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Shobha bhabhi’s story of her sex with Rakesh bhaiya

Shobha bhabhi’s story of her sex with Rakesh bhaiya

Narrated by Akash

Hi friends, it’s me, Akash. Last time in episode 9, you guys read about how we talked after getting some alone time with my sweet Shobha bhabhi. I also got the golden opportunity to give her a tempting leg massage.

Those legs and thighs of hers were which I admired all day long. Just gave me touch as much as I want. I was so overwhelmed with joy, and obviously, I was hoping for some more fun with her. But to be honest, she isn’t like an easy catch.

She loves to tease me a lot. She loves to play her seductress game a lot. But I still wasn’t able to actually make out what’s in her mind. After the massage session, we planned to order some food from outside as I guess she was too lazy to cook after getting a massage from me.

I was still sitting in my place and listening to her, hiding my boner that I got after all the touching and admiring of her nude legs and thighs. She knew it too but didn’t make it a big deal.

She went back to her room, saying, “Well, Rakesh will be going out of town tomorrow. So we have plenty of time to talk about much more interesting stuff.” I knew she was teasing me. But still, I was so excited.

But as she said, I should hold on to my patience too. I kept watching her as she continued to walk to her room. Her sexy smooth, silky legs were in motion. Her ass not visible in her tiny baby doll dress, cute and sexy as hell.

I just wished if I was Rakesh right now. I would have fucked every hole of her again and again. I admired her and almost drooled in my nasty thoughts. She suddenly turned back as she reached her room door. She found me checking her out with my lust-filled eyes.

I was unaware that while I was staring her from her back. My hand was already on my hardness, rubbing it over my shorts. Her gaze on my shorts made me realize it. I immediately took off my hand. On my stupid quick reflex, she laughed.

She said: I guess you should have some alone time for yourself before making a mess in your clothes.

Wow, did she just say I should just jerk and relax? Every time with her words, she was taking a step ahead. Now she’s talking about me having alone time and not make a mess in my clothes.

Once again, making me mad with her words, she went in. But then she did not lock it this time. I kept looking at her door. Then she opened the door slightly, put her head out and said to me: Akash, come here. I have something for you.

I jumped off my couch, expecting something ‘BIG,’ and walked to her. As I reached her, she brought her hand out towards me with a closed fist.

She said: Well, I should pay you something for that beautiful massage, right? Don’t tell anyone. Here’s your reward, boy. But make sure you return it back after its use.

I raised my hand, and she dropped the thing she was holding. Fucking hot, it was her panty that she was wearing. Yeah. It was the same red panty she was wearing, still a little warm and moist.

I looked at her with a heavy blood rush all through my body. She smiled and winked to say: And yeah, don’t make any mess in it. I need to wear it back when your work is done. Now go and finish your job.

She winks and then pouts her lips, making a kiss shape, and says: Enjoy!

She closed her door. I stood for a few seconds at her door, reconstructing what just happened. She really gave her worn panty to me to have a good time. Wow! I ran with it straight to my room and then to the washroom.

I took off my shorts and sat on the commode. All I did for the next 10-15 minutes was to stroke my cock while sniffing her woman essence till I cum hard. So that was the smell of my sister-in-law. She smelled so sweet sexy, and really naughty.

After some 10-15 minutes, I finish off my dirty work and then lay down on my bed for some minutes. I was wondering about what is going on. My sister-in-law is talking naughty stuff to me. She is open to sharing her sexual thoughts with me.

Now she offers me her worn panty to help me to have a good time. I was day-dreaming more stuff about my Shobha and me now. What all we are going to do in the next few days when Rakesh won’t be here. Suddenly I was brought back from my thoughts as I heard the doorbell ringing.

I got up and hid her panty under my pillow and went out to check who is at the door. As I got out of my room, Shobha came out of her room. But now, she was wearing the same gown that she had earlier. She indicates to me to stop and say: Wait, I will check who it is.

As she opens the door, I saw a tall, beautiful woman. Wow, once again, a new face. She was fair and had a beautiful smile. But as my balls were empty now, I wasn’t having the same feelings towards a woman as I had earlier. Maybe coz I was relieved now.

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Shobha greets her: Hi Shradha! How are you? It’s been so long seeing you.

So that’s her name Shradha, as beautiful as she looks.

