, the
aureoles taut and small. She has a good cleavage and her belly is flat,
the hips flaring to her firm buttocks and the shapely thighs that I was
now violating with my engorged penis.

She had on delicate gold earrings and a nice gold chain with a pearl
pendant in a sepal setting around her neck, and her wrists jingled with
gold bangles and bracelets. Every thrust into her pussy shook her and
in turn caused all her jewelry to jingles. The noise adding to the
urgency of the moment.

I squeezed her breasts hard, and her nipples quivered in my fingers.
Despite the way she was being jerked back and forth on the bed by me
she somehow managed to undo my shirt buttons, drawing it off, tracing
tantalizing patterns on my chest and back, making me tremble with
excitement. She moved her hands to my balls cupping them.

She cried out loudly, arching under me, her feet rising to hook behind
my hips, her hands on my arms, and then I was fucking her, banging away,
slamming my hips back and forth, back and forth, pistoning my huge cock
in and out, in and out, in and out of her cunt.

“Ohhhh Rahul yes.. YEEAAS…. Aur jorse…. Harder… hanh uhhh hanh
uhh hanh yes ohhhhh yes yes … ohhhh yes yes do it baby yes …” she
cried, arching and heaving under me, her head
whipping from side to side. “Yes! Fuck me! Chodhlemujhe! fuck me harder

Her filthy words goaded me on and excited me immensely and I cried out
in excitement and plunged even deeper into her, enjoying the heat and tightness of her
cunt. Her body rocked and jerked under my vicious, savage thrusts, each
one making her shriek. Her body shone with sweat, rocking back as I
thrust and rammed my cock deeper and deeper, harder and harder into

Then she did something I had never experienced before (this was really
turning out to be a night of firsts) She clenched my buttocks fiercely,
dragging me down deeper into her fiery
cunt. I felt her spasm and shudder and her cunt clamped down hard on my penis and then she poked a finger into the crack of my ass and gently
rubbed my anus. I couldn’t bear it anymore, and, with an agonized cry I
ploughed deep into her, my hips twitching at her thighs, and shot my
load into her sweet flesh, jet after jet of my burning jizz spewing
into her ravaged cunt. She hunched forward, gasping in delight as my
hot cum flooded her cunt. Panting, I fell on her, streaming with sweat.
She kissed my cheek, caressing my thick, hair, fondling my back and
buttocks. I slid out of her slowly and rolled over onto my back beside
her on the bed.

We lay for a while, recovering, and she sensed my eagerness to
establish my virility and manhood. With a soft chuckle, she rolled over
onto me, the gold chain around her neck and her breasts swinging, and
straddled my hips. I cupped her breasts, and suckled gently on them one
by one, making her moan in delight. Her wet cunt ground against my

She kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, her breasts hot on
my slippery chest. She began to slide down my body again, sucking and
licking at my nipples, lapping at the rivulets of sweat that glistened
on my hairless chest. She went down further and I murmured softly as I
felt her lips slide around my cock once more. This time, though, I was
in no hurry and I lay back and
let her work at it. I held her head in my hands and moved it up and
down to suit my pleasure, pumping my hips gently as I fucked her pretty
face. I lifted my head and watched her and grew aroused at the sight of
her head bobbing over my crotch, my fat cock glistening in her mouth. She then turned around straddling my face and resumed sucking on my
penis. I assumed she wanted me to lick her pussy again and I was only
too happy to oblige. I realized that her cunt was overflowing with my
cum and I wasn’t too eager to dive into my own cum. Wiping some of the
excess cum from her pussy with my fingers I finally started to lick her
pussy lips. I really didn’t want to disappoint her and getting lost in
the feeling of her mouth on my cock I started to lick her pussy. She
stopped sucking me and turning her head and looking over her shoulder
she said, “Oh baby… will you do something for me… pleeese.” I
desperately wanted her lips back on my cock so without hesitation I
responded, “ANYTHING”.

“Rim my asshole baby”, she said coyly grinning. I didn’t much relish
the idea of licking her or anyone’s asshole… the idea disgusted me.
Before I could respond that familiar warm moist, feeling returned to my
cock and so I decided to just finger her hole for a little while. She
had a delicate little asshole. The sphincter pulling apart and then
closing ever so slightly with her movements. As I placed my finger on
the puckered little hole it tightly clenched shut and I felt Sheetal’s
whole body shudder in excitement. Wetting my finger I rubbed it some
more and I started peeking open just a touch. I was surprised at how
pretty and pink and clean it looked. I was actually feeling tempted to
try licking it. She was grinding her pussy on my chest and it was
soaked in her juices and my sweat. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and
raised my head to move my mouth closer to it. She sensed that I was
ready and arched her back forward, curving her ass down towards my
face. I poked my tongue at the opening and Sheetal involuntarily jerked
her ass surprised at the warm intruder. I licked around the opening,
surprised that I wasn’t feeling as repulsed by this as before. After a
few licks of the sphincter I finally poked the tip of my tongue into
her asshole. She moaned her delight onto my cock head and that just
brought my dick completely back to life. I tongued her asshole for a
few more minutes till she finally rose up off me, relinquishing her
hold of my cock. She spat on her fingers and rubbed it into her

