Sherin enjoying breakup sex with Sameer

Hi everybody, this is Sameer. I am an Engineering Graduate, searching for Job, residing in Chennai. My life until now isnt going right. I am searching for job for an year after my graduation and still cant get one. While I am in my room, I received a text from my love, Sherin. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She lives in my native Thanjavur, and my distant relation.

Even though we were from different colleges, I was using every opportunity to see her and spend time with her. We are in love with each other for last 3 years.But she went to her native after our studies. I thought that I would tell her parents our love after I get a Job. I am still in Chennai separated from her for almost a year, connected only through SMS and Phone calls.


It was a tiring daysince I attended two interviews, in both didnt go right. I layed in my bed and took my phone. Phone showed My Princess : 2 Messages. I had saved Sherins contAct name like that. I didnt know how shocking it would be after reAding it. Message said, Hi Love, we are in big trouble. My father arranging my marriage. My mom handed me a photo of my relative boy.

This day wont go worse than this. I know that her parents didnt know about our love. So I thought I convince them before everything goes out of hand. I texted her back, Dont worry I will there at your home tomorrow. This is insane. I didnt think that this day would come soon.

My adrenaline was pumping, my tiredness got away in a second. It takes 6 hours train travel from Chennai to Thanjavur. My mind is calculating ways to convince her father. But no idea ended up well. I got dressed, locked my room and was charging towards auto stand. I didnt know whether this would end up well. I boarded that crowded train. I called her. Her voice was sick.

This saddened me a lot. I told her not to weep. I told her that I would convince her father next morning and everything would be better than before. She asked me if she would ask her father herself. I dont what would happen after that. I didnt want my princess to get hurt.I told her not to that before I come there. I had a really long travel that night. I could barely sleep.

I reached my native. I felt sad for Sherin. She would be weeping all day long and also trying to hide her sorrow from her parents. I dressed neatly and went to her house at 9. I rang the bell. In a moment, I could see my love Sherins face peeking through the window from her room. She was full of tears. It was a mixed feeling of happiness and sorry. I gestured her not to cry and be strong. Her mother opened the door.

I wished her mother,Hello Aunty, How are you?. Since I not around my native for a long time she was puzzled. But She asked me, Are you Sameer?. I thought god is in my side. Me:Yes Aunty. Aunty: It was a longtime since I had seen you. I know you came to this house when you are 8 years old. Now come back here after you have become a man. Finally, I was getting a feel that this would go in my way.

As I talked to her mother, She was telling about her relation with my mom and history like every old lady would do if they get a person like me. I saw Sherin was peeking at me from the stairs and listening to the conversation. After a long speech about history between our families, she asked me the reason for my sudden visit?. I told her that I love her daughter Sherin and I want to marry her.

I dont know how those words came out my mouth in split second. But I am happy that it came out. Aunt gave me a confused look. Her mood totally changed. She told me slowly Sorry Sameer. I dont know what to say. You know me and my husband have already found a boy for Sherin. We like him very much.So please erase those thoughts from your mind.

I expected this answer from her but not this gesture. I thought she would storm at me, scold me and throw me out of the house for asking that. I told her, I could be a perfect pair for your daughter. You Know, even she loves me”.

That kind expression of her is now changing in to tyrant. She went towards the stairs and shouted her name. She came down the stairs with full of tears in her face. Aunt understood the reality from her daughters face. She turned towards me, sat on sofa and asked me, What you are doing?. This is the question which haunts every unemployed graduates in India. Now it found me.

She again asked me the same question seeing me putting my face down. I told her, that I have attended interviews in several companies and waiting for offer letters from them. Aunt:That means? Me:I am searching for Job?

Aunt then showed me her cheap look and said, Going find your own life, then think about giving life to a girl. Get out of my house. She also warned me,Never tell this to her father, He may not harm you, but will be ready kill her own daughter. My mind is very disturbed and no words came out my mouth. Actually I lost my right to talk there. I finally realized this wont go in my way anyway.

I showed my sorry look to Sherin. She suddenly started to cry loudly. As I walked toward the door, I saw Aunt pull Sherin up over the stairs. I felt very cowardly. I felt like I am totally waste and good for nothing.

It has been a week since I came to Chennai to fight my war towards getting Employed. I texted a lot telling her sorry. But didnt get any reply. OneDay I got a message from Sherin : Dont feel bad about this. Maybe god have other ideas. My marriage is fixed on Wednesday. I want to meet you once before that. I instantly replied, Sorry dear. I cant forget you. I am coming to you right now.

