Shilpa’s Affair with Neighbour – Sex Stories

Shilpa’s Affair with Neighbour – Sex Stories

Three days passed, uncle didn’t show up. I was sitting in my room when I heard a knock on the door. Mom was in the hall, busy with her students, giving them music lessons. She was wearing pink coloured saree with matching blouse. She opened the door and chatted with someone outside and closed the door. She started with her music again but was not concentrating. After five minutes I heard a knock on the door again. Mom opened the door and uncle came in. He sat on the couch and told mom to continue. Her students were children from our society. And it was birthday of one of them on that day. Mom had decided to celebrate the birthday and they had arranged for the cake. Mom called me. After cutting the cake, mom fed all the students and reached uncle to feed the cake, but realising my presence, she just handed him a piece. They decided to play something, uncle suggested hide and seek.”Sorry mom, but I have work to finish… you continue…and please don’t disturb me…” I left for my room as I didn’t want to disturb uncle and mom. I started computer and cameras were at work again.After some time it was uncle’s turn to find them. They had switched off the lights. Mom was hiding in the kitchen, under the dining table. Uncle reached there and pulled her out grabbing her ankle. He locked the kitchen door from inside and switched on the light.

“Not now Vinod… Please try to understand… Ajit is….” mom said while standing up.

“Just one kiss… Shilpa… please….” uncle pulled her close and planted a kiss on her forehead. Mom stood on her toes and pulled uncle’s head down, kissing him on his lips, passionately. Uncle grabbed her ass from behind and pulled her towards kitchen counter. Pressing her against the counter, he pulled the pallu of her saree aside and kissed her on the cleavage. Putting her on the counter, he pressed her boobs together from sides. Mom inhaled as much air as she could, which made her chest more prominent. Uncle increased pressure and looked at her.

“aaahhhhhh ……bas karo Vinod… nahi niklega doodh…”

“Oh really…? Let me try again…” uncle said pressing even harder. He licked her boobs and left her. He kneeled down and spread her legs. He lifted her saree and gathered it around her knees. Then he lifted her leg catching her anklet and kissed her toe, giving her goose-bumps. Mom shivered as uncle continued kissing her leg.

They were startled by a knock on the door. Uncle reached at her knees and pulled her down to stand up and turned her around. He pushed her suddenly; she supported herself putting her elbows on the counter. Uncle pulled her saree all the way up to her waist and took hold of her panties.

“Vinod, what are you doing…. leave me….” mom tried to stop him. She tried to push his hand away but uncle pulled her panties down to her ankles.

“That’s my trophy….” uncle said and looked at mom, she stepped out. Uncle took her panties in his hand and sniffed it looking at her. Then he folded it neatly and put it in his pocket. Mom checked her clothes and opened the door. Mom asked all the students to leave. Uncle too left after kissing her.

Days after, one evening, mom was getting ready for dandiya night. She wore a red coloured chiffon saree and sleeveless blouse. She was looking beautiful and hot. She applied red lipstick and added some jewellery. Her hands were looking beautiful with mehendi and bangles. She emptied almost half bottle of scent on her body. She was looking like a newlywed bride. Then she took her phone and dialled a number. She waited for a few seconds and then threw the phone on the bed. I heard the main door open and uncle came in. I wondered how he had the keys. He entered mom’s room directly. He looked at her and adjusted the bulge in his pants. Mom had noticed it before him. He stood there with his mouth open. Mom checked herself in the mirror again. Uncle walked towards her and touched her upper back.

“Aaj to suhagrat manake rahenge…. kya kehti ho jaan… (Today we will celebrate first night) ” uncle said kissing her on her back.

“I’m getting late… Vinod. Let’s go. Aur waise bhi aaj Ajit gharpe hai… so…no plans… ok? (Ajit is home tonight… so… no plans)” Mom said leaving her room. They left in our car. Mom was driving.

I waited for the night. I was standing in the balcony when I saw the car coming back at around midnight. Uncle was in the driver’s seat. Mom walked towards stairs. Uncle locked the car and followed mom. They reached third floor and mom opened the door.

“Good night, Vinod…” mom waited for him to leave. Uncle went upstairs. Mom came in closing the door behind her. She entered her room and switched off the lights. Nothing happened for 20 minutes. It was disappointing for me. I came out of my room and peeked in mom’s room. She was asleep. She had not changed her clothes. I thought for a while and took mom’s phone and dialled uncle’s number. I was speechless as it showed uncle’s name as ‘luv’. I gave a missed call and went in my room. I switched off the lights and waited.

