Sheila and Her Black Studs

Sheila and Her Black Studs

I had often fantasized about seeing my beautiful wife take on another guy, but thats all it was just a fantasy. That is until last month. Sheila is a gorgeous brunette, 5′ 6″ tall with long gorgeous legs, and the most beautiful set of breasts a guy could imagine. Even after two kids, arobics kept her hot looking as ever. She loves all forms of sex and is quite an expert at sucking cock. She told me it came from her younger days when she would suck off her dates so they wouldn’t get her pregnant. I’m thankful for her oral talents.

During intercourse, we would sometimes talk out our fantasies to each other while my cock was being riden by her sweet pussy. I’d tell her about my desire to see her with another guy. And she’d want to know what I’d like to see her do. And we’d keep it up until we both climaxed stronger than if we hadn’t been talking about those things. After climax it seemed a little dirty to talk about it and never came up unless we were making love. Sheila had two fantasies, one was to take on a black cock. And the other was to be serviced by two guys at once.

I always have a difficult time holding back from shooting into her hot pussy while she is describing being on her hands and knees on our bed, while she is sucking one guy, while being fucked from behind by another. My mind forms an immage of my beautiful wife in that position and my cock wants to blow. Sometimes when she wants to suck me all the way, she’ll stop and look up at me and tell me to immagine another guy is behind her pumping his cock into her pussy. Not long there after she is receiving my load down her throat.

Anyway to get on with how this all turned out to be more than just a horny fantasy. We were at a party at our good friends house. There were about 8 or so couples there. Bill, our host has always had eyes for Sheila and has even tried to cop a feel now and then from what she has told me. But this evening he was a little more wound up with drink than I had seen him before. His wife was even a little discusted at how drunk he seemed.

I was making the rounds when I noticed that Sheila was not around. So I went into the kitchen where a few people were congregated, and one of the girls told me that Sheila had gone downstairs for more ice for the drinks. I started down the cellar steps and at about halfway, I could hear voices. I could make out Sheila’s but there was a man’s voice also. I heard Sheila say, “No Bill, you’re drunk, besides my husband and your wife are upstairs.” That comment peaked my interest enough to quietly sneak down the steps. I peaked around the corner where the washer and dryer and freezer was, to see that Bill had Sheila backed up against the dryer, and was rubbing himself against her beautiful form. They were sideways to me, so I could make out that Bill was rubbing the bulge of his hard cock against my wife’s mound.

I was at first very angry and almost rushed around the corner to smack the shit out of Bill. But then I heard Sheila moan. She was wearing a skirt, and a top that was braless, since her breasts needed NO support at all, even at the age of 36. Bill had managed to pull her left tit free of the top and was rubbing her nipple. I knew that Sheila couldn’t take much of that, since she has very sensative nipples and gets horny in a heart beat if they are played with. I watched as Bill’s head lowered and he took her nipple into his mouth. Sheila let out another moan and her hand went to his cock bulge.

My anger had turned to excitment as I realized that I may get to see something. I reached down to my cock to find it hard as a rock. As Bill’s head came up from her left tit, Sheila freed the right tit, and groaned as his mouth fastened down onto it. For an instant I thought Sheila had seen me as she looked in my direction, but she threw her head back in pleasure as Bill ran his hand up her skirt. From the moans coming from her, I knew he had penetrated her with his finger. Sheila’s hands were busy at his fly, and as I watched she was able to get it down and her hand in. She let out a loud gasp as her hand went into his fly. I found out momentarily why. As I watched, she brought out a huge hard cock. Bill was at least a couple of inches longer than me and thicker.

Now both his hands went under her skirt, but she quickly grabbed his arms and pulled his hands down. “We have to hurry” she said, as she spun him around so that now he was aginst the dryer. As I looked on, I saw my gorgeous wife kneel and take his cockhead and half the shaft into her mouth. Bill’s hands went to her head and he threw his head back with a loud groan. Sheila sucked him like a mad vacuum cleaner and in no time, I heard Bill let out an “UUUUUMPF” and heard Sheila let out “MMMMM”….MMMMM” each time she recieved a spurt. I was able to just get my hard cock out past my zipper, and I began shooting all over the wall and floor. Bill finally quit cumming in Sheila’s mouth. She slowly licked up and down his shaft as her hand went under her skirt. She took his softening cock back into her mouth, and I could tell by the air she was blowing out around the shaft and the groans she was making that she was climaxing.

