Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 4

Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 4

As he stopped the car, it started to drizzle. Pandian took the bag, placed it over his left shoulders, opened the door and came out to my side of the car. I stayed at my seat. He opened the door and extended his arms. I refused and stayed inside. Though deep inside, I wanted to go out and I knew he will take me out anyway. He did as I expected. He bent inside the car. Put both his hands under my armpits, dragged me up and lifted me on to his shoulders. I was sitting on his shoulders behind his neck with my legs on either of his shoulders. He kissed both my legs which were hanging at both sides of his face. The rain drops fell on me. There was a moderate drizzle. A fresh cold wind was blowing which blew my hair in one direction. It was so hot, erotic and romantic. He held me like that on his shoulders and walked up the trail. We reached the top within 5 minutes. Pandian was a little bit tired. After we reached the top, He pulled me to the front. I was still on his shoulders, but I was sitting facing his direction with my crotch on his face. He started licking me so hard. I looked around to find a large landscape visible from the top with all cars going around the highway. But no one would have been able to see us. It was such a beautiful place to have sex.

Me – Aaaahhh. This is so hot. This is the hottest sex I have ever had

Pandian – Yes dear. You told you like it when I lift you and carry you. I will carry you throughout our sex session today

Me – Thanks dear. All the things I did to get you are worth enough. I got more than what I wanted. Mmmmmmm

By that time, it started to rain heavily. Water was falling on me faster than the water from shower bath. I have no words to explain the feeling I had. After 5 minutes in that position, he put me down and undressed. We were both totally drenched. He also became nude. He lifted me again, but this time in an upside down position. I knew this position. It was standing 69. I was upside down with my face in front of his dick. His face was between my legs. He was licking my pussy while I took his cock inside my mouth. Meanwhile, the rain water was pouring fast from my pussy down to my face. Lot of water from his dick went inside my mouth. I didn’t mind anything. Pandian held me tightly in that position and started to and fro motion. His cock hit the back of my throat and came out. After fucking my mouth in that position. He lifted me to his hip height holding my arm pits. He stretched his hands forwards. Now I was hanging flat horizontal to the ground with my legs around his hips. He was holding my armpits and looked at me from my face to the knees and admired it. It was so dark. But there was lightning all around. He saw my body glowing in the rain once every minute. He just held me in the position admiring my body. He told “Wow.. Your body is an architectural wonder. I want to stay here with you and fuck you forever”

Me – Aaaahhh.. I want to be a slave to you forever

He dropped me on the ground abruptly and went to take the bag of condoms. He asked me to put two condoms on his dick. Once done, he lifted me up. I pinned my body to him by putting my legs around his hips and hands around his neck. I hugged him so tightly. The hotness of the situation was too much for me to handle. I was going mad and didn’t know what to do. I was nervous about the way, things were going to happen. Something was going to happen and Pandian didn’t know it. He put his dick in my pussy and told me “Isn’t this your favorite position?”

Me – Yes dear. This is my favorite position and you are my favorite fucker

Pandian – Wow.. That is the best compliment I have ever received

Telling that he lifted me up and down madly for sometime. But the speed was not enough for him. He put his hands on my ass and tilted me a little bit so that my legs were now over his shoulders and hands around his neck. Now he didn’t have to lift me up and down. He just had to push my ass front and back. It was easier for him and he was able to fuck me faster. My pussy was dripping wet from my juices and the rain water. I heard sound of frogs and other insects around. He fucked me 8 inches deep. I felt it. I kissed him while he was fucking me. He started getting slower. I told him “Come on. Put me down and fuck me as fast as possible”

He threw me on the muddy ground and mounted me. I put my legs around his hips and locked him. He fucked me so hard. This time my pussy was so wet with juices and I was so horny that I moved towards him while he pumped me. He reached the 10 inch mark that he reached the previous night. I told him “Come on. Give it all. I want your entire dick inside. That one inch disturbs me. I want your balls to strike my ass while you are fucking my pussy”

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This made him even more mad. He fucked me like an animal for sometime, paused for a moment and gave it his all. Another half an inch went inside. I screamed in pain. But the scream vanished in the sound of the thunder. I told “Come on. You are the man. You can do it. Just a little bit more”

I already felt like he crossed my cervix. He paused for 2 minutes, took lot of breath and gave one ultimate push. I quivered in pain. But that was when I felt his balls hit my ass. That was the moment. I looked at him with my eyes wide open. He told “You are the first woman to take it completely. You are really the queen of my dick. I love you”

Me – Show me how much you love me. Fuck me fast

He pumped me hard and fast. He made sure that his dick is completely in for every push. It stopped before going in completely sometimes. But he pushed it again till it entered completely. He did it for 2 minutes when he looked at the sky and screamed. His dick was completely in. I locked my legs around his hips tightly. I hugged him tightly and made sure he couldn’t take his dick out. I had my reasons for that. I felt his dick shivering inside my body. He was lost in a different world. I felt his cum. Yes I felt his cum entering my body. I felt like someone put a water pipe inside my vagina and opened it. I felt liters of his sperm hit my tissues inside my body. It took him a long time to realize it. I felt like a complete woman that evening. His face changed from ecstatic to shocked. He looked at me with a horror in his face. He took his dick out. Both the condoms had their top opened like canned drinks. The condoms were circularly cut around the front. But not completely removed.