Shradha: I was going out for some work. I still have some time, so I thought to meet you once.

She raised her eye to see me standing inside, and then she continued: I thought you might be alone, so I thought it would be nice to see you.

Shobha: Yeah, sure, dear, come inside.

While she was getting in, she whispers to Shobha: So, who is he?

Shobha looks back at me and then says: Oh, meet Akash. He is Rakesh’s younger brother.

Shradha: Ok! You mean your brother-in-law.

As they come inside, Shobha introduces me to her and says: Akash, meet my friend Shradha.

I smiled back at them both with a blush.

Shradha: Is he shy kind of?

Shradha: Hahaha! A lot!

Shradha smiled at me and sat on the couch. Shobha sat with her. She turned to me and said: Why don’t you sit here, Akash?

I was a bit dried out of my mood to be with females again. So, I said: No, it’s fine; you guys take your time. I will go finish some of my work.

As I was turned back to my room, Shobha stopped me and said: Wait, if your work is done, let me know. I want it back.

I knew she was talking about her panty. But she was asking it while her friend was here. I was not getting the words to reply to her.

She said to Shradha: He took my laptop for some work. Hope he has finished his work with it.

I now knew how to reply to her and said: I will give it back in some minutes.

Shobha, with a naughty smile, says: So still working on it?

Me: Ye, yeah!

Shobha: It’s ok. Take your time.

I went back to my room and then smiled to myself, thinking how naughty my sister-in-law can be. Almost some 40 minutes later, I heard the sound of the main door opening and closing. I thought Shradha must have left, so I peeked out.

She was gone, and Shobha was walking back to her room. She saw me peeking and said: Don’t sneak like a thief. She’s gone now.

I walked out with a shy smile as she caught me for sneaking.

Shobha: It’s going to be 2. What shall I order for lunch?

I reply with a flirt: Anything you suggest. I won’t mind having anything while you are around.

Shobha: In that case, I will order 2 bottles of water for you.

Me: Ha-ha, no, I was kidding. I am hungry, indeed.

Shobha: Then stop flirting and say what you want?

Me: Well I am new to this place, so you suggest something delicious.

Shobha: Ok, then I will order something from KFC, is that fine?

Me: Oh, nice, perfect.

Shobha: By the way, if you are done with my laptop, you can give it back to me now.

I laugh and say: Hahaha! God damn bhabhi, you are really naughty and clever. Seriously that was a good one. You place the order, I will get it.

I went back to my room to pick her panty. When I got back, she was making a call. Maybe she was making the order. I showed her panty. She grabbed it with her right hand while her left hand was busy with her phone. Initially, I did not leave my hold on her panty.

She pulls it to herself and then says: Let it go. It might get stretched.

I left it off with a smile, and she started talking on her phone.

Shobha: Yeah, hello, I have an order to place,

She was busy talking on the phone while I stood and watched. To my surprise, she bends over and puts one foot in her panty. Then I realized she was wearing it, right in front of me?

She pulls it up inside her gown. Then, holding it over her gown, she pulls it up, wriggling her hips. Then she stood up, giving me a smile, and talking on the call. Fuck, that was hot actually to watch her wear her panty right in front of me.

Then I thought all this time while she was with her friend, she was not wearing one. I stood right there motionless, comprehending what I saw. She cuts the call after placing the order and says: What happened to you?

I collected my words and replied: Aaa, nothing, were you roaming around till now without it?

Shobha: It? Hahaha! It what?

Me: Your panty.

Shobha laughs and walks past me to the living couch while saying: What’s in that? You didn’t know right, in the morning when you showed up, I was in my sleep shirt, remember?

She turns back to me and continues: Actually, I wasn’t wearing anything else other than that one shirt.

Fuck was she really? I thought to myself.

She drops back herself on the couch and says: 20 minutes or less, so we can watch something or talk till the food arrives.

For a few minutes, we were silent. She was scrolling over the TV channels. I was in my own thoughts, of her walking in front of me in her sleep shirt with nothing inside as she said.

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Suddenly she breaks the silence and says: Why are you so silent? By now, I know you aren’t one of the silent natured guys.

Me: I, I don’t know, hmmm. Does Rakesh come home by 7 or 8 pm every day?

Shobha: Yeah, why?

Me: Nothing, just asked.