I was in the middle of trying to put my still hard cock, back into my pants, when Sheila abruptly stood, tucked her tits back in, grabbed the ice bucket and began walking towards me. There I stood as she came around the corner. My zipper open and my hard cock protruding out with my jockey shorts.

Sheila was not at all surprised to see me, and smiled as she patted my hard cock and said, “Enjoy the show lover?” And she went upstairs. I quickly finished zipping and followed her up before Bill came up. He came up shortly as though nothing had happened. He had a contented look like I do after one of Sheila’s blow jobs.

On the way home in the car, Sheila told me that she had spotted me the very first time I had peered around the corner at her and Bill. So she decided to make one of my fantasies come true. She also admitted that it served to turn her on, knowing that I was watching her suck another guy. Thats why she came so strongly when she fingered herself at the end of the blow job. My cock got hard as hell, listening to her talk about it. Sheila slid over and unzipped me and sucked me to climax as I drove. Then we pulled into a grocery store parking lot that was kind of desolate. Sheila removed her panties and I ate her pussy until her thighs gripped my head in orgasm. While eating her, my cock once again got hard as hell just smelling and tasting her pussy while thinking about what I had seen.

We ended up with her straddling me in the front seat and both cumming violently while we talked about what she had done. She told me that she wished I had come into the room and slid into her from behind as she blew Bill. That was it, I began to fill her hot cunt and she went right over with me. We both agreed it was the best sex we have had in quite sometime. once home, we let the babysitter go, showered together and sucked and licked eachother and then fucked again.

The next morning was Sunday, our day to sleep in, but I awoke to a most pleasurable sensation around my cock. As I came fully awake and looked down to find Sheila gently sucking my cock. She often did this, but only when she was terribly turned on. When she realized I was awake, she swung her legs around and presented me with her sweet bush, to slide my tongue into. It wasn’t long before her hips were thrusting down onto my face and her pussy went into spasms. As I felt her expell gasps of breath out around my shaft and felt her moan her orgasm around my cock, I exploded. She moaned and sucked even harder as I released into her mouth.

We decided that at sometime in the future that we would experiment with our fantasies again. But that she did not want it to be Bill or anybody we knew very well. She confided to me that at her office there was a young kid who brought around mail and ran errands, who was always trying to steal a glance up her skirt or at her luscious tits whenever he could. She would tempt him in the future and see if she could get him to go along.

Monday was an uneventful day, until I got home that is. Once inside the house, it was strange not hearing the kids. I heard strange noises in the kitchen. As I approached the swinging door, I could make out Sheila’s sex sounds and some strange groaning. I could feel my cock begin to stiffen as I slowly inched the door open slightly. (I was home an hour early).

As I quietly inched the door open, I saw my wife laying on our kitchen table, her legs were spread and between them stood a young guy with his cock buried in her cunt. On the floor lay her panties, bra and blouse. Sheila wasn’t aware of anythiong around her except the cock in her cunt! This must be the office boy she had told me about. But how could she have known that I would be home early?

Another surprise was that she had neglected to tell me that her office boy was black! And I thought Bill was bigger than me, whew, this guy beat Bill beat hands down. I watched as my wife’s sexy cunt took all of at least a 10″ cock. When he pulled back until just the head was in, it looked like a long black cucumber. Each time he thrust back into her, Sheila would let out a shriek and groan.

I unzipped my pants and took out my hard cock, it was already oozing pre-cum as I quietly entered the kitchen. Sheila’s eyes were tightly shut in ectasy as the black monster slid in and out of her cunt. The young kid who the cock belonged to saw me and started to say something, with a scared look on his face. I quickly held my finger up to my lips indicating to him to be quiet.

When he looked down and saw that I had my cock out, he smiled and kept sliding in and out of my wife. When I got to where my wife’s head was thrashing back and forth on the table. I leaned down and asked, “Does it feel good” Before she realized who had said it, she uttered, “OHHHH GOdd Yessssssss” Then her eyes flew open and she saw me standing above her. She had an expression of fear on her face. “OH HONEY, I DIDN’T MEAN…..” I stopped her by sushing her as I did her lover. I guided my cock to her mouth. When she saw it she let out a groan and smiled as she took me in.

It was such a turn on for me. Here I was getting sucked by my wife as she was being fucked! I pulled out of her mouth and leaned down and kissed her. I held her hand as her lover began to thrust into her harder. The boy between her legs announced, “I’m close Sheila, do you want me to cum inside of you?” Sheila looked up at me with a dreamy look and said, “Can he cum in me?” I said, “Do you want him to?” “Ohhhh Yessss” was her answer.