Remember he asked me to take the bag of condoms and went to have lunch when we were at our home? I used the time to do something. I took a pin and the condom box which he opened last. I took all the condoms from that box. I pierced holes very close by by the pin. I pierced hole to form a circle around the surface of the condoms. I just made sure that I didn’t complete the circle. I was afraid that the top of condoms may go inside my pussy and get locked. I didn’t want the top of condoms to tear off completely. I was afraid it might lead to more complications. That worked. The condoms tore off but the top of the condoms did not get detached completely. It was still sticking to the condoms. But the part whichever was torn was good enough to make sure all the cum leaked out. His huge dick and ability to cum so much worked in my favor. Now I had to wait and see his reaction.

Pandian looked at me with rage and slapped me so hard. He sat by my side and was thinking hard while staring angrily at me. He stood up and wore his dresses. He then lifted me on his shoulders like a sack of rice. He walked down the hill. I told him “I am sorry. I don’t know how the condoms broke” He replied “Shut up bitch. If a condom breaks, it tears in some random direction. It won’t tear up circularly. Don’t think I am a stupid. You are going to pay for this”

Me – Please leave me

Pandian – Just because I was affectionate with you, you took advantage of that. This is why I am never affectionate with women

Me – Please. Let me explain

Pandian – Shut up bitch. I don’t want to hear another word from you

He opened the trunk of the car this time and threw me in. I heard the car start. I didn’t know where it was going. I didn’t know what plans he had for me

Shruti’s narration ends ————————————

Chapter 36

Now, back to what happened that night from my perspective.

Dilip’s narration —————————

Pandian was smiling at the camera and pointed it somewhere. It looked like a local gym. Not the usual high class air conditioned gym. But a local gym with old rusty instruments and dirty building. My heart skipped a beat seeing Shruti tied nude to a bench. It was the bench used by body builders to lift weight for chest press. Shruti was tied in a way that she cant even move an inch. She was lying on the bench face down. Both her legs were on either side of the bench. Same with her hands too. Her hands were stretched to the fullest possible extent and tied to another machine in her front. Her head was literally pasted to the bench. A rope ran around her neck and the bench to hold her there tightly. Another rope ran around her hips to hold her even more tightly to the bench. They essentially made her upper body totally immobile. Shruti was shouting something which I couldn’t here. She was just waving her legs around like she was riding a bicycle.

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The bench was long enough to cover only from her head to crotch. Her ass was at the edge of the bench. Pandian was zooming her body inch by inch and showing it to me. Then he took two steps back and zoomed out. I was shocked to see 4 men standing nude around her. All of them were body builders. I saw one guy holding a bottle of alcohol with him. The others were also drunk. They all had around 7 inch size dicks They seemed to be Pandian’s friends at the gym. But one of them didn’t really look like a proper body builder. Also, he looked so familiar. It took me around half a minute to realize who it was. It was none other than RAM – her ex boyfriend. The guy who fucked Shruti and started things for me. Pandian looked at the camera and told “Come here soon, bro. Everyone wants to fuck your wife. All these guys are local slum guys except Ram. They all have never tasted any brahmin woman before. They all want to taste every inch of your wife”

I shouted at the phone “What the hell is Ram doing there?”

Pandian – Oh. He is a friend of my gym-mate who is standing next to him. Remember I told you that Shruti had fucked some guys in her college?

Me – Yes

Pandian – All such news about Shruti came to me through my gym mate only. Ram is his close friend

Me – Now, what do you want me to do?

Pandian – Just take a taxi and come to the XXXX gym in XXXX area. We are waiting for you

I rushed outside and searched for a cab. As it was raining heavily, it was difficult to find a cab. But eventually, I got one and boarded it. Pandian called me again through video call. I attended and kept it in ears as I didn’t want the driver to hear anything. He told me “It will take around 1 hour for you to reach here. We want to have fun. So keep talking to me. I am pretty sure you have lots of questions for me”

Me – Why are you doing this to her? I thought you people were having fun in the afternoon

Pandian – Don’t blame me. It was all because of your bitch wife

Me – What did she do?

Pandian – I tried my best to be affectionate with her and I took her to the most exotic location to have sex. But she gifted me with betrayal.

Me – She wouldn’t have done anything

Pandian – What? You know what she did? She pierced holes on the condoms I had, to make sure that it tears off while I fuck her and eventually get impregnated by me

Me – Don’t be an idiot. The condoms would have torn of by itself

Pandian – If a condom tears by itself, it would tear in some random direction. But your stupid wife has pierced holes in a circular shape and the tear in the condom was perfectly circular. Above all, she has accepted that she did it. Who are you to say otherwise?