Shobha: Maybe today he will be home early. He’s leaving for Mumbai tomorrow.

Me: Aww, so is his flight in the early morning tomorrow?


Shobha smiles and says: No, Not so early. His flight is at 9:30, but, you know, like he is going for 2-3 days so.

She didn’t continue, so I asked: So, so what?

Shobha: Hmmm, You are so dumb, actually. Don’t you get it?

Then I got what she meant and said: Ok! So that’s why he might be early today.

Shobha: Yeah! Now I guess you got it. For a few days, he won’t see me. His affections will be a little more tonight.

Me: Damn, I really envy Rakesh now. He is so lucky.

Shobha sits, crossing her legs, and say: Why?

Me: Lucky as I said to have a wife like you. What else a man needs?

Shobha: Why do you keep saying that? What’s that you saw in me actually?

Me: By the way, how is your sister? You told me about her in the morning.

Shobha: Why? Why you wanna know about her suddenly?

Me: Nothing, just asked for a conversation.

Shobha: Ok, but you skipped my question.

Me: What? Which question?

Shobha: What’s that you saw in me so special that you keep saying Rakesh is lucky?

Me: Hmmm, What can I say? Words won’t be enough.

Shobha raises her left eyebrow and says: Tell me! You can’t escape now.

I collected my words and said: You, you are just a bomb, bhabhi. You’re really a hot and sexy woman.

Shobha smirks and says: Seriously, a bomb? Do you think that?

Me: Absolutely, 1st class bombshell you are. I don’t think anyone can resist you.

Shobha: Resist from what?

Me: Don’t mind my words, but no one can resist thinking of not taking you to the bed once they see you.

It was clear she wasn’t offended but enjoyed what I said. Her hands were resting on her belly and slowly stroking her thumb at the bottom of her boob over her gown.

She laughed and said: Hahaha! Ok, and what else?

Me: And you love sex, and you are naughty as well. What else a man need? Who would not want you?

Shobha: Ok, ok, I liked that explanation. Well, for your information, even Shivani is like me. Do you want me to talk to her?

She had a naughty grin as she said that about her sister Shivani.  Her words and grinning face forced me to blush.

I said: What do you mean when you said she is like you?

Shobha: Just like me, don’t make me brief it, get it yourself.

Me: So you mean even she is sexy like you and…

Shobha: And? And what, say it.

Me: Is she a hot and sexy lady like you? I mean, with a good desire for sex?

Shobha couldn’t hide her laugh when she saw how shy I was. She replied: Ha-ha! Yeah, she, too, loves sex a lot.

Me: So, that means you both sisters share your sex tales with each other?

Shobha: Yeah, it’s common among us, we do. She’s just 3 years younger than me, and we have been sharing everything from our childhood. I see suddenly you are interested in her now, are you?

Me: Ha-ha! No, nothing like that.

Shobha: Shall I ask her to come down tomorrow? You can meet her too.

The offer was mind-blowing, but the thought of a sudden meet with her sister made me nervous, and said: No-no, not so soon. I don’t know, maybe later.

Shobha: Ha-ha! Are you shy, or are you nervous?

I thought it would be better to change the topic from her sister’s topic and concentrate on my sister-in-law.

I said: So, tonight, I guess Rakesh is going to…

Shobha: Going to… what?

Me: Going to have fun with you.

Shobha: Fun? Ha-ha! Yeah, you better try to sleep early. Maybe you won’t get a good sleep later.

Me: Why? Why would I not get a good sleep?

She blushes and smiles as she says: You know, when we hmmm, make love, we just forget the rest of the world. Often we are loud, Ha-ha! Especially I am.

My dick throbbed as she said she is loud while having sex.

Me: No issues for me, I will just enjoy some live audio porn, ha-ha!

Shobha: Ha-ha! So you mean you even enjoy audio porn? Hahaha!

Me: No, Nothing like that, but I just said it.

She stared at me in silence and thought something for a few seconds.

Then suddenly says: Wanna watch?

A sudden thrill ran in my veins as she said that. But I wasn’t sure what she meant so I asked: What? See what?

Shobha bit her bottom lips and said: Rakesh and Me!

Me: You and Rakesh? Please be specific before I think of something else.

Shobha licks her bottom lips and said: Wanna see me with Rakesh? Wanna see how your brother fucks me?