I didnt have a second thought. Packed my things and went to my native place. Since the marriage is about to happen in three days, her house is flooded with relatives. Even my family attended the marriage. This gave me a slight advantage to meet her without getting caught by her mom and dad. It was 11:30pm. I trespassed her compound and climbed to the first floor.

I hid myself in dark and texted her.Me: Where are you? I am at your house. I got the reply immediately. She:Go to the store room. I left its window opened. I slowly crept through the Store Room. Its door is locked outside. But windows is left open. I entered the store room.

Within five minutes she too came inside the store room and closed the windows and latched it. It was dark inside once she closed the store room. She switched on the lamp, and turned to me. She stared at me with lots of tears. I told her, Please Sherin. Dont cry. It makes me feel more guilty for betraying you.

She covered our 6 feet distance in blink of an eye and smashed into me hugging me and burying her face into my chest. I put my hands around her back and pushed her inside me more. It was an awesome feeling. I thought of losing what could be a greatest gift in my life. We remained in that position for around ten minutes. My hands were crawling all over back, pushing her more into me.

She took her face off my chest and kissed chest over my T-Shirt. I kissed her back on her forehead, cheek, neck, shoulder, chin and nose and looked at her face. Her face looked too bright even in low lamp light. She spoke: Its hard to believe this is the last time we are together. Me: I never thought our love would break.

She asked me, Please make this night memorable,please. I got what she wants. I have decided all love to her. I moved my lips towards her lips. We never lip locked before. She was too shy to do that, and I would tell her that one day this would happen. I never thought this would happen on our last day. I moved my lips towards her lips and stopped a little distance from hers.

She leaned forward, and touched my lips. Then its my time to take care of. I sipped both her lips at once. and then slowly took her upper lip and made it wet with my tongue. Then I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. We liplocked for almost 10 minutes. She crawled my hands inside my T-shirt. I slowly with one hand removed my TShirt. I was Kissing her boobs over her Salwar.

While my hands clunched her ass and kneaded them. She was almost got her body stiff and relaxed. I found her got orgasm by treating both boobs and ass. So I continued my duty. She stopped me and removed her Salwar and Bra. I was astonished by her beauty. She had a perfectly round boobs which pointed away. I cant control my urge.

I pushed her over the cloth bags arranged like cushion bed. I immediately placed both hands on her boobs and my face between her boobs. I pushed both her boobs towards my face and crushed it. I slowly place my right hand over hear panties and kneaded her ass and put my mouth on her naked nipple and sucked it like a baby.

She moved my hands over to my hair and pushed my head at her boobs. I started chocked by boobs all over face. I then moved my hand into her panty and pulled all downwards toward the knee.While having her right boob in my mouth, l right hand in left boob, I explored her infinity with my left hand. I slowly gently moved my fingers all over the place around her wet pussy.

Then I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy. Since convulsed already it was wet and greasy. I inserted my finger fully inside and started finger fucking her. All this time, my tongue had made both her boobs wet and shiny by licking it continuously. When I lifted my head off her boobs, she moved me away and started kissing me all over chest, biceps, abs and moved towards my brother.

He was already rock hard and hot waiting to cooled. She kissed my cock slowly, but my brother wanted more. So I leaned forward and her head with one head and pushed my brother into her mouth. She understood what I wanted and started blowing it, and made it wet all the way. I ejaculated my load inside her mouth. I found that she doesnt like it.

So I hugged her again with she sitting over my thighs. I buried my face over her boobs and stayed like that. She then asked me to fuck her. But I was hesitant, that she may get pregnant. She herself held my cock and stroked it to make it hard again. From that sitting poistion she raised slightly and tried to insert it into her pussy.

The cock head got in but she cant make it to go in fully. I smiled at her efforts. She smiled back. That was the smile I am seeing on her face after a long time And I am gonna cherish that for my lifetime. I hugged her tightly with cock head in and rolled to position myself over her in missionary position. Since I found her boobs are more sensual, I placed one hand on floor for support and one hand over her boob.

I slowly pushed my cock into her and started kneading her boobs. She closed her eyes and enjoying it. I slowly raised the speed and fucked her. She was giggling and enjoying that. I believed that noise wont pass outside from that store room. So let her laugh.After fucking for about 10 minutes after she got orgasm.

And I continued another two a minute and pulled my brother out before he spits his seeds into her hole. We laid hugging each other for another hour. We dressed each other. While dressing, I teased her through kissing her boobs and kneading her ass, for which she laughed naughtily.

We slept in each others arms. After she slept I decided to leave her before she wakes up. Last thing She wanted from me is a happy night stay with me which I fulfilled.

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Sherin enjoying breakup sex with Sameer

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