(I stayed silent for a while)

Me – Ok. What are you planning to do now?

Pandian – My plan is simple. Make these 4 guys fuck her pussy hard and cum inside her pussy repeatedly. It will take around a month for her to actually become pregnant. Any of these guys could be a father then. The probability that I am the father of the kid will be much lower. That is why I took her here. Luckily the gym is closed as some repair work is going on. If not, there would be some 20 local slum guys here. They are all beasts and would have pounced on your wife once they see the beautiful brahmin flesh.

Me – What is Ram doing there? I thought he was in US

Pandian – Yes he was in US. Your good time, he came here for a small vacation. And yes, before you ask the next question, I know everything about what happened between you and Shruti before your marriage. Ram has told everything to my friend here and he told me. You should be thankful to me for not telling anything in the office. Even today morning, I dropped a small hint to Shruti that I knew everything about your relationship. But your sweet wife was so much focussed on my dick that she didn’t care to ask anything else.

Me – Ok. Whatever it is, I promise you that, she will take anti pregnancy pills. Please stop this

Pandian – Yes that is what Shruti is also saying. But all my friends are already too excited about this. I cannot disappoint them. It will take another half an hour for you to come here. Looks like these guys cannot wait. Just give the parting words to your wife. She may not be able to talk for another month after the grand fuck-festival she gets tonight.

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He took his phone to Shruti whose head was tied tightly to the bench. She looked at me on the video and told “Dilip. I am sorry Dilip. I should not have left our house without asking you”

Me – Just stay strong dear. I will be there soon

Pandian – Only 20 seconds remaining. Tell something worthwhile

Shruti – Top gun. Top gun. Top gun…

Those were here safe words. It means she was truly afraid and didn’t want to do it at that time. I had to do everything possible to save her. He then went back and shouted “Let the fucking begin. Remember… You can fuck her anywhere you want. But every drop of your cum has to go into her pussy”

Ram told that he had tasted her before and he would leave way for the others. He came to the phone and told “Long time no see, bro. I was getting updates from Pandian about the things which have been happening to your wife all these days. I badly wanted to fuck her when I came to India. But didn’t want to get back into your life. But when Pandian called my friend today, he was sitting right next to me and I felt that it was fate. Fate has arranged for another session for me with her.” I was about to disconnect the call when he told “Don’t try to disconnect the call. We would then beat your wife and injure her. ” I begged him to stop this. He replied “What happened to you? I thought you love to watch your brahmin wife getting fucked by such local guys. I even saw the video of Shruti being fucked by some old men. And if I remember correctly, you got horny seeing that and even ejaculated”

Me – That was because Shruti liked it. But she doesn’t like it now.

Ram – You know that I know the trick to make her like it and submit to us. But that is not fun. I want to use her against her will

Me – Please Ram. She has been your lover. Don’t do it to her. Stop your friends

Ram – Come on. Your wife wants a baby. We are giving it to her. What is the problem with that? She should be thankful to us for this

Me – No.. I will be there in 15 minutes. I won’t let this happen.

Ram – Now stop shouting and see there. The action is about to begin

The three other guys kneeled around her. They kissed all the parts of her body which they had access to. Then I suddenly started hearing screams. The kisses have become bites. They were biting her all around her body like dogs. Shruti’s legs were alone shaking. The rest of her body looked still. One of the guys told “I just want to bite her and eat her piece by piece. What a body man?”

Guy 2 – Yes man. I have seen iyer women only from far. That itself will give me erection. I never knew their body would be multiple times hotter than their face. I would fuck her for years

Guy 3 – Yes man. See how well she has maintained her body. Not a single hair in it. Very smooth. All the women in our locality are totally opposite to her. Black, hairy with lots of scratches on their body

Guy 1 – Don’t even think about them. Thanks to Pandian, we get to taste a pure brahmin woman. Let us not waste any time

They all stopped biting her and stood up. The first guy now stood behind Shruti. He gave a couple of smacks on Shruti’s ass and laughed at the way her ass vibrated. He held her ankles and lifted them. He asked the other 2 guys to hold each leg. The guys held each leg up and lifted them as high as possible. Shruti was feeling uncomfortable because she was lying on her stomach and these guys were lifting her legs upwards. Her body was being bent in a weird angle. Her hips were tied to the table. Shruti was screaming as they lifted the legs higher and higher. They were not able to lift it much higher. The first guy got between her legs and started fucking her pussy. Fucking is not the right word. Ramming is the right word. He was so fast. If Shruti had not stretched her pussy with Pandian’s cock, she would have been in tremendous amount of pain now. Pandian’s non-stop fucking had made her pussy capable of taking such dicks. After ramming her for around 10 minutes he came in her pussy. Shruti was moving her legs up and down, trying to push them away. She didn’t want the cum inside her. But she was in no position to stop him. Pandian had commanded them to make sure that every drop stays in her pussy.

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Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 4

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