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There I was clear of what she meant. Now it wasn’t just a thrill, but a wave of hot blood was rushing in my every single vein. A rush of excitement crawled all over my body when she said, “How my brother fucks her.”

I said: Oh yeah, but how, I, no, I mean sorry!

Shobha: Ha-ha! Stop that. You are not good at hiding your excitement.

I stroked my hand on my forehead to wipe sweat and said: What can I do? You just said such a thing.

Shobha: You don’t need to fake things, just be honest. Now listen to me. So you wanna watch?

Me: Aa, well, mmm!

She suddenly says in a bit higher pitch: Yes or no!

Me: Yes!

Shobha: Hmmm, good. Let’s do some drama tonight. Are you ready?

Me: Drama? What drama?

Shobha: A drama in which you won’t be here when Rakesh returns home in the evening.

Me: What! Why? Where will I be then?

Shobha: Oh, god! That’s what the drama you have to play, dear.

Me: Ok, So you want me to act as if I am not at home.

Shobha: Yeah, smart head. When he arrives, you just hide in your room.

Me: I don’t think that will work, bhabhi. Rakesh won’t take a moment to realize that I am in my room.

Shobha: Why? How will he come to know if you are hiding in your room or not?

Me: What if he checks in my room for me?

Shobha: Ah! Don’t ask so many questions now, stop talking for now and just do as I say, and all will be as per our plan.

I was excited thinking about watching my hot sexy sister-in-law getting fucked. But then I was equally worried, thinking, what if Rakesh catches us in this play.

Me: It’s exciting to hear bhabhi, but it’s dangerous as well.

Shobha: Don’t worry about that, leave it to me. He is never gonna know you are here.

Me: What makes you so sure?

Shobha: Well, you better guess that by yourself.

Me: Have you? I mean, have you done it before?

She didn’t take a second to answer me and said: Yes!

Out of excitement, I popped on my coach and said: What? When? And who was the third person?

Shobha: Ha-ha! Guess who it can be?

I thought for a second who could be so close for her to do that and said: Your sister?

Shobha: Not bad, you got brains.

Me: Really? Are you serious? She has seen you guys having sex?

Shobha was unable to hide her laugh, seeing me literally jumping on my excitement.

She said: Yeah, and not just once, she has enjoyed our show many times. I am too bored to explain it to you now, so just do what I say, and you will know it for yourself.

I was extremely happy. Though it wasn’t about having sex with her, watching her having sex on the first day of my arrival wasn’t bad.

I said: As you say, bhabhi, now I am least bothered about getting caught.

Shobha: Ha-ha! Ok. Now when lunch arrives, eat, and have a good sleep.

Me: Sleep! Why?

Shobha: You should understand it, tonight is gonna be a long night for you only if you stay awake.

Me: Oh, yeah, full night match!

I started wondering about the view of Rakesh taking over Shobha. I was so excited to notice Shobha was still there staring at my excitement.

Shobha: Hello! Are you still here?

Me: Ahh, yeah, nothing. I was just thinking.

Shobha: Thinking of what?

Me: Hmmm. About the same thing that’s gonna happen tonight.

Shobha: Hmmm, Ok, ok. Enjoy the show tonight, and maybe you won’t have to wait for the night. If Rakesh comes to know you aren’t at home, he might pounce on me when he enters the house.

Me: Oh god, bhabhi, you are making me restless now. But, but then bhabhi, what about my dinner?

Shobha: Don’t worry about that. I will plan something for that as well. But then I guess you will be least bothered about your food after seeing your brother’s hunger for me, hahaha!

Before I could ask her further, the doorbell rings

Shobha: I guess it’s the food delivery person.

Soon we had our lunch, and then I was all set for an afternoon nap. But I wasn’t sure if I could sleep after all these talks. I sat back in the living room as she finished off with the dishes. As she came out of the kitchen she saw me and said: Ok, go have a sleep now.

Me: I wonder if I really go to sleep now.

Shobha: If you don’t sleep now, you might sleep off early in the night. The choice is yours.

She was right, and I was not in any mood to lose such a chance of watching her getting fucked. She went into her room, and I went to mine. All I thought before my eyes went down was about Shobha’s naked body giving me a live porn show.

To be continued.

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Shobha bhabhi’s story of her sex with Rakesh bhaiya

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