Son and brother take on Dad and Older brother

Son and brother take on Dad and Older brother

With school out I had to go stay with my dad and older brother. The first week there was like any fifteen year olds time, I sleeped late and watched TV till late at night. After the first week I decide to find the key for my older brothers room that he kept locked. I took my a few hours but I finally found it. Unlocking the door I crept inside the room. It looked like any other eighteen year olds room. Looking around I got on my knees and looked under his bed. I could see some magazines and VCR tapes.

Pulling them out I noticed that they where all full of pictures of naked men. Going page by page the pictures increased and what the where doing also increased. Page by page I could feel my heart beat increase also. There was pages of guys sucking each other and towards the back was pages of men having sex with each other. Being in my underwear I had to “readjust” myself several times.

Putting the magazines down I looked back under the bed. I could see something else under it, it took me a few trys to get it but I had my hand wrapped around it and finally saw that it was a rubber cock about ten inches long. I layed it down and grabbed a tape. Starting it up, it showed a guy slowly sucking on a cock. I reached down to adjust myself and slowly stroked my now hard cock. As the man on the tape increased his speed so did my hand. I felt my ball tightening up as I stroked even faster. The man getting sucked in the movie stared to pump his hips faster and faster till I could see white stuff coming out from the corner of the other mans mouth. Cum, I looked down at my own cock seeing my hand pump faster, a drop of precum bubbled up, taking my other hand I wiped the drop off and plced it into my mouth. Not bad, I pumped even faster and could tell I was about to cum I bent over as far as possible.

Not being able to reach my cock with my mouth it kind of disappointed me. But now a stream of cum shot up out of my cock hitting my chin Ilick as much as I could. Looking down, my hand was coovered in cum, placing my hand to my mouth I took a lick at it. Not bad, I lick my hand clean. Looking around I saw the rubber cock again and I figured I’d try that once. I find some lube and placing it all over the rubber cock I stood it up on the floor and on my knees I placed it up to my hole. Slowly sitting down I could feel pressure but I relaxed even more and felt it slip up me. Rocking back and forth, a little more each time pushed in till about 6 inches where stuff up my ass. I had an ideal then, with the rubber cock up me I layed on the bed and slowly slid off till my head and part of my back was on the floor. I then had my cock right over my head. With one hand I stroked my now hardening cock and the other I reached and slide the rubber cock in and out of my ass.

It wasn’t long till I was breathing hard and could feel myself ready to cum. I aimed my cock at my mouth just as I slid the cock as far as I could. I stream of cum shot out straight in my mouth. I squeezed my cock till every drop of cum was out. I noticed the clock on the wall and decide it was time to clean up, everyone would be home shortly. Putting every thing back and washing up the rubber cock and me I decide to do this every day I could. The next few days I did the samething cumming into my own mouth and sticking the rubber cock up my ass. One of the movies I was now watching was taking place in the restroom stalls, glory holes they called them. I had seen some of them at the park down the street.

I decide to go there Friday afternoon. I slowly entered the restroom, there was three stalls and it was empty. I walked into the middle stall and sat down. I waited awhile but no one showed up. I stood up and pulled my shorts and underwear down, stepping out of the leg holes I sat down and began stroking my cock. Slowly stroking myself I could hear footstep now and someone entered the stall to my left. He knoked on the wall and asked if I wanted to do something. In a low voice I said yes. I could hear a zipper and then a cock appeared in the hole. I leaned over and took a lick of the cock and it started to grow. Taking it in my mouth I sucked it down and could feel it grow in my mouth. I could hear another set for footstep enter the stall to the right of me. This time the guy didn’t even ask, he most likely heard us, he slid his cock into the hole.

I reach over with my right hand and slowly stoked it till it was hard and 8 inches long. I took my hand offf it and reached down to my shorts where I had some lube. Greasing up the 8 inches I stood up still with a cock in my mouth and slowly pushed my ass to the hole. He entered me slowly but picked up faster. The man on the left of me also picked up the pace and now the where both pushing and pulling at the same time. I could taste the precum and heard the guy fucking my ass. I know they’d be cumming soon. They both pushed in and I could feel a stream of cum in my ass as a stream of cum filled my mouth Sucking the man clean he told me thanks and left> the man fucking me also thanked me and left. I could hear voices outside as I clean up.

It took me a few minutes but then I walked out of the restroom I found my dad and older brother looking at me. Dad shook his head and brother laughed. I started to laugh and brother took me home. Needless to say it wasn’t boring around dads house anymore. My brother and I would meet every now and then and let me suck him off or fuck me. Dad one night decide to talk to me but after afew minutes I reached over and unzipped his pants and sucked him off. I guess this summer wouldn’t be so boring after all.

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Son and brother take on Dad and Older brother