“You’ve been so good to me Rahul. Now it’s time I did something special
for you.” She spat a few more times on her hands but then decided it
wasn’t enough to lube her for what was about to come. So she went into
the bathroom and brought out some aloe vera lotion. She squeezed a
little dollop of it into the palm of her right hand and then rubbed it
into her hole with her left. When her anus felt slick enough she slowly
squeezed the mouth of the bottle into her hole and squeezed the bottle
forcing almost a third clear gel like lotion into her ass. Her eyes
grew wide and her mouth fell open as she felt the cool gel pumping into
her. Closing her eyes with a smile she pulled the bottle out. Her lips
pouted a little and her left eyebrow arched up as she rubbed her
sphincter with her finger one more time. I was completely stupefied
watching her.

Finally she climbed up on the bed like a cat, I noticed she had her ass
tightly clenched, not wanting to let any of the lotion leak out. She
looked at me seductively over her shoulder, pushing her hair back with
her fingers and said, “Rupali never lets you to do this right?

I had no words to answer her. I moved in behind her, ready to ram into
her with the savage ferocity of a wild animal. Placing my left foot on
the edge of the bed and standing behind her I grabbed her ass tightly.
I didn’t care if I hurt her I was just so hot for her. She grabbed my
dick which was standing firm against my belly, hard as stone. She
pulled down on it, trying to position the cockhead at the entrance to
her anus. Closing my eyes and clenching my fingers harder on her flesh
I moved my hip forward piercing her rectum with just the head. Once it
plopped it she released her grip on me and steadied herself on her
hands and knees.

“Alright Rahul, do it… fuck my tight little asshole… baby
please… pleeeze”. I straddled her hips and squeezed my cock into
the incredible tightness of her ass, gasping in wonder and joy. She
cried out in lust and pain, her fingers clenched tight, almost tearing
the bedspread as I drove in deeper and deeper, my body tensed and taut,
my head arched, my cock swallowed by her taut rear channel.

She was tighter than anything I could have imagined. Like a fist
gripping me so tightly that pushing into her felt like it would rip the
skin off my dick. Thank god she lubed herself. It felt so wonderful. I
could feel the gel squish around my penetrating member. As I drove
deeper, some of the gel started to squeeze out from her asshole,
dripping slowly down her pussy and then the inside of her thigh.

Once completely inside I paused, enjoying the feeling of being so
completely enveloped. It felt as if there were a million tight rings
massaging every small millimeter of my dick. A part of me just wanted
to stay in that position of ever. I had been intently watching
Sheetal’s face. She looked to be in so much discomfort as I had
slowly squeezed into her, but now an expression of calm relief started
to come over her. Making sure I had firm footing I started to pull out
just a little and then pushed back in again. I repeated it several
time, each time pulling out a little further and then pushing back in
all they way till I was finally making long deep strokes in and out of
her. I quickened my pace instinctively but still I felt the wonderful
feel of the tight rings rolling over my penis, massaging me.

“Yes, yes yes. Chodmujhe… meri gaand marle…”, she cried, the
words sounding so filthy and erotic. She begged me to fuck her ass
harder and deeper. The liquid oozing from her ass hole had been churned
by my incessant fucking and was foaming around her puckered asshole. I
slammed into her and she cried out and I thrust a hand under her belly
and arched a finger into her cunt, making her orgasm violently. Her
sphincter spasmed on my dick and I cried out and came shooting my load
into her hot, tight little ass. I hunched over, my hips jerking
involuntarily, my cock quivering as it emptied the last few spurts of
my cum into her. I kissed her sweaty back and clutched the smooth flesh
of her breasts.

After staying in her for a while I felt myself overcome with
exhaustion. Dreamily I started to pull myself out of her hole, my dick
felt raw and so sensitive. Sheetal’s asshole looked like a gaping
wound. It was red and wet and as she started to stand up a torrent of
my cum and the clear gel flushed out of her, flowing in rivulets down
the insides of her thighs.

Sheetal fell asleep next to me. Later I dressed and headed home.
Praying Rupali was already asleep and wouldn’t notice how late I got
home. I was fortunate. She was fast asleep, tired from the party. I had
a quick shower and gently climbed into bed with her.

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