I heard the main door open within minutes. Uncle closed the door and peeked inside my room. He closed the door from outside and locked it. I came out in the balcony, common to mom’s room and started looking in mom’s room through the small window.

Uncle entered mom’s room and locked the door from inside. He switched the night lamp on. He sat beside her on the bed after setting his video cam on a table.

“I knew Shilpa…. You wanted this to happen tonight… I knew it….. The way you kissed me in the car…. the way you were trying to seduce me…. the way you looked at me while dancing…. I knew it…. the way you removed your panties and handed it to me when we left…. what a slut you are, Shilpi … I love you and I’m not going to disappoint you…” he was talking, his fingers playing with her hair. Then he started playing with her bellybutton. I knew that would wake her up and it did. Mom suddenly woke up and pushed uncle, she jumped out of the bed. Uncle caught her and covered her mouth before she yelled.

“Vinod….? What are you doing here…..? I told you… Ajit is home.” Mom said as uncle made her sit on the bed. He smiled, thinking she was acting.

“Shut up baby… you can’t play this game with me.” uncle kissed her on her hand.

“But Ajit …..”Mom couldn’t continue as uncle put his finger on her lips.

“Ajit is asleep and I’ve locked his door, Shilpa. Aur waise bhi aaj suhagrat hai hamari… ghar ke log disturb nahi karenge….” he laughed playing with her pallu. Mom was convinced and ready to enjoy her second Suhagrat.

“Vinod… ji…. to phir ho jaane do…” mom said. Uncle sat next to her and waited.

“Wait a minute….” said mom and opened the door. I thought she wanted to check me. Uncle asked her if she was going to check my room. She said no and went in the kitchen.

Uncle waited, sitting in a chair. Mom came in after ten minutes with milk filled glass and a burning candle in her hand. She wanted it perfect. She put it on the stool near the night lamp. Then she sat on the bed and covered her head with the pallu like a traditional Indian newlywed bride does at first night. Uncle took the hint and sat in front of her. He slowly lifted her pallu and looked at her. Mom looked at him and handed him the milk. Uncle took a sip and then offered mom. Mom took one and they repeated it twice. A drop of milk was hanging from mom’s lower lip, uncle kissed it. Then he took another sip and pulled mom closer. Mom opened her mouth taking the hint and drank the milk from his mouth. Uncle then dipped his fingers in the remaining milk and mom sucked it from his fingers. A modest woman a few weeks before, was now turned into a slut.Uncle laid mom on the bed and asked her to close her eyes while he unbuttoned his shirt. Now he was wearing only his denim jeans. Mom was still in her evening attire. He pulled the pallu of her saree and left it aside. Her boobs were in front of him now, confined in bra and blouse. Uncle bent on her and kissed her boobs through the blouse.

He unhooked her blouse and pulled it off her chest, mom helped him remove it completely. He was looking at her black lace bra. He wasn’t pressing her boobs yet. Uncle kissed her stomach and bellybutton. Her body was shaking by now. He untucked her saree from her waist with a jerk.

“Vinod…..” mom exclaimed. Uncle continued pulling her saree. She lifted her ass to help him undrape.

“Wifey hates saree….” He removed her saree and threw it on the floor. Now she was in black petticoat and bra.

“yes hubby…..” mom responded. I was speechless. Uncle reached the foot end of bed and sucked mom’s toes. She curled her toes as he reached each toe. Then he unhooked her anklets and threw them on the floor. Mom was turned on so much that she would allow him anything. Uncle came up again and tried to untie her petticoat. Mom loosened it a bit to help uncle. He threw it on the floor with the saree. She was naked underneath as her pantie was already with uncle.

“Wow… you’ve cleaned it…. for your hubby…. ” uncle said with lustful eyes. She had cleaned her bush for uncle. I was looking her pussy for the first time. Her beautiful, creamy pussy gave me a hard on.

“She is going to get some damage tonight…” uncle said caressing her pussy lightly. I knew his intentions.

“Oh… what are you going to do to her…. Vinod?” mom asked him playfully, unaware of his sex drive.

“I’m going to teach her some lesson…. for teasing me all these days…”uncle said with some anger.

“Look she is already crying….” mom hinted she was wet with her juices.