I gave the boy a nod, and Sheila broke out with a verbal onslaught, “GODDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSS EMPTY YOUR BLACK BALLS INTO ME, FILL ME YOU FUCKER, FILL MY PUUSSSSSSY” AGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. She went into orgasm then and there. I held her hand, which she gripped so tightly it cut the circulation off of my fingers as her orgasm overtook her. She was on her way down when the boy grunted and began shooting into her. Sheila quickly put her head to the side and took in my cock. I exploded in her mouth almost instantly as I watched the expression of lust on the young boys face as he kept cumming in my wife’s pussy. It was the ULTIMATE Turn on for me. I matched his spurts as my lovely wife drank it all and went into orgasm again.

All three of us stayed in our positions at the table breathing as though we had run a marathon. Sheila continued to slowly nurse on my cock, as I watched the boy slowly ease his snake out of her pussy. She let out a loud groan as the head popped out and his cock hung down between his legs. I could see the cum ooze out of her pussy as her pussy muscles contracted in response the withdrawing cock.

Sheila sat up, supporting herself on her elbows, and introduced me to Terry, the office kid. Then she asked him to leave and that she would talk to him at the office in the morning. He tucked his still softeneing cock away and left. Sheila continued to hold me there by holding my hand. Once she heard the door shut as Terry left, she said, “Honey, would you be willing to do something for me that would turn me on immensely?” I said “What?” “Would you Please EAT ME?” “What, after another guy has fucked you?” “Yes baby OH PLEASE, IT’S ALL I’VE THOUGHT ABOUT”. I could tell how turned on she was and how much she wanted it. I’m not a homosexual, but I do like pleasing my wife. I walked around the table and grabbed a chair. As I sat down between her legs, she began to moan. I leaned forward and began tonguing her wet slit, gingerly at first, but as I heard her going crazy with lust and going into what seemed like a permanent orgasm, I became excited and ate her pussy with great gusto.

After three orgasms, Sheila pulled me up and clamped her thighs together I knew from experience that her clit had become too sensative to take anymore tongue lashing. As I looked down at her hot slit, my cock was hard as a rock, and just at the right height to enter her. I moved forward as she spread her legs and groaned as I easily slid into her well lubricated channel. My cock was immediately surrounded by thick wads of Terry’s cum that was up deep inside of her. It was too much for me to be able to slowly fuck her. I began to wildly thrust in and out of her as I felt my balls get ready to release.

Sheila, went absolutely wild when I shot into her. She bucked and shook and screamed her release. Even after my load had long been emptied into her, she lay on the table and trembled and shook for a solid 5 minutes. I had never seen her like that, prompting me to ask her if she was alright. She could only manage a faint smile and nod as she went into more minor convulsions in her pelvis. Her cunt muscles were gripping and releasing my cock frantically, trying to milk all of my juice out.

When I finally helped her get off of the table, her ass was completley soaked, and there was a huge puddle of cum and pussy juice on the table. She later told me that she had never felt such a strong orgasm as that last one.

Later that night in bed, she confided in me that her fantasy of being fucked by a black cock, included me catching her and then me sucking her after the guy had cum inside of her. She wouldn’t tell me that part for fear of repulsing me. Then she went on to tell me how she happened to be having sex with Terry when I walked in.

BY: Sheila Hadley

After having my husband watch me suck off our friend in the cellar, I was consumed and obsessed in making it happen again. I have had a fantasy to fuck a black guy ever since I was in highschool. But in those days if you did you got a bad reputation. So I never did live out my fantasy. When Terry started to work at our office, and I realized that he was always trying to peek up my skirt, I knew I could fuck him easily. But I never wanted to cheat on my husband.

I enjoyed leading Terry on at work, long before we started telling eachother fantasies at home. When I had on a low cut blouse, I would lean over enough for him to get a nice tit shot. Or if I had on a short skirt, I would “Accidentally” let him see some panty. One day about two or so, one of the young girls came into my office as white as a sheet, and told me that she had walked in on Terry in the store room while he was jerking off! She told me almost breathlessly that she had never seen such a huge cock in her life! This happened just before I blew Bill in the cellar. The girl went on to tell me that Terry had quickly put away his cock when he saw her, so I knew he hadn’t cum yet and was probably frustrated as hell at being caught and also vulnerable.