“She is going to cry like that for all the night….” uncle said collecting some nectar from her cunt on his finger. He shoved his finger in her mouth, mom sucked on it reluctantly. Uncle climbed on the bed and positioned himself on her stomach with his knees on both sides of her body. He massaged her boobs through the bra for five minutes and when she was lost in the pleasure, yanked her bra off her boobs suddenly. Mom looked at him surprisingly, she was breathing heavily now. Her boobs were firm with brown nipples, standing erect. Uncle left them and removed her remaining jewellery. Mom was now completely naked in front of this animal, except her bangles and mangalsutra.

“I want to see my gift….. Vinod….” mom looked at his bulge and said.

“Are you sure…. Shilpa?” uncle teased him. He pulled her to sit on the edge of the bed and stood in front of her. Mom unbuckled his belt as fast as she can and stopped before she unbuttoned his jeans.

“Let me guess…….. ummm 6 inches…. right hubby?” mom said touching uncle’s bulge for the first time. She rubbed his cock through his pants. He unbuttoned it and pulled mom’s face close to his bulge before unzipping.

“I can’t wait,Shilpa…” uncle said in desperation. Mom pulled the zip down and in one swift motion pulled uncle’s jeans to his knees.

“Oh my god…. Vinod…. I can’t…… I mean…. What is this…?” mom was shocked to see his monster. “Vinod… that’s too big… ” . Uncle asked her to shut up. I could see fear in her eyes now.

“Get him ready, Shilpa…. for your pussy…. she is crying…” uncle said naughtily, pulling mom’s face close to it.

“What are you doing, Vinod? I have never done this….. I won’t take it in my mouth…” mom pushed him away.

“Come on shilpa…. there is always a first time…. ” uncle tried to convince her.

“No Vinod… I’m sorry… I can’t do that…” mom resisted. Now uncle couldn’t wait. He gathered her silky hair in one hand and pulled them back; mom arched her back and looked at him, shocked.

“Listen Shilpa…. I don’t want to hurt you… and I’m doing this because you only started this…. you’ve been playing this game with me for weeks…” uncle pressed his cock on her lips; mom opened her mouth with watery eyes. She caught his cockhead between her lips and looked at him. She was trying to please him now as he was angry. She wrapped her fingers around it and was amazed to notice that its girth was more than the length of her fingers. It was almost the same size as her wrist. She pulled the foreskin back with other hand. Now she was holding his cock with her fists and started licking its head. Then she tried to take it in her mouth. She could take only half its length inside. Uncle held her head and pushed more. Her jaw started aching. His monster was still growing, almost 8 and half inches now. Mom was trembling now as she realised she was in trouble now. Mom’s beautiful, manicured hand, long fingers with her diamond ring were contrasting with his black monster. Then he himself laid on the bed and pulled mom with him. He was handling her like a toy.

“Come on, my fuck doll…” he said as he pulled her, the animal in him was coming out, watching my beautiful mom, naked for the first time. He positioned her in 69 position and mom started sucking his cock again. Uncle gave her cunt lips a sharp lick. Mom shuddered at his first lick and started trembling as uncle started licking her pussy, slurping her lips. She couldn’t concentrate on his cock, uncle lifted his hips and pushed her head down, entering her mouth. He pushed his tongue in her cunt lips, spreading them with his fingers. Mom was shaking heavily now. I couldn’t see clearly but the way she was struggling on his rod, she was reaching her orgasm, first one of the night.

“Aaaahhhhh….. Vinod….. Please….” mom said while giving uncle quick licks. Her lipstick had turned his cock light red. Uncle must have touched her clit. He was moving his tongue rapidly now. Mom pulled his foreskin back and pushed her tongue on his pee-hole. Uncle responded by pushing his tongue deep in her cunt.

“Your cunt tastes great Shilpa…. and it’s so tight…… I can lick it whole night….” uncle teased mom.

“And your…. ummm…. your shaft is a monster Vinod….” mom said holding his cock in both her hands while 3 inches of it still stood out of mom’s grips.

“Yes mam… you can call him cock…. dick…. or lund…..” uncle said pushing her head down again.

“Yes ….. Your……..cock…. ” mom couldn’t continue as uncle thrust his cock again, he was turned on completely by the dirty talk from a modest, beautiful, happily married housewife, with her son sleeping in next room. He pulled her cunt lips apart, and sucked on her clit.