I summoned Terry into my office and discreetly locked the door behind him. I had also removed my panties before calling him in. I had him sit on the sofa and I pulled up a chair in front of him, being careful not to show him any pussy yet. I told him that one of my girls had walked in on him as he was masturbating and we could not tolerate such behavior. He was fearful of losing his job as I kept reprimanding him. Knowing that just before the girl caught him, he was in my office and I had flashed him some panty, I figured he was pumping off after looking up my skirt.

So I came right out and asked him if that was the case. He could only nod yes in response. My pussy was getting wet as I asked him if he would like to jerk off while looking at the real thing! I slowly alowed my legs to part and watched as his eyes got wider and wider as my bush came into view. I pulled up my skirt so he was able to see my bare ass and pussy. I slid my fingers into my slit and told him, “I want to see you jerk off” He didn’t hesitate a bit’ as I watched him uzip and pull an already 3/4 hard cock out of his fly. I stared in awe as I watched it grow to full size between his pumping hand.

I was so turned on by the size and shape of his cock, that I was about to cum. He was also hot as hell and as I started my orgasm, his cock began spurting like crazy. I couldn’t believe how much he shot. It made my cum even more intense to see him jerk off and shoot only 3 feet from me while I fingered my horny cunt for him.

We didn’t do anything else but clean up and go our separate ways for the rest of the week. The following Saturday was when I sucked Bill off in the cellar. On Monday, I told Terry that I wanted him to come home with me. He gladly agreed. I had no idea my husband was going to come home early. My plan was to introduce him to Terry and try to get things rolling from there.

Just before my husband came home and caught us, Terry and I were in the kitchen drinking a coke. I got up and went to the sink, and Terry got up behind me, reached around and cupped my tits and began rubbing his hardening cock against my ass as he nuzzled my neck. I’m a sucker for that kind of a move and was dripping in no time. I reached back and rubbed him through his pants. He backed off and took his cock out. It had no sooner cleared his zipper and I was on my knees with it in my mouth. I was a goner, I had to feel this magnifiscent muscle deep in my pussy.

I laid on the table and pulled up my skirt. I was unfortunately wearing panty hose. I went to remove them but Terry buried his face in my crotch and began licking me through the panty hose. This drove me nuts and I came rapidly. He had taken his teeth and torn the crotch open so his tongue slid into my slit. It was terriffic.

Then he stood and eased his magnifiscent tool into my aching pussy. He had just gotten it all in and was starting to pump when, I opened my eyes and saw my husband standing over me. I was shocked and scared of what he might do. When he sushed me and fed me his hard cock, I was in heaven. I had a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth. It hit me all of a sudden that I was realizing my fantasy of fucking a black guy and getting caught by my husband. Then the rest of hit me and as Terry asked permission to shoot in my pussy and my husband gave him permission, I was desperate to take the fantasy to the end if possible.

Once Terry filled me with his load, I had to get him out of there since I didn’t think my husband would go down on me with him there after he had just shot inside of me. When my husband went down on me and brought me to 3 beautiful orgasms, and then slid his cock into me with Terry’s cum still up inside of me, it was so overpoweringly erotic, that when he began shooting into me, I went into the most violent and longest orgasm ever! It took me the rest of the evening to recover, it was so good. I told my husband that he had fulfilled my fantasy and that I will never again want him to eat another man’s cum out of my pussy. So I’ll let him finish the story. Bye……

The reason I was so willing to go along with her request was the intense feeling of love and tenderness I had experienced with her as she was being fucked by Terry. When she asked me if he could cum in her, I knew she wanted desperately for him to orgasm inside of her. It also turned me on to no end being there as she was being ejaculated into by another guy.

Since that day, I have given Sheila permission to fuck Terry anytime, as long as she describes it to me. She has and always descibes what they did as we are slowly fucking. Its a terriffic turn on for both of us. We have had Terry over several times and he and I have both fucked and sucked Sheila to many orgasms. But true to her word Sheila has never asked me to repeat the pussy licking I gave her that day. Terry is in seventh heaven since he is only 19 and has only had one girl so far. He really appreciates a good looking piece of ass like Sheila. He often gets blow jobs at the office and quite often fucks Sheila on top of her desk, about 3 times a week.

If anything, this has drawn Sheila and I closer together than ever. Yesturday we drove Terry to the airport so he could fly out on vacation to see his family for Easter. Sheila was in the back seat with him on the way to the airport, giving him a goodbye blow job. Then she did the same to me on the way home…..WHAT A GAL!!!!!!!

We are going to look for a couple to swap with next. We’ll let you know how it cums out!!!!!!!!

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Sheila and Her Black Studs