“Your clit is like a small dick, shilpa…. how come it’s so big…..”Uncle asked sucking continuing his assault on her clit.

“Vikram…… urrrgghhhh….. Used to……. pull it….. Aaahhhh…..With his teeth…always…. he worked on my…. clit…. aaahhhh ….for years…” mom told uncle how my dad, Vikram, was addicted to her clit. Uncle did the same to her clit and mom almost jolted with the pleasure. Uncle put his hands on her hips and told her to keep quiet, he started fluttering his tongue on her clit, mom convulsed as she reached her orgasm, and uncle continued his assault through the orgasm to another one.

“Oh my god…… Vinod…… aaaahhhhhh….. Oh my god….. Oh my…. Vinod….. Please stop…. please… Vinod….. aaahhhh” she was yelling like anything. Uncle stopped after giving her clit enough attention. Mom calmed down but was still jerking her body, every 3-4 seconds, lying on bed. Uncle was looking at her and smiling sadistically as he massaged his cock, sitting next to her.

“Are you ready for more, Shilpa….?” uncle asked mom standing up on the floor.

“Vinod…. you are too big… I can’t take it…..” mom was afraid of his size.

“Asli chudai to abhi baki hai Shilpa…. you will love it…. ” Uncle positioned her on her back. “You won’t forget this night, Shilpa…. I’m going to make it special for you….. Just enjoy the fuck of your life…..” uncle continued, he positioned himself to sit between her legs, spreading them wide.

“Shilpa ki Chudai…. ha ha ha ha….. Just enjoy mam……” uncle pushed one finger in her cunt as he said that. Mom opened her mouth and looked away from him.

“Why are you shying away bitch….now…. after doing all this…..” uncle added another finger, in and out, he continued, “you seduced me…. removed your panties and gave to me… you danced all the evening like that… seducing me…. why are you shy to do this now…. Shilpa…..” he added third finger, “you are a tight cunt…. bitch… a virgin…. how come it’s so stretched…. look it’s gripping my fingers like a rubber band….”

“Kegel exercise…. Vinod… aaaaahhhhh…. … It’s called Kegel exercise…. I do it as a part of yoga…aaaahhhhh” mom said enjoying the finger fuck. Uncle increased the pace now, “Your Kegel exercise will be rewarded now, Shilpa dear….. You are going to thank yourself….” mom was close to another orgasm but uncle stopped suddenly. He licked his fingers dry and slapped mom’s cuntlips lightly making her gasp.

“Please don’t hurt me Vinod ji…” mom was trembling.

“Now shut up….. You cunt” uncle was angry, but he was controlling his emotion, as he didn’t want to miss this chance, to fuck the shit out of his dream girl.

Uncle took his cock in his hand, sipped some nectar from mom’s cunt and smeared it on his cockhead. He angled his cock and touched the inside of her thighs, rubbing his cock while moving upwards so slowly. He was teasing her now. Mom moved her head sideways. He wanted her to ask for it.

“Vinod…. please…..” mom cried out and reached for his cock, uncle threw her hand away.

“Yes Shilpa…. tell me….” uncle rubbed his cock on her other thigh, so close to her pussy, never touching it.

“Vinod….. Please….. Don’t…. tease me….” mom was shivering now. Uncle continued teasing. He caught her nipples in his fingers and pinched hard. Mom lifted her head, looked at her nipples with watery eyes, standing erect, uncle’s cock on her thigh, her legs spread wide, and at last at uncle.

“Say it Shilpa…. come on….” uncle held her boobs in his hands with the erect nipples. He pressed the boobs together and licked both the nipples, and then caught one in his teeth, looking at her. Tears started flowing from the corners of her eyes. She wanted it, but was shy to say it. Uncle increased pressure with his teeth and crushed other breast with his hand. Mom was totally sexed up; she was turned into a nymph now. Uncle left her boobs and took his cock in his hand and directed it at het cunt, just touching the top of her thigh. He moved a bit up and mom clenched her teeth and squealed as he reached her cunt. He entered his cockhead in her cunt lips and moved it up and down, making it wet with mom’s juices.

“Ohhhhh……… god….. Vinod…..” mom exclaimed as uncle’s purple head touched her clit, she tried to close her legs, uncle moved them away again.

Finally mom gave up, she lost all her inhibitions and yelled at uncle, pulling uncle’s hip closer,

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Shilpa’s Affair with Neighbour – Sex Stories